• Confirmed scam 15-05-2017
  • Lifetime 194 days
  • Added 01-11-2016
  • Added since 539 days
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  • Monthly return 30%
  • Minimum investment 8$
  • Our investment 76$
  • Received
  • Last payment 30-04-2017
  • Withdrawals Within 48 hours
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    MyPayingCriptoAds is a revshare launched by the well known Uday Nara. MPCA is the sister of MyPayingAds, with the peculiarity that the investment are only made through bitcoin.

    Investment Programs

    Cost of 1 Adpack: 0.05 BTC
    Daily Earnings: Depends on the revenue generated at the program.
    Revenue Sharing rewards: Up to 120%


    – As a free member, you can buy and have active adpacks of up to 20.
    – If you have Explorer membership (costing 0.02 BTC/month), then you can purchase and have active adpacks of upto 50.
    – If you have Professional membership (costing 0.05 BTC/month), then you can purchase and have active adpacks of up to 100.
    – If you have Elite membership (costing 0.05 BTC/month), then you can purchase and have active adpacks of more than 100.

    + Adpack earnings withdrawals limit: 1.0 BTC maximum per day
    + Minimum withdrawal per day: 0.01 BTC

    Referral Program

    Referral Commissions on Adpacks sales: 6%
    Referral Commissions on all other services: 10%



    MyPayingCryptoAds it’s owned by Uday Nara, one of the most well known and trusted admins in revshare industry. Almost 2 years after MyPayingAds was launched, we can say that no one has lost a single cent in his company and MyPayingAds is providing a good quality advertising services.

    If you want to find more information, photos and pics about Uday Nara, you can take a look here:


    My Paying Crypto Ads is having a huge growth and it has almost 9000 registered members just 2 days after the launch. A must have.

    Here you can see the presentation video:

    And here you have a link to a live hangout recorded on 31th October 2016:




    Important Updates in #MyPayingCryptoAds

    – KYC (Know Your Customer) will be mandatory for withdrawals in MPCA.
    – Daily Earnings Cap will be reduced to 50%, once you withdraw 2 times your deposited amount.
    – Ad Packs will stop earning once you withdraw 3 times your deposit. You have to deposit again to keep earning.
    – Commissions are withdraw and if you repurchase from commissions, it will be considered as fresh Deposits.



    I’m really disappointed with this update. There is absolutely no purpose for requesting ID of any sort. He is not a bank, finance company, or investment firm. He sells ads.



    Important update:

    Dear All,
    We are preparing the system for launch and doing the final testing of all of the features. We have extended the launch time to 1 hour extra so that we can finish all testing.
    Meanwhile, we have some changes to the ad-pack plans. We have received numerous requests for lower valued adpacks because lot of members cannot afford the 0.05 BTC ad-packs. Hence, we have revised the ad-pack plans as below which are more or less similar to the ones we have at MyPayingAds.com:
    Ad-Pack Plan 1:
    Cost of AdPack: 0.01 BTC
    Rotating Banner Ad Credits: 5,000
    Revenue Sharing Rewards (Non-Guaranteed Additional Rewards): Upto 120%
    No-Repurchase rule
    Maximum active adpacks one can have: 100
    For this plan, Membership is not required.

    Ad-Pack Plan 2:
    Cost of AdPack: 0.03 BTC
    Rotating Banner Ad Credits: 10,000
    Revenue Sharing Rewards (Non-Guaranteed Additional Rewards): Upto 120%
    No-Repurchase rule
    Maximum active adpacks one can have: 100
    To purchase this plan,
    You need to purchase Coin Explorer monthly membership. The cost would be 0.02 BTC.

    Ad-Pack Plan 3:
    Cost of AdPack: 0.05 BTC
    Rotating Banner Ad Credits: 25,000
    Revenue Sharing Rewards (Non-Guaranteed Additional Rewards): Upto 120%
    No-Repurchase rule
    Maximum active adpacks one can have: 100
    To purchase this plan,
    You need to purchase Coin Professional monthly membership. The cost would be 0.05 BTC.

    Ad-Pack Plan 4:
    Cost of AdPack: 0.10 BTC
    Banner Credits: 20
    Rotating Banner Ad Credits: 50,000
    Revenue Sharing Rewards (Non-Guaranteed Additional Rewards): Upto 120%
    No-Repurchase rule
    Maximum active adpacks one can have: 1000
    To purchase this plan,
    You need to purchase Coin Elite monthly membership. The cost would be 0.10 BTC.

    Please review the plans carefully before you decide on your purchase strategies. Please also pay attention to the membership requirements. You need to carefully decide on what membership to buy.

