• Confirmed scam 15-12-2015
  • Lifetime 129 days
  • Added 25-11-2015
  • Added since 909 days
  • Not Paying
  • Monthly return 50%
  • Minimum investment 5$
  • Our investment 105$
  • Received
  • Last payment 14-07-2016
  • Withdrawals Within 48 hours
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    HqRevShare is a revenue share company located in Singapore. It was officially launched on 8th August 2015. Its admin is Han Mohamad.

    Investment Programs

    HqRevshare allows you to invest in different types of Ad Packs:

    – Beginner pack: it costs 5$ and it expires after generating 7,5$ (150% Roi)

    – Basic pack: it costs 10$ and it expires after generating 15,39$ (153% Roi)

    – Advance pack: it costs 20$ and it expires after generating 31$ (155% Roi)

    – Expert pack: it costs 40$ and it expires after generating 63,20$ (158% Roi)


    + Note: 50% of the earnings foes to main balance, and 50% goes to repurchase balance.

    + Note 2: At the beginning you can only buy Beginner packs, and you need to own at least 100 active Beginner packs in order to be able to purchase Basic packs. It’s always needed to own 100 Ad packs in order to be able to start purchasing Ad packs of the next level.

    Referral Program

    12% of your referral’s purchases.



    When I signed up I thought that HQ Rev Share was an honest and trustworthy company for several reasons:

    – They are not hidding their contact information, address etc… in the domain whois.
    – The admin, Han Mohaman, seems to be a real and honest guy. And you can check his facebook profile here: https://www.facebook.com/han.mohamad which exists since 2009.
    – His facebook profile shows pics of his wife and his daughters. Would a scammer share this information if he plans to steal money from thousands of persons? The obvious answer is “no”.

    Here you can see 2 pics of Han Mohamad and his team:





    Ok, now lets talk about the bad things. Despite the good things I said above, there are some important bad things you need to know about HQ Rev Share:

    – 3 weeks ago they moved to a new server because their website was very very slow. The server was even down for hours during peak hours.

    – The server move was an agony. The daily earnings were stopped for days, the server was inaccessible during many hours / day.

    – The dev team seems to be Han’s friends. After 1 month the server is still slow as hell.

    – Some payments are shown as “paid” and they weren’t sent. And some payments are shown as pending and they were paid. What a mess!

    – Paypal, Payza and STP users are getting paid, but Perfect Money and Bitcoin payments are not being paid since 6th November. They always say “be patience, we are working on it”. But that is nothing but a lie. I could believe it the first week, but not after 20 days!!

    – Many users report that their tickets are not being answered. The facebook group is full of people claiming because they have serious problems like: pending payments since weeks, payments showns are “paid” which haven’t been sent, bitcoin deposits which haven’t arrived and support don’t do anything since weeks etc…

    – Despite all these problems, the facebook group is full of fan boys because they BAN from facebook group to anyone who says anything they don’t like, even if you are claiming because of the pending payments since more than 20 days. In fact I was banned from their facebook group because I claimed for my pending PM payments since 6th november.

    – There is a moderator in the facebook group who is a bad joke. He is banning dozens of persons daily because he bans anyone who says something he doesn’t like. I have never seen something like that in my life. They need to put real moderators and not that clown.

    There is a word which defines this company: FRUSTRATING. Seriously, this is the most frustrating rev share company I have ever joined in my life. Nothing works propertly, it’s a mess.

    I have received today a 20$ payment via Paypal, but I can’t move this program to “Paying” status, unless they PAY all the pending cashouts.



    HQ update:

    **GOOD NEWS**
    We are clear from Paypal limitation!
    Ok guys there still few of dispute still open well not few around 100++. If you know the person then ask them to CLOSE to save our time keep working at the resolution center. I and 2 of my guys have been working at resolution since 12 hours ago with the help of members calling and email paypal. Paypal giving us this opprotunity to continue with business.
    So what happening with other Processor. Other processor are LOW in funds due to fresh fund coming only from Paypal and members have been cashing out their commision from other processor, So we need time to move the funds around. and i cant withdraw Huge amount to my bank and top up bitcoin or PM there a certain limitation that i can withdraw from paypal out to my bank.
    Missing deposit we have the spreadsheet and it been track those who deposit earlier but are not reflecting in their account Instantly we will add in dont worry! and when we add in we will also add in bonus to cover the loss of losing the revenue share.
    For the rest of pending cashout from yesterday give me time to clear it. I need a rest. Continue promoting the awesome business to this awesome HQFamily we are here to stay.
    Every members advise is heard and noted we will work on what it should and not just letting things get worst for sure! do you think i want to go thru all this trouble?
    Online Money Making Opportunities is never easy when theres is few platform that is here to help million around the world. Stick to it! Platform are build for the people and the people in it who make the platform success. Period!

