Which is the best payment processor?

When investing, one of the most common questions is, what payment processor should I use? There is a big list of payment processors and usually it’s hard to decide which one is the best for us. To help you with this task, we are going to see the advantages and disadvantages of each payment processor. Let’s start.


IMPORTANT UPDATE (15th June 2018): Payza has faced some legal issues and the website is down since several months. I doesn’t look good. Anyway we when let you know is there is something new.


+ Advantages:

– After sending a payment, we have up to 45 days to file a dispute. The scammers are afraid of receiving disputes and usually they continue sending payments to Payza even if they have stopped paying to other payment processors.

– Payza offers the best protection for online investors.


+ Disadvantages:

– The fees are very high.

– The support is not good and it’s very slow.

– The withdrawals are very slow. They can take from 4 days up to 2 weeks. Also, to load Payza card takes several days.


+ Conclusion: IMO Payza is the best payment processor to invest in HYIPs and revshares. Apart from that, Payza is a mediocre payment processor, with slow withdrawals and mediocre support, but it has the best protection and that’s essential for online investments.




+ Advantages:

– Immediacy. We can convert our Payeer funds into cash anytime.

– Versatility. We can deposit funds through bank transfer, credit card, Bitcoin, Advcash, Paxum, Okpay etc… Also we can withdraw to Paxum, Bitcoin, Advcash, bank transfer and more.

– The fees are quite low. For example, to transfer funds to other Payeer account only costs 0,95%.

– Support is quite good and fast.


+ Disadvantages:

– We can’t file disputes.


+ Conclusion: A good payment processor, with low fees, versatile and easy to use.




+ Advantages:

– Very low fees.

– One of the most used processors.


+ Disadvantages:

– We can’t file disputes. We don’t have any protection if we get scammed.

– We can’t deposit or withdraw our funds, the only thing we can do is to exchange funds, it’s a little weird system.


+ Conclusion: It’s a weird system and the first time it’s not easy to use. Usually a payment processor allows you to deposit or withdraw funds, PM doesn’t. The only way to deposit or withdraw funds from Perfect Money is to use Exchangers, whose fees are usually high and they are a pain in the ass. Finally, I figured out some “tricks” which allow me to handle my PM funds easily. For example, I found an Exchager that allows to exchange PM to Bitcoin and viceversa, fast, cheap and automatic. Also Advcash allows  to deposit funds through PM and convert it to Advcash funds (dollars). After figuring out these “tricks” I have to say I like PM and it’s a very good way of getting your cash with low fees.




+ Advantages:

– Very low fees.

– Versatility. We can deposit and withdraw through bank transfer, credit card, Ok Pay, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer etc… Most likely this is the most versatile processor and it allows us to convert Bitcoins and Perfect Money funds into cash.

– Quite good support.

– Immediacy. We can withdraw our funds anytime in any atm worldwide.


+ Disadvantages:

– We can’t file disputes.


+ Conclusion: This is one of the indispensable processors. Low fees, versatility, easy to use… The ability of converting Bitcoins and PM funds into cash is great. A must have.




+ Advantages:

– We can convert / withdraw our funds to Bitcoins.

– There is some kind of protection for online purchases. There is no a procedure to files disputes, but if there are lot of claims against a seller, they start an investigation and you can get part of your investment back. The scammers are aware and because of this, they usually respect more to STP users than other users.


+ Disadvantages:

– If there aren’t massive claims against a scammer, STP support don’t start the dispute procedure. Many times it’s too late and the scammer has withdrawn most of the funds from his STP account.

– The fees are high.

– The withdrawals are slow. It takes several days to get your money.

– This processor is not very user friendly. I would say it’s the hardest to use.


+ Conclusion: IMO STP is one of the worst payment processors. Like Payza, the fees are high and it takes days to withdraw our money, but unlike Payza, we can’t file disputes and it’s hard to use. STP is a dispensable processor.




+ Advantages:

– Low fees.

– Skrill allows to withdraw funds instantly in any atm worldwide.


+ Disadvantages:

– It doesn’t allow to file disputes.

– Most of the online investment programs don’t accept Skrill.

– Account verification is harder than in other other processors. Sometimes it takes weeks to be verified and usually the only way to acelerate the process is to call them by phone.


