• Confirmed scam 13-12-2016
  • Lifetime 115 days
  • Added 21-10-2016
  • Added since 550 days
  • Not Paying
  • Monthly return 15%
  • Minimum investment 10$
  • Our investment 152$
  • Received
  • Last payment 31-01-2017
  • Withdrawals Within 48 hours
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    My 24 Hour Income is a revshare that was launched on 20th August 2016 by Drew Burton, a well known online marketer and youtuber who lives in Toronto, Canada.

    Investment Programs

    My 24 Hour Income offers 4 types of ad packs:

    Pack #1:  Cost: 5$ / ROI: 110%

    Pack #2: Cost 15$ / ROI: 115% / Requirements: 100 packs #1.

    Pack #3: Cost 35$ / ROI: 120% / Requirements: 100 packs #2.

    Pack #4: Cost 75$ / ROI: 130% / Requirements: 200 packs #3.

    + The daily earnings vary between 1,80% and 3,80%.

    + The minimum withdrawal amount is 10$ and the maximum is 1000$ / day.

    + Withdrawals are processed 7 days a week.

    + There is a commission pool that shares the commissions generated in the admin account to all the active accounts every weekend.

    Referral Program

    My 24 Hour Income has 3 referral levels: 8%, 2% and 2%.



    My 24 Hour Income is una revshare created by the famous Drew Burton, an online marketer and youtuber.

    It was launched 2 months ago and I have to recognize that it didn’t caught my attention in that moment but now I regret and that’s why I have invested 125$ now.

    Their users are very happy because they admin is trustworthy and the revshare is running smooth and it’s growing at a very good pace. It has almost 40.000 members in just 2 months.

    Here you can see a pic of Drew Burton and one of his videos, in which he reviewed Fort Ad Pays in 31th March 2016:



    @Aitor I was wondering why you are not in this website. Anyways i’m here since one month. But Thanks for adding as it will be easier for us to monitor now.



    Hi, Talha. I’m in now. I have invested 125$.



    Weekly report from October 28

    Compared to the previous week:
    Payza: +$9 888 (the video was shot right after the payouts to Payza)
    Bitcoin: +$230 309 (total $1 108 852!!!)
    Perfect Money: +$12 709
    Payeer: -$1 162
    Total in all the processors: $1 932 832 (+$251 744)



    Important update:

    Hello MY24 members I did a quick video for you all…about whats going on with our script and why the site is down for some members.

    We should be back 100% world wide in the next 4 hours Faheem the man is working hard on it with our script provider to get us all back on track =)

    Im in 4 other rev shares and 3 of them are going through the same situation we are… please see the video Ive done for you it will help give a better understanding of whats going on in our space and the attacks on many of the popular rev share scripts.

    Don’t worry its nothing that can stop MY24 our resurvey is huge…

    Lets all keep positive im sure we will be 100% in the next 3 to 4 hours.



    New update:

    Good morning everyone. its been brought to our attention that one of the MY24 members surf banner ads has malware virus in it and the site went into a security mode. Ive contacted out Hosting team they are working on weeding out this ad then the site will be back up. please be Patient we will be back up soon.



    Here’s a reminder about MY24 first Event on Nov 26th in Poland in Wroclaw =)




    Important update:

    Update 11/18/2016 Payza to BTC wallet | November 18, 2016 19:33:34
    Hello My24 members as you all know we have taken payza out of the system this happened much sooner then I had planed. I Id like to apologize for that.

    The main reason for taking payza out of the system was so that the MY24 system could build in all its processors we have paid over 350,000 in fees to payza within the past 3 months and it was only going up. also we noticed over 20% of members using payza in the MY24 system were converting there payza withdrawals over to a BTC wallet. witch is very damaging for the members that are building with payza.

    the next big thing that forced us to convert all payza ad packs to BTC in the system was that we have 638,000 in frozen funds in our payza account that will not be released till late march 2017. we have been in contact over the past 2 months with payza over the members fees and systems fees and frozen funds but with no luck they are not willing to work with us on this matter.

    in a nutshell our hands are tied and we had to do something so the majority of our member’s will continue to use the system. we have 1.1 million in resurvey in our BTC account so the MY24 system will have no problem supporting all old Payza add pack withdrawals as well.

    This was a move made to keep the system strong.

    please see the video is you are having a hard time understanding why this had to be done =)

    Let’s all enjoy MY24 in 2017 and beyond,



    Another important update:


    I hope everything will be fixed soon.