    Han Mohamad
    6 hrs · Edited
    7 years my online earning journey i never seen group of people who been very supportive, loyal and this crazy!….
    We have created such a BIG Family the thank you Han Mohamad is not what is suppose to be. The thanks should go to every single members in HQ who have been with us prove the doubters and hater WRONG.
    When i start HQRevShare i never imagine this day will come and you guys have make this so huge. I told myself when started this every promoter/marketer will be proud of themself when they promote HQ. This not only a platform where people making extra income it had come to the point where people have expand their online business.
    Comment below, share your success and say thanks to your sponsor who have invited you to HQFamily!
    Iam going to have a rest will be back and sort the rest out.

    Update 23/11 : I will post here daily earnings % and keep it updated everyday (dates are GMT time)
    23/11: 3.00%
    21/11: 2.95%
    20/11: 2.99%
    19/11: 3.03%
    18/11: 3.07%
    17/11: 3.08%
    16/11: 2.86%
    15/11: 2.74%
    14/11: 2.07%



    New update:

    Hello HQFamily,

    Paypal Resume as per normal but due to shortage of fund in all other processor we are moving the funds to all this processor and this taking time with the withdrawal limition we have on Paypal it take things even harder. Do take note the shortage of funds is not due to we are out of reserve but its due to promoter/marketer are using this processor to wihdraw their commission etc…We have over 3mil++ reserve to sustain us those who think why its 19mil in the homepage that is NOT fresh funds that include members using Rpurchased balance and their comm.

    I got short solution to calm everyone down for this whole week i will open up Paypal processor for you withdraw what you want with the terms below.

    – Free members must atleast add fresh funds in any processor of their choice( **this ONLY applies to those who have NEVER deposit any funds or having Adpack. they just here to withdraw their commission so it time for them to contribute back to the community**, yes we got lots of good promoter in the family and iam seeking for them to contribute back to the community)
    -Only 1 processor per members you cant use others members Paypal to withdraw if caught your account will be terminated.
    – Your Paypal must be Verified

    Those that dont have Paypal or cant receive funds at Paypal i will pay what i can just need to wait as this is just a matter of time. We not going anywhere.

    This cross Paypal withdrawal is only tempalary with this process it will take longer to process and we will take this opportunity to cross examine double account, delete inactive accont that have not log in for more the 60days and those members who abuse the system. Till we resolve all the matter above this will be stop. * We have seek Paypal approve on this and they have agree as withdrawal to my bank and move to PM & BTC is much more risk lol**

    –++Future Plan++–

    We have found a coder/developer to move us to a new custom scripts, this search have been over 3 months and we believe that this will make us grow even bigger and a better platform for HQfamily to earn and advertise. We are only at 67k members thers is still plenty are waiting for HQ to have a stable platform and watching us. In order for us to reach and bring this to a new level WE STILL NEED YOU TO HELP HQ GROW.
    -=+Our development+=-

    Born 8/8/15 Official Launch at 1k members
    Pay out 1million in less then a month
    Break Alexa Rank under 10k in less then 2months
    Survive and sustain with this &*%^&#@$ scipts
    Show to Revshare industry to stay this long with lowest 150% ROI and up to 158%
    Free members have Earn HUGE here(too bad we need the change)



    After taking a look to those updates I have 2 questions:
    – Is there any admin who can speak decent English?
    – Why don’t they hire a translator instead of writing with that broken English?



    Latest news:

    – Server is slow, as always. Dev team is not capable of fixing it.
    – They do NOT pay to Btc and Perfect Money users since 1 month.
    – They do NOT respond tickets.
    – Their facebook is full of desperate people with a lot of problems: deposits not arriving, missing payments, referrals not showing, ad packs dissapearing etc…
    – The facebook admins have no idea of how to moderate. They only BAN people with no reason. The banned list is huge.
    – Payza users are not receiving payments since 1 week.

    Just to resume in one line: nothing works as it should.
    Resume in one word: FRUSTRATING.

