• Confirmed scam 06-01-2016
  • Lifetime 76 days
  • Added 27-11-2015
  • Added since 879 days
  • Not Paying
  • Monthly return 50%
  • Minimum investment 5$
  • Our investment 276$
  • Received
  • Last payment 30-12-2015
  • Withdrawals Within 48 hours
  • User ratings:
    •   9
    •   4
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    Start Rev Share was officially launched on 2nd November 2015 after being for around 2 weeks in beta stage.

    Start Rev Share wants to implement a new concept for revenue share programs. Its innovate system aims to be the most sustainable, and according to its creator, the Belgian Jens Steyaert, its goal is to last forever.

    The site works similar as other Revsharing sites, so you can buy ad packs and they will pay you 150% back on your purchase.
    So what makes this site different?
    They won’t solely rely on the ad pack sales to pay out their members, but are building a complete network of sites that generate revenue. The network will consist out of:
    Social Media Platform
    Marketplace (like Fiverr)
    Crowdfunding site (like Kickstarter)
    Couponcode website
    Search Engine
    Revenue from all these platforms will be shared amongst members who buy ad packs on StartRevshare, which will create a 100% sustainable business model (unlike other Revshare sites).

    Investment Programs

    There are different types of Ad Packs, from 5$ to 50$, however they all mature at 150%, so it’s the same to buy ten 5$ Ad Packs than to buy one 50$ Ad Pack.

    Note: 50% of your earnings goes to main balance and 50% goes to repurchase balance.

    Referral Program

    15% of your referral’s purchases and repurchases.



    Latest StartRevShare update:

    Hi Everybody,

    Hope you’re having a good weekend!

    Well as you know we’ve been dealing with many unfortunate issues the last 10 days or so, and the reasons are fairly simple:
    -> Scammers trying to steam money so cashouts are slower as we need to verify every account from now on.
    -> A buggy script that causes tons of issues which we can’t solve ourself as we rely on the developer of the script.

    So both issues will simply be solved when the new script is ready. If any issues pops up, don’t be alarmed, we are aware of it and working on it. We cant do more than that i guess…

    Either way, we are less than 3 weeks old so it’s pretty normal issues pop up. We didn’t build this site however for people to make money in less than 3 weeks and play the dumb game that’s being played on other revshare sites. And that’s what i want to talk more about now.

    We will soon be introducing our own cryptocurrency that will be used as our own in-house currency for all our sites. I know that Bitcoin will presumably always be number one, but there is no other coin out there that has a clear goal, a solid plan to increase the value of te coin through the power of the community.

    So once i have more info about specifics which our developers are working on i’ll post more info about this amazing concept that help you all make a lot of money.

    To give you an idea, we’ll be launching our own payment gateway for our coin so everybody will be able to accept payments using it…

    Ayways this is just an update, i’ve been on the road for couple of days so will check my mails now. Questions can be sent to the support desk.

    Have a nice day!

    PS: i would have posted this update yesterday but the wifi in the hotel failed on me. Tomorrow i’ll talk everything through with our main developer and formulate the entire plan, and rest assured you’ll be able to make some serious cash on the side



    New update:

    Hi Everybody,

    I hope you’re doing good!

    Well first of all i want to mention that all cashouts are going according to schedule except perfectmoney atm. You wouldn’t believe how creative some people get at trying to abuse the system so we really need to double check all transactions, hence a delay. This is for the good of the program and nobody needs to take this personal.

    More importantly, we’re finalizing the creation of our own cryptocurrency! What this will do is allow you to earn more money from ad packs and earn more on Startpeeps which launches next week.

    The currency will be called “Adzcoin” aka “ADZ” as we’ll use the currency as an in-house currency to buy advertising on our various sites, plus use it as the sole currency in our marketplace (fiverr clone). What we’re doing now is the following:

    -> Integrate a wallet into Startpeeps
    Everybody who has an account in Startpeeps will have a wallet. This will make it easy to store your coins and use the wallet address to exchange your coins or buy products using them.

    -> Adding the coin to various exchanges
    The market will decide the value of the coin, so we as a community can definately help to make the coin gain value. Reaching $1 per coin would be great and everybody who is currently a members of SRS will get 1000’s of coins for free guaranted.
    wink emoticon

    -> Create a payment gateway for the coin
    As you know expansion is our main goal, and using our own currency will benefit everybody in our community. For that we need a payment gateway so people can buy services and products using our coin.

    Cryptocurrencies are the future for sure. Millions of dollars are being invested in infrastructure to support the various coins available. This is the perfect time to get started with our coin which has a purpose and a large community that will directly benefit from the popularity of the coin.

    Another important aspect is the fact the for instance Bitcoin can’t be mined anymore except by a few large corporations. Our coin will enable everybody to get it for free through our social media platform Startpeeps. I feel this is needed to make cryptocurrencies popular by the general public, and giving everybody a wallet and free coins is definitely a good first step. Bitcoin will probably remain number one, but with our plans we can easily become a top 5 coin in the very near-future.

    Anyways, sorry if i don’t reply to each one of you instantly, i’m just working full-time on this and just want to get this done asap so we can keep moving forward with the next step in our great plan!

    Have a great weekend!

    PS: For people that wonder about the special offer, we’ll add all referrals at once to your account the day before Startpeeps launches end of next week. Everybody pays the same $500 and we want to make it fair so everybody will get an equal amount of referrals. Currently 150 spots sold so plenty left!



    Anyone having problem transferring main balance to re-purchase balance..every time I click on it takes me back to log in..



    I told about this problem to Jens but he hasn’t fixed it. The problem is that you are logged at the url with “www” and the link to repurchase balance doesn’t have www. That’s why you are logged out when you click it. Try this: login to the website without www and it will work fine.



    Moved to “problems”. They are not paying to Perfect Money users. Five days ago Jens updated and said that PM payments were going to be delayed because he needed to double check in order to detect scammers. The truth is that PM are not delayed, they just are not being paid since 10 days.

    I will move back this program to “Paying” status once the pending payments arrive.



    BTC is being paid so far. My last withdrawal took less than 48 hours.



    I have pending withdrawals since 23th november. I am very dissapointed with this program. I need the money and they dont answer my tickets. I dont know what to do.



    Selective payments, admin is missing. Scam???



    @Owen, you can try to reach Jens sending an email to [email protected] . He used to respond quite fast. I said “he used” because since several days I’m not getting any response. Other option would be to deposit more using other processor. For example, if you have deposited 50$ with Perfect Money, you can deposit 55$ with Payza, so you would be able to withdraw to your Payza account. The problem is the risk. If he doesn’t pay to PM users, he could do the same with Payza users tomorrow 🙁

    @Fabiana: you are right. It’s been 10 days since PM users don’t get paid. He said that it was a delay because he needed to check for “cheaters”, but it seems it was a lie, because no one got a single cent since then. I’m afraid we will have no choice but define Start Rev Share as SCAM if this situation doesn’t change soon 🙁



    Well seems like you have no patience. If you bother to join the startrevshare international group you will see that the payments to PM have started going out.

    No offence but people like you who scream scam have no patience and are only here for the quick buck.

    Anyway just wanted to let you know me and many others have been paid to PM 🙂



    Patience? We all know how HYIP world works, and rev share is the same. 2 days without payments is a red flag.

    Patience was asked when RedAdburst stopped paying, and it turned into scam.

    Patience was asked by Hq Rev Share many times, they don’t send PM and BTC payments since more than 1 month and now there are pending Payza payments since more than 1 week…

    This is a monitor, an honest monitor. What should I do? Tell that everything is fine? To lie? Move this program to “paying” status? I can’t do that because they are doing selective payments right now. That’s a fact.

    Today I have seen that a guy has reported a PM payment which was requested on 24th November. It’s a good signal. I really hope that they send all pending payments and I will be glad move this program to “paying” status.

    And yes, I’m here to get bucks. Why are you here? To get friends? 🙂



    During the last 2 days some Perfect Money payments have been reported. Unfortunately, only payments requested on 23th November and a few payments requested on 24th November.

    I have 3 pending PM payments, the total amount is around 75$. Considering the situation I have decided to do a risky move. I have deposited 101$ with Payza, so I will be able to withdraw via Payza.

    I deposited 75$ with Bitcoin and 100$ with PM. I would have deposited 26$ with Bitcoin, so I would be able to withdraw via Bitcoin, but considering that Bitcoin deposits need to be verified manually and Jens doesn’t even respond emails since 10 days, I don’t have any guarantee that the Bitcoin deposit would be processed and acredited, that’s why I decided to deposit with Payza instead.

