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  • Added 10-06-2016
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  • Monthly return 12%
  • Minimum investment 20€
  • Our investment 330€
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  • Last payment 03-03-2017
  • Withdrawals Within 72 hours
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    Recyclix is a company registered in Poland on 26th November 2014 with the name Recyclix SP Zoo, although their website was officially launched on 21th May 2015. Recyclix is a real recycling company which has strong connections withlocal municipal authorities and have a positive track record in collecting, recycling and sales. Its founder and CEO is Dmitry Paladiy.

    Investment Programs

    Generate high and stable revenue by purchasing waste, processing it, and then selling.By placing your capital in waste, you provide yourself with the best and most reliable asset because nowadays you canresell it. Secondary product that has been recycled always costs much higher than the raw material.We are engaged in the process of refining – you get profit.

    How to invest in Reclyclix?

    1- First of all you have to deposit through Bitcoin, Bank transfer or credit card.

    2- Then you have to buy waste. 1 kg costs 0,20 €, so you can purchase 100 kg with 20 €. Purchase as many kg as you can.

    3- After purchasing waste, the process starts automatically. The only thing you have to do is to wait. It takes 5 weeks to complete the cycle. After the first 3 weeks you will receive 6% of your investment and after 2 more weeks, the cycle is completed and you get another 8%. So each cycle gives 14%.

    4- There is another important setting you need to configure.  Go to “Edit profile”, after that, go to the last option, located at the bottom of the page, “After cycle end”. Now you can choose between 3 options.

    a- If you choose the first one, you would need to choose your actions manually. This means that after 3 weeks you will need to login to your control panel and choose if you want to continue the waste processing or you want to sell it. The same happens when the cycle is complete, after 2 weeks more.

    b- If you choose the second option, you won’t need to login to your account and choose what you want to do. It would restart automatically the waste processing cycle everytime it’s completed and your profit will be added automatically to your balance. Personally it’s the option I have chosen.

    c- It’s the same as the second option but your profits will be used to invest in the next cycle instead of being added to your balance. In conclusion, this option means to compound your profit.


    Note: the minimum withdrawal amount is 20 €

    Note 2: once you have created a new account, you will get 20 € for free but you need to deposit at least another 20 € before 60 days, if you don’t you would lose the free 20 €.

    Note 3: You can withdraw via Paypal, Bitcoin or Bank transfer

    Referral Program

    Recyclix gives commissions from your referral deposits up to 12%.



    Here you have Recyclix official presentation video and some photos:



    Today I have received my first payment through Paypal. They have sent the payment very fast, in least than 24 hours. I’m really happy on how this company is working.

    On the other hand, I have noticed that both the investments and the withdrawals can only be made with 20 €, 40 €, 60 €… that is, if you have 7 € in your balance, you can’t purchase waste and you can’t withdraw it either. Yesterday I requested a 21,80 € withdrawal and they have sent me 20 € and the other 1,80 € are in my balance now.



    I think there’s a slight confusion here. You can invest or withdraw ANY amount 20 euro or more. The confusion might be because there are 2 separate balances which do not add up. There’s the ACCOUNT balance, and the WITHDRAWAL balance. You can only withdraw from the W-balance, never mind how much you have in the A-balance. You choose which account your profits are going to end up in through the settings button.
    So far I have made 4 credit card deposits totalling just under 1000 euro and none were multiple of 20. Likewise for my 2 BitCoin withdrawals, both around 30 e each.
    You can buy Waste in any multiple of 1 e. Likewise for equipment shares (I have 4 forklift shares, each for 1 e).
    I really think they should explain things more clearly. It is all QUITE confusing and it took me a while to really get it.



    You can buy waste in whole number of kilos, each of which costs 0,2 euro.



    @Bluecloud: are you sure? This is a question from Recyclix’s FAP:

    I can’t withdraw because I don’t have 20 euros yet. What can I do?

    The minimum withdrawal amount for all methods (including internal transfer for reinvestment )is 20€, and we are not in a position to lower it. Since you have less than the minimum required, you cannot reinvest this amount or withdraw it yet.

    Now I have 1,80 € in my withdrawal balance and I can’t use it to reinvest. When I click “Buy” my balance shows 0. Also I tried to withdraw 21,89 €, and I typed that amount and clicked “Withdraw” but they only sent me 20 € and the rest (1,89 €) is back to my withdrawal balance.

    What I understand from this is that you can’t withdraw for example 26 € because they would send you 20 € and they would send 6 € back to your balance, and you can’t invest 8 € because it’s lower than 20 €.