    My24hourincome is back online again 🙂



    Drew Burton

    Very important 12/12/2016 Update

    Hello everyone I Have turned off the payment processors…
    over the past 10 hours we have had add funds of $4300 in our payment processors but our stats in the script are saying members have added close to 120K inside the MY24 system.

    This is a mega problem and we will sort it out asap.
    its been a very hard past 2 weeks and we are doing our very best =)



    Drew Burton did a new video update and these are the most relevant things:

    * A New Script will be installed and the current site will be taken down shortly
    * ETA of relaunch – 3 weeks
    * All pending withdrawals will be returned to cash balance, which can be used to buy adpacks or other ad services
    * 2 Wallets
    Wallet 1 – Fresh deposits – buy adpacks – withdraw – same as now
    Wallet 2 – Old adpacks earnings will accumulate here and All pending withdrawals will be in wallet 2. This wallet will be activated in March
    * Wallet 2 – will be activated in March when Payza unfreezes the frozen fund
    * A special forced repurchasing will be implemented, where a certain % of your withdrawals must be put back in order to request the next withdrawal
    * External source of income, the automated marketing system is almost ready and will be launched soon.



    Too much drama for me, sorry, moved to “Not paying” list.



    Important update:



    There is a webinar right now:


    It seems that the website is going to be reopened very soon. They are explaining the new rules now. For the momment I’m going to keep “Not paying” status. I want to understand how this is going to work from now on and depending on it, we could change the status.



    My24hourincome is back online and there is a new important update:

    Welcome Back my24 members.

    we are seeing a ton of support pending posts about missing funds in accounts.

    We have looked into this and found what happened.

    In the next two or three days we will open up support tickets through the website.

    We will gather the following information we need to resolve this problem for the members.

    this has issue reflects in about 5 to 7% of our member base. Which is a lot of people…

    1) Over the next three days gather your member ID number… it’s at the end of your referral link.

    2) Also the amount of missing funds from your account.

    I know a lot of members could take advantage of getting extra funds in their accounts…but please do not think like this or take it vantage of my 24 in the situation… I want to be the best possible admin I can be. that’s the reason why am publicly notifying all members and not personally contacting the members that have missing funds.

    If we have a issue I feel the entire member base should know the situations. to have an understanding of what the system and admin team is going through.

    This will cause a huge stress and strain on the support team.

    We will do our very best to support all the members in every area that they need support through.

    Please be patient with us this could take quite a long time to sort out this issue. But will be 100% resolved So please we ask only members that 100% are sure they are missing funds.

    send in a support ticket through the site.

    This will be available within 2 to 3 days…

    We will be asking for your member ID, the amount of funds missing from your pending withdrawls.

    I’m very sorry about this and we will do our very best to sort this out as fast as possible.

    Thanks for understanding,




    Site is back and people is reporting withdrawals which is a good signal. I have moved it from “Not paying” to “Problem” status. I hope My24hourincome is back to life.



    They allow to withdraw up to 11$ the first time but they ask to deposit money if you want to withdraw again, which is ridiculous IMO. It’s a waste of time. Moved back to the scam list.



    Drew posted the algorithm how to work the system:

    As I said before: it doesn’t worth for me to withdraw 10$ and deposit 9$. It’s a waste of time for me. Bye bye My24.



    My24 drama continues. Here is a message written by the company that sold the script to Drew:


    This is a notice. This is just the beginning.

    I am from Team ProXScripts. The person Drew Burton of my24hourincome.com is not trustworthy at all. He was using our script and then came mentioning publicly that he is bringing a new program. He also said that his site was hacked (we are not revealing any other details at the moment, but can when required). We can bring the truth out about this person.

    He purchased a pirated copy of our software from some low grade person. Selling and using pirated software is illegal world-wide. So, now he is part of a crime. We can also complain regarding this in the country in which he is living. It is not a big deal to hire a lawyer to file a complaint against him and the person who is selling the software. He does not know the consequences of indulging in such a criminal activity.

    We had sent him an email asked him to provide an explanation regarding purchasing and using pirated copy of our software, but he has completely ignored us and has not yet replied to our email. Therefore, we have decided that we will make all his members and everyone on internet aware about this. If a person is using someone’s software in such a way, do you think he is trustworthy and will you trust him? (There are many things about him that we will reveal slowly and when the time comes).