    You can check the status of my withdrawals by clicking this link:


    I’ll keep you posted.



    9 days after his last update, Jens has updated again today:

    Hi Everybody,

    Hope you had a good weekend!

    Just a quick update:

    >>> Cashouts for all processors have now started again as normal. Obviously there’s a delay so we’ll catch up the next period as that’s not easy to do, but nobody has to fear anything really with what we have in store.

    >>>> More importantly than these short-term issues is the progress on our cryptocurrency. As you know we’ll introduce our own coin called “Adzcoin” very soon, hopefully this week! Here’s a bi of an overview of how that will work, and how it can most probably make you some serious cash if you’re smart.

    -> 84 million coins are created and 50% will be available for mining similar to how people mine bitcoin. The other 50% will be used to give away as bonuses for helping us growing our network, manly our social platform startpeeps.
    -> It will be possible to buy ad packs with the coins and grow your coins this way. Not only that, we’ll contact all other revsharing sites and make them a deal to add our coin to their site as an option to buy ad packs. Just think about the benefits for everybody:
    – Everybody that joins Startpeeps will get a wallet and earn coins = huge potential for ad pack sales
    – The admins can refer all their members to Startpeeps and earn affiliate commissions 3 levels deep = external income
    As you can see the ad pack sales from the Adzcoins are self-sustaining and will actually allow the admins to make a profit and help sustain their site.
    -> Added to coinpayments.com to integrate in other sites. To increase the value of the coin we’ll create our platforms using our coin only as payment method. Just think of it as if Fiverr and ebay would ony allow Adzcoin. If you wondered why we haven’t launched this sites yet, this is the reason.

    So how will this benefit members of SRS?

    -> You can easily acquire tons of coins on Startpeeps or buy ad packs using the coins. The coin will probably be very cheap after it’s added to exchanges this week so you can get a nice stash to get started. Just think of how well those early adopters of Bitcoin are doing.
    -> External revenue for SRS. We will use part of the pre-mine to pay out members on SRS. We decided that this is the best way to become the biggest revshare site on the planet, as having our own money used on tons of other revsharing sites will give SRS an authority image and feeling of security for the long run, which is all we care about here.

    What are the plans and prognose?
    We don’t have the intention to try to beat Bitcoin, that’s probably not possible (but who knows right), but becoming the strong second online currency should be possible eventually. Just think about the fact that litecoin was worth about $50 per coin at one point. You think you’ll be able to make money as an early adopter? Don’t doubt it Emoticono

    Another thing is that we’ll keep on expanding the usage of our coin. First we’ll promote to marketers, and the perfect platform to introduce is the Fiverr clone platform. Everybody will have enough coins to buy products, and everybody can easily list their products to earn more coins. The next platforms we’ll introduce is an Ebay clone, which is what will attract the masses, and a crowdfunding platform which will empower our image as a filantropic company.

    Anyways, that’s it for now, no need to worry or complain or whatever, we just need to focus on two things, which is running SRS and building a sold network, and it’s not easy to d this simultaniously, especially with all the loopholes regarding our scrpt and payment processors and the scumbags trying to exploit this. But that’s life i guess Emoticono grin
    It’s time for some sleep now for me, have a nice day!




    Two days have passed since Jens updated and he said:

    Cashouts for all processors have now started again as normal.

    I’m afraid not. I still have 4 pending payments since 26th November. This program is getting very close to the no return point. As I always say “the patience and the trust is not infinite”.

    If the things doesn’t change soon I will have no choice but to open a dispute and move this program to scam list :(. I’m really dissapointed with Jens.



    There is a new update:

    Hi Everybody,

    As i’m about to announce the launch of our own cryptocurrency in bitcointalk and other various forums, i want to talk about something interesting. I alreadymentioned about, which is having the coin added to other revsharing sites. But there’s another huge market of people eager to use Adzcoin!

    As you know a lot of revsharing sites face issues, and only a couple of them are really stable. That’s why we are focusing so much on building that external network for SRS and our own currency as we can create a reserve funds of millions of dollars very soon.

    However, for other sites the main problems (which i know everything about) are:
    -> Too many hit-and-run people join who just want to make a quick buck.
    -> Too many scammers who exploit the loopholes of payment processors to make a quick buck.
    -> An usustainable business model.

    I’m sure most of you know exactly what i mean and some of you might have even lost some dollars on revsharing sites. And i’m sure you would do anything to recoup your money right? Or if you haven’t been duped yet, you would do anything to avoid this right?

    Some sites that come to mind are:
    -> Rioadshare: Too high profits initially = running out of funds
    -> Revadburst: overrun with scammers
    -> HQrevshare: Impossible to sustain the next period no matter what they say or do

    That’s where ADZcoin comes in!

    We have the ability to create a 100% sustainable revsharing model using our coin for members and an extra income stream for admins at the same time so they can keep paying members on time.

    Let me explain how this will work:

    1. Members fund their account or buy ad packs using ADZcoin
    Either members can buy Adzcoin on exchanges, or use the free Adzcoins they earn on Startpeeps.

    2. Admin refers his members to Startpeeps
    This will make him earn commissions 3 levels deep (10% – 5% – 5%) earning him a lot of Adzcoins which he can use to pay members.

    3. Members refer more people to Startpeeps
    This will allow members to earn more Adzcoin so they can ivest more on the site, plus the admin will earn more referral commissions to pay out members.

    As you can see, admins of other sites can make a nice profit when they use this method, and members can feel secure they won’t run out of money to pay them, so this makes it a win-win situation for all parties.

    So what does this mean for us?

    When Adzcoin gets added to multiple other revsharing sites, the volume will inevitably skyrocket. Everybody benefits from the coin hvaing a higher value over time. Members can just hold on to the coin and turn $1 into $2 over and over again. And better yet, smart members will just hold on to the coin until it peaks.

    With this i mean a coin worth $0,1 now (just an example) could be worth $20+ in due time. You can imagine your profit if you have 1000’s of coins in your wallet?

    So how can you help Adzcoin and yourself at the same time? (as every member of SRSis a pioneer here)

    1. I’ll create an announcement thread on bitcointalk (the biggest crypto forum) and some other forums to promote the coin tomorrow morning. If you have some time, posting a review on some positive words would be great.

    2. Some exchanges require voting to have coins added, and everybody can post a free vote for Adzcoin. More exchanges = more volume = higher coin value = more money for you.

    3. Once everything is set up and the coin is added to exchanges and coinpayments.net etc, i’ll start contacting owners of other revsharing sites. I know they would have to be a fool not to add Adzcoin as option to buy ad packs, but what will definately help is tons of people requesting it. So when i contacted the admins, it would be nice if all of you couls submit a ticket saying something like “Please add Adzcoin to your site, i’ll buy a lot of ad packs” or something.

    That being said, i have a little surprise for everybody too when everything is set up, some free coins are coming the way of every SRS member who bught ad packs soon!

    I’ll keep you updated about all if this tomorrow, i already thank you in advance!

    Have a nice day,
    PS: The new scrpt for SRS is making good progress!
    PPS: the wallet for Adzcoin on Startpeeps is almost ready.



    It’s a very long update, and almost all the content talks about Adzcoin, his new cryptocurrency. He said that he is planing to start promoting Adzcoin very soon and he is asking for support, he wants good feedbacks etc…

    This update has caused a lot of controversy because many users don’t even know what a crypocurrency is, and the only thing they know is that they have pending payments.

    I have to say that there are also lot of people defending Jens, most likely because they are being paid.

    The lucky ones who have deposited via STP, Payeer, o Bitcoin, are enjoying fast payments and high yield. The worst part is for Perfect Money users, who have pending withdrawals since 2 weeks. Payza users shouldn’t be happy because there is also a delay with the witdrawals (around 6 days). Unfortunately my situation is not good, I have 3 pending PM payments and 2 pending Payza payments 🙁

    After posting the update some users talked with Jens and he was asked about the pending payments. Here you can see some of his responses:

    Stop asking about payments here, you totally don’t get the point of my post. What’s a 2 week wait or whatever when we are now ensuring you’ll get paid forever? The free coins we’ll distribute will be worth a lot more than your pending withdrawels, which we will pay anyways.

    Some persons asked several times about PM pending payments and he said this:

    I already told that, i need to shuffle money around from different processors to pm and i can only do it in batches of $5K

    Unfortunately he said nothing about Payza pending payments.

    This being said I have both good feelings and bad feelings about Start Rev Share.