    [It is VERY confusing as I mentioned!] There is nothing you can do with your W-balance except withdraw it. You can’t use it to buy. You can buy only from your A-balance.Since it is less than 20 e, it will languish there till you generate profits making it >= 20e.
    REALLY CONFUSING: a transfer from W-balnce to A-balance counts as a withdrawal, and so must be at least 20e..Which is quite dumb!
    When a cycle ends, whatever happens to your profits depends on your settings: click down-arrow right to your name (top right of page); goto EDIT PROFILE, then towards bottom of page. 3 different settings: WAIT for my actions OR RECYCLE and send my profits to A-balance OR RECYCLE and send my profits to W-balance.
    If you make a new deposit, it will go to your A-balance.
    Someone should volunteer to rewrite their whole page of instructions!
    I don’t really understand why you couln’t withdraw 21,89e assuming that whole amount was in your W-balance. If it was not, then there’s nothing more to explain. That’s how they work.
    Feel free to comment further. I will reply to the best of my knowledge — which I’m sure is not necessarily 100% reliable!
    BTW, I think Recyclix is the REAL thing. It took me a lot of courage to decide to invest so much.I did a lot of reading — some good, some bad. I emailed the Polish consulate in my home country (Canada) asking for any advice. They referred me to the Polish Trade Commissioner who assured me that Recyclix is a real company involved in a real business — not just a fancy website with nothing to back it up! Nevertheless: New business, high risk! But this sure beats a “savings” account at the local bank…
    They are very responsive and fast. My deposits went through instantly and my — so far — 2 BitCoin withdrawals were in my blockchain wallet in less than 10 minutes.



    Thanks for the clarification. I understand how it works now. You are right it’s quite confusing. I’m pretty sure all my balance was in W balance (21,89€) but they only sent me 20 €, so it seems it confirms that we can withdraw only multiples of 20.

    On the other hand, as you say, Recyclix is a real company. In fact, there are some open days in which “serious investors” can go to their factory and see how it works from inside. Here you can see some videos recorded by one guy who went to their factory:



    Imposible con procesadores como payza y paypal?



    Hi ook2oo, first of all, if you prefer to read in Spanish, you can go to http://www.uvr.es which is the Spanish version of ohyip.com. This time I’m going to respond you in both English and Spanish 🙂

    You can deposit through Bank transfer, Bitcoin or Credit card. After making your first deposit, you can withdraw your earnings through Paypal, Bitcoin or Bank transfer.

    Anyway if you are going to register though my link I can exchange you funds from Paypal to Bitcoin, so you will be able to deposit and then withdraw through Paypal.



    Hola ook2oo, lo primero, si prefieres leer en español, mejor ve a http://www.uvr.es que es la versión en español de ohyip.com. Esta vez te voy a responder en inglés y en español 🙂

    Se puede depositar mediante transferencia bancaria, tarjeta de crédito y Bitcoin. Luego, después de hacer el primer depósito, puedes retirar tus ganancias a través de Paypal, transferencia bancaria o Bitcoin.

    De todas formas, si te vas a registrar como referido mío, te puedo cambiar fondos de Paypal por Bitcoin para que puedas depositar, y luego ya podrías retirar tus beneficios por Paypal normalmente.



    I’m pretty sure all my balance was in W balance (21,89€) but they only sent me 20 €, so it seems it confirms that we can withdraw only multiples of 20.

    The last withdrawal I requested was 20,80 €, so it seems that now we can withdraw any amount below 20 €, not only multiples of 20.


    Mr M  

    Good stuff i have read in your comments. I see people is not affraid to invest into Recyclix, as I do. Also you can read some expierence in http://www.myexpierencewithrecyclix.com



    We have a new update:

    In our previous newsletters we told you a lot about our Open Days — which proved to be a real success and a highly efficient tool of getting the close-knit community of Recyclix together and brainstorming exciting business ideas — and mentioned about the next event of this kind where you are invited.

    Currently we already have the exact dates for the Second Recyclix’s Open Days and it will be held from September 20 to September 23 in Poland. We will be waiting for all those of you who are interested in joining Recyclix team members and dozens of like-minded investors in numerous inspirational business discussions, enlightening Q&A sessions, guided tours, revealing the most ambitious plans that we will make a reality, and lots of fun.

    The guests will be met on September 20 in Berlin, Germany, accommodated and transferred to the Polish city of Zagan, close to the German border, where the event will take place.

    As soon as we receive the confirmation of rental of the castle where participants of the Second Official Recyclix’s Open Days will stay, we will publish a link to the website where you will be able to sign up for this event.

    Please remember that costs associated with transportation to Berlin, Germany, are covered by the participants themselves and be sure to stay tuned for more details.




    Recyclix Open Days proved to be a real success and a highly-efficient tool of staying in touch with all of you, maintaining our valuable team spirit.

    On September 20-23 we will hold our Third Recyclix Open Days in the city of Zagan, Poland. Join Recyclix team and dozens of like-minded investors in exciting discussions, guided tours to our recycling plants, and brainstorming new ideas. You are invited.

    We will publish a link where you will be able to register for the event really soon. Stay tuned!

    Please mind that the number of guests is limited and all costs associated with transportation to Berlin—where Recyclix meets the guests—is the responsibility of participants themselves.




    Less than two years ago Recyclix was only present in Eastern Europe. However, thanks to daily hard work and recognition by thousands of people around the world, Recyclix managed to go global during such a short period of time.

    Today we’d like to share excellent news from our promotion and expansion department in Africa. On August 9 to 16 staff members of Recyclix Africa traveled to Lomé, Togo, to have a series of business meeting with investors and hold a conference about working with Recyclix on August 14 at Agora Senghor conference hall.

