• Confirmed scam 15-05-2017
  • Lifetime 776 days
  • Added 26-11-2015
  • Added since 819 days
  • Not Paying
  • Monthly return 30%
  • Minimum investment 5$
  • Our investment 257$
  • Received
  • Last payment 09-05-2017
  • Withdrawals Within 48 hours
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    MyPayingAds was, in my opinion, the best revenue share company of 2015. The administrator is Uday Nara, from Pakistan. Despite its simple design and its payment structure, which was quite peculiar, the truth is that MPA have been paying and fulfiling its obligations on time until Paypal froze their account at the end of December 2015. After that, Paypal wanted MPA to do many changes in its pay plan and those changes were totally unacceptable for MyPayingAds, so finally, this caused MPA’s operations interruption. Now, almost 3 months later, MyPayingAds is going to be launched again. MPA 2.0 will be officially launched on 17th March 2016.

    Investment Programs

    AdPack- Plan 1: $5 matures at $6 (120% ROI)
    AdPack- Plan 2: $10 matures at $12 (120% ROI)
    AdPack- Plan 3: $25 matures at $30 (120% ROI)
    AdPack- Plan 4: $50 matures at $60 (120% ROI)

    There is no repurchase rule.

    Note: You need to buy at least 100 packs from plan in order to be able to purchase level 2 Ad Packs, so at the beginning your can only purchase level 1 Ad packs.

    Note 2: In order to get your daily earnings you need to click 10 ads. The good thing is that you don’t need to click the ads every day at the same time, you can click the ads anytime you want and you will receive your earnings for the next 24 hours.

    Referral Program

    10% of your referral’s purchases



    Nice program. In my opinion, the best support is when you don’t need support. And that happens with this company. Everything works as it should. The website loads fast, the earnings are high, the payments are fast. So far so good.

    Here you have a pic of MPA’s administrator, Uday Nara:



    Chris Dante  

    Great site. My payout was past the 48 hour threshold but only because there was a problem with Paypal. Highly recommended.



    I agree. It’s my favorite rev share program right now. I have just received another payment and it took 27 hours. MPA is working like a charm 🙂


    Lisa cablo  

    Mypayingads is the real deal! I’ve only been with MPA a month but I’m already earning $10 bucks a day with no referrals.
    Absolutely incredible, best site ever!



    Update – 11th Dec 2015!

    A Quick Update – 11th Dec 2015:

    Dear All:

    How are you all doing? Some quick update at this junction:

    [1] Our server migration was done smoothly and the site has been stable and improved in performance. With AWS Cloud Servers it will be extremely easy to add any new servers whenever there is a need arises without any downtime. So, we are in good shape in terms Hosting.
    [2] The cronjob has been working well. It was set back to every one hour. So, the revenue sharing is hourly now. The programming team has worked more than one month to make it stable and hope their expertise will help us to have smooth functioning in future.
    [3] We will update whenever we have new features added to the site.
    [4] We have been offering Add Fund fee waiver since 30th September 2015 in celebration of 6 months completion. Yes, we offered it for more than 2 months continuously and many of you have taken good benefit. We have to close this offer at this junction. So, this Add Fund fee waiver will be closed in the next 24 hours. Whomever want to get the benefit of this can try to utilize NOW. After 24 hrs, the add fund fee will go back to 5% for all payment processors except Bitcoin. There is no add fund fee for Bitcoins.
    [5] Also, we have been offering 12% referral commissions since 30th September 2015 in celebration of 6 months completion. Now this will be changed to 10% in the next 24 hours.
    [6] We are looking at some new offers when we reach 100k members. Stay tuned.

    Happy Advertising and Wish you great results. Thanks.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Admin, MPA



    There are 2 two important things you need to know about MyPayingAds.

    – First one: There is a new update:

    Note: Please kindly do not click on any Verification links sent in Phishing E-mails. Some hackers have targeted MPA members and have been sending some phishing e-mail with a trapped link asking you login to that page to verify something. MyPayingAds will never ask you to click on the links for any verification.

    – Second one: There is a new rule:

    One additional point to note is when your total withdrawals are more than double to your total purchases, your adpack earnings will be reduced to half of the regular earnings (Membership pool 1). Otherwise you shall be receiving regular earnings (Membership Pool 2). The pool distribution and re-distribution is done once for every 3 days. This arrangement is made for long term sustainability of the program.



    There is a new update:

    Update on Paypal Review and Other Matters (Reporting at MPA Server time 28th Dec, 20:00:00):

    [1] As what started as a small review, it turned to some what major review again. The reasons quoted by Paypal for their extensive review at this junction has been in wake of some of the Policy Changes that they made at their corporate level in Singapore.

    As part of their review they stopped both “Receiving Money” and “Sending Money” options in our account.

