• Confirmed scam 15-05-2017
  • Lifetime 776 days
  • Added 26-11-2015
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  • Monthly return 30%
  • Minimum investment 5$
  • Our investment 257$
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  • Last payment 09-05-2017
  • Withdrawals Within 48 hours
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    MyPayingAds was, in my opinion, the best revenue share company of 2015. The administrator is Uday Nara, from Pakistan. Despite its simple design and its payment structure, which was quite peculiar, the truth is that MPA have been paying and fulfiling its obligations on time until Paypal froze their account at the end of December 2015. After that, Paypal wanted MPA to do many changes in its pay plan and those changes were totally unacceptable for MyPayingAds, so finally, this caused MPA’s operations interruption. Now, almost 3 months later, MyPayingAds is going to be launched again. MPA 2.0 will be officially launched on 17th March 2016.

    Investment Programs

    AdPack- Plan 1: $5 matures at $6 (120% ROI)
    AdPack- Plan 2: $10 matures at $12 (120% ROI)
    AdPack- Plan 3: $25 matures at $30 (120% ROI)
    AdPack- Plan 4: $50 matures at $60 (120% ROI)

    There is no repurchase rule.

    Note: You need to buy at least 100 packs from plan in order to be able to purchase level 2 Ad Packs, so at the beginning your can only purchase level 1 Ad packs.

    Note 2: In order to get your daily earnings you need to click 10 ads. The good thing is that you don’t need to click the ads every day at the same time, you can click the ads anytime you want and you will receive your earnings for the next 24 hours.

    Referral Program

    10% of your referral’s purchases



    There is a very important update:

    Dear All,

    Hope you had a productive week. With lot of regret we like to pass on the message that we have not been able to come to an agreeable PayPlan with PayPal (which can be reasonably profitable for our members) and hence we will not be having PayPal as a payment process supporting MPA any longer and our funds inside PayPal are frozen for 180 days.

    The reasons for PayPal not supporting MPA is because of some global policy changes within their organization in terms of supporting Advertising Revenue Sharing programs. They primarily view these businesses as “Get-rich quick scheme” after certain daily volume of the business and hence they see them high risk for their buyers. They especially see the businesses as riskier when they have rapid growth in shorter period of time. That is the reason for them departing ways with ad rev share programs after supporting for certain period of time.

    The revised terms given to us can only allow to run a simple Paid-To-Click website which has entirely different business model and may not bring the type of rewards that ad rev share program can offer. All our efforts to convince PayPal for some similar business models like the current one have not been successful.

    Therefore, we will not use PayPal at MPA any more. Our current funds inside PayPal are frozen for 180 days from 4th January 2016. During this time, I will not have access to those funds.

    Our business has grown with PayPal and our 95% funds are in PayPal and hence moving forward we have to take some major changes to our program so that we can run it longer and as profitable as before. We are committed to be in this industry and serving the members and advertisers of Ad Rev Share programs for long term. The business in this field is ever increasing and looking at the name and popularity that we accumulated in this field, we are fully committed to be continuing in this business for long term.

    Therefore, we will have some major changes in moving forward and below are certain pointers for the same:
    [1] We will continue the business with New PayPlan. The optional non-guaranteed revenue sharing will be up to 120% instead of up to 150% in our old PayPlans. The details of the new PayPlan will be provided as soon as possible with the tentative date of launch.
    [2] The members accounts will be re-adjusted to continue forward. The revenue sharing for all the current adpacks will be stopped and they will be made inactive in terms of receiving the revenue sharing.
    [3] Members who have withdrawn more than their deposited seed money will have to make a new beginning with zero balance in their accounts.
    [4] Members of payments processors of Payza, STP, PM and Bitcoin will have the initial account balance as the amount that they yet to receive to reach their deposited seed money (i.e. the difference between their deposited money and the total withdrawn money). This money can only be used to make new purchases in the new PayPlan and cannot be used for withdrawals at the launch time.
    [5] For PayPal members we will add the amount that they yet to receive to reach their deposited seed money to their accounts in the new PayPlan after 180 days so that they can use them to build their accounts. Members who cannot wait for 180 days will need to claim the money from PayPal
    as the money is fozen with PayPal for 180 days and MPA don’t have the access to it. Hence, the PayPal members have to use fresh deposits to make any purchases in the new PayPlan. We urge the members to put a clause to accept the partial refunds, if they are disputing, so that PayPal can make a suitable judgement regarding the case.
    [6] We will continue to deliver the advertising views as per the Surf Banner Credits that you have or that you will be using. Unfortunately, we will not be able to continue the optional and non-guaranteed revenue sharing for the older adpacks because of the disruption to the business due to the discontinuity of PayPal and the frozen funds inside the same. This has serious consequence on the revenue generation and the company funds and hence the revenue sharing for the older packs is discontinued.
    [7] We sincerely apologise for all the inconvenience and any monetary losses that may have caused to you and as you all can agree such unexpected losses in this business cannot be avoided some times and Ups and Downs are common. Our thoughts are with every one of you who have experienced the possible loss of time, energy and any monetary losses. We tried our best to avoid such things to happen but we failed. We learned the lesson and will be more efficient in future. Hopefully, we provide a good environment to earn back the losses that may have occurred.
    [8] We will continue the new PayPlan with Payza, STP, PM and Bitcoin. We are currently working on the other payment processors and the details will be passed soon once they are ready. Any payment processor will be seriously considered which does not hold our money so that we will not experience any such disruption in the future. The payment processors we are considering have multiple options of funding (through credit cards, bank wire etc) and multiple withdrawal options including customized debit cards.

    We will also be posting a video elaborating the above facts in 1-2 hrs from now while you go through this announcement. Thanks.

    Admin, MPA



    Conclusion of this Uday Update

    1. The actual Payplan is gone and a new Payplan of 120% ROI will be created very shortly

    2. All active shares in the system will be inactive and no longer will earn anything, they are gone

    3. All members in profit (who withdraw more than deposited) will have a full restart of accounts with a Zero in all balances. Its a brand new start with fresh money in and start build account over again.

    4. Members still not in profit (who withdraw less than deposited) in processors Payza, STP, PM and Bitcoin will have the diference amount to reach their deposit into balance for only buy new ad packs in new Payplan of 120%. This diference amount can not be withdrawn.

    5. Paypal members not in profit have 2 options

    5.1. – The diference amount to reach their deposit amount will be placed into the new Payplan 120% and will stay there until 180 days of Paypal frozen funds are cleared and then after that 180 days members can use that funds to start buying new shares in new Payplan 120%

    5.2. – For those that dont want to wait 180 days for Paypal unfrozen the funds to start working in new payplan of MPA, they need to open dispute on Paypal to recover their seed money.



    hi Aitor
    i can open reasonable dispute now



    Hi Ozill, you invested with Paypal, right? Those who invested with other payment processors will be able to use their funds (deposit less withdrawn amount) to invest in Uday’s new revshare but if you invested with Paypal you have to wait 180 days counting since 4th January 2016.

    Sadly most of the people have lost the disputes against revshares with Paypal. As you know, they don’t offer protection when purchasing intangible goods or services unless you are from UK or USA.

    Now you have 2 options:

    1- Open the dispute right now.
    2- Wait some more days and see what happens. Here we have different scenarios:

    a) Most of the people wins the disputes against Paypal, then you will know most likely you will win the dispute also.
    b) Most of the people lose the disputes (same happened recently with HqRevshare, for example) and Uday’s new revshare is rocking and it gives good returns. In this case perhaps your best choice would be to wait until your funds are released and you could use them to invest in Uday’s new revshare.

    Whatever you do I wish you luck, and please tell us how it goes 🙂



    has anyone won payza dispute?
    some disputed through payza i guess?
    uday has allowed people to dispute and get money back from paypal from what the above news says, then he has to support it, paypal will always have balance in it in the begining, there is no update since last 3-4 days as well as they might be busy emptying their payza account now or solving the disputes.
    there isnt any tat given for the new plan as well so its all waiting game now



    It seems that most of the people who deposited via Payza didn’t file a dispute. Note that MPA is online since more than 10 months and Payza only allows 45 days to file a dispute, so for many people wasn’t even possible to file a dispute. Also there is a lot of people who have withdrawn more money than the money they invested. Finally there is a lot of people who have been waiting for Uday and they dediced not to file a dispute, and now they want to use their funds to start in Uday’s new revshare.

    Anyway I know one girl who filed a dispute with Payza. I will ask her how it went and I’ll post it here when I know something and I will also try to find more people.

    I also know a guy who filed a dispute with Paypal (more than 1 month ago) and he won.



    ok thanks!! pls update us accordingly

    so disputes with paypal have won as well, didnt know that, as members stated they are allowing disputes only to those who paid thru credit cards via paypal that even if its filed by thru credit card company/bank rest disputes they are just ignoring but the much talked about video from uday and new revshare plan is no where to be seen while it doesnt take more than 3-4 days to make these changes, what he is thinking now no idea



    I guess Uday is building his new revshare and that’s why he hasn’t updated since some days. I’m sure he will update soon telling us things about his new revshare.

    My friend won the dispute (Paypal) but he filed the dispute very soon (the sooner the better) and he knows how to file a dispute correctly. Many people make mistakes like writing about “investment, shares …” and many other taboo words for Paypal. I’m sure many people is going to lose the disputes. Anyway, I will post here when I get more information 🙂



    MyPayingAds has made a new FAQ regarding his new revshare. Here you can see the most important questions and answers:

    Q: When MyPayingAds will resume business again?

