• Lifetime 47 days
  • Added 11-01-2017
  • Added since 47 days
  • Paying
  • Monthly return 30%
  • Minimum investment 10$
  • Our investment 101$
  • Received
  • Last payment 26-02-2017
  • Withdrawals Within 24 hours
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    WeLikeFund is a revshare that will be launched on 17th January 2017 and whose admin is Thierry Le Bras, from USA.

    Investment Programs

    WeLikeFund has 9 types of Ad Packs. All the packs cost 10$ and the only difference is the roi, which goes from 120% to 200%. The higher the level is, the higher the roi is. In the following table you can see the different types of Ad packs and their roi:


    – From Monday to Friday daily cap is 2% and Saturdays and Sundays the daily cap is 1,50%.
    – Minimum withdrawal amount is 5$ and daily maximum withdrawal amount is 300$.
    – 30% repurchase rule for all packs.
    – You need to suft 5 ads daily in order to get your daily earnings.

    Referral Program

    Direct referrals – 8% commission (50/50% Earnings/Repurchase balace)
    Second level referrals – 4% commission (50/50% Earnings/Repurchase balace)



    This revshare will be launched tomorrow, 12th January. I plan to invest 200$. Here you can see a photo of the administrator and a video presentation:

    This is a video interview with Thierry Le Bras, WeLikeFund admin:



    Marin Paveลกiฤ‡  

    Seems nice, I hope it will suceed ๐Ÿ™‚



    Update from admin:

    Hello WLF members,

    First, congratulations everyone, we hit 1000 ++ members registered in welikefund !

    About surfing ads, on your member area you can see your countdown. If you click on it you are entering in surfing mode in business directory.
    You can surf 5 ads daily maximum and earn while prelaunch 0.02 dollars for each ad surfed so 10 cents a day in cash balance.

    After launch, you will need to surf this 5 ads daily to earn hourly in our revenue share program. You will earn 0.005 dollars for each ad surfed after launch so 2.5 cents a day in cash balance.

    If you encounter any problem, please make a support ticket.

    We will update you later in the day about regular Webinars that we will make with our admin Thierry Lebras.

    Admin team.



    The launch date has been postponed until 17th January ๐Ÿ™‚



    Hello Ailton, I would like to know what you think about this company and if it is worth the investment?



    Hi Monica. Personally I’m going to invest in this company. I think it can’t last in the long term because some of its ad pack’s roi it’s too high and I think I will hardly be sustainable. But I think it can be profitable to invest since the beginning and to start withdrawing since day 1.



    On next saturday, January 14, 2PM eastern time,
    All members could ask questions to Thierry Lebras

    The webinar link :



    Good morning Ailton, it is always interesting to invest in these companies for the payza, since you can enter with a dispute against company



    I almost always invest through Payza. I only invest through other processors when the admin shows his face and I really trust the program.



    New update:


    Deposits will open on monday January 16 at 10AM Eastern time,

    24 hours later, you could buy adpacks !!

    – Solidtrustpay, Payeer, Perfect Money and Bitcoin will be available.

    -> All Bitcoins wallet are available. Just choose Coinpayments and send requested amount of bitcoins to our Coinpayments BTC adress.
    Bitcoin deposits are automatics, you will receive your money in cash balance once transfer is completed.

    -> Our payza account business was opened on december 5 and we made everything possible to have it verified before this date.
    But payza lose our files ( system error they said) and we had to re-sent all our documents 4 days ago.
    They apologized about that and said maximum in 5 business days, our payza account will be verified. (so normally on tuesday maximum).
    We will contact them on monday again to accelerate the process.
    Once payza do their job and approve us, we will open payza deposits ASAP.

    Thank You very much.
    Have a good weekend !
    Admin team.



    New update:


    We are launching in less than 6 hours from now.

    “Purchase adpacks” will open at 10AM eastern time.

    First earnings will be shared at 11AM eastern time.

    Please note that you need to surf 5 ads daily to earn hourly on your active adpacks.
    You can not re-surf before the end of the timer because there is a maximum of 5 ads surfed by day and you earn money on each ad surfed.
    Don’t forget you can earn 10 cents a day just surfing your ads !!

    BONUS :
    We will keep 2 cents a day for each ad surfed until end of the month. After it will be 0,5 cents.

    We put very cheap surf free plan for members that do not want to surf their 5 ads daily :
    – 1 Year Surf free plan $75
    – 3 Months Surf free plan $25
    – 30 Days Surf free plan $10
    – 10 Days Surf free plan $5

    Thank You.

    Admin team.



    The program has been launched and there is some more info regarding the withdrawals:

    MAIN PAYMENT PROCESSOR RULE: You are allowed to withdraw with the payment processor you used to make the BIGGEST deposit.

    Example: if you added $100 with Payeer, $200 with Payza, $300 with Perfect Money, then you must withdraw with Perfect Money.

    Your withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours.



    New update:

    Congratulations everyone for this wonderful launch !!
    We got more than 100 000 dollars deposited and without payza. We are rocking !
    First we want Payza available for our members, then we would like to add others processors like Neteller or Advcash.
    We will update you later about it.

    1- Earnings are shared every hour, cronjob is running well, we are on 2% daily earning capped.
    Withdrawals are open and processed very fast by our support team.
    Don’t forget the Loyalty Bonus, check our Career plan page to know more about it.

    2- We have 0% deposit fees until february 17.
    We will keep 2 cents a day for each ad surfed until end of the month. After it will be 0,5 cents.

    3-Future webinars :
    We will make weekly webinars, maybe not on youtube because we want to make a powerpoint presentation before starting Questions & Answers session with Thierry. We will update you around the end of the week about next webinar date.
    There will be a french webinar too.