    I have submitted all the documents and replies to their questions and they are expediting the review process. They have not yet given the time frame on when they can finish the review because of the absence of some of their experts who need to do the review process. But, I urged them to finish it soon because we have been on hold since 23rd Dec.

    [2] As it is a major review and as we can not accept add funds and send payments through Paypal, we are closing the Add funds and withdrawals with all other payment processors and everything will be resumed after we hear back from Paypal.

    I will update as soon as I hear back from Paypal. Until then the add funds and withdrawals are closed with all payment processors. Thanks.

    Admin, MPA



    New update:

    Update on Paypal Review (Reporting at MPA Server time 30th Dec, 04:20:00):
    [1] We have been pushing Paypal for finishing the review and let us know the outcome and it is still not done yet because of the unavailability of their full team members. Therefore, we are still waiting in anxiety for the outcome of the review.
    Meanwhile, I am asked to meet them in person for a discussion regarding the review on Monday at 2 pm.
    So, I am expecting that they will conclude their review and let us know the outcome during that meeting. Hence, our waiting is extended until Monday, 4th Dec.
    [2] As of now we are not able to receive the funds, send the funds and withdraw the funds from Paypal account.
    [3] As it is a major review and as we can not accept add funds and send payments through Paypal, we still close the Add funds and withdrawals with all other payment processors and everything will be resumed after we hear back from Paypal.
    We are going through very tough situation now and hoping for the best so that we resume to normal operation as soon as possible. I thank everyone for your cooperation and understanding.
    Admin, MPA.
    PS: Below given is an e-mail copy that I received regarding the meeting invitation on Monday.
    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: xxxxx
    Date: Wed, Dec 30, 2015 at 3:07 PM
    Subject: RE: Fwd: Your PayPal Account Review (KMM185532593V51890L0KM) :ppNA
    To: Satyanarayana Nalam , “[email protected]
    Cc: “xxxx”

    Hi Nalam
    Thanks for the call and I appreciate your efforts to reach out to us to resolve the review process.
    As mention we will meet you on Monday 4th January 2pm at our suntec office. You can find the address at my sign off.
    See you soon.
    Sales Manager, SMB
    South East Asia
    5 Temasek Boulevard #09-01
    Suntec Tower Five S(038985)



    Considering the situation, the only thing we can do is to wait and hope for the best. Uday has proven to be a very reliable admin since the beginning and he is trustworthly. I bet he is going to do everything he can in order to solve this.

    We will have to wait until 2nd January. I’ll keep you posted 🙂



    Good news:

    Update on PayPal Review (Reporting at 4th Jan 2016, 02:00)

    Dear All,

    We had a good meeting with PayPal Team and they had clearly shared their concerns on how the current limitation was put and what they were looking for from us. We were asked to make some changes to the Pay plan and website content to address their concerns and after we agree to those changes suggested by them and submit the drafts of the proposed changes, they shall be most probably finishing the review in 24-48 hrs time after submission. We need to make those changes to comply with paypal’s new Terms and Conditions. I am just waiting for the meeting minutes while working on preparing the possible responses. We will update to you all as soon as we have some progress. Our petition and tweets have worked well and they acknowledged all of your unfailing support to MPA. We deeply appreciate everyone of you who made it possible. Thanks.

    Admin, MPA



    We have another update:

    Update on PayPal Review (Reporting at 5th Jan 2016, 11:00)
    Dear All,
    Just a quick note. Further to my update on yesterday (4th Jan), PayPal had sent the queries to respond after personal meeting with them and we submitted our replies to those queries by 4 pm Singapore time on 5th Jan 2016. As per their communication earlier, they will take 24 hrs to 48 hrs from the replies submission time to respond to us. So, we just need to wait for their response now.
    Meanwhile, the major changes they asked us to make were a modification to the Pay Plan of our Ad-Packs and some changes to the website content. Hence, we sent our proposals accordingly.
    In view of sending our proposals we had to make some quick changes to the site content but actually nothing is changed yet until the PayPal review outcome is known and we will make proper announcement of any changes that might be coming along.
    Yes, the earnings are lower because we have no money coming in to the system since the review has started which was one day before Christmas.
    We need to wait until the PayPal review outcome and once it is known we will open up the add funds as well as withdrawals and as the new funds coming in the earnings will pick up. Just some more waiting before we resume the normal operation.



    Finally I have decided to move Mypayingads to “Problems”. MPA has had an excellent track record and they did a great work so far. But Paypal review is taking much longer than expected. The deposits are disabled since more than 10 days, so there isn’t cash flow, the earnings are very low, and they haven’t sent a single payment since almost 2 weeks. A lot of people is starting to get nervous and many of them have filed a dispute, which could be really dangerous. I hope this mess will be fixed soon, but we need a fast fix before the things get worse.