    We have given him all the support he needed. In fact, we have gone out of our way to provide support to him. We are finding a proper way to take a legal action against him. This is last warning we are giving to Drew Burton. Whoever is Drew Burton needs to contact us as soon as possible. Either he should change his script or purchase our open source software. Otherwise, we will let everyone know how he is fooling customers (we will provide proofs along with screenshot) and also take legal action against him.

    Thank You.



    New update:

    MY24 Family we are Very Very close to Opening the site back up =)

    I’d like to say sorry about everything that’s going on in our world at the moment. I’ve been doing some thinking and decided to just focus on getting MY24 back on it’s feet.
    With the recent events that have been dropped on us over the past week. I see the majority of members don’t care for all the BS they see and slander against MY24 for leaving our old web services.

    The reason for all this… is simple…
    We needed a clean start !!!
    Fact is we got hacked 800 BTC ($620,000 at that time)… and have $740,000 of our funds Frozen in Payza. if you take the time to think about these numbers it amazing we are still move forward. =)

    So I feel that we did the right thing by moving away from all our old service providers (basically everyone that had assess to the admin panel is no longer involved with MY24)
    As for the details we have gathered… how we got hacked and where we got hacked from (country and city) so pointing finger or name calling will do no good seeing it’s just everyone guessing at the moment. The proof of who is still unsure.

    I take full responsibility for the site getting hacked …seeing I’m the Owner/Admin of MY24… I was the one that said YES to working with who we aligned our selfs with.

    My duty as an Owner/Admin is to see the mistakes made and learn from them…move on with the members and friends that see MY24 the way I do =)

    Here are 2 things that will happen soon in MY24… well 3 because we are opening the site very very soon haha

    ~ We have the launch of our marketing tools system: lead tools pro… This will create mega funds for the MY24 system I’ll be putting 100% of my commissions back into MY24 of my admin sales of lead tools pro. I know a couple other admins of MY24 have offered the same. Thanks guys =)

    ~ All commission pool earnings (admin profit) will be turned into an external source of income through trading ( I’ll be looking for proven traders in the coming month to work out the details on that…
    ….oh ya and we have close to 740K in frozen funds in Payza that will be released to us in a few months =)
    My goals for My24 are still the same as when the site was opened on day #1… to create a change in the rev share industry and provide great marketing knowledge for members and apply promoting to the My24 system…
    I think we have made a big splash in our space.




    Another update:

    Very quick Update. We will be moving to a 80/20 split tomorrow to test it out for a couple days…I think the systems funds are ready for it. Or goal is to get to 60/40 then even 50/50

    Also we are still working on the Cron-job for the 15 and 75$ ad packs. They say it should be done soon.
    We have turned off add funds and withdrawals till they get it done. I’ll make sure the withdrawals get back on before the server turns over to the next day. So click your ads.
    I’ll end with this it’s working everyone I think we will be very stable at 80/20 we could get to 60/40 ahead of schedule. My plan is to see it happen in April but it didn’t think we would make it to 80/20 till at least the middle of Feb.
    Let’s all stay positive and keep on building 🙂

    PS. Yes the rumours are true we will have a internal repurchase balance through the earnings balance open on Saturdays and Wednesdays on the one dollar at packs.
    We did a 24 hour test yesterday and it worked perfectly fine… have it on for 24 hours. The system add funds didn’t change much only about 10k less but of course withdrawl were down by almost 20%. I think the majority of the members understand that having a repurchase balance inside the system through our earnings balance is extremely unstable to have on full-time… but to please the members that are constantly asking for one we have decided to turn it on for two days a week. Hope this make those members happy ??

    We will always do our best to work with the members. But I’ll never make a decision that I feel would jeopardize the long Jevity of the system.

    PPS. I was thinking of dropping the prices of all PPC banner ads on the site to 50% off for the next month we need to fill some space obviously ??



    I have decided to move it back to “problem” status. Why? Because they are still paying. The only “little” problem is that we have to deposit 80% of the withdrawal amount before requesting the withdrawal. This is the message I got:

    My24 does all the thinking for you by showing you what you need to add to your next add funds to maintain your account.
    your withdrawal of 18.59 to make your next withdrawal add 16.731 to make your next withdrawal and maintain your account.

    So I have deposited 16,74$ and I have requested 18,59$. At least we can still earn something and at the same time getting more adpacks.