    A: Our programmers are working on new design, coding and algorithms. Please keep an eye out for Keithy Broome videos because he has volunteered to make a video every day. We want this to be wrapped up as soon as possible but can’t give an exact time frame and don’t want to give false dates. Uday is really busy in technical work and will communicate if necessary and appropriate.

    Q: Why we are only getting seed money? What happen to rest of the money in PayPal? Why my cash balance will be set to Zero?

    A: In revenue sharing platform, the profit is shared from daily sales subjected to the percentage of funds available in the payment processors. If we do the maths, profit and commission is paid from new sales which means if we want to pay all seed money back then we also need to reverse the profit and commissions paid to members. Making all the adpacks inactive and starting with zero balance is the same thing. For example, in your case if you had withdrawn $$$$ (profit + commission) which were in fact paid from the new sales. There is no way of catching up with this money and it was someone’s seed money. How will you feel if Uday pay your seed money to someone’s cash balance and you left out in critical part of business cycle. We don’t want anyone to lose out single $. This decision is well thought and calculated. All factors are looked at for business to continue growing in years to come. We will request you to think about all the members and business instead of yourself.

    Q: Will I be able to withdraw my seed money after restart of business?

    A: We were very clear in our T&C’s that the Business Listing Credits(Adpacks) that you are purchasing are instantly added to your account and no refund will be provided. Once the business will restart if you have used a processor other than PayPal to add funds your Balance (Seed Money – Withdrawals) will be available to buy adpacks. PayPal users will start recieving their balance as soon as funds will be released to us. Again we don’t provide any guarantee for revenue share but those adpacks will earn subject to sales of our services.

    Q: How PayPal will release funds to MyPayingAds? Is it monthly or all amount will be released after 180 days?

    A: At present Uday is negotiating with PayPal for them to release certain percentage of funds every 30 or 40 days. If this does not go well, then funds should be available to us by 04th July 2016 provided all pending disputes gets closed by then. Members will be notified once we have some confirmation from Paypal regarding the partial release for every 30 days.

    Q: How members will receive their seed money? Will we be able to change processor?

    A: As soon as we restart the business you will be able to see your Balance (Seed Money – Withdrawals) in back office. If you have used PayPal as processor, then these funds will be available to you as soon as we start receiving them from PayPal and you will be able to buy ad packs. If you have used Payza, Perfect Money, Solid Trust and Bitcoin processor your Balance (Seed Money – Withdrawals) will be available in back office to purchase adpacks from the beginning. Very important point to note is you have purchased non-refundable electronic/digital services which we are still committed to provide and revenue share was never guaranteed but is subject to company profit.You will be able to change your processor for once to move from PayPal.

    Q: What will happen to those members who have Money in Other Payment processors except PayPal?

    A: If you have used Payza, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay or Bitcoin processor your Balance (Seed Money – Withdrawals) will be available in back office to purchase adpacks from the beginning of the new payplan. Very important point to note is you have purchased non-refundable electronic/digital services which we are still committed to provide and revenue share was never guaranteed but is subjected to the company’s profit.

    Q: What will happen to my referrals after restarting MyPayingAds?

    A: All your referrals will stay with you and remember once they will receive their seed money you will earn commission. Now it is your responsibility to keep them well informed and supportive towards MyPayingAds because this will pay off in long run.

    Q: What happens if I put in a PayPal dispute? Can MyPayingAds help me through process?

    A: As a PayPal member it’s your right to decide if you want to avail this option or not. We can’t advice you on the process because you are putting dispute against MyPayingAds even though you are aware every effort is made to provide you with your seed money with a potential of earning profits. Before putting in a dispute do consider you have bought non refundable electronic services and PayPal is fully aware of the facts. Uday was crystal clear on this topic in his update: “Members who CANNOT wait for 180 days will need to claim the money from PayPal as the money is frozen with PayPal for 180 days and MyPayingAds don’t have the access to it. We urge the members to put a clause to accept the partial refunds, if they are disputing, so that PayPal can make a suitable judgement regarding the case.” In case if you win or lose dispute in PayPal there is no come back to us regarding your seed money or surfing banner credits. If you do decide to continuing business with us then you will be able to use fresh funds to buy our services but your account will be completely reset including any referrals to Zero.



    Here you can see the latest MPA videoupdate:



    Thanks for update!!



    We have a new videoupdate:



    We have a new update although it isn’t a big deal:

    Update (18th Feb 2016):
    Dear All, A quick update for the members regarding our on going progress towards restart. Script writers are working with due diligence and have completed over 50% coding. They are in the middle of migrating our complex database to totally new and robust format. We are confident and excited to share our new sustainable pay plan with our members soon.
    We look at PayPal review as an opportunity to learn and improve our services for you. In meanwhile we will request all of you to setup Payza, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay or Bitcoin processors so that you are all ready to start your journey again. Currently these are the payment processors which will be available to you but we are working to add few more in near future.
    We will take this opportunity to thank all MyPayingAds members for being very supportive, patient and understandable.
    Many Thanks
    Kind Regards
    Admin Team, MPA



    Important update:

    Dear Members,
    Our programmers are busy in migrating our complex database to brand new and robust format. They are also testing our new pay plan and hence we can’t disclose this with you until it’s fully tested.
    Meanwhile, we request all current paid members (members who bought adpacks by adding funds through payment processor) to send us some information in following format. This information will help us to migrate your account immediately and test it before the restart. Please pass this message to all of your referrals and any other members you know.
    ***Information sent in any other format will not be looked in to.***
    ***Account ID Number are the numbers which can be found in your referral link***
    For Example:
    Account ID Number: 12345
    Payment Processor: PayPal/Payza/STP/PM/Bitcoin
    Total Deposit: $2000
    Total Withdrawn: $1000
    Please send all this information as soon as possible (preferably before Sunday, 21st Feb 2016) to [email protected]
    For any member who have disputed will have zero balance, zero referrals and also the members who have withdrawn up to their total deposit money (or more) will also have zero balance in the new pay plan and hence they do not need to send the above information.
    Looking forward to get the above information soon. Thanks.
    Admin Team, MPA



    MyPayingAds 2.0 is making progress very slowly. We have been very patient but luckily it’s soon to be released. As you know they are working on it and here is a video that explains how to delete your cookies, something that most likely you will need in order to login to MPA after the changes they have been doing.



    There is a new update, it seems that MPA 2.0 is coming soon:

    Dear Friends,

    We are coming up with a new system. We won’t be available for a few days.
    We will be back with a spanking new design and with a grand relaunch smile.gif







    MyPayingAds is online again. It will be relaunched on Thrusday, 17th March 2016.

    I recommend you to edit your profile and put you payment details. For those you didn’t reach the roi, their accounts will be funded with their deposits less their withdrawals, except those who deposited through Paypal. In that case you will have to wait until Paypal funds are released on 4th July 2016.

    On the other hand, I thought that the new pay plan would be similar to the old MPA version but it isn’t. It’s totally different. For example:

    – In MPA 1.0 the ad packs were cheap, 1$, which favors fast growth. Now the cheapest ad packs cost much more, 5$.

    – In MPA 1.0 the repurchase rule was the highest in the industry, 70%, which was very good for increasing the earnings in the long term and it helps to avoid the hit and runners. Now there isn’t repurchase rule. This is a radical change in the way they approach a revshare system.

    – In MPA 1.0 the big investments were rewarded because the high level ad packs had higher roi. Now the higher level ad packs are more expensive and they have the same roi.

    This is a radical change and I really don’t undertand why they did all these changes. Supposedly the old pay plan was successful until Paypal issue happened. Why to do a radical change now?



    Here is MPA latest update:

    Dear All,

    We are gearing up for the re-launch later today. All payment processors were checked for proper integration and they were all working fine. As this is a new script that we moved to we need to build it from scratch again.

    This script has few good and essential features we need. One important feature which all advertisers like is Traffic Exchange. It is the heart of our program and you all will see good advertising results through this feature. Few other established companies have been using this feature and glad we are having it now.

    Another important feature is having multiple wallets and distribution of share earnings and commissions to individual payment processors. This feature will be very useful when we have some issues with one or other payment processors. Such things will not cause bigger pause in the future.

    We have few more good features which you will see from the site and many more will be introduced in the future. This time we have very simple and effective adpack plans and build your accounts as per your strategy and we will work tirelessly to run the program well and bring all good features to you.

    We are getting ready for the re-launch but we have not finished adding the seed money balance to all accounts yet (we are doing it manually as automatic migration did not work due to some incompatibilities). We are doing it tirelessly and we still need more time to finish crediting for all accounts. But, we still decided to re-launch the site as we are loosing the time in our favor, visibility and alexa ranking. So, after we launch whomever wants to buy using payment processors they can do so and the members for which we have already credited the seed money balance they can make purchases and others can wait until we add the seed money balance. As mentioned we are first adding the seed money balances for Payza, STP, PM and Bitcoin members and for Paypal users we use it later (while they will be available for their use only after 5th July). So, we urge your cooperation on this matter. We will add seed money balances for everyone who qualify. No one will left. But it may just take some more time.

    Please remember this is not just one day or two days project. So, few days late in crediting the balances will not cause too much harm. We have some additional staff working for part time but as they are new they need some time to pick up. Our priorities at this junction are as below:

    [1] To make the site functional in all aspects for members who like to buy advertising services and delivering the revenue sharing rewards for the active adpacks.
    [2] To make sure that the login issues are resolved for all.
    [3] To continue adding the seed money balance for all accounts.
    [4] To reply to all support tickets in the timely manner.

    In terms of withdrawals processing we always have done within 48 hrs of processing time and I will never mention about that as we will continue to deliver them in time.