    Another update:

    Update on PayPal Review (Reporting at 7th Jan 2016, 00:00):

    I just called to PayPal Account Manager to check on the status of the ongoing review and she mentioned that it is almost towards the finishing stage and they may let us know by end of today or tomorrow.

    The Policy Team in Singapore are working with their counterparts in USA to finish the review. Because of different time zones, they are taking longer time.

    I will update you all as soon as I hear from them.


    Admin, MPA



    Still no news from Paypal?



    Nope, this is the last update:

    Update on PayPal Review (Reporting at 8th Jan 2016, 04:00):

    Dear All,

    I have been patiently waiting for the review outcome but it has not happened today yet. I had a conversation with our manager and she was telling that there are couple of teams working on the review which are based in Singapore, USA and at other locations and because of that it is taking more time as they all based at different time zones.

    We have well expressed all our anxieties and the kind of damage it is causing on the business but they are just asking for more time as many teams are involved to look at the case.

    We cannot continue unless we know the outcome of the PayPal review in terms of enabling the add funds and withdrawals. We are making plans necessary such that we do not encounter such halting in future. But, we only can continue the journey after we hear the review outcome.

    I know everyone of you are patiently waiting for the outcome of review and continuation of the business, but give ourselves some more time as requested by PayPal and continue as soon as we hear their review outcome.

    I will share with you all as soon as I have any progress. Thanks.

    Admin, MPA



    Posted by member, sharing

    Greetings MPA Family!
    Uday has always come through for us and with the current issue concerning PayPal, I have absolutely no doubt that he will come through for us yet again.
    Those of you that doubt Uday and his intentions for MPA will be the very ones to destroy this great business we are all trying to build here because a Revshare thrives on more than just fresh funds or external revenue.
    We, as members, are the lifeblood of this program in more ways than one. Remember that all it takes is one person to scream ” FIRE!!! ” in a crowded room and everyone runs for the door in panic.
    Regardless of your personal opinions or feelings about the actions taken by Uday in regards to the suppression of action concerning funding and withdraw, it is what it is and done for the benefit of all of the members here. This is but a brief bump in the road on our way to continued glory and soon we will all look back, laugh and some of us will say “Why was I worried? It all worked out to my benefit.”
    Continue to be positive and patient and the universe will reward you with a positive outcome. Be negative and you will get negative in return.
    So, stop complaining. Stop this endless and needless worry. Stop the useless conjecture and thoughts of conspiracy.
    I have been a proud member of MPA since August and I can tell you for a fact that Uday is one of the best and most trustworthy Admins I have ever had the pleasure of speaking and doing business with.
    Great things are ahead for us in the coming weeks and months so don’t waste your time worrying needlessly about what if’s, instead focus on the future and wait patiently until this issue is resolved.
    Trust in Uday. Trust in MPA. Most importantly trust in the knowledge that you have made the absolute correct decision to join this great opportunity. Clear your mind of doubt and fear or they will swallow you and everyone around you.
    Just wait and you will see.



    New update:

    Update on PayPal Review (Reporting at 11th Jan 2016, 01:00):

    Dear All,

    I just had an update from our PayPal account manager in response to my inquiry sent today morning and she told that they are rushing to finish the review as soon as possible and she foresee that they can let us know the outcome of the current review by tomorrow evening. They had a meeting setup among different teams at 11 am Singapore time tomorrow and she foresee that they can let us know their advice after the meeting and post discussions in their team.

    We waited long and let us wait for this time period also and then we can continue after we know the PayPal review outcome. Thanks.

    Admin, MPA



    Update on PayPal Review (Reporting at 12th Jan 2016, 02:30):
    Dear All,
    I got some update from PayPal regarding the ongoing review and before we discuss it, just few words of background on why the current review is going on. There has been some changes recently in the terms and User Agreement policy at PayPal because of which they no longer support ad revenue sharing sites worldwide (or support conditionally) and because of which they have been reviewing our program to see whether there is any possible compliance so that we can continue using PayPal at our program. In the event if they find that we cannot continue using Paypal, they will freeze the funds in Paypal for 180 days before giving the access to us.
    So, what we have been trying now is to see whether our business model is compliant with their terms or not so that we can continue the business with PayPal and have the access to our buyers’ funds.
    Some good news is PayPal found that they can be able to support Ad Revenue Sharing programs in Singapore with some changes made to their terms and conditions locally. So, they proposed to us that they will formulate those new terms and conditions locally so that if we match with them we can continue using PayPal at our program with newly implemented changes. In the event we decide not to be compliant with their revised terms and want to continue with our current business model and with other payment processors, the money in our PayPal will be frozen for 180 days and then will be released to MPA.
    Hence, after careful consideration of all possible solutions, MPA management has taken the decision to wait until we know the revised terms and conditions of PayPal so that we can get the approval to use PayPal at our program. Until that point of time we will not be able to enable the add funds and also not able to enable the withdrawals using all payment processors. This may bring some disruption to our business but this seems to be the best solution at this point of time.
    At the moment PayPal has not given any time frame yet regarding the whole process to be done but it may can take up to 2 weeks. We will know some indication of the exact time frame that it takes as we progress further.
    On whole what we are seeing is it will be better to know PayPal’s new terms to us so that once we are comfortable with those new terms we can run the business for long term without any major issues. The PayPal has changed their terms to be in compliant with the government policies, so when we are complaint with PayPal terms means we are fully compliant with the government legal rules.
    We apologize for all the inconvenience caused and we hope that this whole process will make us strong to be in this industry for long term and serve everyone better to realize their dreams.
    We will continue to update as soon as we have some progress. Thanks.
    Admin, MPA