    The bad things: the lies and contradictions. I mean, he said that PM payments would be delayed because he had to double check the accounts in order to detect the cheaters who want to exploit the system. But it wasn’t a delay, the payments were stopped. After some days he said “Cashouts for all processors have now started again as normal” and unfortunately it’s not true. Yesterday he said that the payments are not being done because of the lack of funds. 3 different stories in just a few days. Very bad, it doesn’t help the people to trust Jens.

    The good thing: I have received reports of people being paid via PM. It seems that 23th and 24th November payments are all done and now 25th withdrawals are being paid. I have a pending payment from 26th November. Hopefully I will be able to tell you that I have received a PM payment soon.

    I’ll keep you posted.



    I’m happy because I always got paid within 48 hours but some of my referrals are angry because there are not being paid, and now I really feel bad for them 🙁



    I have 6 pending payments now. 3 perfect money payments and 3 payza payments.


    An investor sent a ticket asking about the Payza payments and they told him “there is a little delay with Payza payments but the pending payments will be made on Monday”. I hope it’s true, but I really doubt it because lately Jens hasn’t been very reliable. One thing is clear, if they don’t make the pending Payza payments soon they will be flooded with disputes and they will lose their Payza account.



    I have just received one of my six pending payments. Specifically I received a Payza payment that has requested on 6th December.

    You’ve got cash!
    StartRevShare ([email protected]) just sent you money through Payza.
    Payment Details
    •Date: December 16, 2015 3:50:18 AM
    •Amount Sent: $31.92 USD
    •Sender Name: StartRevShare
    •Sender Email: [email protected]

    •Message: Startrevshare Payment

    Yesterday I sent them a ticket asking about the pending payments, and I told them that many people was going to start filing disputes if they don’t make the payments soon. This was their response:

    Payza started to be paid todaynd will be caught up within next few days.

    As for disputes, tell your referrals to read again the terms they agreed with before purchasing.

    By Purchasing Advertising Packages you are agreeing to the following :

    The purchase of Advertising Credit Packages are NON-REFUNDABLE per our No Refund Policy and Terms Conditions.
    Profit-Share Earnings Are Not Guaranteed!
    You are purchasing an electronic product that is instantly available to you. The revenue from your purchases is shared with all members, therefore NO REFUNDS can be offered.

    Members who despite agreeing to this terms by purchasing advertising packages, will file any disputes with Payment Processors, will have their accounts suspended and all account earnings will be forfeited.

    P,S I have 47 referrals and none of them are even thinking about filing disputes, and many of them funded with PM.



    I haven’t responded the ticket, but there is something I want to clarify.

    The earnings are not guaranteed, that’s right, BUT they have to pay our earnings. The earnings could be low if there aren’t many purchases but they have to pay what they owe, so we are talking about different things. I really hate when a rev share tries to justity the lack of payments with this argument. What they have to do is to fulfill with their obligations, and if they don’t, the dispute is legit, as easy as that.

    Coincidentally few hours ago they sent this update:

    ATTENTION! LITTLE UPDATE: 1. ALL of the Payza pending withdrawals will be paid out today. 2, Jens will post some VERY Exciting news soon. Stay tuned!



    I have just received another Payza payment. Now I only have one pending Payza payment. No news about Perfect Money withdrawals.

    You’ve got cash!
    StartRevShare ([email protected]) just sent you money through Payza.
    Payment Details
    •Date: December 16, 2015 5:49:29 AM
    •Amount Sent: $24.43 USD
    •Sender Name: StartRevShare
    •Sender Email: [email protected]

    •Message: Startrevshare Payment



    I got my last pending Payza payment:

    You’ve got cash!
    StartRevShare ([email protected]) just sent you money through Payza.
    Payment Details
    • Date: December 16, 2015 7:03:08 AM
    • Amount Sent: $40.52 USD
    • Sender Name: StartRevShare
    • Sender Email: [email protected]

    • Message: Startrevshare Payment

    This one was requested on 14th December, so it seems that it’s true that they have paid all the Payza pending payments, which is very good news. But I still have 3 pending Perfect Money payments which were requested more than 20 days ago. This is the last time I invest a single dollar with Perfect Money or Bitcoin. From now on I will only invest with Payza and Paypal. What I have learnt, if you don’t have the hability of filing disputes, there is no respect. It’s sad but it’s true, that’s how this works. How course StartRevShare will continue in “problem” status until all the payments are done. Selective payments are always a bad signal.



    We have a new update:

    Hi Everybody,
    Well as announced here’s an update on how things are proceeding.
    -> Payza payments were halted but i can confirm that all pending payments will be done today. Let me tell you exactly why the delay happened and some more info on the perfectmoney situation:
    – Members filing disputes for trivial reasons. I mean seriously, why somebody would file a dispute for a $10 and dupe all other members for this is beyond me. Selfishness has no place in this group and in our business so all accounts were banned.
    – A large amount of payment reversals. It seems people try to game the system buy using fake credit cards and then trying to earn for some weeks and filing disputes to make some easy money. Luckily Payza is quite good at spotting this behaviour and not many have gone through, but this is out of our control really and simply disgusting stuff.
    – For many weeks now people have been abusing the system. Some members put in some big money through multiple pament processors, cashing out in perfectmoney and then filing disputes to recoup money and leave. That’ why i need to shuffle money aroundd processors which is very risky business.
    – As a result of all of this, my Payza account has been frozen for the past 10+ days but as i mentioned they finally restored it and payments can continue as usual.
    Now as you can see this is not a pleasant situation, and i feel quite bad about how people behave sometimes. I’m not used to this as everybody i ever worked with knows that i’m an ethical person that works very hard and wants to help make people money.
    But anyways, let’s move forward with some positive news, and people who underestand what i’m about to mention will get super excited i’m sure Emoticono wink
    I finished creating an improved version of the initial report, and we’re about to start spreading the news about Adzcoin, our own cryptocurrency!
    Here you can read the report: https://startpeeps.com/report.pdf
    I think that will explain the entire concept perfectly. The idea is to gradually add more and more websites, products and features to the network so the value of the coin will gradually rise.
    All i can say is: Just remember today, you’ll be very grateful you’re one of the first people to read this report. Emoticono wink
    So here’s what we’ll do this week:
    -> Do as many cashouts as we can for all processors. I know perfectmoney is behind, but it’s simply not worth risking Payza atm, i’m sure anybody can understand that. Just don’t make assumptions, look at what we’re building and you’ll see you have nothing to fear.
    -> Finish adding Adzcoin to all exchanges so it can be traded.
    -> Finish http://startpeepsmarket.com our Fiverr ike Adcoin-only (!) marketplace.
    -> Add additional advertising products that can be bought using Adzcoin to our network including ad space on Startpeeps!
    -> Launch Startpeeps and start promoting heavily and start distributing free coins to all members.
    -> Start adding referrals to buyers of the special offers account starting tomorrow!
    So that’s it for now, it’s a very exciting week less than 10 days before Christmas, so we’re all set up for a great holiday season!
    So my only request is this: Just remain positive about what we are building here, and try to help build instead of complain and just be plain annoying. I know this a minority and it’s pretty clear SRS isn’t going anywhere to most people!
    So instead just invite your friends and family to Startpeeps, show them the report so thye have a good understanding they can earn good money and it will benefit you at the same time.
    That’s all for now, have a nice day!



    There is a new update:

    Hi Everybody,
    Just a quick update:

    -> I have added the announcement thread to bitcointalk for Adzcoin, here you can find that: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1292875.0 You’ll see a lot of trolls there probably but that’s a good thing, the more the better because that means the competition fears we’ll become huge.

    -> We’re about to integrate the Adzcoin earning system into Startpeeps. Tomorrow members of startpeeps will earn their first free Adzcoins for social activity such as:
    – Daily login bonus
    – Posting quality content
    – Inviting friends and family and earn 3 levels deep!
    -> People who bought the special offer will also see referrals coming in starting tomorrow s you can earn more.

    -> The coin is being added to the exchnages and pending approval. Good news for EU and UK members, the coin will be added to Bittylicious.com after New Year so you’ll be able to sell Adzcoin and receive the money straight to your bank account. Emoticono smile For members outside the EU or UK, no worries more options will be added soon to turn ADZ into cash!

    All this we are doing to benefit members of SRS and create a sustainable business. There have been a lot of bumps in the road so far, but i’m positive we’re on the right track.
    So if you have some time, post a little review in Bitcointalk to silence the trolls, it’s much appreciated.
    Have a nice day!