    So, let us start rolling the ball and we will continue to administer the site in meeting the above objectives. Please write a support ticket if you have any questions and we will get back to you soon. Thanks.

    Admin, MPA



    Take a look to this update:

    Honeslty I’m quite disappointed with MPA 2.0. The website is very slow, MPA 1.0 was much more user friendly and the ad packs are 5x the price of MPA 1.0.



    still the balance funds not added



    Umm, they are still working on it. I know a lot of people who already have their funds added. Supposedly the work should be finished this week, according to Uday’s words.



    We have a new update:

    During this week, they will continue their work sending the seed money to everyone. Every day we have new reports confirming that their seed money has been credited. Here you can see a report from a girl who received her 1000$ bitcoin funds today 🙂



    We have a new update:

    Dear Members,

    As we informed earlier that CronJob hasn’t been running since this morning and currently there are no earnings. There seems to be some issues and error with server.

    Programming and hosting team have been working to resolve the issue. We have requested this to be resolved as soon as possible and senior programmers are assisting to deal with the issue. Once this issue is resolved we will run double CronJob to compensate the lost time for earnings.

    Many Thanks

    Tanzeel Zia
    Communication Executive

    On the other hand, they have started adding seed money for Paypal users. Note that Paypal balance will remain in pending status until Paypal releases the funds on 4th June.


    Kapil Arora  

    Is the Admin Honest… I doubt seriously as before the makeover my balance in MPA was around 5$ and after the makeover or transformation it was 0 and all my active shares was resetted to zero and no help from their support. So I seriously doubt



    They have only credited the seed money. For example, if you deposited 100 and you withdrew 60$, they would have credited 40$ to your account. So I guest that you withdrew more money than the money you invested.

    Anyway you are right, they should have credited all the balance, regardless the money you have withdrawn and of course they should have kept our shares too.

    But at least the admin has created many videos explaining everything and we know he is a real person. I gave a new opportunity to MPA 2.0 and I have invested again despite MPA 1.0 was better IMO.



    We have a new update:

    Dear Members,
    You probably have noticed a change in main page before you login in your account. This is in preparation for our marketing campaign which will unleash traffic and new sales from Traffic Exchange users.
    This mean there will be loads of fresh funds coming in to the business which will increase the potential for your earnings in many years to come. These new customers are not really interested in revenue share but hungry for traffic to their advertising.
    In order for this to be successful I personally will advice:
    – Watch 20+ ads instead of 10 ads in 24 hrs
    – Surf PTC ads as many available in 24 hrs period
    – Click on all ads advertised on the website couple of times a day i.e PPC, PTC, Rotating…..
    Let’s together make this business stronger than ever before.
    ‪#‎MyPayingAdsQualityTraffic‬ ‪#‎MyPayingAdsNumberOne‬
    Many Thanks
    Tanzeel Zia
    Communication Executive & FB Admin Team



    Important update:

    Update on Paypal Funds Release
    Message Date : July 05, 2016 12:13:38

    Dear All,

    Hope you have a wonderful beginning for this week!

    We have great news to share. The 180 days Paypal “freeze” of our funds have ended yesterday (4th July 2016) and we have initiated the process of funds release from Paypal today.

    We are so exciting to share that 50% of our frozen funds were allowed to withdraw today and we have placed the withdrawal request to our bank account and it will take about 10 days for the funds to arrive in our bank account.

    All of our good wishes have worked amazingly and we are very pleased at this outcome. So, 50% funds will arrive in our bank in the next 10 days.

    The other 50% funds were in “withheld” reserves section (Paypal placed 50% in reserves section in Dec 2015 which will be used to settle any possible disputes/claims) and Paypal told that they need the approval from one of their Teams to release them to the “Available funds” so that we can withdraw the same to our bank account. They have not given any time frame yet but told that they escalated the same to the concerned team. So, once the team approves those funds to be moved to the “Available Funds”, then we can be able to withdraw the same too. From the date that we submit the withdrawal request, it will take 10 more days max for the funds to reach our bank account.

    So, it is some more days to fully receive the funds in our bank account. Once, we receive all the funds in our bank account, we will unfreeze the paypal re-purchase balances so that you can make the purchases and start withdrawing the earnings using your other preferred payment processors.

    You have been very supportive for the last 180 days and we thank you a lot for the same. So, let us all wait for few more days to get the money out of Paypal so that we can gear Up and move forward.

    We are extremely happy to see this development and very positive for the full release of funds soon so that all the members who have been waiting for the Paypal funds can resume their business with MPA. We will update you the progress as it develops. Tomorrow is a public holiday and hence we may hear from them something either on Thursday or Friday regarding the reserve funds.

    Continue to build your accounts, get the traffic to your programs, enjoy the revenue sharing rewards and recommend it to the people who are looking for such opportunities. Have a blessed day ahead!

    With Best Regards,

    MPA Admin Team

    PS: We did not mention any other updates in this bulletin as we want this to be exclusively about Paypal funds. We will write to you about some other updates in the meantime.



    There is a new update:

    Dear Members,
    ****Make sure to share this message in an email with your team members and talk about it in different forums.****
    I hope you are well and working on your strategies to improve ‪#‎MyPayingAds‬. Recently we announced a ‪#‎Competition‬ and traffic is already getting ‪#‎Crazy‬ but in a very good/positive way. Before I go in to the details and logic behind this competition let’s look at the amazing prizes up for grab.
    Daily Surfer Awards
    – First Prize 1 * $10 winner
    – Second Prize 8 * $5 winners
    Weekly Master Surfer Award:
    – $50 Awarded to #1 Traffic Exchange Surfer for the week! (The individual that surfs the most ads is the surf champion for the week and will be awarded the Master Surfer prize!)
    Do you have that fire in you to win this competition?
    $*$*$ We will have following benefits from this competition: $*$*$
    – Members will earn free traffic exchange credit to receive quality traffic for their campaigns
    – Members will have a positive and healthy competition to win decent reward
    – Free members can become paid member by winning a prize and their sponsors can benefit from residual income
    – Every week dedicated and mass surfer can win $50 which is a significant amount for some people around the globe and can give them a very good start in online journey
    – Improve MyPayingAds Alexa ranking and increase sales to traffic exchange lovers as a result of good traffic/hits delivered
    Good Luck to all for competing well and wining. ‪#‎MyPayingAdsNumberOne‬ ‪#‎MyPayingAdsCompetitionTime‬ ‪#‎MyPayingAdsSettingTrends‬
    Many Thanks
    Tanzeel Zia



    We have a new update:

    Dear Members,
    Today we have introduced new CAPTCHA plugin in our surfing to provide the real and quality clicks to our members traffic exchange ads. This improvement will bring more online marketer on board to receive enhanced and super quality traffic from ‪#‎MyPayingAds‬.
    You will have to click on requested images before proceeding to surf further ads.
    ‪#‎MypayingAdsNumberOne‬ ‪#‎MyPayingAdsQualityTraffic‬ ‪#‎MyPayingAdsImprovingEveryday‬
    Many Thanks
    Tanzeel Zia and FB Admin Team



    Another important update:

    Dear My Paying Ads Members,

    Here’s some fantastic news to jump start your weekend …

    We have formally agreed a plan of action, with PayPal, for the withdrawal of our remaining balance.

    The funds shall be arriving in our bank account within 5-10 working days. Just to be clear this is the second and final instalment. We have already received the funds that we requested for withdrawal on 5th July 2016.

    Once we have received the final PayPal balances, we will be allocating the funds to your purchases.

    We are nearing the end of the PayPal seed crediting process. If you are still awaiting PayPal related crediting then please kindly send us a support ticket and we will resolve any outstanding issues as fast as we can.

    Thank you for your patience and great support. Our members make us who we are and we will always strive to give you excellence.

    Please stay tuned for our updates over the next week.

    To your success,

    MPA Admin Team



    Here you have a video where you can see Keithy, the guy who usually explains the situation and news about MPA, and we can also see to Uday Nara, MPA admin:



    New important update:

    Dear MPA Members,
    How are you all doing? Hope you are all doing great and have a very productive week.
    Things are progressing well at MPA. We have been extremely happy in the last 4 weeks because we were able to add the seed money balances for members who made purchases with Paypal earlier and all Paypal users have come back and started using our services. This is something for which we have been patiently waiting since Dec 2015.
    Currently, the sales are going steadily and you are all doing commendable job in promoting MPA. Keep doing the same. Everyone’s routine at MPA shall be very simple, buying services as per your budget and traffic needs, promoting your programs, being active (through your daily surfing and viewing others advertisements) and promoting MPA to other potential customers. And, you will enjoy the activity rewards that we share with all your active adpack positions. Please pay full attention to all these activities and spend the necessary time to fulfil them on daily basis so that the company will flourish and eventually you will get benefited for a long term. We can only achieve this through TEAM work and not alone.
    Here comes an important update. We are at a paradigm shift at this junction of the business. We have carefully observed and analysed the recent events happened with one of the premier revenue sharing programs and trying to adopt some changes in MPA so that we can improve wherever possible and be more legally compliant and safe. We will be adopting those changes one after the other gradually in the due course of time.
    One of the focus in the coming months and thereafter will be the efforts in generating more revenue from the sales of other services (excluding the adpack sales). We have been doing the same in the past but as per our experience the initial focus of any revenue sharing program is to prepare the member base and steadiness in terms of the revenue sharing which eventually can lead the program to generate the revenue from other services. We are happy to share that we have reached that stage now and hence the majority of our focus will be put on the generation of the revenue from other services in the coming times. We will reveal all our ideas and strategies as soon as we are ready.
    As a beginning in this journey, we are bringing Membership Fees at MPA effective from tomorrow i.e. 1st September 2016. We have formulated our memberships so carefully such that you will not experience any inconvenience. All revenue generated from membership sales will be used for site maintenance and sharing with the active adpacks.
    Below given are the different Memberships:
    1. Beginner (Free Membership)
    2. Explorer ($10 per month)
    3. Professional ($30 per month) and
    4. Elite ($60 per month)
    The important Points to note regarding the memberships:
    a) These are monthly memberships and need to be manually renewed every month.
    b) No referral commissions are offered on Membership purchases of downline members.
    c) The membership fees have to be paid with only the payment processor and not with account balances.
    d) For making purchases from Ad-pack plan 1, you do not need any membership. Free members can buy adpacks of up to 100 from ad-pack plan 1 without the need of any membership.
    e) Explorer members can be able to buy adpacks from ad-pack plan1 and plan 2, respectively.
    f) Professional members can be able to buy adpacks from ad-pack plan1, plan2 and plan 3, respectively.
    g) Elite members can be able to buy adpacks from ad-pack plan1, plan2, plan 3 and plan 4, respectively. Therefore, you need to choose the membership type depending on the kind of adpacks that you like to make purchases of.
    h) The withdrawal limits are same for all 4 types of members (the minimum withdrawal is $5 and the maximum withdrawal per day is $200).
    i) All your current and earlier adpacks continue to receive the earnings irrespective of your membership type. For example, if you have adpacks from plan 4 earlier and if you want to stay as Free member from now on you will still receive the earnings from your ad-pack plan 4, but just that you will not be able to make any new purchases from ad-pack plan 4.
    These memberships will be effective from tomorrow i.e. 1st of September 2016. We will announce the exact time of enabling of these memberships tomorrow. Please lookout for our announcement just before we enable the membership feature.
    We sincerely believe that the memberships that we are offering are very fair in view of the below observations:
    A) No one is forced to buy these memberships. They are voluntary depending on the type of the service you are looking for. As a free member, you can make adpack purchases from plan 1 and will be able to withdraw your earnings without any restrictions.
    B) The membership costs are very affordable and cost-effective.
    C) You will receive the earnings from all your existing ad-packs irrespective of your membership type.
    We have been generating adpack sales very easily because of the cash back feature in terms of revenue sharing (activity rewards) and this is the time that we need to push ourselves to generate the revenue from other services. We have been working on many ideas and we will bring them one after the other in the due course of time.
    Hope you will understand the need of the implementation of membership types and be cooperative. Have a great day ahead and we will be in touch with you soon.
    MPA Admin Team



    can somebody explain me why the earning balance keeps on increasing with bitcoins though i have given only payza as my preferred payment processor. appreciate ur help



    @bhavani: Most likely because you have purchased some adpacks using Bitcoin balance. Maybe one of your referrals used Bitcoin and you got some balance in Bitcoin and you used it to purchase some packs, so those packs are giving earnings to your Bitcoin balance.



    Site Statistics:

    – Launch Date: March 17, 2016
    – Payouts: $14392091.08
    – Total Members: 185960+
    – Online Member: 1268



    From what I can gather my current long term hyip is now looking to shut shop and run (won’t name any names) so I am now looking to invest in this site as an alternative source of passive income. My problem is that I don’t currently have any of the ewallets listed, which would be my best option for this site? (I know you have done a review of all of them but to be completely honest I am useless as I have had a great deal of luck and made a fair amount of money leaving my current hyip to tick over but now it’s potentially coming to an end I am panicking a little). I know this is a bit off topic but thanks in advance for your response.



    Hi Invinsul, I (almost) always recommend to invest through Payza. As you know, Payza allows you to file a dispute and to get you money back if there is a problem. The commissions are higher than in other processors, but it’s worth.

    You can create an account at Payza in just 2 minutes and you don’t need to verify your account until you have received 2500$.

    You have 45 days to file a dispute and in some HYIPs and revshares you can get profits before the protection period is expired. For example: http://www.ohyip.com/webs/imperial7/ gives 154% in 30 days.

    The most recommended program by far is this: http://www.ohyip.com/webs/recyclix/ it’s a legit company and it’s going to last for many years to come.

    About revshares: I always recommend to invest since the beggining instead of joining when the program is mature. Take a look at this one: http://www.ohyip.com/webs/the-ads-team/ it’s going to be launched on 15th October and it’s going to be a long lasting one 😉



    Thank you for the prompt response. I have already invested in recyclix but I think it’s time to start taking my investments a little more seriously as to be completely honest I’ve spent almost two years with only one hyip and only now people are expecting it to close am I looking at alternatives. Regardless of whether they become a scam I have to say I am glad it has lasted this long.



    Apologies for another off topic comment but would I need a personal or business account? When signing up it doesn’t look like you can receive money to a non business account.



    Create a personal account. Business accounts are for companies.


    Marin Pavešić  

    one question, how long does it take for a pack to mature up to 120 % and is that for sure? I saw a discaimler



    The daily earnings are rounding 2%, so it could take 2 months. The daily profit has been quite stable but there is no guarantee. Note that the earnings depends on sales. If the sales are low, the daily earnings would be lower, that’s how a revshare works.



    It has long been the site works. One pays well? It is worth to go?



    Yes, it’s a very profitable investment. Uday Nara, the admin, is one of the most trusted revshare admins and this is a long term revshare. It’s one of the most recommended high yield investment program nowadays.



    New update:

    Regarding some delays to the withdrawals processing Mark as read Message Date : January 04, 2017 11:08:08 #MyPayingAds

    Just a quick note on some delays on withdrawals processing and support ticket replies. One of our senior staff members who process the withdrawals was admitted to hospital for some emergency purpose two days ago and hence the delays in the withdrawals (nothing serious by god’s grace but need to get some checkups done). Also, I will be assisting her to go through the process and hence my daily schedule also got severely effected.

    She shall mostly get discharged from hospital in 1-2 days time and we shall bring back the withdrawals to normal processing time of 48-72 hrs as soon as possible after that.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Other than this the business is as usual.

    We have great plans for 2017 mainly in terms of making the business more stable, bringing new products and expanding at large scale. For all these things to happen, we seek your involvement more in terms of using the system to the maximum benefit of advertising, revenue sharing rewards and viewing others advertisements and recommending the program to others (through word of mouth and all sources of online advertising). Together we can make MPA successful for many years to come.

    Uday N

    On behalf of MPA and MPCA Management



    First MPA hangout of the year:



    MPA Withdrawals update 24th Jan 2017 explaining the delays:



    Dear Sir,
    I like your honesty and transparency.

    I have a off topic question for you

    How do you calculate the received percentage of any program?



    Hi Siddhesh, my website does the math for me 🙂 It’s easy, for example, if I have invested 100$ and I have withdrawn 40$, the received percentage is 40%. If I have invested 100$ and I have withdrawn 200$, the received percentage would be 200%.

    The formula is:

    W x 100 / I

    (Withdrawn amount x 100 / Invested amount)



    thank you very much sir for replying.

    is safe to start now in mpa?
    sir what do you think?



    Yes, I think MPA is safe. It’s the revshare number 1 and they have been online and paying for almost 2 years.



    My Paying Ads YouTube Live Hangout #36 Monday 30th Jan 2017:



    New important update:

    Dear MPA Members,
    We have some lovely news to share with you all.
    ✨✨ Within the next 24hrs all withdrawals that were pending over 72hrs will be paid out!!
    ✨✨ Within the next 24hrs all new withdrawals will be processed within the 72hr service level time frame!
    We would like to take this time to apologise for any inconvenience caused by the delay in processing withdrawals.
    Our business structure is efficient and streamlined, meaning we can generate great profits to share with all of our members. The drawback of this structure is that we are reliant on key personnel.
    As you may already be aware we have had a senior member of our team in and out of hospital, this has resulted in some disruption with our withdrawal process.
    We want to emphasise that the MPA team work around the clock, 7days a week, to deliver a high quality service. This being said we are always looking for ways to improve and to strength our brand.
    We have decided to ramp up our support team as well as to employ more staff to help us on the withdrawal side.
    MPA has always delivered for its members and will continue to provide the best services and rewards that are possible.
    We were disappointed with responses shown by some of our members regarding the delays in withdrawals. When certain members talk nonsense or have a lack of understanding about the issue and feel the need to damage our business is something that really does upset us. This essentially undermines all the effort we put in for you.
    On a closing note, thank you to all of our loyal members. We are excited for the future of MPA and have some major announcements to make over the course of this year!
    ⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Please keep tuned into our Facebook page as our next update is HUGE! Expect this to land in the next few days!
    We have planned a massive 2017 and look forward to rolling out our exciting new products!
    Many thanks,
    MPA Admin Team



    Important update:

    Dear MPA Members, We have some important information

    First of all, MyPayingAds.com will be incorporating some new functionality that will commence on Thursday, 2nd Feb at 7:00am IST. During this time period we will be taking the site offline. We will also take this opportunity to migrate across to our new servers.

    Our technical team have indicated that the installation of these new features will take approximately 12hours to complete and test.

    As we are migrating to a new server please also keep in mind that there is DNS propagation process.
    Some members will be able to log in sooner than others and this depends on your service provider.

    We will keep you updated with progress.
    …You may be wondering what these new features are… ???

    All will be revealed post implementation!
    We will formally announce a new and exciting feature!!!
    Many thanks,

    MPA Admin Team



    New update:

    Dear MPA members

    Our technical team have completed both the installation of our new features (Announcement to be made soon!) and the server migration process.