    Hope you are all excited for the launch. We, the MPCA management, are super excited as this site is going to be a landmark in the industry. Please mark our words. We have about 15,000 members at the moment and we shall see rapid expansion in the next 1-2 months and the number of members shall grow by 3-4 times or even more. Also, within 10 days of pre-launch, MPCA has secured an alexa rank of less than 100,000 which is remarkable.

    One cannot miss this opportunity.

    Please stay tuned for our next announcement.
    MPA and MPCA Management



    More updates:

    Greetings to all #MPCA members. We are very excited for the successful launch of #MyPayingCryptoAds.

    Just a few points to note with regards to referral commissions.

    #1 Free members CAN withdraw their commissions! To make this a fair platform we have added a caveat that any member must have at least 10 x level 1 adpacks to be able to withdraw their commissions balance.
    Level 1 adpacks are 0.01 BTC, this would mean in order to withdraw your commissions you’ll need 0.1 BTC worth of level 1 adpacks. You could use your commissions to build this up in the first instance.

    #2 While we perform final updates to our 100% withdrawable commissions process, anyone that wishes to make a commission withdrawal will be required to raise a support ticket. Please select ‘Commissions Balance Withdrawal Request’ from the drop down menu while submitting the support ticket. Your commissions withdrawal requests will be processed within 72 hrs from the time of withdrawal request submission. Once again this method is just an interim solution until we have fully updated our 100% withdrawable commissions process. We will provide further updates in due course.

    Get ready for MyPayingCryptoAds as we anticipate huge growth over the next few months!

    MyPayingCryptoAds Admin



    New update:

    Dear MPCA members,

    We have some great news! Our updated Cron Job has been installed successfully!!
    Members will be receiving double earnings to make up for any deficit over the past few days.
    Once again apologies for this inconvenience.
    Enjoy the doubles earnings!

    MPCA Admin Team



    New update from Uday Nara, bad news:

    Dear All,

    We are currently processing the withdrawal requests received on 9th May 2017 (Tue). Our estimations went wrong and whatever the revenue generated on the previous day was not sufficient to honor the withdrawal requests came on 9th May 2017 because the total wthdrawal requests came on 9th May were way too high than the usual daily withdrawal requests (3-4 times higher than the regular number of withdrawal requests).

    Below are some quick details on the the revenue generated on previous day and withdrawal requests came on 9th May:

    Revenue generated: $95,000
    Withdrawal requests came: $255,730

    Revenue generated: 36 BTC
    Withdrawal requests came: 301 BTC

    Hence, we currently focus on making the payments for these withdrawal requests. After we finish processing these withdrawal requests then we will open new withdrawal requests once we generate the sufficient revenue.

    Hence, currently, new withdrawal request submissions are closed on 10th May 2017. We will make an announcement towards the end of 10th May 2017 with an update on the progress.

    Meanwhile, the cancellation of withdrawal requests made before 7th May 2017 is still on-going and we will try to finish this task as soon as possible.

    MPA Management


    Emma Brandon  

    They will scam soon. keeping people on hook.
    He should talk straight or else Uday will loose his reputation fast.
    Once MPA fails, GRMCrypto will gain for sure.. Fingers crossed.



    New update:

    Dear MPA/MPCA Members,

    We just completed our meeting with the executives and admins with regard to our business model moving forward.

    Wow, really great stuff!! Just some technical things to iron out with the programmers.

    Some serious decisions need to be delivered, but please respect the honesty and openness from our Management.

    All will be revealed at 8pm Monday night, London time.

    We really appreciate your support for MPA and MPCA and the business.

    Admin MPA/MPCA



    Important update:

    #MPA and #MPCA Announcement (15th May 2017):

    Dear MPA/MPCA Members,

    Firstly, we would like to thank all the members and team leaders who have offered their valuable suggestions to continue our journey. We have carefully gone through each and every suggestion before arriving at the possible options to find the solution for the current stalling at MPA and MPCA, respectively.

    We have also carefully analyzed the revenue generation in the last one week and possible future revenue generation with the current stalling. The revenue generation has been very less but it is also due to the disabling of the withdrawal requests.

    There are some serious concerns in terms of the continuity of the business wherein the revenue generation will be good enough to deliver the satisfactory daily earnings. If the daily earnings are not satisfactory, then the stalling may occur again.