    The conference proved to be a success and attracted numerous participants who enjoyed an exciting discussion about Recyclix workflow and benefits as well as an enlightening Q&A session. The Recyclix activities were covered by the national and private Togolese TV channels, TVT and LCF.




    We would like to remind you that the admission to Recyclix Official Open Days is closed due a large number of requests. Applications are processed on a first come first serve basis and all new letters sent at events@recyclix.com with participation requests will not be answered to.

    Those lucky early birds who managed to apply on time will receive confirmation letters with further instructions until Monday.

    If you don’t get a confirmation email, it means that your request for participation arrived too late. Don’t worry and simply stay tuned for an announcement about the next Recyclix Open Days in the near future. We are sure you’ll join us next time!

    See you in Zagan, Poland, on September 20-23!




    More exciting news about our the new waste recycling plant in Lobez we told you a couple of weeks ago are coming out. And it gets better and better because—apart from making 2000 tonnes of pure granules—this facility will produce 2 MW of green energy out of non-recyclable plastic waste.

    Construction of the new factory has already begun so be sure to stay tuned for more awesome news from the field and remember that all of this wouldn’t have been possible without your commitment and interest in making the world greener with Recyclix.




    We are happy to let you know that our open days in Zagan have officially started. All guests were transferred to the palace safe and sound and were welcomed with a warm atmosphere and banquet.

    These Recyclix’s open days are promising to be even more exciting than the previous event. It will feature guided tours to Recyclix’s waste management plants, Q&A sessions, and conferences with participation of the company’s staff members as well as a lot of recreational activities. It means both business and fun!

    Stay tuned for more updates about our open days in Zagan later on this week!




    And here’s another update on what was happening yesterday at our Recyclix 2016 Open Days at Zagan, Poland. This was a really great day full of business talks, social events, and nice vibe. And we even launched a Recyclix hot air balloon!

    Today the event guests and Recyclix’s team will be visiting one of the plastic recycling plant of the company, participating in the conferences and Q&A sessions, enjoying a gala dinner, and watching an awesome laser and fireworks show among other things.

    Remember that you can watch the most important parts of the open days online so please be sure to tune in to live video streaming during the day. The video streaming times are approximate and may be subject to minor changes.


    Visiting the Recyclix’s waste management facilities at 11:00 AM, GMT+2

    Lunch banquet at 2 PM, GMT+2

    Conference, presentation, and Q&A session at 4:30 PM, GMT+2

    Gala dinner at 8 PM, GMT+2

    Concert of famous Polish singer Michal Szpak at 9 PM, GMT+2

    Laser and fireworks performance at 10:30 PM, GMT+2
    Afterparty at 11 PM, GMT+2

    Stay tuned for more news from Recyclix Zagan Open Days!



    There are many videos of Recyclix open days from people around the world. Here you can see some of them:



    Recyclix Autumn Update

    Now that the summer vacation season is behind us, and on the heels of our wildly successful Open Days in Zagan, Poland last month, we are again picking up the pace and we are back with another full-packed edition of our newsletter!

    To start off, we want to thank you for making Recyclix one of the world’s top 5000 websites! This achievement is only thanks to the hardworking spirit of our team as well as your passionate support for the work we do for the environment and your financial future.

    Yet another positive news, which makes Recyclix even more robust and user-friendly, is the launch of withdrawals directly to credit cards. As of now, it’s only possible to withdraw your earnings to credit cards, not debit, issued in EUR by banks from the European Union that allow receipt of instant payments. Feel free to check out this helpful feature and use it if you have a EUR credit card as there are no commissions on withdrawals over €100.

    As you can see on your accounts by now, we have implemented the new affiliate system that we discussed in the previous newsletter. We are now giving a 12% commission for every external deposit of your direct referral. The automatic affiliate links are removed, and instead your referrals have to manually enter your account ID on the sign up page. All other policies associated with Recyclix’s affiliate system will remain the same. Only deposits made by BTC, bank account, and credit cards are eligible for commissions and just like before there is a 7-day hold before the commission is released into your balance. We are very pleased with the overwhelmingly positive response we have been receiving regarding this change. It is wonderful to know that we, as one community, are all passionate about our shared goal of making sure Recyclix remains the best and most profitable recycling business model there is.

    Of course, there are some challenges that come hand in hand when any business becomes as successful as Recyclix. In the last week, we have been doing our best to keep up with processing your deposits and sending out payments that encountered some delays due to technical issues that our mass payment provider recently experienced, as well as the high number of ineligible micro-payments we have received. We thank you for your patience as we resolve all pending transactions by this week. Rest assured that no transaction will be missed or lost – they are just in queue and will be processed as soon as possible.

    We reconfirm our commitment to transparency and trustworthiness, and as promised, we are soon publishing an interim financial report that will be completely public and will provide the most detailed information about the company’s growth, which is your personal growth too. The work on the report is underway so be sure to stay tuned for more news about it.

    What we can tell you now is that the initial site visit to the facility we are considering to take over in Bari, Italy went without a hitch last week. Our team was able to survey the location, observe operations, and hold further discussions. The final decision will be made after we exercise the proper due diligence and thoroughly analyze all business opportunities this project offers. News of our final decision will of course be shared with all of you in upcoming newsletters.