    Here you can see the last message of Thrion Mitchell (the best HQ facebook group admin).

    Hello all. Unfortunately ,today, frustration levels are running high and it’s most understandable. I have read all the posts and all the comments and I most surely understand everyone’s position. Well after all I am in the same boat as you. Myself and all the other admins are doing our best to relay whatever information we have to keep everyone up today, we really wish to help resolve all these issues at once but there is only so much we can do. I can no longer keep asking people to be patient, to try to reassure them or to encourage them because I cannot speak for an Han. This is to say that each and everyone of us must decide what approach we wish to take now in light of the current situations, will we keep complaining and stressing ourselves and the other admins or will we have faith that everything will be resolved, whatever you choose, i fully support you.
    Now various issues simply are out of my hands due to a faulty script. Some of these issues are missing deposits, missing adpacks, missing referral links etc. I was told by Han the last time we spoke that by mid December a new script will be in place and that by then these issues will be resolved. Also a bonus will be issued to those who have lost out because of this.
    And if you are wondering, I have absolute faith in Hq and in Han. Today I leave you with the words of a brilliant actor, bruce lee, “Be water my friend, be water.” Peace and love



    There is a new update, but it’s not an official update. It was written by a facebook group administrador. So the only thing he can do is to guess because he is not part of Han’s team and he doesn’t even has access to HQ’s script.

    ***UPDATE*** (December 8, 2015)

    1) There is activity going on. More banner ads have been approved today and payments continue. Just look at the screenshot proofs. Meanwhile, website maintenance continues. New script should be coming around mid December.

    2) Han’s team is doing all the work. Han is too depressed to do anything these days following his family’s tragedy. Please understand that and do not bother accusing Han of anything. How would you feel if you lose someone in your family? How would you feel if when that happens to you, someone accuses you of being a scammer?

    These are the latest updates. Thank you.



    The website is down since 2 days. What the fuck is going on with this program?



    Yes, HQ is down since several days. This program smells very bad. The most used word in their facebook group is “patience”.

    – Patience because Perfect money and BTC withdrawals are not being paid since more than 1 month.
    – Patience because Han doesn’t communicate and when he does, his English is so broken that is a challenge to try to decrypt what he wants to say.
    – Patience because now Payza users are not being paid since more than 2 weeks.
    – Patience because the facebook group moderator doesn’t have any idea of how to moderate and he only knows to ban people with no reason.
    – Patience because the server is so slow that you need ages to load it.
    – Patience because the banner ads take weeks to be approbed.
    – Patience because the payments shown as “paid” are not sent and the payments shown as “pending” are sent.
    – Patience because their website is down during 2 weeks every time they move to a new server.
    – Patience because they have the worst dev team in the industry.
    – Patience because their website is down since days, the payments are delayed and Han is hidden, supposedly because he is “depressed”. Wasn’t he depressed when he took our money?

    I could continue, but I think it’s enough. It’s a fucking mess. If there isn’t a change soon I will have no choice but to open a dispute and move this shit to scam list. I’m really sick of HQ.



    Han depressed? hahahaha That scammer has the pockets full with our money. I’m going to file a dispute right now.



    New update:

    HQ PROGRESS (BY Aqmal Daniel)


    As we know the whole world are looking for Han, We are too looking for him this 3 days and worry of his condition at the moment. We have been helping him what we can to manage HQ account but not all access we have. Unfortunately i am unable to settle the left over cashout as the site is offline and online, so me and Nisa are not able to access to the back office aswell.

    Had spoken to HQteam tech guys and HQ are under “brutal” DDOS attack that make the site offline. The tech guys are working 24/7 to get it up back and Nisa was handling whatever dispute that have come.

    Once the site is back online we will resume the pending cashout.

    Please approve this post as i do not know how to sent this message to the mass, try sending mass mail when site online but not long after it get shut back to offline. Thank you HQ FB admin for maintaining HQ groups when Han disappearance.

    Han will not left what he have built he love HQ more then anyone here. he Have gone thru more then any of you guys here.

    I wont hesitate to block any person account who call Han Scam, blackmail, threaten and curse him. Period.



    Seriously? This company is a fucking joke.



    HQ website is back and it’s loading faster than ever.