+ Conclusion: Skrill is not popular between online investment programs and most of them don’t accept it, although it’s a very good processor for other purposes.




+ Advantages:

– Paypal is the most popular payment processor and we can use it to purchase anything in almost any online store.

– It allows to file disputes, although it only offers protection for tangible products.


+ Disadvantages:

– It’s a revshare killer. Many revshares died because Paypal froze their funds.

– They don’t offer protection for online services or intangible products. It’s totally useless for online investments.

– The fees are very high.


+ Conclusion: It’s useless for online investments. It doesn’t offer protection and most likely the program funds will be frozen by Paypal. Stay away from it if you don’t want to lose you money.




+ Advantages:

No middlemen, no bank nor government behind, you can’t lose your money because of the inflation.

– It’s anonymous.

– Nowadays there are many ways to convert your bitcoins into cash easily anytime.

– The fees are very low, almost nothing.


+ Disadvantages:

– There is no any entity behind and that fact imply some negative points. For example, if you send your money to a wrong person or someone steals your Bitcoins, no one is going to send your money back, there is no way to claim.

– Volatility. Speculators can benefit from it but if the price drops, you can also lose money.

– It’s not user friendly. Most of the times you need someone to explain you how it works before start using it.

– It’s dangerous to invest in high yield investment programs with Bitcoins. Note that they could hold your money and you can’t file disputes, so you are very vulnerable to scams.


+ Conclusion: Bitcoin is not a recommended payment processor for online investments. One reason is that most of the times the deposits are not instant and they need to check it manually. Because of this, usually you need to wait for hours after you make the deposit until it’s credited. However, the main reason to avoid investing with Bitcoin, is that you would be very vulnerable to scams because you can’t file disputes and there is no one to claim.




+ Advantages

– Low fees.

– You can withdraw your funds instantly with Neteller credit card.

– It allows to withdraw your dollars to Bitcoins.

– It’s a very popular payment processor although it’s not widely used for online investments.


+ Disadvantages:

– It doesn’t allow to file disputes.

– Most of the high yield investment programs don’t accept it.

– It’s possible to deposit funds through Bitcoin, but there is a big problem: the money deposited through Bitcoin can’t be used to withdraw or be used to pay through your credit card. So, Neteller funds added through Bitcoin are almost useless, the only thing you can do with it is to send it to other Neteller users.


+ Conclusion: A quite good processor widely used although most of the online investment programs don’t accept it.



IMPORTANT UPDATE : Do NOT use 2clicpay, they turned into SCAM.


+ Advantages:

– Very versatile. It allows to withdraw through Paypal, Payeer, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Ok Pay, Payza, Bank transfer and credit card.

– Account verification is instant. Just upload your document and the account is verified after one second.


+ Disadvantages:

A very seedy processor, both the design and the infrastructure behind them.

– Most of the online investment websites don’t accept it.

– Very high fees.

– Withdrawals are very slow and they are subject to “availability”. I requested a withdraw through Bitcoin and it didn’t arrive after 2 weeks, so I decided to send them an email and what they did was to cancel my withdrawal because there wasn’t “availability”. Then I had to request a new withdrawal through Paypal and this time they sent it to me after 4 days. Anyway, the way this processor works is very unprofessional IMO.


+ Conclusion: It’s seedy, the withdrawals are slow, support is mediocre, unprofessional, the fees are high… in conclusion, I would only use it if you have an emergency. There are much better payment processors out there.




+ Advantages:

– Still looking for it.


+ Disadvantages:

– It’s very expensive. Both the bank transfers and to request a credit card are really expensive.

– It’s not a popular processor. Most of the websites don’t accept it.

– I had problems to verify my account despite I used the same documents I send to Payza and other processors. Finally I gave up.

– There is no exchanger that allows you to exchange funds between 2pay4you and other processors.

– There are rumors saying that the founder of 2pay4you is a German scammer who is living in Thailand now.


+ Conclusion: It’s a completely dispensable payment processor. I recommend to avoid it.



@ Aitor Thank you for all these infos



Very Good Information you provided!
It’s very helpful to choose better payment process. Thanks!



Good morning Ailton, I would like to know if you used Payza as a payment method and if it is interesting to invest for it only at the beginning of a hyip, when the hyip is old is still worth investing for the payza?