    There is a new update:

    Hi Everybody,

    Just a quick update on proceedings and an a question to the community about something that could change the revsharing world forever.

    -> As you know we’re working hard on putting together everything o Startpeeps and making ADZcoin our wn currency popular. Just think of it this way, if ADZcoin becomes popular, we have a huge external income source to pay members of SRS. Now i need to shuffle money around from different processors and it’s simply risky and not the way i want to run this business (see what happened to other revsharing sites). I know everybody wants to get paid asap, so we’re working hard to make that happen.

    – We’ll start selling advertising products using ADZcoin soon, mainly ad space on Startpeeps, our forum and static banners on SRS.
    – We’re finalizing the payment gateway to be integrated in the marketplace, which will look quite similar to Fiverr for instance and allow users to buy and sell micro services and/or products. So we’re looking forward to add this addition to our network soon!
    – I’ll be launching some heavy promo campaigns to mainly attract advertisers. This will both allow us to make more sales and leverage their marketing skills to attract more users to Startpeeps. The marketing angle is very simple: “Get Free Advertising For Life!” How can they get that? Be active and invite all your friends and family to Startpeeps to earn a lot of ADZcoin!

    -> We have started distributing free ADZ, and i’m now busy with setting up the promotions for people who have ordered the special offer. We’ll be distributing a lot of free referrals so you’ll be able to see your earnings grow fast!

    Also make sure to get active on Startpeeps, it’s the main platform that will be the catalyst to make our project succeed so any help is appreciated.

    – Share your referral link on social media
    – Invite your friends and family
    – rebrand the free report, add your affiliate link and share it everywhere
    – add a mention on your website or blog
    – send an email to your email list

    Or if you have other creative ways to promote Startpeeps just share with the group!

    -> The coin has been added to various exchanges and is now pending approval. So i hope to get good news on that very soon so the coin be exchanged, bought and sold.

    I think i mentioned this already but for EU and UK members there’s good news as in January the coin will be added to bittylicious.com which is a buying and selling platform for cryptocurrencies so you’ll be able to easily sell your coins for cash straight to your bank account.

    -> Changing the revsharing world
    Now here’s something i already talked about before, but which is more relevant than ever. As you might know (and experienced) several revsharing sites are closing doors lately. Revadburst and HQrevshare for instance stopped paying and any people lost money.

    We can help them!

    Yes that’s right, we can ensure everybody that lost money (or wasted a lot of time) on other sites can recoup their money and make a very solid profit on the sites that were forced to close doors. Here’s the concept:

    1. Admin adds option to buy ad packs using ADZcoin (same gateway as Bitcoin can be edited in minutes) 2. Admin invites all his members to Startpeeps and earns referral commissions and a lot of ADZ (3-tier referral program) 3. Admin uses these referral commissions to pay his members the ad pack returns

    It’s a very simple but very effective method for the members to earn a lot of ADZ easily, and the admin to add an extra income stream to the site which is basically 95% hands-free. A win-win situation for everybody involved.

    Now i’m just talking about the revsharing sites that failed, i’m not even talking about the revsharing sites that already do well and can expand their business! Just thinking about this gives me chills because if we can convince the admins to add ADZcoin as a form of payment to buy ad packs, the volume will go through the roof and the value of the coin will go up like crazy and could make ADZcoin a top 5 coin in a matter of weeks!

    And that’s not all, ADZcoin could be used in this way for ALL hyip and other reward programs online. The potential is just huge…

    Now as you see, this can (and will) benefit all SRS members because you all have the opportunity to earn a lot of ADZ on Startpeeps right now as we’re still in the initial phase, and ensure SRS to have a solid reserve funds that will allow us to keep paying members forever.

    So that’s why i want to ask if there are members here who can somehow get in touch with either other admins or members from other revsharing sites? Perhaps through facebook groups or whatever just to enlighten them about thsi opportunity we’re about to unleash.

    Obviously i’ll contact all admins of other sites myself too, but i think as a group we can make a serious impact and have ADZcoin added to even the biggest revsharing and hyip’s out there.

    Anybody who has any suggestions or wants to help out, just reply to this post!

    I look forward to hearing what you think!

    Have a nice day!



    As you can see Adzcoin has been launched. There are 84 millions of Adzcoins. 50% of them will be shared between the members of Start network.

    How can I earn Adzcoins?

    Join to https://startpeeps.com/index.php?tab1=welcome&affid=uvres and you will earn Adzcoins daily just for login. You can also earn some Adzoins by referring friends, posting contents etc…

    What is the value of Adzcoins?

    At the beginning the value will be very close to 0, same as any other new cyptocoin.

    What is Jens going to do to increase the value?

    Jens will allow to use the Adzcoins to buy several services, for example, we will be able to purchase Ad Packs at StartRevShare with Adcoins. We will be able to purchase advertising packs at StartRevShare and StartPeeps.com, we will be able to buy services at startpeepsmarket.com etc…

    So if there is a big community behind the value most likely will raise. Jens has said that he expects the value to be 1 Adzcoin = 1$ in around 2 months.



    What is the payment status?

    Payments are being sent to all the payment processors, except Perfect Money. Perfect Money withdrawals are pending since 1 month as you can see in the following pic:

    Many persons have asked about Perfect Money withdrawals and the most recent answer is:

    Please enough of Perfect Money repeated questions, ALL is in the update, no other additional information for now. Most of the people who repeatedly posting about PM did not even bother to read Jens’ previous update, because if you have you would not be asking the same question all over again.

    But the only information we have is that his “Perfect Money account is running low on funds because some cheaters withdrew lot of money via Perfect Money” and they “need to shuffle money between payment processors”. Theorically they have been adding 5000$ / day to his PM account to make payments, but the truth is that after one month, they have only paid the pending withdrawals from 24th November and 25th November.

    Now they are saying that to shuffle money between payment processors is dangerous, and it could cause some issues, for example accounts frozen etc… So it seems that they are no longer transfering funds from other payment processors to Perfect Money. Now my question is: How do you plan to fix this? What happens with the new Perfect Money deposits? Can’t those deposits be used to pay pending PM withdrawals? The situation is very weird and IMO there is no enough information regarding the lack of PM payments.

    The lack of payments could cause the lack of trust, and it can definitely have a negative impact on their credibility, something that will be needed for their new projects (Adzcoin, social network, marketplace, etc).

    Of course, this program won’t be moved to “Paying” status until all the pending withdrawals are sent.



    There is a new update:

    Hi Everybody,

    Hope you had a great time this week during the holidays!

    Well the moment is finally here to introduce the launch of ADZcoin on the first exchange Yobit and it’s trading already. So this is great news for SRS and Startpeeps members as we have created a major asset that will secure the future of our project. (more about that later)

    Here you can find the exchange: https://yobit.net/?bonus=cqrFh (ref link, sign up here as every bit helps.

    Trading can be done in the ADZ page, and you first need to fund your Bitcoin wallet. You can see that ADZ is currently selling for about 2-5 cents here: http://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/adzcoin/ but it fluctuates a lot which is common with cryptocurrencies.

    So in short to trade:
    -> Fund your yobit Bitcoin wallet
    -> Go to the ADZ page and check the “sell” orders (prices are listed in Bitcoin)
    -> Click the amount of ADZ available and “buy” and your Bitcoins will be traded for ADZ
    -> For selling the same applies but in the other column. smile

    As i said, ADZ can be bought in large amounts for a couple of pennies which is an absolute steal. In fact, everything below $1 is an absolute steal as our coin has so much potential it’s crazy…
    So how will this help SRS members i hear you wonder. Well, here’s an overview of solutions and measures:
    -> Securing SRS’s future

    As some have already suggested, setting a reserve funds is something that will help secure SRS’s future. So we’ll be setting aside 5 million coins as a reserve funds for SRS cashouts. Anybody who read the report about Startpeeps and making the coin useful in our network understands that the only way for this coin is up, so 5 million coins is more than enough for SRS members to feel secure. Emoticono smile Read the report here if you haven’t done so yet: https://startpeeps.com/report.pdf

    -> No more begging and name calling
    The important measure is that the admins and staff of SRS and Startpeeps need to be treated with respect. You wouldn’t believe how people behave for a couple of dollars pending in their account. Clearly they don’t have a long-term vision, don’t respect the hard work we put in and they can simply go elsewhere. So the rule is very simple:
    No more begging for cashouts, stalking any admin, member or SRS staff or your SRS and Startpeeps account will be suspended and your initial deposit minus paid cashouts will be sent back to you and we wish you all the best making quick bucks elsewhere (you’ll need it).

