• Lifetime 75 days
  • Added 30-11-2016
  • Added since 54 days
  • Paying
  • Monthly return 39%
  • Minimum investment 10$
  • Our investment 101$
  • Received
  • Last payment 23-01-2017
  • Withdrawals Instant
  • User ratings:
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    The Bio Palm Oil Plantations Ltd company, is registered and located in UK with a registration number of 10427145 which can be verified in the United Kingdom Companies House. Our oil palm plantations are strategically located in the various regions of Malaysia and West Africa where the climatic conditions are suitable for planting oil palms. In Malaysia, our plantations are located in the states of Sabah and Sarawak while in West Africa, they are located in Ghana and Nigeria. In addition, the Group also owns oil palm plantations in Colombia and through joint ventures, owns plantations in Brazil and South America.

    Investment Programs

    3.5% daily for 60 business days

    Withdrawals are instant and your account is credited with 3,50% from Monday to Friday.

    At the end of the period, you get 210%.

    Referral Program

    Palmills has 2 level referral commissions: 5% and 3%.



    As you can see, the earnings are very high, so there is always a high risk involved.

    On the other hand, there is only one investment plan, so there isn’t much strategy here, just to invest and request you daily withdrawals.

    This program offers support via email, contact form, phone and facebook.

    His telephone number is: +447452101475 (09:00 a 17:00 UTC)
    His facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/PALMILLS.UK/



    Are we allow to do daily withdrawal of our daily 3.5% or we have to wait till the end of the 60 days only will be allow to withdraw?



    Hi Charlize, we can withdraw instantly our earnings anytime and we get 3,50% every day from Monday to Friday 🙂



    Update from Palmills admin:

    Dear Investors!

    It’s from admin of Palmills.
    Almost 33 days has passed since we are online our company and opened the world of huge investment platform, we paid 3.5% for 60 business day for you.

    We are glad to notice that Advanced Cash Payment System has been added.
    As we promised, we are planning to add Payza in the near future.

    So, from this day you are honorable member of our financial success company.
    You are part of Success Company from now on!

    Thank you for your participate.

    Admin of Palmills,


    Sizwe Mlotshwa  

    im giving it this whole festive season to prove themselves if they survive i will try them in january



    Payza has been added.



    Just to clarify that Payza is still in development stage. We can’t invest through Payza yet but I hope it will be added soon.



    I have a pending withdrawal. I hope it’s a false alarm but for now I will move this program to “Problem” status and we will see what happens.



    Payment received. False alarm. Palmills is back to Paying status.


    Marin Pavešić  

    Any news on Payza adding? I sent them a really nice message asking about Payza and when will it be added and they did not respond.



    There haven’t added it yet. They will send an email to inform us once it’s added.

    I have seen many times revshares promising external funds sources and falling before implementing it. We will see if they really do what they say or it’s just a forgotten promise.



    Good afternoon ailton, is it still worth investing in this company? What would be the best strategy in your opinion?



    I would wait and see if they add Payza.


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