    Our next newsletter will be an Interim Financial Report that will include important financial statistics and data that we are happy to share with our users, as well as upcoming plans for future international expansion. We hope that this will enhance transparency between us and further show our commitment to make Recyclix not only a global ambassador for the environment, but also the best financial platform available to serious investors.

    We would like to end on another invitation – this time to the Solids Basel 2016 on November 16-17. Our whole team is looking forward to see you at our stand B12, so do not forget to register your attendance!

    Recyclix is again enjoying unprecedented success so far this year, and as we move into the last quarter of 2016 we have all confidence that we can only grow bigger next year. Nothing is impossible when we all work together for the environment while earning from the comfort of your own homes!

    One team, one dream.
    Simply Recyclix.



    As you may or may not know I have invested with recyclix. The only thing that bothers me is that they do not accept payment from any ewallets that allows you to dispute transactions and they state this in their faq.
    “we cannot accept it at the moment because payments made from Paypal and other similar online third party payment processors can be too easily reversed or disputed”
    Other than this (and the ts & cs that state they pay people you’re money) it all seems to be ticking over.



    Yes, but they are a legitimate company and they have real factories and offices in many countries. I don’t care to invest without Payza if the company is trustworthy.

    Anyway, even if they allowed to invest through Payza, note that the protection last only for 45 days, and Recyclix pays 11% / month, so after you protection is expired you could only get back less than 20% of the money you invested 🙂

    Payza is good for those programs in which you can get profit in less than 45 days, or at least get your seed money back.



    Is recyclicx going to be scam? Can we invest ?



    It will eventually be a scam but for now is still good to invest. Despite some elaborate days out in a hired waste recycling plant they do not actually do anything except recycle money – both Italian and German authorities have looked into thier company and found that they do not actually own anything and the meeting days were some elaborate trust gaining exercises.



    @Invisul: Are you sure what you are saying is true? It’s not the first time they celebrate open days. And how can you “hire” a waste recycling plant? You have a waste recycling plant or you don’t. You can’t hire it for 3 days and put “Recyclix” logo if the plant if from other company.

    I think it’s not a scam. They are showing their faces, it has nothing to do with Forex Paradise or with other companies with fake facebook profiles. They are real people and European Union is not Russia or India. If they scam they could have serious consecuences.

    I have heard that there was a Poland ministry present in one of their conferences and he talked about the importance of recycling.

    About the problem with authorities: what I have heard is that Recyclix was suspender for 90 days in Italy because the laws in that country doesn’t allow to offer investment there. You can see the new here:


    I haven’t heard anything about Germany.

    Can you show any proof about what you said? I mean some proof that could prove that Recyclix is a SCAM.



    Aitor, still do you recomend recyclix to invest.



    Yes, I do. In fact I’m going to invest more on Recyclix very soon.



    But, your latest votes is no good. What’s the meaning of that?



    @Winriskybiz: Copied from the FAP:

    8- How should I interpret the stars that appear next to the name of the investment programs?

    Those stars are user ratings. Zero starts means that the program is considered very bad by the users and five start is the maximum rating.

    Those votes are from other people. There are 21 “very good”, 4 “good” and 1 “very bad”.



    Upcoming SOLIDS Basel 2016

    Did you know that since the launch of Recyclix as an online platform in 2015, we have seen almost one million registrations? This is a mind-boggling number, even if we discount non-active and trial accounts. That is why we are always delighted to reach out to the hundreds of thousands of actual members who remain supportive and actively involved in our recycling business endeavors, from then until now.

    We are so excited for the upcoming Solids Basel on November 16-17 in Switzerland, where the whole Recyclix team will be present and happy to meet and speak with you at Stand B12. This is also where we will also officially release the interim financial report we mentioned in the previous newsletter in conjunction with the Basel event. Make sure you have registered your participation.

    The last few weeks also saw our development and technical team working very hard to continuously improve user experience on our website. We are committed to making sure you have the best options and the most secure way of managing your accounts. So please review the below summary of recent improvements that we implemented:

    Downloadable and printable pdf documents are now available for BTC and credit card deposits for your records and reference. You can see this on your Deposits History page.
    The 12% commission from direct referrals can now be credited either to your Withdrawal or Account Balance. Please make your selection on your Edit Profile page.
    You can review your Equipment Units purchases on your History page.
    To avoid mistakenly selling materials before it is financially profitable, the SELL button has been disabled for users with selling revenue share of less than 33.33%. Should you still wish to sell despite a possible loss, please email our support team to enable the sell feature on your profile.
    As announced last month, the automatic referral links are now completely removed for every user. To sponsor a new user, they would have to manually enter your account ID during the registration process.

    As we make these positive changes on the online platform, we are also making big strides on our physical locations and facilities. The construction of the Lobez facility is going ahead as scheduled. We appreciate your huge support and interest in this ongoing project, so much so that our website servers sometimes have a difficult time coping with the large number of people watching the live stream. This is why we have taken them off for the time being and will them available on a different online channel very soon.