    -> So before asking and losing your account and not making a dime on SRS, let me make it very clear that everybody will keep on earning on SRS and get paid in due time. I think by now that should be clear as Startpeeps is exploding, the ADZcoins gain value and we’re working on several other projects simultniously. PLUS, without the beggars and complainers, we’ll have a lot more time as our staff will be able to actually help grow our business, not needing to deal with people trying to destroy our business. While we build up this business, we’ll do as many cashouts as possible.
    -> Earn more using Startpeeps, trading ADZcoin and help the community!

    As you know now, negativity will bring our project down, so we need to illiminate that and weed out the people looking for a quick buck which we will do efficiently starting today. That being said, we’re alsolooking to build a solid community of people helping each other, and what’s a better way to help each other than to make extra money in the process?

    So what you can do is:
    – Start using Startpeeps on a daily basis to earn free ADZcoins. If not a member yet join here: https://startpeeps.com/index.php?tab1=welcome&affid=uvres
    – Invite your friends and family, show them the Startpeeps report and earn affiliate commissions in the process (it’s free)
    – Spread positivity about Startpeeps and ADZcoin, as perception is a main aspect of determing coin value, so every bit of positivity helps a bunch.
    – Buy ADZcoin NOW and stash them some months to cash out big! Seriously you’re able to buy ADZ for some pennies at the moment which is absolutely crazy. If you want to learn about a solid investment, this is about as solid as it gets.

    So i think everything is pretty clear now, if needed we’ll add more measures as our only goal is to build a long-term sustainable business, and nobody can hold us back from achieving this. If it’s needed to go on a mass banning spree, so be it… I think it’s pretty clear SRS is not a regular revshare site, so we just want to work with people who understand what we are doing and support us. I don’t thnk that’s too much to ask right as you’ll be the one earnin a solid passive incme.

    Have a nice day and all the best,



    My opinion about the update:

    I’m very dissapointed with this update. I find it regrettable that Jens is threatening people with being removed from the group and being banned from the program.

    He speaks about “removing the negativity”, but to say that the payments at SRS are a mess is not to be negative, it’s to be realistic.

    Let’s go over the facts: Perfect Money users are not being paid since more than 1 month, there are BTC users reporting that they don’t get a cent since 2 weeks. The last Payza payment reported is from 22th December, a week ago…

    When a program works good and pays, the people is happy and they promote the program and they spread positivity. When there are selective payments or delays the people will talk about it. Trying to stop the claims banning users is a suicide.

    I will say the same I said with HqRevShare. Trying to put out the fire with gasoline, it’s a suicide. Obviously some people is nervous because they are not being paid, and they are going to claim, and no one can stop that. It happened in the past, it happens now and it always will happen.

    Obviously to threat and ban people is not the way to go, unless they want to flood the forums with claims and haters. What should they do IMO?. Easy, TO PAY what they owe. And if they can’t, at least to be honest and give a timeframe, try to pay slowly, even is there is a delay, it’s better than nothing. What is totally unacceptable is that PM users are not being paid since the last 6 weeks, and it seems that other processors are also facing delays.

    Some people asked me: “what’s happening with the payments?” and do you know what? I can’t say anything, because they didn’t give any coherent reason. They said some weeks ago “all the payments are resuming” and it wasn’t true. After some days they said “we are funding with 5000 $ daily our PM account so we can resume the payments”, and the fact is that there isn’t any new payment to PM users since many weeks. So no one can blame people for asking what the fuck is going on here. Are they unable to make a single payment since weeks? No one has deposited with PM lately? Seriously?

    I really hope that SRS succeed, I hope they can fix the payments issue asap, but sorry, this is NOT negativity, these are FACTS, this is how the things are going now.



    Good news, today I have received my 2 pending Payza withdrawals. All the pending Payza withdrawals have been paid, and also STP and Bitcoin payments have been made. I also got some reports about Perfect Money payments although these ones are still slow and delayed.

    On the other hand, ADZcoin price went from 0,025$ to 0,037$ . The fluctuations in the price are common, but, a 50% increase in just one day, is always a very good signal. Lot of people is purchasing ADZcoins now for just a few cents, hoping that the price will skyrocket during the following weeks / months 🙂 Hopefully ADZcoin will succeed.



    Negativity? it’s happening..
    He don’t want to pay, I have a screenshot about a guy asking like a 9 withdraws of $250 in pending, he just said something about suspend his account, and put every single withdrawal back to balance! WTF!!!!!! he said that don’t want to see people crying for cents, but 9 of $250? cents? and someone says that specifically withdraw the money just for pay a treatment … Even if the withdraws were for a drink, it doesnt matter,, money earned, … I really dont like nothing as this time he is putting people out of the program



    If that is true it would be totally unacceptable. Jake, could you show the screeshoots please?



    I got my STP payment today. Jens is an honest admin.



    We have a new update. Bad news. StartRevshare is over:

    Hi Everybody,

    It’s unfortunate to mention this, but the way things are going with SRS i believe it’s better we finish SRS in it’s current form and simply deliver the product everybody has bought. Before you panic, this means that:
    -> We will deliver the ad credits
    -> We will pay back the 150% cashback on your deposit according to our TOS.

    There are three main reasons why we have made this decision:

    1. The ongoing disputes in Payza
    Recent events in other revsharing sites made it clear that this is something we can not stop. It’s very unfortunate that people don’t have respect towards other members and simply file disputes putting our account in danger with all other members funds in it. As you might have seen, this behavior can cause some serious damage…

    Just ask yourself: Do we need to wait for something magical to happen like disputes ending, or do we better secure the funds before they get locked away as on other sites?

    2. The ongoing abuse
    I won’t go deeper into how it all happens not to give crooks any ideas, but we have to ban multiple accounts every day. Some people are very creative to squeeze every last dollar out of the system, and we would rather focus on building our business.

    3. Counterproductive behavior
    Even though many people post screenshots of payments, just as many post screenshots when they don’t get paid and straight up stalk us for payments as if they signed up for something and have no clue what happens (read the terms page). This mindset isn’t the crowd we want to surround ourselves with because it’s shortsighted and behavior of people that will never become successful. We on the other hand will become successful so it’s best we part ways…

    What happens now?

    -> We will make a list of all members who deposited on SRS The list will
    -> contain the initial deposited amount + 50% plus 15% earnings of
    -> referral commissions as stated on
    the homepage
    -> We will pay back all earnings according to our terms of service

    What this means is very simple: We pay back using company earnings and no more ad packs will be sold! If the company makes money, we pay it back to members.

    So simply put: Everybody that spreads around bad words or puts down our company causes SRS members to be paid back slower!

    Apparently this wasn’t very clear to people before causing slower payments, so i want to make it very clear now.
    Again: The faster our company grows, the faster you’ll get paid back the 150% cashback on your deposit.

    If you still don’t understand and post bad stuff about SRS, Startpeeps, ADZ or any other aspect of our business and/or stalk me or our staff, here are some rules which we are entitled to enforce according to our TOS:

    -> Strike 1: You will be put at the bottom of the list and paid last
    -> Strike 2: You will be paid last but only refunded and paid 100% back
    -> of your seed money instead of 150% Strike 3: You will be banned and paid nothing and only receive the ad credits you paid for, no cashback!

    ANYBODY who sees another person spreading nonsense or shout scam or whatever may report this to our help desk, because he/she causes YOU to get paid slower!

    So in short: let’s not sabotage each others earnings but help each other alright?

    Some other info:
    -> Earnings will be paid in the processor you deposited Earnings will
    -> come from our ADZ reserve funds (5 million ADZ), our marketplace which is about to launch, our email marketing platform Lead-swaps, the Wso’s we’ll create, our payment gateway which is launched today, additional special offers for every new platform we launch.
    -> To make clear: EVERYBODY will get paid so there’s no point in spamming negativity all over, it will only slow down when you get paid, period.

    The future of SRS

    Many have asked this already and i can confirm that we are still working on the new script. Only one developer for the moment though so it takes a lot of time. We want to have all the bells and whistles in place, integrate some unique ideas to make it a profitable asset in the Start Network.

    What’s the big difference? SRS will be ADZ-only!

    Yes we will create the first revsharing site that only uses ADZ as method of payment, for the simple reason that we can use an initial budget to form a buffer while we sell additional products using ADZ on SRS, which is what makes long-term revsharing sites stable. We’ll also add a PTC script along with multiple advertisng packages all across the Start Network including Startpeeps. SO the quality of advertising will be really high.