    New update from Drew “Draman” Burton:

    I was planing on doing a group members vote. to see if you guys wanted BTC in or out of my24 but from the comments under my last video we see most want it in the system…no matter what. So that’s what we will do 🙂

    We are bring in a new BTC wallet (bitpay) and the new my24 debit system. It’ll work something like payza but have less fees more like PM or payeer 🙂

    Also in this video I talk about what is an online scam… I see some members are very very confused about why we have turned off BTC add funds and withdrawls till the new wallet is in. But their conclusion to this is that we’re setting up to scam. So for those few people that have their mindset set on scam mode I talk a little about why it would be a very unstable and bad move just to turn on BTC withdrawals and add funds at this moment and that’s the reason why we’ve decided to just completely turn off BTC at this time.

    Ps. I moved to a new place for days ago and I’m get Internet at the tomorrow 👏 I went 4 days without Internet…crazy times lol 😂



    New update, new drama:

    Hey my24ers 🙂
    So I’ve been doing some mega thinking over the past seven or so hours since I uploaded my last video post in group…
    I’ve decided to do is just go ahead and bring Coinpayments back into the system.

    Also I’ve been reading the comments on the idea of taking perfect money out of the system and decided to go a little different route… I truly believe it’s much stronger for the system if the majority of members that are building with perfect money payment processor actually use payeer seeing funds are much stronger and get paid out the day of withdrawal in payeer.

    my plan is to make the system split deal with the payment processor…so if there is a ton of funds in that payment processor the system split would be not 90/10 more like 70/30 with that strong funds processor… processors that are short on funds would stay at 90/10 tell those funds are built. It’s much easier for us to come up with that 10% then 30 to 50% as the system goal is.

    So what we will do is if you leave your comment below in this post this will give me an idea of how many members are interested in converting their ad packs to a stronger payment processor where we have more funds. (Payeer)
    Also what I’ve decided to do is go ahead and implement KYC into that my24 system.

    The reason behind implementing KYC is to clean our member base. And clean out some fake accounts that have been created in the system.

    The only downside that I can see for a member when we put in KYC is that they will not be able to withdraw tell they submit their KYC documents which will be… some kind of government issued photo ID. I’ll give more details on this when we get closer to implementing KYC

    This’ll make them I system a much cleaner, safer system for its member base.

    Also the reason behind this is I believe due to our hack and that the Hocker went into our admin panel and messed up a lot of members data they also created a bunch of fake accounts. We are now seeing With our new feature of funding then withdrawing some large accounts have stay dormant.

    Once again if you would like your perfect money add packs converted to payeer ad packs for quicker withdrawls leave me your comments.



    This guy is either idiot or scammer. He wants us to send him our ID docs even is he has proven to be a total mess and his website has been hacked 40 times. Seriously?



    New update, new drama, definitely moved back to the SCAM list:

    Hey guys I want to come clean and give everyone the full story what’s going on with my24 I know some members will disagree with this post update … but please hear me out 🙂

    -We will open the site when it’s ready to be opened even if it takes weeks.
    – I had given a timeline on when things will be completed in my last video… we obviously are not going to make this timeline of 24 to 48 hours… I learned my lesson I’m sorry to all the members complaining about that I said it would be 24 to 48 hours also I’m very very super sorry to my admin team for putting a time line on things but didn’t meet this timeline… it’s caused a lot of stress to you guys with all the questions…

    What we are doing right now…
    – We are putting in KYC and redoing all the payment processors in the system.

    How my 24 will work is an internal repurchase balance for all add packs.
    -You will build to make your first with drawl like any other rev share system out there…the Max withdrawal will be $1100 the minimum withdrawal will be $10.50
    -After you make your first with drawl you’ll add funds back to the system to set your next days withdrawal limit. Start at 90/10 and system goal will be 50/50

    What Admin Drew will be doing over the next couple weeks…
    -I will need to make about $200,000 to do this first days withdrawls. We definitely don’t have enough to cover these withdrawals in our reserve refunds… so you will see me promoting offers over the next two weeks. Please do not click on my paid ads to see what I’m doing hahaha clicks cost… lol

    If I promote other offers Rumours will start I’m sure of it…please do not not think that I’m giving up on my24 what I’ll be doing is creating funds so my24 members can create a big withdrawal to create their next days withdrawal limit…

    I know this update will discourage a lot of members but please be patient and understand that I’m doing this so that the system will be stable and I think it’ll be more attractive for new members.

    On top of that, KYC into the system is a positive thing I see some members commenting they don’t want it in the system what KYC will do is clean out all the inactive accounts or stacked accounts or fake accounts that have been put into the system by the hacker.

    Lastly I’d like to add that putting this puzzle back together with the member base in it was a bad idea and I’m very sorry to the members that were frustrated over this. I hope you accept my apology.