    Another important event we are celebrating is the establishment of our Italian office in its financial and fashion capital, Milan. The main goal of this office is to get us in touch with Italian granule buyers and providers of plastic waste. Please note that, like in all the other offices you need to fix an appointment if you want to visit our staff members in this office, which is located in the Copernico Building in Via Copernico 38, Milan.

    As we end on that very high note, we thank you once again for being with us through out this year. We are winding down 2016, but there are only bigger and better things for 2017 and we expect you all to come along with us for this exciting ride! There is truly nothing better than to be financially rewarded while fulfilling our obligation to preserving the environment for the next generations!



    Hi Aitor, I cannot confirm nor deny this being legitimate however what I do know is that the Italian authorities released an official notice to the Italian people requesting them not to invest in recyclix based on their finding of no assets registered (buildings or physical assets) and a number of discrepancies with the finances of recyclix as a company.



    @Invinsul: It seems that the problem with Italy has bee fixed. They have just opened a new office there, in Milan.

    Recyclix has nothing to do with Forex Paradise. FP admins are ghosts. On the contrary, Recyclix has real offices in several countries, the have organized real events several times. Recyclix staff is today in Basel 2016 and anyone can talk with them.



    I dont believe that they have ever had anything to do with FP however I did see the Italian notice – I have invested in recyclix however I can’t pretend I didn’t see the public notice and the prior investigation.



    Here you have some interesting videos of Recyclix expo solid basel:



    Recyclix rocks Basel and reveals future strategy

    On November 16th – 17th, Recyclix welcomed hundreds of visitors at the international recycling expo Solids Basel (Schüttgut) in Switzerland and won the prestigious SES award given to the most-attended stand with the best concept. Recyclix also announced that is well on its way to achieving its start-up financial target of 14 million euros – a goal projected to be reached by October 2017. This paves the way for the company’s move from a start-up into a more established and renowned stable financial system that offers a wide range of very profitable and business-favorable options.

    Recyclix has done it again, making a huge splash and continuing its streak as one of the biggest, most popular, and most sought-after exhibitors in the international recycling expo circuit. This time Recyclix conquered Solids Basel (Schüttgut) in Switzerland.

    Mr. Klaus Heusslein, Recyclix Chief Compliance Officer, said:
    “The exhibition turned out to be a huge success, hundreds of our partners have visited us at our stand, our presentation has been the most attended event during the expo and last but not least, the expo management has awarded Recyclix with the “SES award” for our innovative concept! Needless to say, this was not possible without the dedicated support of our members who scheduled their visit from all over the world to see our team at these events.”

    As was promised earlier, Recyclix is publishing its Interim Financial Report, which includes important financial data that shares business figures and statistics that make the company so profitable. Please follow the download to review the document. Click here to download the review.

    But the biggest buzz at last week’s expo was regarding the announced change of the company’s revenue system.
    “Recyclix is on track to achieve its financial start-up target of 14 million euros. By now we are halfway there, so our projections place this goal to be reached by October 2017. We will always be proud and grateful of everything we have achieved through the continuous support and involvement of our multitude of members. It has proven to be the right strategy for our initial business model, and has worked remarkably well. But with this incredible growth comes our responsibility to safeguard the long term sustainability and profitability of the company and to protect the interests of our members at the same time.

    This is only possible if financial involvements are at par with the actual production capacities at our existing facilities.”, the management board of the company stated.

    To avoid speculation and disinformation, Recyclix provided a brief overview on the planned transition, confirming that the current system will be closed for new registration and new waste packages as soon as it reaches its start-up financial goal of 14 million euros. From the date of the closure, all existing members will still continue to earn and receive payouts with their existing packages for a further period of 10 cycles (roughly another year, by Oct 2018). This guarantees that everyone who is participating in our current concept will be able to see a return of investments with a profit margin.

    Mr. Mark Kowal, Recyclix COO, stated:
    “After this 10-cycle transition period, we will completely move into a new system. Recyclix will focus completely on our core business, which is waste management. For those who want to continue participating in our system, there will be a possibility to do so through an investment fund based in Malta, which will be backed by bank guarantees to safeguard the principals invested. The launch of this new platform is planned for the beginning of 2017, so our partners will have the choice to participate in both systems (until Oct 2018) or to smoothly move over to the new system.”

    The company’s management is very proud that Recyclix is only getting bigger and better. Those continuing their participation in Recyclix’s successful business will be offered to invest into a fund, operated from the island nation of Malta, which is fast becoming the most attractive destination for entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals, and international companies due to its well-developed, stable financial system that offers a wide range of very profitable and business-favorable options. The Malta fund is now in the late stages of official finalization and will be open to investors with a minimum of 100,000 euros.

    Mr. Klaus Heusslein, Recyclix CCO, also reassured:
    “For our existing members who are not able to invest such a high amount of money, the fund will offer a way to participate through external investor-pools. More details on this will follow as soon we have finalized the exact procedures and conditions. However, we point out that we are willing to offer the opportunity to participate in the new concept to everyone, regardless of the amount that they can afford to invest.”

    The amount that will be raised from this fund will be earmarked for further Recyclix expansion in other countries, research and development of new revenue streams available in the recycling industry, and continuing on a mission to be a global ambassador for the environment. Full terms and details will be announced at a later date, as soon as the new platform is ready to launch.