    It will also help to drastically increase the value of ADZ, which means more cash will flow into the business to help pay the current members of SRS.

    Anyways, that’s it for now, our team is already working on compiling the list and the buying of ad packs has been disabled on SRS using any processors available. We will work continuously to pay the cashback on ad packs purchased and won’t stop until EVERY member is paid, unless you don’t follow the simple rules of not posting negativity about our company as it hurts other members.

    Either way, you can use our free to join revsharing social network Startpeeps now to earn free ADZ. We just finished creating the payment gateway and will start selling products using it pretty soon so the value is about to go up drastically.

    If you have any questions just let us know!

    All the best,

    PS: Before posting ANYTHING ask yourself this: Even though we can’t promise you a full-time income at the moment, just see how other revsharing businesses have handled the issues they faced. (Revadburst, HQrevshare to name a few) If you don’t appreciate the fact that we’ll work non-stop to deliver the product and help you earn a profit, then just keep it to yourself and let us do our job of paying you back your seed money PLUS your profits

    PPS: Before you start posting screenshots of pending payments: Payments will start once the list is ready in a few days!



    – Some thoughts about the update: Well, first of all, Startrevshare has been moved to “No paying” list. We have been very patient, but the patience is not infinite, and the phrase “IF the company makes money, we pay it back to members.” sounds like a joke. What I can tell is that I have 4 pending withdrawals, 3 Perfect money withdrawals pending since 26th November 2015 and one Payza withdrawal pending since 31th December.

    Jens did nothing but to lie since the beginning. He said that he was going to “promote heavily” his “network” before SRS was launched and what we had was nothing but promises and startpeeps, an alpha version of a website which was supposed to be something similar to Facebook, and it had almost no traffic and lot of bugs, and of course, no income as he promised. So, “the only sustainable revshare in the world” had payment problems since week 2, ridiculous. SRS was nothing but a cheap script and a cheap design with no external income.

    If you take a look to the comments above, you will see that Jens has been caught lying several times. Now are we supposed to believe that he is going to pay 150% to 18.000 members? Sorry, I do NOT. If he wanted to pay, Perfect Money users wouldn’t be waiting for their withdrawals since 25th November 2015.

    The reasons he is giving are so ridiculous. Let’s see, regarding Payza disputes he said “Recent events in other revsharing sites made it clear that this is something we can not stop”. Look, what the recent events made clear is that when you lie and you DON’T PAY what you owe, the people file disputes. Nothing new. It always happened, it happens and it will always happen. Do not blame people for your own incompetence. NO ONE file disputes against the revshares that pay and do a good work. As easy as that.

    Regarding “the strikes” and the punishment for anyone who “spreads bad words” about SRS, Startpeeps, Adzcoin etc… It’s regrettable. It’s a blackmail. Jens, you are a bungler. What do you want? You want the people to LIE? Do you know what “freedom of speech” means? How the fuck do you think the people is going to speak good words about you, when some of your members haven’t received a single cent since more than 6 weeks? We will see soon if he is a bungler or a scammer. I have noticed that a lot of people don’t want to say what they really think, because they are scared of no receiving his money. I don’t care about his fucking blackmail, this is an honest monitor and I will always say what I think. If one day I can’t say what I think I would close this site.

    So, he wants to convert SRS to a “new concept” revshare. This concept means that he won’t pay a single dollar anymore. From now on the “payments” will be made with ADZcoins. No thanks. I want to do serious business. I don’t want to play with monopoly cash.

    As I said above, Jens had very high expectatives with Adzcoin, and I seriously doubt that ADZcoin was going to succeed. Now there are no doubts. Who is going to pay real cash for ADZcoin, a cryptocoin created a few days ago for a guy who doesn’t even pay to his members since almost 2 months? Who is going to pay real cash for a coin that was created by a guy who has no credibility and blackmails his members trying to keep them quiet?

    There is no doubt, Startrevshare is done. I seriously doubt that Jens is going to pay anymore. I can see the future… they will say that the disputers and the people spreading negativity took the project down. Sorry but I don’t buy it, it’s the typical excuse I have heard so many times. If you think that, open your eyes!! “the only sustainable revshare in the world” had zero external income. It only was a cheap design and a cheap script, and the withdrawal issues started since week 2. To censure people and to try to blackmail the members is like trying to put out the fire with gasoline.



    ADZ prize has dropped from 0,035$ to $ 0.018$. ADZ has lost half of its value, and I think that the prize will continue going down, because no one wants to use a cryptocoin created by a guy with no credibility, who doesn’t even pay to his members. Startrevshare is a zombie. Game over.



    As expected Startrevshare has turned in to scam.



    There is a new update. Anyway I had around 450$ invested in ad packs, and I should receive 70$ / week more or less. And now, supposing he pays (I seriously doubt it) I would receive around 100$ one-time payment. So, even if he pays, I feel scammed. Said this, here is the update:

    Hi Everybody,

    Just a quick update on proceedings:

    -> We are still compiling the list with all due payments for SRS and will add it to a special page. This will be finished probably next week because as you can imagine it takes time to go over all accounts. 2 people are working on this so we’re making good progress.

    -> All bugs on Startpeeps caused by the server issues should be solved this week. It’s been annoying but better we have these issues now than when we have 100K+ active members so we are better prepared by then.

    -> As you know our developers have now more time to focus on Startpeeps and growing ADZcoin so by next week we’ll be introducing our ADZ-only marketplace! The idea is to use part of the pre-mine to stimulate the in-house economy and grow our platforms.

    -> We are completely cleaning up Startpeeps, will delete all spam messages and pictures we have seen and set some rules. The idea here is to pre-qualify the members we attract. People that look to make a quick buck are currently wasting their time and will probably be banned and never get paid any ADZ. We take this serious and won’t give away free money to factory workers.

    The main change apart from the spam issue will be that ADZ earned from Startpeeps activity will only be able to used in our other platforms to buy products or services. What this comes down to is that we’ll give away millions of dollars to buyers to attract sellers to use ADZ in their business. So what it comes down to is that:
    – The money is there (earned on Startpeeps)
    – The buyers are there and will keep on earning money = ADZ
    – The sellers can advertise for free to attract the buyers with money in hand.
    What we’re doing is quite unique and is bound to have a serious positive impact on the ADZ value, so if you have some stack them, or if you do’nt have some yet, buy NOW (just helping you out)

    So we have a busy week this and next week but all looks good with the progress we’re making, SRS payments will begin next week and we’re ready to speed up the process, build a real lucrative business and plan to relaunch SRS in a way that will benefit everybody here!

    Have a nice day,



    New update:

    Hi Everybody,
    I hope you are doing good!
    As you know we are working hard to get everything ready for 2 things:
    -> Paying back the cashback from SRS
    -> Growing our business to relaunch SRS and help you earn money from Startpeeps
    In order for everybody here to earn a lot of money, we know that Startpeeps is the crucial platform to achieve that. That’s why all our developers will work together to rebuild Startpeeps from the ground up, and make it an open-source project. This way other developers will be able to build additional features and themes for all members to use.
    If you are familiar with WordPress plugins and themes then you know the concept.
    This is the only way we can compete with established social media platforms. Startpeeps will become the platform for the people, by the people. Everybody will be able to suggest new features they want to see added to create the social media experience they want, just like you can turn WordPress in any website you want.
    ADZcoin will be the fuel that drives growth. Developers will get rewarded by the members through a voting system, so unlike on WordPress, there will be real rewards for hobby developers and professionals alike. And just like Ether is the fule for growth on the Ethereum platform, ADZcoin will be the fuel for growth on Startpeeps.
    So next week our developers will start working on the “Startpeeps core”, which will look quite similar as Startpeeps looks now. Ofcourse all data will remain, just the option for developers to add features to the core will be available.
    Anyways, this development is also a reason i have relaunched the Startpeeps special offer, and included an etra offer for the developer side to help people who joined to earn more.
    Check the revised special offer here: https://startpeeps.com/Startpeeps-VIP.html
    So people who get this offer will be able to:
    -> Get referrals added to their account for life
    -> Earn part of developers income for life
    If you want to secure your future without having to lift a finger, this is kind it.
    So this offer is ADZ-only which will help give the coin a boost, which as a result help us pay back the SRS cashbacks faster. This is only a matter of time though, for next week we will:
    -> Launch the Fiverr like ADZ-only marketplace
    -> Launch 2 WSO’s promoting this new offer plus the marketplace
    -> Get started building the Startpeeps core
    -> Add the list of partner sites to Startpeeps you can withdraw your earnings to (including 4 revshare sites!)
    I know this is kind of a greay area, but professional traders get rich from this. It’s called knowing a company and investing in something that is pre-determined. Knowledge is power, so with this development, it’s pretty easy to understand that the value of ADZ is likely to rise pretty fast the next week. Som less intelligent people have been dumping the coin making the value very low atm in yobit: https://yobit.net/en/trade/ADZ/BTC
    Here’s the info:
    -> Every sale of the special offer will increase the ADZ price by at least 50%
    -> We’ll be making 20+ sales the next week
    Want to make some super easy money next week? You just need to fill in the blanks
    That being said, the higher the value of ADZ, the faster we will pay cashbacks on SRS. I can’t give an exact date unfortunately (so don’t ask for it), but as said before nobody has to fear losing any money from SRS. the money is here in the form of ADZcoin which is about to explode, just remain positive, patient and for the smart people, listen to my words and
    cash in every time i have an announcement to make, which will be frequent the coming period.
    Have a nice day!