    When we open back up we will be in a better situation with more positivity. Which of course will create a better outcome for my24 growth and stability.

    Thanks, Drew



    Drew Burton lasted update:

    Hey everyone the programmers are done with all the fixes and New features. Payouts and funds worked 100% with the test group we had 91 testers using the site.

    Here are some things that we have changed with the site and with change also comes negatively and positively.

    So please once again Think about how you react to the changes…think of the full picture and what the goal is for my24 is to get back on track and make the system very attractive to sell. The best way to build new fresh funds is to sell.

    Big change #1: we have created a repurchase balance through the earnings balance on all add packs now you can buy add packs from your earnings balance. The positive side to this is members can scale and build their accounts very fast saying they do not need to with drawl to purchase our packs. The negative side of this… to keep the system stable. there is no commission earned from internal re-purchasing of ad packs.

    #2: you can make your first withdrawal up to 1100$ without adding funds. Of course new members would have to add funds to be an active member. So this would just apply for existing my24 members. I can’t see any one complaining about that 🙂

    #3: The big one we have implemented is KYC (know your customer) into the system. There will be a video on the profile page that will take you step-by-step through the process of what you need to do to submit your KYC document. For those wondering it can be any Government issued document with your photo and your name on it. You will also have to have your face present in the photo and the ID illegible. Seeing we only need to see your name and photo you can cover up any other information on your ID that’s not needed.

    The reason why we’ve decided to do KYC is because we found hundreds of fake accounts and I’m guessing thousands of stacked accounts in the system so far we found over 280 accounts. Without the systems of KYC. This came to our attention that many were cheating the system when payeer blocked all payments going to the US.

    The negative side to implementing KYC into the system is it’s a very slow process seeing we manually have to check your ID and verify your account. Our goal is to do upwards of 1000 accounts per day but still this process will take months. Members will not be able to withdraw out of the system tell their account is verified. We will be verifying accounts on a first come first serve basis. And have a maximum support ticket amount every 24 hours so we don’t get overwhelmed on our end.

    #4: we have moved any earnings bal. to the cash bal.

    #5: Any member that has withdrawals more then their add funds will add funds to make the first withdrawal when the site opens up… For those members who have not withdrawn more than their added funds, admin will be paying your first withdrawal. So you can create your withdrawal limit for your next withdrawal.

    I’d like to thank all members for being very very patient with us as we work the new feature out. We will be opening the site late tonight EST time 🙂

    – Drew Burton|Admin

    P.S. almost forgot… we will be opening a verified members only Facebook group. As you can tell this Facebook group has gotten way out of control with spam and negativity most of the negativity or spam is coming from members of the group that aren’t even members of my24. The funny thing is…this is a marketing strategy that some use. As you can tell it’s not a good one. Lol

    In about 30 days time all updates will be in the my24 verified members FB group. This Facebook group will be used for proof of payment and basically just a recruiting tool for those that are looking to build a team in my24 or keep on recruiting.

    The main test for the self maintaining system was to see if we could stabilize the system without a constant member base growth or adding membership fees and hoping for the best… The great news is it worked, we do not need a constant growth in a member base to sustain payouts. This is huge guys if you understand what I’m talking about.



    KYC??? Are you serious? Your website is hacked twice every week. In conclusion, it doesn’t worth to waste time with this clown.



    hai bro i have created my24hourincome account and added $100 money in my account by using zebpay app. but while uploading KYC it is showing as Admin has stopped new tickets currently. Please try later. how to with draw my money. please reply me brother. i need your help.



    please help me



    Hi Arun, you should have checked Ohyip.com before investing there. As you can see, it’s declared SCAM since 13th December 2016.

    Drew, My24 admin, is a liar. He said that he was hacked and the hacker supposedly stole his money, but each time he gives an update, the “hacker” amount his bigger. It’s like a bad joke.

    No he want us to send verification documents, something I wouldn’t do because:

    1- I don’t trust him.
    2- He is not a government of financial entity.
    3- His website has been hacker twice a week and I don’t want my documents to be public.

    You need to send the docs if you want to get your money back, something that is really annoying because he doesn’t ask for anything to deposit, but there are 1001 issues and drama when you want to withdraw your money.

    If you still want to send him your docs, be ready at 00:00 (My24 server time), because everyone wants to send the docs in order to get their money back and they only allow to send a few docs every day.



    New update, new drama. Definitely this scammer is a clown.



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