    For almost 9 months MPA has been a great investment. Many people have been earning hundreds, even thousands of dollars / month. But now it’s time to open our eyes and move this one to the scam list.

    It’s 20 days since their Paypal account was frozen (supposedly) and all we got since then is some updates saying nothing, and now we are supposed to wait 2 more weeks?. This smells bad. It’s like a time buying strategy, something we have seen many times.

    The most obvious red flag IMO was the fact that Uday decided to disable deposits and withdrawals of all the payment processors. It has no sense. It was an obvious suicide, and now many people is going to open disputes and I’m quite sure this is the end of MPA.



    I have just filed my dispute with Payza, I will tell you how it goes.



    Here you can see a video where Uday explains the current situation of MPA. After seeing this video I can confirm that Uday is the same person we saw in the photos, and he seems to be a very honest person. Also we have confirmed that his Paypal account is frozen, so he is saying the truth.

    Let’s hope for the best. Luckily the issue will be fixed and MPA will restart its normal operation. It would be a great new.



    what your update on those who disputed via payza?



    It seems that most of the people has decided to wait at least 2 weeks to see what happens. I know some people who has filed disputes via Payza but still there isn’t any outcome. I will post it here when I know something new about the disputes.



    Here is latest update from Uday:

    Update on the PayPal review (Updating at MPA Server time 18th Jan 2016, 05:00):

    Dear All,

    We have contacted PayPal for an update on the progress and they told us that they will have the revised User Agreement Policy ready within 1-2 days time and they will then contact us for the next step regarding matching our Pay plans with their revised guideline.

    So, as soon we get the update from them in the next 1-2 days time, we will update you all. We think that we are getting closure to the possible solution so that the business can be resumed soon. Thanks for all your unfailing support and we will see the fruits of the same in the coming times. Future looks bright.

    A closure look at the current events going on in the Advertising programs with revenue sharing option, we are getting more and more convinced that this industry is ever increasing and the programs from experienced, trusted and transparent owners have bright future. We see MPA to stand among the successful advertising platforms in the years to come.

    Have a great day ahead.

    Admin, MPA



    Hello Everyone,

    I loaded $ 520 in mypayingads Date Dec 12, 2015
    I’ve waited mypayingads update information,, but so far still nothing positive.

    Should I open dispute



    Hi Ozill, his Paypal account is frozen, so the money is not going to disappear. And considering that you have 180 days to file a dispute, what I would do is to wait some days and wait for Paypal outcome.

    If everything goes well, MPA operations will be resumed. This is the best escenario. But in the case that Paypal decides not to accept MPA, you can file a dispute.

    So my advice is to wait some days. We will post here any relevant news.



    Thank Aitor for giving me advice.

    I’ll wait a few more days

    Have a nice day



    There is a new update:

    Update on the PayPal review (Updating at MPA Server time 25th Jan 2016, 20:30):
    Dear All,
    Hope you have a good beginning of this week and wish you great time ahead.
    We are still working with PayPal regarding arriving at a finalized PayPlan so that we can continue working having access to our funds in our PayPal account.
    They are pointing some suggestions and after careful consideration we are making changes to our proposed PayPlan and have been re-submitting to them. Paypal is taking about 3 working days at least to give any advice on any new submission. Please kindly note that a new announcement will only be made when we have some additional progress. Otherwise the message communicated in the last announcement has to be taken as the current status.
    Unfortunately, we are not able to give any time frame for this whole process to get finished as PayPal has not been giving any time frame. But things are moving and hope to get good progress this week.
    A just received e-mail from PayPal is appended at the end of this announcement for your reference. Thanks.
    Admin, MPA



    Hi Aitor,
    the situation is not going well. I have lost that money.

    when opened reasonable dispute



    MBA update is fake. to trick people and the time lapse meaninglessly


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