It’s better to invest since the beginning. Why? Because it takes times to withdraw the money from a Payza account. So, if the admin tries to scam, we know that he will have no choice but to pay during some time. If an admin tries to scam and you paid through Bitcoin, Perfect Money etc… he can steal all your money since day 1.

On the other, if you invest through Payza but you do for example 3 months after the program has started, the admin has been able to withdraw most of the funds, so the protection would be much less efective.



Hi Aitor, Which is the best way or trick to deposit and withdraw fund from Perfect Money; as you mentioned above? TQ



@Jeff: The easiest way right now is to create an Advcash account. You can withdraw your Advcash funds to PM or use your PM funds to load funds in your Advcash account.

How to deposit in your Advcash account? You can deposit through credit card, bitcoin, Payeer, Okpay, wire transfer, Paxum, Payza etc…



Thanks for your reply Aitor..
1.) What are the best and cheapest way to withdraw Advcash fund (dollars) to bank accounts other than using PM?
2.) What is the Exchanger you used that allows to exchange PM to Bitcoin and viceversa, fast, cheap and automatic?



1) Advcash’s credit card. You can request it and it usually arrives within a week. It costs 17$ but after that it’s a very cheap way to convert your Advcash funds into cold cash. It’s even cheaper that Payeer. You can also withdraw your Advcash funds through wire transfer. I never did because I always have used the credit card, but I think it’s cheap too.

2) The exchanger I used is much more expensive now. Since bitcoin value has risen so much lately, the fees are very high now. The best way to exchange from PM to BTC and viceversa is to use Advcash. For example, deposit at Advcash through BTC and withdraw via PM.



Hi Aitor,
What’s the best way to buy bitcoins in the USA?
I want to use Advcash, but it won’t let USA members deposit money.
Is 2Pay4You the best way?
(Payza now wants our bank account login and password.)



@Joseph: I don’t like 2Pay4You, it’s expensive and I would try to avoid it if possible.

Ways to get Bitcoin in the USA:

1- http://www.coinbase.com

2- http://www.localbitcoins.com

3- Deposit on Payza and withdraw via Bitcoin.

4- Deposit on Payeer and withdraw via Bitcoin.

5- Purchase directly to someone.

6- Use exchangers:


7- Etc…



Hi Aitor,

Any recommended websites where you can load funds (both fiat & crypto) to your account, and issue a credit/debit card, that supports a non EU-members (Israel)? I’ve tried both Advcash & Payeer, however both are restricted for Israeli residences. What about bitwala? Others?
Thanks in advance.



This is the most stupid pile of s.h.i.t I have ever seen:
“– No middlemen, no bank nor government behind, you can’t lose your money because of the inflation.”

You can’t lose your money because of inflation??? Bitcoin is just as FIAT and imaginary as the US Dollar. Its not covered by gold nor anything real of this world. Its just CODE. NOW. if the dollar hyper-inflates and hits for example $10.000 for 1 EURO for example, do you think bitcoin is gonna remain unaffected? as people will not have money to buy bred anymore let alone bitcoins, do you honestly think this imaginary currency will remain unaffected? people will immediately loose interested in crypto money and their prices will drop just as rapid as they skyrocketed. you would see bitcoin from $10.000 to $1 over night if the dollar inflates… bitcoin is infact more useless than the dollar despite both being FIAT currencies. bitcoin is more useless because you can’t do shit with it. its only a handful of places where you can use it. the dollar however is a international currency which can be used ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! with that said Im not anti-bitcoin but just some of you wake the F up and stop dreaming.



So in your view which is popular in most countries and best to investors


Arinze Nneji  

How do i convert advcash to perfect money



Hi, Arinze. Advcash allows to convert it directly to Perfect Money. Just click “Withdraw” and choose “Ecurriencies”, and you will be able to send it directly to PM, Payeer and many others.



Korkyb it is unfortunate that you are till stuck on “paper money” and you are using the internet to post such sentiments about bitcoin(and another 1500 plus) DIGITAL currencies… Am pretty sure one of your ancestors while doing barter trade must have laughed off the idea of exchanging their good for a piece or pieces of paper lol…MONEY EVOLVES. Barter trade to precious stones and shells coins paper money plastic money and BOOOM!! Digital currencies…. and ooh the dollar is not even worth the paper its printed on!!!


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