    Anticipating the possibility of speculations and misconceptions due to this announcement, it is strongly advised not to pay heed to any misinformation that may be spread, instead making sure users get their corporate information on official communication channels. Unofficial information is most likely inaccurate or outright false.

    Mr. Dmitry Palladi, Recyclix CEO, said:
    “One thing is certain though, with Recyclix you can always breathe easy that every change is only for the better. All future projects will still be under the umbrella of Recyclix as a trademarked brand, and it will still be the same core team of people who will be with you on this new exciting journey. So only good things are in store for us in the next few years and for much longer, as we strive to continue our crusade to protect the environment in this critical period of our planet’s history, all the while providing a highly rewarding opportunity for valued partners and fellow eco-warriors. “

    Recyclix is excited to see everyone next year, when the upcoming Plastic Recycling Show (Stand D38) in Amsterdam, Netherlands on March 29th – 30th, 2017, Open Days, and platform launches are already in the pipeline.



    Thank you very much recyclix company to all leaders who started this big..big..big project who really can benefits alots of people who really needs an income a life time income for their families. Example Me. Which is I’m a member now I join Sept 12,2016 . And to all people who really work on the pacilities. More power Recyclix and God bless to all🙏🏾😂❤️ I hope to some how having a pacilities to afford that here in my country Philippines 🗣🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾😂



    News from Recyclix:

    New Year started off with another breathtaking event for Recyclix, the EcoWASTE 2017 exhibition, held as a part of the Abu Dhabi sustainability week, and turned to be a great opportunity to introduce Recyclix to the Middle East. The result was beyond expectation; during these four days of exhibition Recyclix received perspective partnership offers and promising collaborations, both from private and governmental sector. Recyclix has already scheduled follow up meetings with investors and partners from EcoWASTE 2017 in its offices in Europe, and it is already clear today and can be proudly announced, that Recyclix is looking forward to expanding to the Middle East area. It is planned to start the construction of the new plant in Abu Dhabi by autumn of 2017, that way becoming even more recognized on a global scale.

    Planning its expansion to the Middle East area Recyclix also looks forward to setting its facilities in the South America, starting from Brazil. This February Recyclix has already set up the agenda for a business trip to estimate the possibility of entering the market. It is going to be a busy week meeting the Mayors of several cities in Brazil and evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of the location, discussing future plans with the investors, observing land plots for the facilities and even meeting with students of Production Engineering faculty considering an internship in Recyclix, Poland.

    Due to extremely busy but successful week at the Abu Dhabi EcoWASTE 2017 exhibition a temporary queue of bank payouts and disruption to the normal working schedule has occurred. Recyclix thanks its users for their patience while the tech team works through to eliminate all the cases that are currently experiencing delay, mostly non-SEPA and minimal amounts, therefore these payouts will be completed shortly.

    Once again, Recyclix would like to thank everyone who scheduled their flights and visits, making it possible to meet at the EcoWASTE 2017 exhibition, and will be looking forward to meeting soon during the PRS Amsterdam exhibition on March 29th – 30th.



    New update regarding withdrawal policy:



    Recyclix Important Updates

    Last week our team members gathered in Berlin for an executive meeting in order to discuss implementation of new features and adjustments in the internal workflows that will help make Recyclix website even more user-friendly, intuitive, and safer for all participants of the system.

    When it comes to the development of our project, the ultimate aim for us is to provide all Recyclix members with an efficient and quick access to the world of plastic waste recycling. This is why the most important item of the meeting agenda was about handling an increased number of small payout requests that we have been receiving during the past weeks in order to distribute the workload on our internal servers and minimize the request processing time.

    Since Recyclix is not a finance company but a manufacturing business, it was decided to use a conventional method of capping the number of payouts to optimize performance without unnecessary costs.

    Now users are entitled to making two withdrawals per week via PayPal, wire, or Bitcoin. Whilst the minimum withdrawal amounts remain the same at 100 EUR for non-SEPA wire accounts and 20 EUR for all other methods, the maximum payout amounts per transaction were set at 500 EUR for PayPal, 2500 EUR for Bitcoin, and 10,000 EUR for wire transfers.

    This efficient measure will make it possible for all users of the system enjoy its smooth functioning in a more sustainable and balanced way.

    Also, we would like to remind you that banks outside of the European Union may not support the feature of credit card withdrawals and you should mind it every time you would like to make a payout from Recyclix if your card is not issued by an EU-based bank.

    Last year became a complete success for Recyclix and all of its members, helping us become one of the Europe’s biggest plastic waste recycling companies. That is why the issue of protection of the member accounts was also covered at the executive meeting, leading to implementation of several new features that will make your recycling workflows even more secure.

    Firstly, we have added the Secret word feature that we recommend you to use as an extra protection tool to avoid fraud. Although this feature is not mandatory, by enabling it you will be able to verify that you are the true owner of the account just by calling us without the need to send us your ID via email.

    Secondly, we have disabled the social media login option in order to prevent any possibility of account hacking due to weak passwords set by users in their social media accounts. And thirdly, we have made the use of 2FA option, or two-step verification, mandatory for everyone who has enabled withdrawals via Bitcoin in their Recyclix account.

