• Confirmed scam 17-12-2016
  • Lifetime 43 days
  • Added 04-11-2016
  • Added since 536 days
  • Not Paying
  • Monthly return 40%
  • Minimum investment 5$
  • Our investment 200$
  • Received
  • Last payment 16-12-2016
  • Withdrawals Instant
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    Supreme Ads is a revshare that will be launched on 15th November 2016. The admin is Martin Hornacek, from Slovakia.

    Investment Programs

    SupremeAds offers 3 types of packs:

    Bronze: It costs 2$, generates up to 6% daily and it matures at 120%.
    Silver: It costs 5$, generates up to 5% daily and it matures at 125%.
    Gold: It costs 10$, generates up to 4% daily and it matures at 130%.

    + Repurchase rule is 50%.
    + You need 100 Bronze packs in order to be able to purchase Silver packs and you need 100 Silver packs in order to be able to purchase Gold packs.
    + Minimum withdrawal amount is 10$
    + Maximum daily withdrawal amount is 100$.
    + Payments are instant.

    Referral Program

    Referral Commissions are 3 levels: 10% | 3% | 2%.



    I think SupremeAds will be an interesting investment. I think it will be similar to PassiveVolution because it has many similarities:

    1- Daily earnings are very high. This fact allows to get profit before Payza protection period (45 days) is over.

    2- Very fast payments, in this case, they are instant.

    3- Admin’s facebook profile seems to be a fake, same a PassiveVolution.

    In conclusion, I think it can be a profitable revshare but we have to focus on get our seed money back as soon as possible because I think it won’t last in the long term.

    Mi strategy will be to investr 100$ in 5$ packs and other 100$ in 2$ packs, and I will use repurchase funds to purchase more 2$ packs.

    Here you can see a photo of the admin, Martin Hornacek:



    Some info about external incomes:

    We have plans to make this possible. Our website has been accepted by Google Adsense program. That means Google ads will be displayed on our website and we will be getting revenue from clicks on the ads.

    The second are shortened links. These will be used in PTC ads and whenever user clicks on any ad, we will get revenue.
    We also plan to bring CPA offers in the near future, which can give some interesting external income.



    They have updated their pay plan. Silver packs and Gold packs daily earnings are higher than before. You need 100 Bronze packs in order to be able to purchase Silver packs and you need 100 Silver packs in order to be able to purchase Gold packs.



    New update, the launch date has been postponed until 22th November:

    Dear SA Family,

    Welcome to all new members.

    The official launch was not set very good, so we do postpone it until 22. November
    This will give you more time to refer, and also gain more members to the program. We dont want to start at all cost with only few hundred members.
    Also, the referral contest will continue so you can still win!

    The SolidTrustPay is being verified right now as many members have been asking for it. Hopefully the account will be ready at the launch.

    Thank you all for your support! You are the heart of this program, we are growing day by day thanks to YOU! Together, we can make this program big, if we put our effort to it! Yes, it is not easy,but the result will be worth it.
    So thanks to all who are helping us grow!

    If you have any question dont hesitate and make a post here or submit a ticket/use our live chat



    New Update:

    Dear SA members,

    Less than 48 hours are left now for us to start creating history. Here is something you all need to remember during our launch;
    1. Deposits will be open 24 hours before launch, so you can start to buy advertising.

    2. No surfing will be required at first day.

    3. There will be NO DEPOSIT FEE during the first day.

    4. We are going to have 5 Payment Processors Payza, Perfect Money, Payeer, SolidTrust Pay and Coinpayments for Bitcoins.

    5. Maximum Cashout limit is $100 per day per member.

    6. Withdrawals are processed instantly, that means you dont need to wait hours or days to get payment.

    7. Members who share their Add funds/ Withdrawal screenshots on their FB timeline or at any other platform need to leave a Facebook PM or send a support ticket for receiving $2 in their repurchase wallet.

    We are really excited and looking forward to our Launch.

    Thank you all for your support!!



    New update:

    Referral commissions issue has been fixed. That means everything is resolved and your commissions will be added whether your referral buys Adpacks via main balance or payment processor.

    As a compensation for previous problem, the referral commission throughout the next week are as next:

    Level 1 – 15%
    Level 2 – 5%
    Level 3 – 3%

    Also, i would would like to ask everyone who still have not got their ref. commission to submit a ticket with your username.

    The next change is the new Adpack, which will be available for the next week.

    I would like to thank all who has been supporting us throughout the hard times. Thank you and stay ballin’ !



    Moved to “problem” status. Too many red flags here:

    1- Premium ad packs are not earnings since 5 or 6 days and there is no fix or compensation.

    2- Support is very slow, sometimes you don’t get any response.

    3- Daily earnings have dropped a dramatically.

    4- I have seen a guy reporting a BTC pending withdrawal since 2 days. Selective payments? Maybe. It’s too soon to say but maybe they are only paying to Payza users right now, trying to avoid disputes until they dry their account.

    I will keep an eye on it and I will keep you posted.



    Definitely moved to the SCAM list. Not paying.



    SupremeAds is a bad joke. He doesn’t respond tickets, he doesn’t respond emails, he doesn’t pay, the website is full of bugs, he doesn’t activate ads BUT, he responds to disputes very quick. What cheap SCAMER.

    This is what he is responding:

    Me han enviado un email comentando una respuesta que ha dado el admin de SupremeAds a una disputa:

    Hello, can you tell me why did you open this dispute?
    Did you read our Terms? If not please read them here: https://supremeads.net/termsandconditions.php

    If you complain about the earning speed, I will quote: “In principle, we cannot and do not guarantee any earning or speed of earning from profit sharing and it is only an additional income opportunity.


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