    Here is the new HQ update:

    *** UPDATES *** (December 10, 2015)
    4 updates by Aqmal Daniel
    UPDATE #1

    To do list for all members VERY IMPORTANT

    Change your password
    Check your payment processor details before requesting

    Add funds and buying pack can resume as per normal.
    UPDATE #2

    Site is up, however i could not resume to cashout yet as we are still going thru the 400 dispute, do not want to pay those disputer.

    So close your dispute before you lose your account at HQ and your money for advertising package
    smile emoticon

    I need to fine tune the cron so for this the few days i will set it to daily distribution instead of the 6 hours.

    Han Han Han Han Han wake up!
    UPDATE #3

    Check your processor details before requesting. Well it take time for us to do any payment as we did it thru database so like always wait.

    I do what i can all this still its up to Han to get up on his feet and get this done with it nothing much he just need not to give up on HQ and things will get back. Yes we are hoping.

    Han Mohamad get up dude!
    UPDATE #4

    The Plan for HQ
    Han is already contactable well hes to stress to face this however iam taking over till hes ready. He not been kidnap or anything lol.

    Earning are still happening as our database are not the same sever with the front end so only site are not accessible but database are working as how it should on our SQL DB sever.

    What iam going to do is to expedite the process of moving the script to the custom script that is now at 90% done. Hoping it will be ready before the processor cuts us.



    – Some thoughts about the update:

    – They are asking us to change our password and to check our payment processor details before requesting a withdraw, so we can conclude that they have had some kind of security issue. The typical hacker couldn’t miss the meeting.

    – HQ have had all kind of problems: technical problems, server problems, cron problems, family problems, script problems, payment delays / problems, tickets are not being responded since months, lack of support, Han dissapeared, mad moderator banning hundreds of persons, doss attacks, hackers… What more could happen next?

    – They say that the payments can not be resumend because they need to handle 400 disputes. Ok, let’s go over the facts: they don’t pay Bitcoin since 5 weeks, they don’t pay Perfect Money since 5 weeks, they don’t play STP or Payza since 3 weeks, so they are only paying to Paypal users, but now there are pending Paypal withdrawals since 11 days and they “can not resume the payments”. Very good. So you are telling people “please add fresh funds and promote HQ to bring more people to our family” and at the same time you don’t pay and you don’t even respond a support ticket? Is there something I am missing or this is a joke?

    – They say that Han is contactable now. No one knows where he is, but he is “contactable”, and “he wants to be alone because he is too stressed”. What you can’t do is to get 22 million dollars from investors and hide under the blanket because you are stressed. Please someone teach this guy what a business is.



    Paypal payments are going to be stopped. Why? Because they have 400 disputes and they said “we don’t want to pay to those disputers”. That means that the rest of users will have to wait until all the disputes are processed. How long can it take? Who knows… 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 1 month…

    Considering that Paypal payments are already delayed (around 11 days). How long are you willing to wait for your Paypal payments? 1 month? 2? My guess is that if they don’t pay the disputers and start paying fast to Paypal users, they are going to be flooded with thousands of disputes and their Paypal account is going to be frozen once and for all.



    We have a new ridiculous update:

    IMPORTANT UPDATE (December the 13th)
    nowadays we have no news at all from Han or Daniel, since Daniel’s last update on December the 10th.
    Hope this will avoid many useless questions and comments

    So the update says that there is no update / news.

    So the situation is:

    – They only paid to Paypal users and now there are Paypal pending payments since 1 week. So they do NOT pay.
    – There are 400+ disputers and they don’t want to pay them. So they have decided to try to handle the disputes before doing any payment. Obviously you can’t put out the fire with gasoline. It’s a suicide. Every minute they don’t pay there are new disputes.
    – Their facebook group is nothing but a farce. It’s the most censured group I have ever seen, there are hundreds, even thousands of banned users. Anyone who say something they don’t like is banned.
    – Han is hidden. His team doesn’t even say a word since days.
    – People is opening more and more disputes. And you know what? I will do the same soon. If nothing changes, I will make my dispute on Wednesday.
    – They are trying to blackmail their investors saying things like “tell your friends and downline to close their disputes, if not no one will be paid”. Is this a joke or what? Those disputes are legit. HQ is BS, they do NOT pay since more than 1 month to some processors. The support is a joke. Nothing works.

    There are some idiots saying things like “we have to ban to all the haters because they are spreading the negativity, we need to be positive so we will attrack new investors”. Are they blind or what? Of course if we LIE we can attrack new investors. If we say that they are paying within 24 hours and they pay 10% daily, we will attrack more investors, but it would be nothing but a LIE. It’s a irresponsability to bring people because most likely they will be SCAMMED, and you would be SHILL.



