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    The Ads Team is a revshare that will be launched on 15th October 2016. Its admin is Muhammad Azam who actually lives in London.

    Investment Programs

    The Ads Team offers 3 ad packs types:

    10$ packs: 110% roi / up to 2,5% daily.

    25$ packs: 115% roi / up to 2,25% daily.

    50$ packs: 120% roi / up to 2% daily.


    + There isn’t any requirement to purchase higher level ad packs, that is, you can purchase 25$ packs or 50$ packs even if you don’t have any 10$ pack.

    + The minimum withdrawal amount is 10$ and the maximum daily withdrawal amount is 300$.

    + There isn’t repurchase rule.

    Referral Program

    The Ads Team has 5 referral levels: 8%, 2%, 1%, 1% and 1%.



    The Ads Team has a sustainable payplan and it has potential to be a long-term revshare.

    One of the things I like the most about The Ads Team is that the admin, Muhammad Azam, seems to be a real person. Taking a look to his facebook profile, we can see many pics from him since long time. We are tired of the typical fake facebook profile created just a few days ago. This is not the case.

    Here you can see some pics of Muhammad Azam:



    What is going to be my strategy for The Ads Team?

    First of all I want to clarify that actually The Ads Team is in prelaunch status. It will be launched on 15th Octubre 2016.

    What I’m going to do is to invest in 50$ packs, most likely I will buy 3 packs. There aren’t requirement to buy 50$ packs and they are much more interesting than 10$ packs because the roi is higher. Of course, I will invest through as I (almost) always do.

    Here you can see a couple of videos talking about The Ads Team:



    They are going to celebrate a prelaunch event. BTW, many leaders are promoting this revshare and it looks really good and it has lot of potential. Here is the info about the prelaunch event:

    London PreLaunch Event Announcement:

    Address: Hilton Hotel
    225 Edgware road, London, w2 1ju

    Time: 5pm
    Date: 23/10/2106

    Owners will share;
    Vision and strategy for the company
    TAT Digital Products Announcements
    Retail Affiliate Programme Updates

    Please register for free here;

    Note: No entry without tickets. Tickets are Free



    Site Statistics :

    – Total Members : 5079+
    – Launching Date : October 15, 2016



    This program is going to be launched today, in just a few hours. I have already invested 200$ and I have purchased four 50$ ad packs, so I will be ready for launch 🙂

    Site Statistics :

    – Total Members: 7429



    Important update:

    Please find the details below of our forthcoming event.

    Date:- 23/10/2016 ( SUNDAY )
    Time:- 5PM to 8PM.

    London Hilton Metropole
    Windsor Suite
    225 Edgware Rd, London W2 1JU.
    Phone: 0044 207 402 4141.

    Please note:-
    Windsor Suite is located on the 2nd floor in East Wing.You will need to take first left just after the Reception and go downstairs by lift.

    Hilton London Metropole is conveniently located just a two minute walk from both Edgware Road underground stations serving the Bakerloo, Circle, District and Hammersmith & City lines.

    Seats will be allocated first come first serve basis.
    VIP guests will be seated in 1st two rows.

    We are looking forward to see all of you.


    Muhammad imran, Najam Ul Hassan and Muhammad Azam



    Here you have some photos taken in the event:



    There will be a webinar on 13th November. Here is the link:




    New update:

    1- Congratulation again to all the Newly promoted Silver & Gold Members. Double congratulations to Gold members because they have now become a part Of 8% Leadership Pool payouts.

    2- London Event Confirmed and Booked for 27/11/2016. Time: 5PM
    Book you FREE Tickets here;

    3- Poland Event will happen on 28/01/2017. Venue & Timing to be confirmed. Take part in the POLL to decide which city we should do it in.

    4- Lahore, Pakistan Event happening on 11/12/2016. Venue & Timing to be confirmed later

    5- TheAdsTEAM Website being translated into Polish plus we will have polish support team as well.

    6- Our Retail affiliate program Rebranded and tweaked into TheadsTEAM Shopping Platform with most of major national and international retailers coming on board. Feeling very Excited

    7- TheAdsTEAM academy is almost ready. It will enter into testing phase then the pre-Launch. Dates will be announced soon after consultations with the Leaders.

    See you all on the Next Webinar on Sunday 20/11/2016 8PM GMT.


    Najam Ul Hassan



    Here you have some photos taken in the first leadership meeting in London. It seems that TheAdsTeams is going to be a long term company.