    Apart from that, we have updated our news section for enhanced transparency as well as in order to make our website more intuitive. Now you can access the news archive, which is located in the website footer, and check out our latest newsletters.

    The last but not the least important thing we would like to share with you today has to do with Plastic Recycling Show Amsterdam 2017, which Recyclix will participate in for purposes of establishing new business ties, demonstrating its eco-friendly solutions to the show’s visitors, and reinforcing its position as one of the largest producers of recycled PP, HDPE, and LDPE plastic pellets in Europe.

    As always, we would like to invite all of you to join us at PRS 2017 on March 29th – 30th so that we can have a chat about the recycling industry and shake hands. Our stand at the exhibition is D38.

    Don’t forget to register as an exhibition visitor over here if you feel like visiting us on March 29th – 30th in Amsterdam.

    Stay tuned for more exciting news and other important insights into Recyclix life on our website, Facebook, and Twitter.

    Always yours,
    Recyclix team



    Important update:

    One of the major fires for the past few years in Poland broke out in Brożku landfills last week, February 14th, affecting the Zielona Gora Recyclix facility in Poland along with the storehouse and the waste that was kept there. 17 fire units were working on the site while the fire covered 1.5 hectares of land without leaving anything aside.

    Recyclix is a manufacturing business that is strongly dependent on the capacity of the raw material, namely the waste for further recycling and pellets production. The massive fire that has arisen in Brożku landfills not only affected the facility and the equipment line, but furthermost destroyed a significant amount of waste intended for recycling. Fortunately, the facility and the warehouse were insured and the insurance company is now further evaluating the fire case in order to comply with all the procedures.

    Recyclix representatives have visited the facility and already estimated the primary loss, stating that the waste capacity has significantly decreased at the moment. Due to the sufficient loss of waste and damage to the equipment, Recyclix is forced to use all its resources to recover from the fire without stopping the further manufacture. The current situation led to certain difficulties in maintaining the balance between the waste volume being in recycling and the real waste capacity.

    In order to continue and be able to proceed with the recycling, revenue payments and further manufacture, Recyclix was forced to adhere to the recovery plan, that way restoring the previous capacity and getting back on the track. It is expected to regain the former balance by June, 2017.

    Albeit the risks that come along with the manufacturing business and affect all the involved members, Recyclix would like to point out that the actions taken should be perceived as non-other but a Force Majeure inevitable recovery plan to execute the further operation as smooth as possible. Therefore, all Recyclix website users, who deposited before the fire on February 14th, 2017, will be divided into following categories:

    1) Users who are in profit and with less than 33.3% revenue share

    2) Users with 33,3% revenue share and in profit

    3) Users with less than 33.3% revenue share or not yet in profit

    Each group will be assigned a certain % of the waste quota decrease to balance the current waste capacity and operate smoothly during the recovery period, expected till June, 2017.

    Since Recyclix has proved itself as a strong, reliable and fair partner in the past few years, we dare to hope that users stay loyal and share the risks of the recycling business, accepting the offered recovery option.

    Recyclix has experienced a big amount of payout requests over the last month and has implemented certain restrictions in order to process the queue as fast as possible, but there are still payments pending. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience or frustration this caused you and reaffirm that Recyclix payment department has worked hard to resolve the issue and is almost back to the usual operating mode, despite the above mentioned situation.

    However, please note that as required by the banking institutions compliance procedures, in order to process wire payments, Recyclix is obliged to confirm every user’s ID and Recyclix-registered address. To receive the wire payment, the ID and address verification documents (ID, utility bill, bank statement, postal ID etc.) have to be uploaded into the system. This is a one-time procedure intended only for internal use of Recyclix. All document verifications are processed manually and might take up to 3-5 business days.

    Considering the situation, Recyclix is likely to revise and extend the deadline for the new registrations and waste-buying option through its current Online-Recycling-Platform that was previously set to October 2017. Recyclix expects that to be revised and announced by June, 2017, after the recovery period termination.

    We would appreciate if, considering the circumstances, you would stay patient and loyal. We apologize again for the delay and thank you for your time. We have been happy with our business relationship and trust this incident will not jeopardize our future dealings.

    More details on the fire in Brożku landfills can be found in the local polish mass media.



    Guys, I have been investigating and this is what I have found out so far:

    – The fire was real and according to Polish media, it lasted for days and 5 thousand tons of plastic were burned, so it backs up Recyclix’s story.

    – We also know that a company called Eco Recycling has been affected. What I want to find out now is if Eco Recycling is connected or belongs to Recyclix.

    It’s too soon to come to a conclusion. For the momment I have moved Recyclix to “problem” status. I think is better to avoid to invest here until we figure out what’s happening here: I’ll keep you posted.



    I have more news. It seems that Recyclix I telling us the truth. Why? Take a look at these photos:

    The place where Recyclix took the investors during open days.

    The place affected by the fire.

    As you can see it’s the same place.



    New update:

    Further to the information that was published in the previous newsletter, Recyclix would like to provide important information, details and updates on the consequences of the massive fire that hit its Brożek Recycling Plant on February 14th, 2017.