    Well said. I already opened a dispute. Hqrevshare is scam.



    I have filed my dispute. I’m not sure if we will recover some money back because we should have filed the dispute long time ago and most likely HQ’s Paypal account will be almost empty now , but we have to try. Obviously HqRevShare is SCAM, so I have moved it to scam list.

    If HqRevShare would have wanted to fix this, the first thing they would have done is to pay what they owe, and by the way, they owe millions of dollars to their investors. The fact of to not respond and not even say a word in their facebook group is very clarifying. Han has removed his facebook profile today, their intentions are clear.

    They were officialy dead when they said “we are not going to pay a single cent until all the disputes are handled”. As I said before, you can’t put out fire with gasoline, it was so evident, and now they have thousands of disputes.

    Here you can see the last 2 photos in which Han (Aka scammer) was seen.

    In the pic above you can see Mohamad Hanifi (Han) enjoying in the beach with millions of dollars scammed.

    The next picture speaks by itself 🙂

    The funny thing is that there is still people who say thing like “please don’t file a dispute, give Han some more days, I’m sure he will come here and fix this”. I don’t understand what are you waiting for. Don’t you see this is a scam? Don’t you see they don’t pay to Bitcoin and Perfect Money users since more than 40 days because they can’t file disputes?

    There are also some “comission hunters” who have been recommending to join HQ during the last month. IMO they are nothing but rats, the would sell his mom for a 2$ comission. My advice: try to get info from honest sources like Ohyip.com.

    In the following post I’m going to speak about responsibilities. Here is some people who has to assume responsibilities and I’m not referring only to Han and his team.



    Who has to assume responsibilities in this scam?

    Mohamad Hanifi: He has scammed several millions of dollars and he should be treated as the criminal he is.

    Han’s team: They are shills. Apart from being a bunch of useless cowards who haven’t say a single word about what was happening, they don’t know how to handle a web server and they have no idea of how to handle an online business. I would like to see these shills in a jail with his “boss”.

    Aqmal Daniel: Supposedly he colaborates with Han, but there are some evidences I would like to talk about. For example, he had access to HqRevShare’s control panel. Something very suspicious. Han is cofounder of Earningtraffic.com (Aqmal’s company), but why should he have access to HQ’s passwords? More evidentes: EarningTraffic is paying its affiliates with HqRevShare’s Paypal account.

    So, they are using money scammed in HQ to pay ET investors, which of course most likely will be another scam, same as HQrevShare.

    HQ’s facebook group moderators: I would feel embarrassed if I had to moderate a group that is scamming people. Special mention to a “moderator” called Cristian Anton who is the most retarded moderator I have ever seen. He has no idea of how to moderate, he is arrogant, he has control issues…

    But the worst thing is that he is shill of scam. Why? He is not part of HQ’s team, but he has been fool enough to remove every single claim during the last 6 weeks. People claims were legit, it was a obvious scam. They do not pay since 6 weeks. They do not respond a single ticket. There were serious issues that never got a response. What do you fucking expect Mr Cristian Anton? And what he said is “I will remove useless post which only spread negativity”.

    This idiot banned hundreds / thousands of persons who only wanted to know what was going on. The only thing he got by removing the claims is to conceal a scam. As easy as that. Thousands of people would NOT have been scammed if they would have seen the legit claims this idiot removed. He should assume his responsability in this scam.



    In the coming days / weeks we will read some lies and false statements trying to explain why HqRevShare fell. I would like to respond to those statements. Let’s start.

    The ones who spread negativity have been the cause of HQ’s fall: FALSE. If HQ would have given a decent service and would have paid what the owe, no one would have claimed. But HQ support did never exist, they didn’t respond a ticket in months, they had pending payments since 6 weeks. The ones who claimed did the right thing, HQ was a mess and they are the ones who scammed millions of dollars, not the investors.

    The ones who filed the disputes caused trouble to the other users: FALSE. Bitcoin users and Perfect Money users can not file disputes and they don’t get a payment since 6 weeks. Obviously to file a dispute because of a 24 hours delay is not a good thing but considering the situation the disputes are legit, even those dispute filed weeks ago.

    No one can blame the ones who opened a dispute, it’s the smartest thing you can do in this situation. Those who defend the scammers and blame the investors are nothing but idiots who don’t know what they are talking about. Any admin should know what happens when there is lack of support, lack of communication and lack of payments, so no more cheap excuses please.