    Members will now be able to log in and use our services as usual!

    We advise members to be patient at this time as the DNS propagation will be dependant on your internet service provider. We expect full propagation within the next few hours.

    Many thanks for your patience and keep tuned in for our major announcement!

    MPA Admin Team



    Important update:

    Dear All,

    The site came back to normal operation. The adpack purchases are enabled, withdrawal requests can be made and distribution of revenue sharing rewards were also enabled. All functions are working fine on our testing.

    To put in simple terms on what happened, we were trying to change the hosting company and moving to new servers for better functionality but the whole process was failed as the new servers were giving some unknown errors. The coding team have tirelessly worked to make it happen but they were not successful. Hence, we went back to our old servers and the hosting company. We will try again for this after 1-2 months time after checking the root cause of the errors.

    Apologies for all the inconvenience caused. We did our best during this whole process.

    We will announce soon regarding our new function that was added to the site.

    The business is as usual. Thanks.

    MPA Admin Team



    New update:

    Greetings MyPayingAds Members,

    We have some very exciting news to share with you.

    Our members and leaders put in the effort to promote our brand every single day and this monumental effort has made us the #1 advertise and get reward platform in the world.????????
    Our senior management have been looking at innovative ways to reward and incentivise your efforts.
    Over the course of this year, we will be making some major announcements and are very excited to roll out these features!

    Today, we are formally announcing the Leader Commission Wallet!
    This special wallet will allow members to withdraw their referral commissions!

    Any cash purchase made by your referrals will entitle you to 10% commission rewards that will be allocated to your Leader Commission Wallet and any repurchase of adpacks made will entitle you to 5% commission rewards that will be allocated to your regular commission wallet.

    Just to add, there is no withdrawal limit on the Leader Commission Wallet!!
    You may want to read the line above again!!

    This is an extremely powerful feature and provides a massive incentive for those that share our business!????
    These enhancements will come into effect on the 11th Feb 2017 @ 9am GMT.


    MPA Admin Team

    In conclusion:

    Internal repurchase has been lowered from 10% to 5% 🙁



    MyPayingAds 2nd Anniversary Event Dinner:

    Celebrating the MyPayingAds 2nd year anniversary with a dinner event plus a meet and greet with the executives!

    This is an exclusive event that is in high demand. To make this fair on our members we are only allowing 1 ticket per MPA account.

    The tickets are priced at $50, for the first 200 tickets sold, members will recieve a 100% refund after attending the event.

    Tickets sold after the first 200 tickets will be priced at $50, with no refund.

    Upon purchasing your ticket please specify your MPA ID number by emailing Keithy Broome at [email protected].

    *Please note members based in Singapore will not be entitled to receive a refund for their ticket. We need to make this fair on our team which is world-wide.

    Date and Time

    Fri 31 March 2017
    18:30 – 23:00 SGT


    Orchard Hotel
    442 Orchard Road
    Singapore, 238879



    New update:

    Dear MPA & MPCA members,
    We have taken the decision to disable the surf free plan.
    We have noticed increasing numbers of members buying surf free plans on a continual basis.

    The purpose of the the surf free functionality is to provide relief when our members requires it. For example family events, holidays etc.

    We will be enabling the functionality in the due course of time and this will come with a terms of use. We want you to have access to the flexibility that the surf free plan provides and at the same time want our advertisers to receive fast quality traffic.

    Many thanks,
    MPA Admin Team



    New important update:

    Dear MPA and MPCA members,

    Please be sure to read this entire message.

    First of all, we would like to congratulate the entire MPA family on the successful 2nd anniversary event! This is a phenomenal achievement and we look forward to the 3rd anniversary event. The UK is the front runner with regards to location!

    Secondly, we have a very important announcement with regards to both MPA and MPCA.
    Our key goals are to provide long term and consistent services to our members. With this being said we have reviewed our rewards plan and have decided to implement some changes that will strengthen our ability to uphold our primary goals.

    We have taken action, for our members, to ensure that the MPA Network stands strong for the next 5 to 10 years. We have seen time and time again many online platforms surviving less than 5months, this is a result of not understanding the demands of the market and not making the necessary adjustments to their business. The key reason that MPA stands at the peak of the industry and is in the best possible standing is that we make the required adjustments to ensure smooth business transition. We are also well aware that our decisions have an impact on shaping our industry. All this being said, we make our decisions after meticulous preparation and careful thought.
    MyPayingAds are officially announcing new rewards functionality for both MPA and MPCA.
    The new rewards functionality is summarised below:
    1] The maximum withdrawals that can be made is 2 times the purchase amount (i.e. purchases made with payment processor and/or cash balance i.e. leader’s commission)

    2] A new Adpack plan has been introduced to both MPA and MPCA i.e. Adpack Plan 5 which is almost identical with Adpack Plan 4 with an exception that the Adpacks can only be bought using the payment processor and/or cash balance i.e. leader’s commission.

    2a] The maximum number of Adpacks that one can buy from different plans at MPA are as follows:

    Adpack Plan 1: 100;
    Adpack Plan 2: 100;
    Adpack Plan 3: 100;
    Adpack Plan 4: 1200;
    Adpack Plan 5: 1000;

    2b] The maximum number of Adpacks that one can buy from different plans at MPCA are as follows:

    Adpack Plan 1: 100;
    Adpack Plan 2: 100;
    Adpack Plan 3: 100;
    Adpack Plan 4: 1000;
    Adpack Plan 5: 1000;

    3] Both MPA and MPCA will include a purchase fee and withdrawal fee of 2% for Bitcoin purchases and withdrawals.This fee amount is used for the site maintenance and staff.

    4] All these features will be enabled in both MPA and MPCA at 12 noon Indian Standard Time (IST) on 7th Apr 2017.

    5] Whatever the outstanding withdrawals at the time of the enabling of the above features will be cancelled and all the funds will be returned to the earning balances. New withdrawal requests can be made after the enable of the above new features.

    This functionality in combination with the leadership commission, will provide a fair reward opportunity to all members.
    Members that have already withdrawn x2 of their purchase amount will not be penalised with a negative account. The Adpacks in their accounts will be paused and will become active as soon as more Adpacks are purchased with either fresh funds or leadership commissions.

    Just to re-iterate, our key goals are to provide long term and consistent services to our members. The new rewards functionality will strengthen our ability to uphold our primary goals. This concept will take our platform to a new level of steadiness. As we mentioned previously, as industry leaders we need to ensure that we can shape and improve our industry and help it grow from strength to strength. This is the new era of online advertising & revenue share and MyPayingAds are leading the industry to new heights.

    Many thanks,

    MPA & MPCA Admin Team



    New update:

    Dear All,
    It is to inform you that the sites (both MPA and MPCA) need some more work and hence we need to keep them in maintenance until around noon time of Indian Standard Time (IST), 8th Apr 2017. When sites came to live after brief maintenance today, coders found few key glitches and they need to be fixed before the sites go live again. They have finished lot of things but their working hours have finished and we cannot bring the sites back to live with half work done. Hence, they will work on the sites again from 10 am Indian Standard Time tomorrow (8th Apr 2017) and will finish fixing the glitches and will bring back the sites to normal operation.

    We apologize the inconvenience caused and seek your patience. We will update you all tomorrow (8th Apr 2017) around noon time of IST. Thanks.

    MPA-MPCA Admin Team



    Hello admin request withdrawal on 21/4/2017 still pending



    Received payment today



    Good to know. The payments are taking around 72 hours, and it can take a bit longer, especially during weekends.


    Marin Pavešić  

    How’s MPA doing and what are your predictions for it’s future sir?



    MPA is doing very good. Uday Nara is one of the most trusted admins. MPA is online and paying since 760 days and many people has earned a lot of cash with it. For those who invested since day 1 it has been a gold mine, and it seems it’s going to last much more, but of course, I’m not Uday Nara, so I can’t be sure. Recently they did a live event in Singapore and that’s always a good sign. I always like admins who show their face and not “ghosts”.



    Update April 30, 2017

    1. There is still a line up of support tickets. Please make sure you choose the correct category so Tickets can be processed faster.

    Most tickts are asking about withdrawal times.
    To speed everything up, please cancel those ‘Where is my withdrawal request’ tickets, thanks.

    MPA Withdrawal times at present:

    1. Perfect Money – 3-4 days

    2. STP – 6-8 days

    3. Payza – 6-8 days

    4. Coinpayments (Bitcoin) 6-8 days
    MPCA Withdrawal times: 3-5 days
    We are expecting to get back to 72 hours VERY SOON.
    Things are progressing slowly in a positive way.

    2. We had an issue with the Cron Job(Website tasks) on earnings for some members, this is FIXED.

    3. We are excited to announce our first International Seminar.

    Shaf Memon will have all the fantastic details soon. It’s going to be awesome.

    All members, please focus on building your businesses and completely understanding our new ‘Pool System’ for ad pack purchases and withdrawals.

    Please go to ‘Account Activity, Admin Messages’ in your back office, to read this important information.


    MPA-MPCA Admin



    Important update:

    Dear All,
    Hope you are all having a relaxing weekend and wish you all a joyful time of the remaining weekend!

    We, the MPA Management, have been working tirelessly to have steady progress for MPA and MPCA. There have been some delays in the withdrawals and we have been working hard to find solutions to improve the situation. It has come to make some adjustments to our current arrangement so that the situation can be improved. We try our best to make this update concise and clear as much as possible.