    Hence, after careful consideration of all possibilities, we came up to the below two options to choose from:

    Plan A:

    Reset all ad packs and earning balances to zero in every account
    Reduce referral commission to 5%
    The daily earnings will be set between 0.0% to 2.0% which is variable everyday and which strictly depends on the daily revenue generation
    The maximum worth of adpacks that one can buy is of $10,000.
    The maximum withdrawal limit per day is: $200. Will vary also depending on the revenue generation.
    The minimum withdrawal limit per day is: $5
    The maximum withdrawal limit is 3 times to the processor purchase.

    Members will be required to complete 16 promotional tasks per day to earn daily;
    profit share will start at 0% and then go up based only on daily sales.
    These tasks will include posting to Facebook, posting to Twitter, posting to a Blog site, posting text messages to traffic exchanges etc.
    Each task of 4 completed, then the members will qualify for that daily set of earnings (25% of the daily earnings for the completion of each task).

    More emphasis will be placed on members to promote the business to sustain sales and long term growth.

    Below are some important points to note regarding this Plan:

    (a) Though the members have bought the advertising services from our programs while revenue sharing rewards are non-guaranteed, we still want to generate the revenue through the sales of other advertising services and through other partner programs and return the amount that was spent on the advertising and hence if we choose this option, we have the defeciet of that amount to begin with. So, this defeciet will have severe effect on the successful continuion of the programs.

    (b) There will still be a possibility of stalling if the revenue generation stops, through members not supporting the re-launch etc.
    When the revenue is low and if earnings are like 0.1% or 0.5% per day,
    new people making purchases will stop and want to wait until earnings get picked up.
    But, earnings percentage cannot be increased unless the revenue generation picks up.
    So, such situation may lead to stalling again.

    (c) Members who lose adpacks now may disappoint and stop supporting the business.
    Members who are waiting to receive the seed money may not support the system immediately with dedication and focus.

    Plan B:

    Stop Adpack sales until further notice and run MPA and MPCA as non-revenue sharing Traffic Exchange platforms.
    We see enormous growth in this sector to increase our member base in the new traffic exchanges,
    with thousands of online marketers looking to spend their advertising money on a well run modern platforms like ours.
    This will generate income for the platforms straight away.
    Income generated will be directed to paying members seed money.

    There will be one upgrade membership offered at each platform as follows:

    $10 or 0.01 btc per month upgrade membership 10000 Banner views per month
    50% referral commissions on every purchase to the sponsor

    All revenue generated through the continuition of MPA and MPCA Traffic Exchange platforms and our other two upcoming partner programs, CC and the ‘dream product’ as we have outlined, a local business directory index product,
    which will start generating income within 3 weeks from now, hopefully,
    will be used to refund to the members who have not withdrawn their seed money balance. This does not affect the partner programs in any way. We are here stating that any revenue generated that would normally go to the admin fund will be used to return to the members.

    All Adpacks and current account balances will be made to zero.

    The revenue sharing platform will resume operation in early 2018 after building our external revenue generation streams. These external revenue generation streams will help the programs to sustain longer without the possibility of any stalling, hopefully.

    The Management’s Decision in moving forward:

    The majority of leaders and members that we approached, preferred a long term approach to the business and have indicated Plan B as their preferred option.

    The management team have agreed with their reasoning for long term stability and growth.

    The key points being:

    1. 80% of the member base are non marketers and have no wish to promote or
    recruit, believing the business model is clicking the adverts and withdrawing the earnings.

    2. Only 2% of the active members chose to purchase the suggested $5 booster packs to generate sales
    We sold 5000 ad packs which is $25,000. Our sales target every day is $100,000 minimum to pay the minimum withdrawal request amount per day to each eligible member.
    Most believed the site would stall again in a short while, making Plan A a short term option,
    to be back in the same situation and still having the burden of the seed money to be paid to members.

    3. Traffic Exchanges, as a business model, have operated for over 10-15 years and are proven.
    Traffic generated will bring in sales to stabilize the business and pay seed money to members.

    4. With immediate funds coming from the Traffic Exchanges and the new partner programs starting within 2-3 weeks, the clear profit generated could be given to the member’s seed money fund straight away, to start payments to the members.

    5. Once the seed money debt is finalised, the business would be stable and in profit, when relaunching with the improved revenue share model in early 2018.

    Therefore our decision is to adopt Plan B and move forward.

    More details will be shared through a hangout tomorrow. We thank everyone for your great support for our two platforms. Let us continue working as a team so that we can re-launch the revenue sharing platforms soon after building the necessary external revenue generation streams.u


    MPA and MPCA Management



    The same shit happened with MPA 1.0. They returned the seed money to those who lost money (they added the funds as repurchase balance in MPA 2.0 account).

    The thing is that we all lost our balance and our adpacks, at least until early 2018. So far I have no choice but to move MPA to “Not paying” list.


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