    Any news regarding SRS? Is Jens going to pay us? What happens with our balance?



    The update you can see above your post is the last one so far. They are banning many users for just giving their opinion.

    For example people is getting banned for comments like this:

    Hi Jens Steyaert nice keeping in touch, we are glad to be part of your vision, just one suggestion if you could pay at least 50% we deposit in SRS would be nice and give more trust doubters
    best regards

    Not only to gain more trust, but give money back to SRS members first should be first priority. Most members have money stuck in SRS and now they’re involuntary participant in the visionary future venture whether they want to participate or not, while SRS has been frozen for over a month.. Members Paid in USD and they should get paid in USD, not in speculative ADZ. I’m along for the ride and not concerned for myself , but most of my SRS downline that don’t share the vision. Let’s take care of SRS first, before proceeding any further to retain some sort of integrity and trust.

    That means the funds people invested with SRS are gone to fund the new ventures. Feel bad for people not broken even and lost money for now.

    We should have an option to receive cash or ADZ. This would be most fair.

    And many other comments are being deleted. My opinion: people invested dollars in a revshare and 95% of them don’t even know what a crytpcurrency is, and they don’t care. They just want their money back and run away. Just take a look to StartRevShare traffic in the graph below.

    Also Jens said that we can’t exchange Adzcoin for cash if we haven’t purchased the 500$ VIP offer, which is ridiculous IMO. We can only use them to buy / sell services in the marketplace he plans to build and to buy ad packs in the revshares that accept ADZ.

    I had around 500$ in SRS shares and I was generating around 300$ / month and now it seems that I have nothing. He said 1 month ago that he was going to create a list with the money he owns to all the members in order to start paying them but still nothing.

    I really hope I’m wrong but the truth is that I expect nothing from Jens. Since he did an update telling that from now on the only payments will be made in ADZcoin, I insta-moved the program to no paying / scam list. I’m sure it’s going to fail. The only way to build trust is with your acts, not changing the rules since week 2 and banning and censoring people who say things you don’t like.



    So Jens Steyaert is hidding and he doesn’t want to pay, does he?



    No news from Jens since 27th January 2016. I don’t trust him. He was supposed to develop a new revshare script 3 months ago and we still have the buggy Scriptbolt. He was supposed to start sending payments 2 weeks ago and still no payments. We don’t even have the list of the people who have to be paid. He didn’t say a single word about the pending payments (some of them since November 2015). It’s a total mess.



    I withdrew some ADZ coin to my web from StartPeeps in January and it’s still pending. What’s going on?



    Hi Frey, I would say that scam is going on. The payment issues started since week 2. Jens started to change the rules since the beginning and he gave cheap excuses “cheaters, negative comments etc…”

    He is good at selling castles in the air. The problem is he doesn’t keep his promises.

    The people invested dollars in a revshare and now he wants to pay us with ADZcoins, but we can’t even withdraw them to exchange them for dollars. The only thing we can do is to exchange them for services at a marketplace that doesn’t exist and I really doubt it’s going to exist. Even if he creates the marketplace, who is going to trust him after all? who is going to offer services if they are going to be paid with Adzcoins instead of dollars?

    Just take a look to Startrevshare traffic evolution (you can see it in the graph below). No one is interested in his monopoly money. SRS is done.



    Jens created ADZcoin And Startpeeps Blog, where updates and tutorials will be posted: http://adzcoindesk.com
    After all this time I really expect nothing from Jens but I’m curious to see what happens. I’ll keep you posted.



    I have been taking a look to one of his post in which he is talking about the future price of Adzcoin and I have seen some funny statements:

    “Anything below $0,10 (Adzcoin value) is an absolute steal”
    “ADZcoin will grow to $1 fast”
    “It will fluctuate between $0,50 – $2 after”
    “$0,5 is still very cheap in the long-term”

    This guy wants to make the perfect business. He has created 84 millions of Adzcoins, something that can be done by anyone just with a few clicks, and now he wants to convert 84 millions of Adzcoins in 84 millions of dollars. Even if he sells them for 0,01$ he would get 840.000$.

    Sincerely, I don’t plan to invest a single cent in his criptocurrency. The only thing he has proven so far is to be good selling castles in the air. What I want to see is if / when he is going to pay his debts and what is going to happen with our active Ad packs and pending payments. I will keep you posted with any relevant new.



    Jens did a new update:

    Hi Everybody,

    I want to announce that payments for SRS will start on monday March 7! This because some funds which were currently held will be released, and i’m confident that we’ll be able to continue payments to members without additional pause, as in about 2-3 weeks we’re also launching one of our major income streams.

    So to recap:
    -> We’ll refund seed money (initial investment- + 50% as stated on our homepage)
    -> We’ll make small payments one by one and put the amount due in a list
    -> This list will be published online so you can follow progress

    I appologise for letting members wait so long, but i don’t want to make the same mistake twice. Building an online business is a lot of hard work, so i really wanted to first focus on this aspect.

    Right now i feel confident that we can both start and maintain payments until all members have received the product they bought.

    IMPORTANT: Payments will only be made in Bitcoin or Perfectmoney. No other payment methods will be available as it’s a hassle to transfer funds and i’m sick and tired of any other payment options…

    Albout the negativity and accusations, well i understand it (partially) but i don’t even bother to read it. I know what i’m doing and there’s nothing that will stop me from achieving the goals i’ve set out. That just for the record

    Unfortunately, i needed to change the angle to help people, because helping people make money brings out the worst in people if there are bumps along the road. I don’t want to associate myself anymore with this, so i won’t be relaunching SRS after all payments are made, as this would be a bad idea for sure…

    Some FAQ’s:
    When will i receive a mail?
    It depends when you signed up. The people that signed up first will receive a mail first, unless they already got paid 150% cashback.

    How long will it take to pay back all members?
    That totally depends on the business we build. I’m sure you understand we need to earn external revenue to make this happen. There is no set time when we will pay back, if it takes a year so be it but as i already stated many times, everybody WILL have earned money on SRS…

    Can i be paid in ADZcoin?
    Yes you can but only if 1 ADZ = $1. Our aim is to see a growth like Ethereum and reach $5+ in some months, and if some major websites use ADZ monetization this will happen so it’s a pretty good deal. But that’s up to you…


    In case you wonder how we will achieve paying back all members, continue reading. If not, just wait for more updates on payments…

    As i already said, we have come up with a totally new angle, and give ADZcoin a real purpose. I stated this in several blog posts already, but the idea s to make ADZcoin become to Google and Facebook, what Bitcoin is to commercial and central banks.

    So what’s the purpose of ADZcoin?
    It will serve as a replacement income for income lost from people who visit a site using adblocking software. Adblockers are on the rise and for good reason, as browsing sites is getting pretty annoying. However, sites who make money from puttng ads on their site (like Google Adsense for instance) lose revenue as the ads don’t appear.

    Read here how ADZcoin monetization will work: http://adzcoindesk.com/adzcoin-adblock-changing-online-advertising/

    In order to supply this revenue and pay ADZcoins, these are the income sources to make this happen:

    So that’s all the info you need. The revenue to pay back SRS members will mainly come from our browser extension (affiliate commissions) and ADZcoin trading.

    So that’s it for now, i guess everything is covered and i will keep you updated on progress!

    Have a nice day,



    – My thoughts about this update:

    – First of all, I want to highlight the fact that in the update posted on 5th january 2016, Jens stated: “We will make a list of all members who deposited on SRS. The list will contain the initial deposited amount + 50% plus 15% earnings of referral commission”. In this update he only says “We’ll refund seed money (initial investment- + 50%)”.