    [1] Though we have been making a great progress in terms of the revenue generation since our re-launch in Mar 2016, there has been short fall of revenue coming into the system compared to what we were paying out. We have never reduced the daily earnings as we set those daily earnings with an anticipation of future sales targets and achievements. Now, we have come to a stage where we need to increase our efforts to generate more revenue so that the withdrawals shall be processed smoothly without any delay.
    Please note that we have been generating good revenue daily but not fully sufficient to honor the daily withdrawals and hence we have come to the current state of delayed withdrawals. By putting more promotional efforts on daily basis we can be able to reach to the targeted daily revenue in very short period of time and then can be able to sustain the same.

    For MPCA, the raise in the Bitcoin price and the fear of fork etc in the recent past has some effect on the revenue generation and we need to take some measures for this platform too to make it more stable and steady in terms of finances.

    [2] Now, the biggest hurdle in recruiting the new members is of the delayed withdrawals. Hence, we found a solution wherein all the withdrawals will be processed within 24 hrs of the request being made so that everyone can completely work on promoting our services to the potential clients so that we can soon reach to our targeted daily revenue and steady state of functioning.

    [3] As the current daily revenue is not fully sufficient to honor the daily withdrawals hundred percent, we need to work towards an increase in the daily revenue that we generate so that we can meet the daily withdrawal requests. We are fully confident of reaching that stage but need our collective work to achieve the same.

    To have smooth promotional efforts, the withdrawal requests have to be fully cleared within the reasonable time frame. Therefore, after so much brainstorming, we decided to work on a solution for this so that all new withdrawal requests will be cleared within 24 hrs after the request submission so that we can boost our promotional efforts. Hence, we decided to have a variable maximum daily withdrawal limit starting from Tuesday, 9th May 2017 at both MPA and MPCA (which can be any amount less than $200 at MPA and less than 1 BTC at MPCA, respectively) which will be based on our daily revenue generation and which can be cleared within 24 hrs of withdrawal request submission. Our target is to maintain and/or achieve these daily maximum withdrawal limits to $200 for MPA and 1 BTC for MPCA, respectively, but it depends on how soon we can reach our targeted revenue generation.

    [4] Following are our plans to increase the daily revenue:
    -Increased Online Marketing: We will increase our online marketing by many fold than what we are currently doing. We are actually doing only less than 10% of what we are capable of because of our daily administrative duties. We now increase these efforts and reach to our full potential.
    -Increased Offline Marketing: This is one area that we yet to start. We will now organize business opportunity meetings all over the world through our affiliates and the management team. Some leaders from Australia and UK are going to have inaugural MPA-MPCA business opportunity meetings in their countries soon. We will have the arrangements made for such events all over the world.

    -New Advertising Products: We will have some new advertising products coming up. Especially one advertising product has great potential to bring the bigger revenue which in fact seen as a Dream Product by us. Following is an illustration of the revenue possibility: If one thousand members of MPA and MPCA, bring one sale for this product per day, the company will make $100,000 revenue per day (10% of which will be paid to the members as the affiliate commission and rest will be used for honoring MPA-MPCA withdrawals). We have not seen any such product in the market generating such a big revenue. Please remember that our clients for this product are any offline business owners. So, you can imagine the potential that we have for this product. We have thousands (or millions) of different offline businesses in every city we live and eevry offline business owner is a potential customer/client for this advertising product.

    This is by far the great idea that we have generated and we strongly believe that once we bring this product to our platforms, that will be the last day that we worry about our daily revenue generation. We need the quality time to work on this product development. Hence, it is very important to bring the above variable withdrawal limits so that the site functioning can be made smooth and steady and we the management time can put our efforts in bringing this dream product on board.

    The IT team are currently working on this product and we target to bring this product to our platforms in the next 2-3 months or less. We will update to you all on the progress as it develops.

    -New Partner Programs: We are also working on some new partner programs which will bring new customers and additional revenue to our platforms. Please remember that all our efforts in this direction are to bring new revenue to our two platforms. This also needs our quality time and energy to channel in this direction.

    -New Payment Processors: We are also working on the new payment processors so that it can bring more members to our platforms.

    -New CryptoCurrency Adpacks: We shall also be bringing new adpacks that can be bought with other crypto currencies.

    With all the above plans in place we are fully confident of reaching the targeted daily revenue as soon as possible so that the daily withdrawal limits will go back to normal. Until that time there will be variable withdrawal limits anywhere between $5 to $200 per day at MPA and from 0.01 btc to 1 btc per day at MPCA).

    The leader’s commission obtained everyday will be fully paid without any restriction. The variable limits applies to Earning balance and Booster earnings withdrawals, respectively.

    [5] Following are the key points to note regarding the variable withdrawal limits and how it works:

    [a] We will place the current pending withdrawals on hold until further notice. If any member wants to get them canceled and return the funds to earning balance, please raise a support ticket (under category: “Cancellation of Withdrawal Request” so that it can be done as soon as possible. We will let you know soon (before end of next week) on what is going to be done regarding these pending withdrawals in the system.

    [b] The new withdrawal request submissions and withdrawals processing will be closed on Monday, 8th May 2017.

    [c] The withdrawal request submissions will be resumed from Tuesday, 9th Mat 2017, server time 01:00 onwards. The maximum withdrawal limit per member on Tuesday will be fixed before 01:00 server time on Tuesday and you can see the same on the withdrawal page while submitting the withdrawal request. All withdrawal requests submitted on Tuesday will be cleared within 24 hrs from the time of withdrawal request submission. This will continue the same way moving forward until we reach our upper limits of withdrawals.

    [6] Please visit the below video for the hangout we had where we explained the details:

    We thank you all for your valuable contributions and support to MPA and MPCA and we look forward for bright future.
    Best Regards,

    MPA-MPCA Management and Admin Team



    Just for your info:

    Today limit is $40 in MPA / $0.2 BTC in MPCA



    New update from Uday Nara, bad news:

    Dear All,

    We are currently processing the withdrawal requests received on 9th May 2017 (Tue). Our estimations went wrong and whatever the revenue generated on the previous day was not sufficient to honor the withdrawal requests came on 9th May 2017 because the total wthdrawal requests came on 9th May were way too high than the usual daily withdrawal requests (3-4 times higher than the regular number of withdrawal requests).

    Below are some quick details on the the revenue generated on previous day and withdrawal requests came on 9th May:

    Revenue generated: $95,000
    Withdrawal requests came: $255,730

    Revenue generated: 36 BTC
    Withdrawal requests came: 301 BTC

    Hence, we currently focus on making the payments for these withdrawal requests. After we finish processing these withdrawal requests then we will open new withdrawal requests once we generate the sufficient revenue.

    Hence, currently, new withdrawal request submissions are closed on 10th May 2017. We will make an announcement towards the end of 10th May 2017 with an update on the progress.

    Meanwhile, the cancellation of withdrawal requests made before 7th May 2017 is still on-going and we will try to finish this task as soon as possible.

    MPA Management


    Emma Brandon  

    They will scam soon. keeping people on hook.
    He should talk straight or else Uday will loose his reputation fast.
    Once MPA fails, GRMCrypto will gain for sure.. Fingers crossed.



    The problem is that they managed the money as it was a ponzi. A real revshare should just share the money generated. If you share money that doesn’t exist, the numbers shown in the control panel are castles in the air, as easy as that.



    New update from Uday Nara:

    Dear all,

    Our journey here at MPA and MPCA is progressing well.
    We have always strived to deliver quality advertising products, services and rewards for our members right from the start of the business in 2015. We have been through a lot together and I wish to thank all of you for your energy and forward thinking approach.
    Wow. So many great ideas over the last 24 hours. Thank you.

    Today we announce our first big step back to opening withdrawals.

    Two Brand New Ad Packs, that will have benefits for the members and the company.

    Below given are the details of the Ad Packs:

    5 Dollar Booster Adpack at MPA:

    Adpack Cost: $5
    Activity rewards upto: 120%
    No Membership required
    Referral Commissions: 5%
    Advertising credits: 100 Cashlinks [of 0.001 click value to the Surfer]
    Cap on daily earnings: upto 1-2% per day
    Maximum daily purchases: 100
    Number of active adpacks one can possess: 2000
    Purchases are from Payment Processor, Leader’s commissions and/or Booster Earnings

    0.005 BTC Adpacks at MPCA:

    Adpack Cost: 0.005 BTC
    Activity rewards upto: 120%
    No Membership required
    Referral Commissions: 6%
    Advertising credits: 2,500 Banner credits
    Cap on daily earnings: upto 1-2% per day
    Maximum daily purchases: 100
    Number of active adpacks one can possess: 1000
    Purchases are from Payment Processor and Leader’s commissions

    The purchases are open for these two adpacks at respective platforms.

    We wish you a productive day ahead.


    MPA Management



    #MPA and #MPCA update on 11th May 2017:

    Dear All,

    Here are some updates from the management to MPA and MPCA members:

    [1] We have been working on clearing the payouts received on 9th May 2017. We use the revenue as it generates to clear the payouts.

    We have also canceled all the pending withdrawal requests made prior to 7th May 2017 and returned the funds to the respective account balances.

    [2] The next set of withdrawal request submissions will be opened when we have at least $50,000 worth of revenue generation at MPA (so that a minimum of $5 withdrawal of 10,000 members can be honored) and 100 BTC worth of revenue generation at MPCA (so that a minimum of 0.01 btc withdrawal of 10,000 members can be honored), respectiely.

    Hence, until further notice, the new withdrawal request submissions are closed. As soon as we generate the sufficient revenue, we will open for the new withdrawal request submissions.

    At the management we are doing our best to promote our two platforms and please continue doing the same so that through team work we can achieve the success.