    Recyclix would like to clarify that in order to be as transparent as it has always been, additional information will be provided continuously to all those who are indirectly involved in this event.

    Investigations were immediately started by the local authorities and the involved insurance companies but the nature of the fire is still unclear, which doesn’t allow having a clear and complete picture of the situation yet.

    In order to develop a professional recovery plan Recyclix Management has met an expert group, consisting of professional consultants, lawyers and qualified partners, and is happy to inform that it resulted into an action plan that will guarantee to overcome this particular and temporary crisis.

    Big investors, who have shown interest in supporting Recyclix’s business during the meetings, confirmed their willingness to invest into an industrial investment fund that has the aim to finance all necessary actions to overcome the difficulties Recyclix is currently facing.

    The fund will be monitored and supervised through the banking authority that way securing the investments and guaranteeing to benefit from safe profits. It will be also promoted worldwide by the institutional and financial services like Bloomberg and etc., to attract investors from all over the world.

    Technical procedures will be completed in March; this is why detailed information cannot yet be published. Though subscriptions will be operational this month already, to collect a significant amount of capital used to purchase new raw material and equipment in order to fully restore the production capacity of the facilities that are already operative and of those under construction or in a phase of acquisition.

    This strategy is necessary to normalize the activity and to restore the investment by the end of June. The availability of waste throughout the European Community and beyond is already being examined. The waste to be bought is for further selling through the recyclix.com website alike it has been before.

    Every investor can benefit from the newly proposed investment fund through procedures that will be announced shortly, that way creating the opportunity to help Recyclix recover from the fire but at the same time safeguarding his investment.

    Recyclix is currently working on a solution of offering its users an option to convert the temporarily suspended waste packages into shares of the above-mentioned fund.

    The application for the registration and activation of the fund has been already submitted and is now to be authorized by the respective banking authority; the update will follow immediately once the approval has been given.

    We would like to encourage the entire supportive Recyclix community to work together to fully restore the business activities as soon as possible.

    Despite of what happened; Recyclix management is determined to move forward to solve all the current issues in an efficient and rapid way. We are convinced that with your understanding and support Recyclix will be back on the stage of the big European Recycling companies very soon.



    We got pending payment via Bitcoin for 2 weeks . What happened? does anyone know why or got the same problem ?



    I have sent them emails for support but still not receive their reply until now.



    Yes, some people is facing the same problem. They say that bitcoin withdrawals are delayed because they need to buy bitcoins in order to pay, but it seems that bank transfer are also delayed. It doesn’t look good. We’ll see what happens.



    Aitor, my withdrawal also pending since last Monday. Thay reduced my recycling capacity from 33% because of fire. Do you still think that thay are real? Should we be patient?????



    Just gonna be honest here, i know this is not a real company, just an incredible elaborated scam (buying a booth at conventions and tours of some factories is not that hard when you handle large amounts of money), alot of ppl know this and like most scams they have an expiration date. They’re probably taking advantage of the fire news to take advantage of its investors. Too many red flags.



    @Sujiniinvest: As you can see just a few post above, the fire affected them and that’s true. We can see that the place where they brought the investors during the open days is the same place that was affected by the fire.

    Then why are the payments delayed? Some people from http://www.uvr.es have talked with them by phone and they say that bitcoin payments are delayed because they are being paid in euros and they need to convert them to bitcoin and it takes time and their bitcoin funds are running low right now. About the bank transfers, they say that the banks are requesting documents and that’s why Recyclix is asking for documents, and they have so many documents to verify that they are saturated.

    The situation is not good. The people is in panic mode and the trust is being lost. The truth is that I have always being paid within 24 hours but I have to say that lately I have requested all my payments via Paypal. So that’s what I recommend you, to request your withdrawals through Paypal and wait… we have no choice but to wait and see what happens. I will tell you when I get my payment.



    New update:

    RECYCLIX® on Cancellation of Its Participation in PRS Amsterdam 2017

    On account of the unfortunate proceedings that Recyclix was recently challenged with as well as a large amount of time and effort necessary to cope with their consequences, it was decided to withdraw our entry in the Plastic Recycling Show Amsterdam 2017 on March 29th – 30th and cancel our participation in the event.

    Currently the management board hold daily meetings in order to analyse the possibilities and adopt a viable solution for overcoming the obstacles that our company has lately encountered.

    Apart from it, due to a massive number of incoming emails, calls, and ID verification requests as well as a variety of other administrative tasks that Recyclix is dealing with at the moment, temporary staff has been taken on to tackle these matters in a timely way.

    We would like to remind you that the Recyclix team is working towards resolving the issue of pending payouts, the update on which will be published as soon as all the alternatives have been thoroughly evaluated.

    Our close-knit community was founded on mutual trust, working together for the cause of making the world a cleaner and richer place, and principles of ensuring the growth of the Recyclix family worldwide. We hope for your understanding and patience, which will help us tackle the current obstacles in a more efficient way.

    Be sure to stay tuned for updates, news, and other important insights into Recyclix life on Recyclix website, Facebook page or Twitter.

    Yours sincerely,
    Recyclix team


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