    I guess he will also pay referral comissions because the work of promoting his business and getting referrals has nothing to do with our seed money invested.

    – Said this, the formula to calculate the money Jens should pay us, is this one:

    Total money deposited x 1,5 + Referral comissions – Total money withdrawn.

    For example, supposing we have deposited 200$, and we have received 50$ referral comissions and we have withdrawn 150$. The formula would be the following:

    200 x 1,5 + 50 – 200 = 200

    In this case Jens should pay us 200$.

    – There is one important thing you should take into account: the numbers shown in Startrevshare’s panel are most likely wrong. What I mean is: In the dashboard “Total withdrawn” includes the pending payments. For example I have 4 pending payments whose value is more than 100$ and you have to subtract it from “Total withdrawn” amount.

    Another thing you should take into consideration is the fact that most likely your “total referral commissions” amount shown in dashboard is wrong. As you know, SRS had referral tracking issues. Many of us (me included) told Jens to add manually a referral who wasn’t tracked. In those cases, that amount was not added to “total referral commissions” and the only way to check the “real total referral commissions” y to go to “referral list” and add all the amounts.

    – On the other hand, I have to say that overall I’m really disappointed with SRS for many reasons:

    1- All the stuff “you will get financial fredom”, “you will get 250$ / day”, “the only sustainable revshare in the world” etc… was nothing but castles in the air.
    2- There were payment issues since week 2.
    3- The website was a mess: referral tracking problems, lot of bugs everywhere etc… The weird thing is that other revshared which uses the same script, work much better than SRS did.
    4- The external income didn’t exist as promised.
    5- The people registered in a revhsare that paid Dollars and now Jens is talking about Adzcoins (also called monopoly money) and 99% of the people who registered at SRS don’t even know what a criptocurrency is and they don’t care.
    6- Jens threated / banned people for saying their thoughts which is a fucking joke and it goes against fredom of speech.
    7- I have the feeling that I have been promoting someone else’s business. The revshare is gone and what we have is Jens’ adventures.
    8- Do you want more? Seriously? I think is enough for now.



    Supposedly today Jens is going to start to send emails with information about the payments to his members. Stay tunned.



    New update:


    Hi Everybody,
    As promised today i have finished the first part of SRS payments which is refunding a whole lot of payments.
    So a total of $343,320 was set back of a total of 1227 payments. Here is a list with more details about all specific refunds: http://adzcoindesk.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/refund-list.txt

    The second phase is to go over the list of users and pay the 150% cashback one by one. to people who didn’t get a refund yet and/or haven’t received 150% cashback yet plus referral commissions (15% on investment of referral).

    Obviously thi will be the longest phase and depends on the company’s revenue. We do’nt accept payments anymore on SRS meaning the cashflow is lower than any other revshare site, at least at the moment.

    The good news is that we’re about to launch our browser extension that will allow publishers to use ADZcoin monetization,to recoup loss for ad block users.
    So the revenue to pay back the cashback of SRS will come from:
    -> Affiliate commissions of browser extension
    -> ADZcoin trading

    Once this kicks off, it’ll be massive and ADZcoin will rise above $1 pretty fast. The general promo method is kind similar to Ethereum, as the general public will help increase the demand witout doing anything special (click a button to download an extension simlar to ad block). And Ether is now worth $10+ in about 2 months as they get more users..

    Here are some FAQ’s:regarding payments

    How long will it take before all SRS payments will be made?
    As i said, that depends on the business, which was the initial idea ofcourse to get external revenue, so you’ll get what you signed up for on SRS and there is no timeframe. Just the guarantee that you WILL get paid 150% cashback.

    What should i do now?
    I’ll send an email one by one starting tomorrow, starting with the people that signed up first. In the mail i will siply ask the payment method, which is either Bitcoin (no fees) or Perfectmoney (Exchange fees apply). So you shouldn’t do anything really in your account.

    How can i help?
    Here’s some ideas:
    -> Once the browser extension is ready, you can siply add it in one click. It will notify you of coupons available whenever you buy something onlie so you won’t spend more. Plus it’ll earn us commissions which will be used for SRS payments.
    -> Once the extension is ready we’ll also launch the blog giveaway. 10 million adz will be given away here so make sure to share the blog posts on http://adzcoindesk.com to earn free ADZcoins!
    -> Join and get active on Startpeep to earn more ADZ.
    That’s it for now, i’ll update frequently with progress. We’re about hafway with the browser extension which will probably launch next week.
    Then payments will be made faster and faster, so it all looks good as we have a unique concept that will have a major impact online. You’ll hear about it that’s for sure

    Have a nice day!



    – Some thoughts about this update:

    – Supposedly Jens is going to send us an email before we can appear on that list, so we can give him our Bitcoin address to receive the payment. I know no one who has received an email from Jens. It’s weird considering that he supposedly has paid more than 300.000$.

    – Again, Jens is a bungler. Why the fuck does he publish all the member’s emails? Our email inbox is going to be full of spam thanks to him. Why didn’t he publish the usernames instead of the emails?

    – Why didn’t he put the list in alphabetical order instead of publishing that blunger? Does anyone understand it?

    – So far I have only seen one person who says that he appears in the list. He said this: “Thx Jens, My name on the list! SRS Rock!!”

    This is his facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010439978776&fref=ufi

    What a “coincidence”!! His facebook profile is recent, it doens’t have photos and he mostly talks about ADZcoins and how good and profitable ADZcoins will be. I would say he is Jens’ alterego.



    Against all expectations Adzcoin value is skyrocking as you can see here:


    I really don’t understand how is it possible. Jens has no credibility, he has told us one lie after another and he owns a lot of money. But the truth is that Adzcoin value has raised from 0,01$ to 0,07$ which is really amazing.



    I just want to share a comment posted in Startrevshare’s facebook group.

    Hi Jens Steyaert
    I have bought the $500 pioneers position but i can’t see ANY referrals yet other then the ones that i sponsored myself!
    Support said that they have waited and every pioneer will get the same share of referrals, but nothing happened in the meantime though… Wonder what happened to the promise that you will get 1000s of referrals?
    Can you give me some updates about that Jens Steyaert
    Thank you

    No comments.



    IMO ADZcoin it’s just castles in the air. Jens created a cheap ponzi in order to promote his coin. There were payment issues since week 2. He created a post on bitcointalk forum promoting his crytocoin with the promise of buying it at 0,01$ and selling it for 1$. The question is, what credibility has a guy who doesn’t even pay his debts? Adzcoin reached to 0,15$ at some point. I have to recognize that Jens is good doing marketing and creating hype. He said that he would create a marketplace and a social network for adzcoin and bla bla bla but we are reading the same things since months. We are also reading “i will pay my debts I promise” since november 2015. IMO he is just using us to bring attention to his crypto-business but it’s just a matter of time that the people open their eyes and see that everything is castles in the air, since the beginning. “250$ / day, financial fredom, unique sustainable revshare in the world…” 100% marketing. Adzcoin price went from 0,15$ to 0,05$ in just a few days and I’m sure it will continue going down because it doesn’t have real infrastructure behind it, it’s just pure speculation and hype.



    10 months after Startrevshare failure / scam, the situation hasn’t changed. Jens Steyaert promised to pay 150% of our invested but he lied again. No one is going to get a single cent because Jens Steyaert is a SCAMMER. Now he whats us to buy his monopoly money Adzcoin but it worths 0 because he has 0 credibility. In conclusion:

    Jens Steyaert is a scammer
    Startrevshare is a scam.
    Adzcoin is a scam.
    Startpeepsmarket.com is a scam.
    Adzbuzz is scam.

    Anything made by Jens Steyaert is SCAM. It’s curious, but he is constantly trying to censure any negative comment / opinion about him or his scam sites. Just ask “what happens with my money?” in Adzbuzz Facebook group or any of his groups / forums and you will be insta banned.

    Shame, because this is my website and he can’t ban me here, so I will say what I think and what most of the people thinks. He is nothing but a lier and a scammer. Behing the marketing there is only castles in the air. Stay away from this scammer if you don’t want to lose your money and waste your time.


    Nathalie Schwarz  

    Hi guys,

    my boyfriend and me also got investements in SRS and did’nt get any money back yet!
    I would like to know if there’s any way to contact Jens.
    You know an email adress or anything else?

    Thanks for your help!



    No one got money from Jens, he is a scammer.


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