    [3] We thank everyone for all of your suggestions on Facebook, through support tickets and through personal messages. We have noted every single suggestion and we are currently going through them so that a suitable strategy will be made to overcome the current situation.

    Please kindly remember that the avergae withdrawals used to be upto $200,000 to $340,000 per day at MPA and 200-250 BTC per day at MPCA, respectively, when we have the earlier maximum withdrawal limits and that is the kind of revenue that we need to generate to go to our normal functioning. So, any new strategy we work on shall make us to reach to such revenue generations per day.

    Hence, we are carefully going through each suggestion and doing all the necessary thinking to finalize a workable solution.

    We will communicate to you all about our strategies to move forward as soon as we finalize them.

    Please note that one or few good strategies can be able to improve the situation and bring MPA and MPCA back on track in terms of withdrawals processing and our current hard work is to come up with such solutions. We are in consultation with many senior members, leaders and industry experts for ideas and suggestions. We hope to finalize this excercise soon.

    [4] While it is difficult to ask for your patience and cooperation at this situation of daily withdrawals being disabled, but we do not have any better option at this moment. Please visualize that once we find a suitable solution, all our waiting will finish and we will be on our successfull journey for many months and years to come.

    [5] Please suggest your team members to read all our announcements which are being placed in “Admin Messages” page under Account Activity tab in the back offices.

    Thanks and wish you all a great time ahead.

    MPA Management



    New update:

    Dear MPA/MPCA Members,

    We just completed our meeting with the executives and admins with regard to our business model moving forward.

    Wow, really great stuff!! Just some technical things to iron out with the programmers.

    Some serious decisions need to be delivered, but please respect the honesty and openness from our Management.

    All will be revealed at 8pm Monday night, London time.

    We really appreciate your support for MPA and MPCA and the business.

    Admin MPA/MPCA



    Important update:

    #MPA and #MPCA Announcement (15th May 2017):

    Dear MPA/MPCA Members,

    Firstly, we would like to thank all the members and team leaders who have offered their valuable suggestions to continue our journey. We have carefully gone through each and every suggestion before arriving at the possible options to find the solution for the current stalling at MPA and MPCA, respectively.

    We have also carefully analyzed the revenue generation in the last one week and possible future revenue generation with the current stalling. The revenue generation has been very less but it is also due to the disabling of the withdrawal requests.

    There are some serious concerns in terms of the continuity of the business wherein the revenue generation will be good enough to deliver the satisfactory daily earnings. If the daily earnings are not satisfactory, then the stalling may occur again.

    Hence, after careful consideration of all possibilities, we came up to the below two options to choose from:

    Plan A:

    Reset all ad packs and earning balances to zero in every account
    Reduce referral commission to 5%
    The daily earnings will be set between 0.0% to 2.0% which is variable everyday and which strictly depends on the daily revenue generation
    The maximum worth of adpacks that one can buy is of $10,000.
    The maximum withdrawal limit per day is: $200. Will vary also depending on the revenue generation.
    The minimum withdrawal limit per day is: $5
    The maximum withdrawal limit is 3 times to the processor purchase.

    Members will be required to complete 16 promotional tasks per day to earn daily;
    profit share will start at 0% and then go up based only on daily sales.
    These tasks will include posting to Facebook, posting to Twitter, posting to a Blog site, posting text messages to traffic exchanges etc.
    Each task of 4 completed, then the members will qualify for that daily set of earnings (25% of the daily earnings for the completion of each task).

    More emphasis will be placed on members to promote the business to sustain sales and long term growth.

    Below are some important points to note regarding this Plan:

    (a) Though the members have bought the advertising services from our programs while revenue sharing rewards are non-guaranteed, we still want to generate the revenue through the sales of other advertising services and through other partner programs and return the amount that was spent on the advertising and hence if we choose this option, we have the defeciet of that amount to begin with. So, this defeciet will have severe effect on the successful continuion of the programs.

    (b) There will still be a possibility of stalling if the revenue generation stops, through members not supporting the re-launch etc.
    When the revenue is low and if earnings are like 0.1% or 0.5% per day,
    new people making purchases will stop and want to wait until earnings get picked up.
    But, earnings percentage cannot be increased unless the revenue generation picks up.
    So, such situation may lead to stalling again.

    (c) Members who lose adpacks now may disappoint and stop supporting the business.
    Members who are waiting to receive the seed money may not support the system immediately with dedication and focus.

    Plan B:

    Stop Adpack sales until further notice and run MPA and MPCA as non-revenue sharing Traffic Exchange platforms.
    We see enormous growth in this sector to increase our member base in the new traffic exchanges,
    with thousands of online marketers looking to spend their advertising money on a well run modern platforms like ours.
    This will generate income for the platforms straight away.
    Income generated will be directed to paying members seed money.

    There will be one upgrade membership offered at each platform as follows:

    $10 or 0.01 btc per month upgrade membership 10000 Banner views per month
    50% referral commissions on every purchase to the sponsor

    All revenue generated through the continuition of MPA and MPCA Traffic Exchange platforms and our other two upcoming partner programs, CC and the ‘dream product’ as we have outlined, a local business directory index product,
    which will start generating income within 3 weeks from now, hopefully,
    will be used to refund to the members who have not withdrawn their seed money balance. This does not affect the partner programs in any way. We are here stating that any revenue generated that would normally go to the admin fund will be used to return to the members.

    All Adpacks and current account balances will be made to zero.

    The revenue sharing platform will resume operation in early 2018 after building our external revenue generation streams. These external revenue generation streams will help the programs to sustain longer without the possibility of any stalling, hopefully.

    The Management’s Decision in moving forward:

    The majority of leaders and members that we approached, preferred a long term approach to the business and have indicated Plan B as their preferred option.

    The management team have agreed with their reasoning for long term stability and growth.

    The key points being:

    1. 80% of the member base are non marketers and have no wish to promote or
    recruit, believing the business model is clicking the adverts and withdrawing the earnings.

    2. Only 2% of the active members chose to purchase the suggested $5 booster packs to generate sales
    We sold 5000 ad packs which is $25,000. Our sales target every day is $100,000 minimum to pay the minimum withdrawal request amount per day to each eligible member.
    Most believed the site would stall again in a short while, making Plan A a short term option,
    to be back in the same situation and still having the burden of the seed money to be paid to members.

    3. Traffic Exchanges, as a business model, have operated for over 10-15 years and are proven.
    Traffic generated will bring in sales to stabilize the business and pay seed money to members.

    4. With immediate funds coming from the Traffic Exchanges and the new partner programs starting within 2-3 weeks, the clear profit generated could be given to the member’s seed money fund straight away, to start payments to the members.

    5. Once the seed money debt is finalised, the business would be stable and in profit, when relaunching with the improved revenue share model in early 2018.

    Therefore our decision is to adopt Plan B and move forward.

    More details will be shared through a hangout tomorrow. We thank everyone for your great support for our two platforms. Let us continue working as a team so that we can re-launch the revenue sharing platforms soon after building the necessary external revenue generation streams.u


    MPA and MPCA Management



    The same shit happened with MPA 1.0. They returned the seed money to those who lost money (they added the funds as repurchase balance in MPA 2.0 account).

    The thing is that we all lost our balance and our adpacks, at least until early 2018. So far I have no choice but to move MPA to “Not paying” list.



    I really don’t see how anything you bring in be promoted by anyone here ever again??? You have shared revenue that was not there to begin with which is revenue share suicide (It is not how a Rev share should run) and you should have known a stall was up and coming? its simple math.. and you waited all this time to introduce new income streams???? I find that the so called dream product is a business directory? have you ever heard of Yelp? OMG.. I really don’t want to even know what CC is.. Please kick out who ever came up with option A as an option.. Good luck with option B…



    Hi Aitor

    How do we go about getting our seed money back? Do we just wait passively till 2018 and hope for their benevolence? I made no withdrawals to date from MPCA. Will I get back same amount of bitcoins?



    @Frank: You are right. A real revshare should just share the earnings generated by sales. Doing that, there would never have been withdrawal delays or payment issues. That’s the key. So far, I have only seen one revshare admin who really understand how a real revshare should work (I’m talking about the admin of Eden Traffic).



    @Jules: Saddly we don’t have other choice. He is asking us to keep surfing ads but I’m sure 95% of the people is going to run away. No money, no honey.

    Last time, when MPA 1.0 collapsed, our hope was to get back the Paypal funds. Some months later, Paypal unfroze the funds and supposedly Uday used those funds to pay his debts.

    The thing is that this time there aren’t funds to unfreeze, that is, Uday needs to get the money from MPA (from now on it will be a traffic exchange site) and other new projects. Will he Will he succeed? I think it won’t be easy at all but who knowns… as I said, it’s the only hope.



    Well Uday’s reputation has gone down the plug hole.



    @Jules: Yes, his reputation is lost now, but if he gives the seed money back to those who didn’t get earnings, a lot of people will support him for MPA 3.0 launch and he would have many worshipers, like he had 2 days ago.

    The thing is: How is he going to manage this situation in order to get the money he needs to pay his debts if no one is going to support him?