    4- Payza update :
    Like Thierry posted on our official facebook group yesterday, Payza is very slow.
    We made all very early. Company was incorporated early in december and payza business account was created on december 5.
    After sending website in review and first company documents, payza should answer us in 5 business days maximum.
    But they replied only on December 24.
    Then we filled last documents and send it the same day.
    But since, no answer from them and no review.
    Last answer yesterday from their support is :
    “Unfortunately, due to the massive amount of website review ases, we are no longer able to say to when your website will be reviewed”
    “Our team will review your documents and get back to you as soon as possible”
    Please be patient , we will have payza ON As soon as possible.
    Thank You members.

    5- Youtube video contest is ending on January 22 2PM eastern time.You can add your videos links on our pinned post on official facebook group.

    Don’t forget your referral link :

    Let’s rock !!
    Thank you.
    Admin team.



    New update:

    We will implement 5x Maximum withdrawal limit very soon,

    Member will be able to withdraw up to X5 of his deposit amount (seed money) after that must deposit again to increase the limit again.

    *** Example: Let say a member has funded with Payza $100. In this case he will be able to withdraw up to $500 only from Payza.
    *** Example: Let say a member has funded his account with two processors: SolidTrusPay 30$ and Perfect Money 50$ in this case his total fund is 80$ so he will be able to withdraw up to 400$ (80*5).

    *****Example for a member who reached his withdrawal limit :
    Total Deposit $100. Member has withdrawn it 5x that $500. Now he will not able to withdraw unless he will do fresh add fund. Let say he will add another $50 this means total add fund of this member become $100 + $50 = $150. Now, his limit would be 5*150= $750. As he has already withdrawn $500. So, can withdraw another $250.

    You will see 3 new indicators in your personnal member area:
    1. How much deposit
    2. How much you can withdraw
    3. How much you have withdraw

    We will update you once this customization is on live site.

    Thank You.
    Admin team.



    New update:

    Total deposit in 4 days : 200 000++ dollars
    Congratulations everyone !!

    – We have 0% deposit fees until february 17.
    – Each ad surfed give you 0,02 dollars in cash balance until end of the month. (10 cents a day).
    – The youtube video contest is ending tomorrow, winner will be announced on the facebook official group.
    – 5x deposit withdrawal rule will start on monday or tuesday, you will see 3 new indicators on your member area.
    ( we will give you complete update about it)
    – Next webinar date will be announced tomorrow. After we will do weekly webinars.
    – Payza and Advcash processors will be added as soon as possible.

    Have a good weekend WLF members !



    Next youtube webinar on Thursday, January 26, 2PM eastern time !!
    With your admin Thierry Lebras.
    You could ask him all you want on the chat.

    The webinar link is already available :

    **Starting february, we will have one weekly webinar every thursday 2PM eastern time.
    In a new webinar meeting room with powerpoint presention and Q&A session.
    We will update you about it end of the week.



    New update:

    Our payza account is now verified !!

    Now it is only missing website approval ( already done in december but they verify again until 2 days)


    Arif K / Customer Support :
    Our team is diligently working on it
    Arif K / Customer Support :
    rest assure your website review will complete as soon as possible.


    Thank you for contacting us.
    Your business documents have been received and approved. We are happy to confirm that your Buisness Payza account has now been verified. Congratulations!
    We appreciate your co-operation during the verification process.
    The Payza Team

    Ticket Details
    Ticket ID: WRA-855-30211
    Subject: BUSINESS document verification for welikefund.com

    Thank You.



    New update:

    We have just hit another milestone in Welikefund !!
    Congratulations to each and every member,
    WLF is now 3000 + strong like-minded individuals.

    Total deposit : 280 000++ dollars
    Alexa Rank : 184714

    Tomorrow January 26 at 2PM eastern time,
    you could chat with Thierry on our official youtube webinar
    LINK : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-J1iIXtw4a8

    We hope a good news today for PAYZA !
    And ADVCASH should be added early next week.

    We will keep you updated.
    Thank You.
    Admin team.



    Webinar has started 25 minutes ago and I have asked Thierry if he plans to implement something to get external income. He told me that he plans to create an exchanger, so WLF will be able to exchange funds between processors and he also plans to create an online marketing school.

    I really appreciate the fact that he is willing to show his face and answer the questions in live. Other thing I like is the fact that he is planning to implement external sources of income. I hope this revshare will success.



    Advcash deposits and withdrawals are now open with 0% fees.



    Tomorrow at 2PM eastern time, weekly webinar by your admin Thierry Lebras :

    Friday same time, we will do a 100% french webinar :



    New update:

    Payza deposits and withdrawals are now open !!
    Enjoy 0% deposit fees on all processors until February 17



    Next Q&A webinar on youtube on February 9 2PM eastern time. (in 1 hour)

    All members could ask questions to Thierry Lebras via chat.

    The webinar link :

    Thank You.
    Admin team.



    New update:

    Today is our 1 month anniversary !! Congratulations to all members !!
    No issues since launch, all works very well

    Total members : 4301
    Total deposits : 460 000$
    Total adpacks sold : 62237
    Alexa rank : 77387

    -> Next week will start a big referral contest
    -> BIG NEWS in WeLikeFund, we are working on our own cryptocurrency !!
    Will update you soon about it.

    Next Q&A webinar on youtube tonight 2PM eastern time.
    All members could ask questions to Thierry Lebras via chat.

    The webinar link :



    New update:

    Starting March 3,
    We will have make some changes in Welikefund :

    โ€“ 0% repurchase rule
    โ€“ all commissions go to repurchase balance
    โ€“ 4 levels referral commissions โ€“ 8%, 2%,1%,1%
    โ€“ 2% daily capped earnings 7 days a week
    โ€“ Referral contest
    โ€“ New banners for WLF promotion

    Have a good day.
    Admin team.


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