    Another video from The Ads Team admins. They are very active:




    Video Repeat of TheAdsTEAM Weekly Sunday Webinar : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0q-BiZUVTw

    Video Repeat of TheAdsTEAM London opening Ceremony : https://www.facebook.com/100008144617309/videos/1884169161864553/



    What’s the adpacks lifetime or they remain forever ? :’D



    The adpacks expire when they reach to their roi. For example, if you buy 4 x 50$ packs, they would expire after generating 240$ because their roi is 120%.



    Here you can see some photos of the last TheAdsTeam event in Lahore, Pakistan:



    TheAdsTeam journey so far:


    Marin Pavešić  

    I have a question. You said that the monthly return is 20 % and I do not understand that because if the daily ROI is 2 % isn’t that 60 % in a month? I would kindly ask you to explain that to me,
    thank you



    Sure, it’s easy to calculate the montly earnings for HYIPs with fixed daily earnings. For example, suppose there is a HYIP that gives 5% daily and they return the investment back at the end of the investment period, which is 2 months.

    In this case we would get 5 x 60 = 300% in 2 months, so the montly return would be 150%.

    Now suppose the same scenario but without returning the seed money at the end of the period.

    We would get 5 x 60 – 100, which is 200% in 2 months or 100% / month.

    The problem to calculate the monthly earnings for a revshare is that it depends on many variables:

    1- The invested amount (The bigger the amount is, the faster you buy new packs and the faster your earnings will grow).

    2- The packs you have purchased (We have packs from 110% roi up to 130%).

    3- The sales. Revshares don’t have fixed daily earnings, it could be higher or lower depending on sales.

    4- The percentage of reinvestment. If you don’t reinvest, you will get earnings soon but the amount won’t be high. On the other hand, if you reinvest 100% during some months, your earnings would be huge in the long term.

    As you can see, there are too many variables, so for revshares I make an estimation.


    Marin Pavešić  

    Thank you very much for an awesome explanation.



    TheAdsTeam shopping platform is ready:



    The new TheAdsTeam project presentation website:




    TheAdsTEAM Project Presentation Official:



    ## Summary of TheAdsTEAM Weekly Webinar 15/01/2017##

    #1# The AdsTEAM shopping platform is already in live.

    #2# 2% charge will be applicable for BITCOIN WITHDRAWAL for smooth payment processing (Effective from Monday 16/01/2017). Indeed, Muhammad Azam and Najam Ul Hassan (Founder of TheAdsTEAM) wants to handover this payment related activity to support staff so that both can concentrate to develop upcoming TAT project. That 2% charge will expend as administration cost of TAT for hiring more support staff.

    #3# Good news coming for Free TAT members, members will be able to withdraw PTC earnings from any processor (work in Progress, need to wait few days)

    #4# New product, related to advertisement services is also work in progress, it not similar what TAT is having now, something new coming on the TAT (Secret, require to wait few weeks)

    #5# Leadership meeting in London will be held on 22nd Jan 2017, at 4PM (Location will be same at earlier place, it will be invitation based only)

    #6# 28th Jan, 2017 will another leadership meeting in Poland at 1.30PM before Poland event start.

    #7# Samsung Tablet for Poland Gold Members will distribute in Poland event on 28th Jan, 2017.

    #8# There might be system slowness issues with websites today in few countries, there might be few payment issues, and please wait with patient; all will be updated in system soon. If not, raise a support ticket.

    #9# TAT academy is going to be huge, work in progress.

    #10# KYC implementation is under discussion.



    Next TheAdsTeam events in this year:



    TheAdsTeam hosted Mr Firoz Patel (Payza owner) at dinner in London.



    Next live event will take place in London on 26th February 2017:



    Summary of the weekly The Ads Team webinar (5th February 2017):



    TAT academy compensation plan:



    The AdsTEAM Academy Presentation:



    Webinar semanal de TheAdsTeam:



    ThAdsTEAM Weekly Webinar 19/02/17:



    New update:

    Great news! We are going to launch the AdsTEAM Academy on Sunday 8 PM GMT.

    Stay tuned with us If you want be a successful online entrepreneur. Question may arise in your mind that why TheAdsTeam academy will be different from others?

    It’s because:

    We will offer variety of courses
    Learning process will be simple
    You can learn at your own time and pace
    You will have the opportunity of earning while learning
    One to one coaching session

    So, get ready to start with TheAdsTeam Academy and be a successful online entrepreneur.

    You wish you very best of luck.




    TheAdsTeam Weekly Webinar 12/03/17


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