    Latest MPA Hangout with questions and answers:


    Raghav Daga  

    How he will refund seed money.. complete eyewash.
    All his mates look so bright as they already got their share.
    Shaf, his partner already opened a luxurious bar n restaurant
    in UK few days ago.. Anyone can verify. Believe me, They will
    bring 2-3 new programs in next 1 month or two and force members to promote, so that the platform will be big and they can recover
    seed money. Member will do too as most are now like slaves..
    I m not disrespecting members but they r badly trapped. How these so called big promoters will ruin the life of thousands of
    members and thousands who will come as new entrants, just
    wait n see. You will never hear from them that we have so much
    money left, we will do such things, we will generate cash and
    pay you slowly. No they won’t say that.. These guys and both admins Uday n Shaf Memon, both r used to easy cash now…
    They can’t prove me wrong as I know them very closely.
    To recover seed money bring more innocent guys and push them
    to hell. This Shaf is a big cheater.. He cheated so many programs
    earlier, creating fake ids and withdrawing ref com on his own huge sum of deposits.. He was banned from so many programs already
    How Uday took him as co admin knowing all his activities. Till last year, he was a leader only, suddenly he becomes close & become
    co-admin in background. It’s his idea to bring MPCA from no
    where to support MPA. People were trapped & they emptied both.
    If anyone still believe them, then he must be mentally retarded


    Raghav Daga  

    @jules @frank I lost a good amount too like you people.
    U still hope, i m sure it won’t come instead more will be trapped.
    Nobody talks about the other admin who was real gamer since
    last Sep-Oct 2016. If anyone is in Uk, this shaf should be caught.
    He highlighted Uday so much with all those pics last year, u may
    remember, from their, the game began.. Anyway praying 4 U.



    @Raghav Daga: Thanks for the info. I didn’t know that Shaf had opened a luxurious bar n restaurant. Maybe too many admins to feed and also MPA debts were to much ballast.

    Anyway, if he plans to pay seed money by creating new programs, what is going to happen with those who don’t get earnings from the new programs? If he doesnt create real external income, the only thing he is going to do is to dig a deeper hole.



    BTW, there are rumors saying that Uday is about to launch a new cryptocurrency. That could be the source of income they are waiting for.



    Hangout overview from Tuesday 16th May 2017.

    1. MPA/MPCA as per Plan B in your back office:
    Account Activity – Admin Messages, will change to a traffic exchange on each site, effective this week.

    2. All packs and earning balances will be set to zero.
    You will keep your advertising credits to use in the new traffic exchanges.

    3. ‘Seed Money’ – the total processor purchases, minus any withdrawals = total seed money, will be returned to members over the next few months, as sales from the 3 new products the business, will start in a couple of weeks.

    4. The new traffic exchanges will attract online marketers and create sales on the two platforms.
    It will be free to join and surf adverts to get credits.
    It will also have an ‘upgrade membership’ of $10 per month and affiliate commission of 50%. Details to follow.

    5. Once all seed money is paid back to the members and the 3 product businesses are bringing in steady income, Uday will plan to restart a MPA revenue share program in early 2018 as he still believe in the business model and can produce a stream lined effective platform moving forward.

    Uday has made a commitment to return the seed money owed to members.
    He wants to bring solid programs to the members, so they can grow their online programs.
    Adjustments have had to be made for the longevity of MPA and MPCA.
    The journey continues and Uday wants you to be a part of it.

    More updates to follow.

    Thank you
    MPA/MPCA Admin



    MPA/MPCA Stages Going Forward as of 18th May 2017

    Stage 1:

    Refund all purchases made from payment processor from May 10th to May 15th 2017 back to members processors

    Cancel all withdrawals up to and including 9th May 2017
    Withdrawal amounts returned to member earning balances
    Time frame: Proceeding now

    Stage 2:

    Open MPA and MPCA Traffic Exchange Sites
    Time frame: Within 7 days

    Stage 3:

    Open the new product platforms, CC, Local Business Directory Listing

    Time frame: Within 14 days(CC) to 8 weeks(Local Business Directory Listing)

    Stage 4:

    Return ‘Seed Money’ – Total Processor Purchases minus Total Withdrawals

    Time frame: Begin within 3 months,
    based on profit generated from the new products and partner programs

    Members DO NOT to send in support tickets for Seed Money until further notice


    Raghav Daga  

    Does they care about new guys. They only care for survival of MPA
    bcoz its their holy cow & as long as it’s live, they will keep on milking.
    Uday creating a new crypto currency !! It’s so funny. can he spell
    name of 100 crypto coins in market. No way. It’s a shortest route
    these days for people to link anything to crypto. Look at the other
    Admin, I could n’t remember her name (grm), She is giving signals
    since yrs. I was going thru her posts. perfect prediction she made.
    I will join thru your link in grm very soon. After nearly $1200 loss in
    MPA, i have to arrange a good amount and enter with my team
    with a bang. I don’t see any other alternative in market



    So sad 🙁



    Refunds to the payment processor purchases made between 10th May 2017 to 15th May 2017

    We have asked the members to submit the support tickets regarding this under category “Technical” and we have replied to all tickets submitted under this category and refunds were done for most of the cases (except for the purchases made with Payza) and few more to be processed today. As mentioned earlier, our Payza balance is in negative because of some of the reversals happened and we will work this week to find a solution for the same and will refund for the Payza purchases too (which were made on and after 10th May 2017).



    Refunds to the Seed Money balance

    No support ticket submissions are needed for this.

    We are committed to generate the new revenue to refund the seed money balances to the members who have not withdrawn more than their seed money balance through our upcoming new advertising products and new partner programs. There is no fixed time frame for this as it depends on when we can generate the necessary targeted revenue to refund to the seed money balance to all eligible members.

    The seed money balance is estimated as Total adpack purchase amount with payment processor minus the total withdrawals made. If the total withdrawals made were higher than the total adpack purchase amount with payment processor, there will be no seed money balance to be returned.

    We will be updating about the new products and partner programs as soon as we have some progress. We will have one of the partner programs launching within one week from now provided all testing will be done.

    As soon as we generate 5% of the total seed money balance (for all members) to be returned, we will send that instalment to all members. The next instalment will be after we generate another 5% of the targeted revenue generation. This process will repeat until we generate the 100% revenue that is needed for full refunds of the seed money balances. After this whole process finishes we will resume the revenue sharing platform with the needed modifications.

    One of the big expectations on revenue generation is through our upcoming Business Directory Listing. We will be preparing a brochure this week for this product so that we will start sharing the necessary information with you all. We need the interested affiliates to get ready to promote this product to the offline business owners so that the sales can be generated for this product as soon as it is launched.



    Update from #MPA and #MPCA Management (15th July 2017)

    Dear All,

    We hope you are all doing good. We have some significant progress in the development of scripts needed for our upcoming partner programs and hence we like to update you the progress at this junction.

    [1] For one of the Advertising platforms working with bitcoin, the programming is near to completion. Currently, the testing of the features is going on and we will be able to launch it within one week time from now or before. Also, we will share the details of the program in 2-3 days time and will open the pre-registrations.

    [2] As mentioned earlier, the bigger expectation for the revenue generation is from Business Directory and programmers have finished more than 80% of the basic coding needed. We are looking at getting the script ready for testing in 2-3 weeks time. For this also we will start sharing the details this week so that the interested affiliates can be recruited and started giving some training.

    This script is entirely new as the off shelf scripts does not meet our needs. Hence, the programmers have been exclusively working on this script to make sure that they can deliver on what we need. We are satisfied with the progress so-far and it is going to be ready on-time.

    [3] Turning MPA and MPCA into normal traffic exchanges was put on hold because the programmers wanted to work on the above two projects exclusively to make sure that they can develop the features that we have asked for. So, this item will be worked on sometime now.

    [4] As updated earlier, Mr Shaf Memon will be leading the CC program and it is scheduled to be launched after the bitcoin based advertising platform. The plan and the launch details will be shared in the due course of time.

    [5] Meanwhile, we like to open a new Facebook group only for the members who are waiting for the seed money balance so that any exclusive announcements to be made will be communicated through the same. There may be some details and announcements which we only want to communicate with the members who are waiting for seed money balance. Also, we will share the details of the revenue generated on daily basis through pinned post in this group. This is open to members who are waiting for seed money balance only and it is mandatory for all those members to join this group to get updates. If you do not have a Facebook account, you may want to open one temporary profile for this purpose and join the group. We will share the Facebook group link soon. Please gather the following information which is needed before joining this group:

    [A] Member id number of MPA/MPCA:
    [B] Total Payment Processor Purchase amount:
    [C] Total Withdrawals:
    [D] Seed Money balance: [B]-[C]

    Please take help from your friends to open a FB profile, if needed.

    The main MPA and MPCA Facebook group will continue to function as normal.

    [6] Just a note on the delay for updates. I was severely traumatized by the developments at MPA/MPCA, negative comments, scammer accusations, threats and blackmails, rigorous push for seed money returns while we do not have any funds etc and hence could not attend to my daily activities. I have been building up the strength needed to move forward. Hence, there was a delay in the updates.

    We have been functioning with utmost honesty since March 2015 and there have been no wrong doings. The program has stalled because of not enough sales and hence we arrived to the current situations. Unfortunately, some members have been interpreting it wrongly.

    [7] We will do all necessary things to generate the revenue and return the seed money balance. There will be no doubts about it. But, it will take time. Please only remember one thing, the seed money may not come when you need but it will come for your use at an appropriate time after the funds will be generated.

    Please kindly do not worry and panic about the bitcoin fluctuations. We will try to refund the seed money balance such that you will get the highest value of the btc vs USD conversion. We will generate the revenue until that point where you will get maximum benefit. We will provide more details in the due course of time.

    As we do not have funds for any refunds now (the refunds will follow as we generate the new revenue), we may not be able to reply for the current requests that are coming in. We will continue to send the seed money balance as we generate the new revenue and the stats of the seed money balance returns will be given in the pinned post of the new FB group that is going to be opened soon.

    More to follow in the next updates. Thanks for all your kind support and good wishes.

    Uday N

    #MPA and #MPCA Admin


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