    You should be patient and empathize with Han, he is going through serious issues: All he said is nothing but a lie, a farce. There is no hacker, there wasn’t any ddos attack, his nephew didn’t die 2 weeks ago.. Typical cheap excuses to buy time. Did you really believe all that bullshit? If so I’m sorry to say that you are naive.

    Stop crying and move on. Forget about it and let’s make money elsewhere. You knew it was a ponzi scheme: Those who think like this are really hurting this business. What part of “they have scammed millions of dollars and they are criminals” don’t you understand? Those who understand how a Rev Share works should know that there is no need to scam. Of course at some point it’s possible that the daily earning could be very low, but an honest admin doesn’t have to run with the investor’s money. “Forget about it?” Are you kidding me? Lately some of these scammers have been caught and I hope this will be a more common end. The scammers must go to the jail, is the only way to clean this plage.



    Thanks for opening my eyes. I am going to file my dispute right now. They do not pay me so I have nothing to lose.



    Two HqRevShare facebook group moderators have posted a message that I would like to respond, but if I do I would be banned and the message would be deleted, so I will respond here 🙂

    Yvonne C Turner NO one appreciates the hours and hours of volunteer help we have done in this group. What a thankless job. People in this group took their own risk so they shouldn’t blame Han or anybody else except for themselves!!! Most people don’t even know how to read to keep up or they are too lazy to to so!! Most should feel ashamed of themselves.

    My response: Your work is worth nothing. The only thing you have done is to repeat over and over “read the updates”, even if the people asked you something that is not responded there. You helped no one, you just banned and censured to legitimate users.

    So do you really think that “people took their own risk so they shouldn’t blame Han or anybody else except for themselves”. Let me say firstly that you are retard and you have no idea of what you are saying. Can you explain me why can’t they blame to a SCAMMER who has SCAMMED millions of dollars? Are you fucking kinding me?

    I will say it again: do NOT be fooled. A revenue share program is NOT a ponzi scheme. The earnings are shared between the members, as easy as that. The earnings could be high or could be low, depending on the sales, BUT if they don’t pay you, they are scamming you. There is no need to run with people’s money, unless you are a criminal, which is the case, by the way.

    So, lisen carefully, Yvonne C Turner, stop saying that bullshit and stop defending a criminal who scammed millions of dollars. You are nothing but a shill who helped Han to scam by removing legit comments from users claiming because the lack of support, lack of payments and many other red flags that would have alerted any SMART person since weeks. It’s so hard to believe that you are fool enough to do what you did when it was so evident that a blatant scam was going on.

    And now the other message:

    Cristian Anton I don’t care if they appreciate or not. Their stupidity has not mellowed me or brought me down one bit. In fact, it has made me bolder to succeed!

    My response: What more can I say? This guy is retarded. A “moderator” who call “stupids” to the users shouldn’t be moderator. He is another shill who has been banning users with no reason and censuring legit comments which would have helped to avoid this scam to thousands of people. Yesterday he said “they are doing payments everything is ok, just be patient”. He said that because one Payza payment was shown in the “recent payout” page. What the fuck? Open your eyes man!!! This guy should assume responsability.



    There is a new update from Aqmal Daniel, EarningTraffic.com admin.

    Hello All,

    With a heavy heart I am announcing that we are not able to continue with PP and Payza as all know that we share the same account as HQ and our funds in there got frozen. With this all PP and Payza user please file a dispute and get back what you have deposit minus what you have withdraw(if any) they will check if any try to do otherwise the process will take longer.

    We will resume with all other processor as per normal.
    Thank you.

    The question now is: Why do you share your Payza and Paypal account with HqRevShare? Are you working with Han and involved in that scam? Maybe Han and Aqmal Daniel are the same person?



    Obviously there is a link between EarningTraffic.com and HqRevShare.com, but is EarningTraffic the only program linked to HQ?

    It seems that Et is not the only program linked to HQ.

    A friend filed a dispute against HQ on November 2015 and HQ’s payza account was [email protected].

    Could it be a coincidence? It could. But there are more evidences. After she filed the dispute against HQ, her account was suspended, but her Passive-earner.com account and her trafficmsoon.com account were also suspended at the same time for “breaking the tos”. Too many coincidences perhaps?



    Bad news. It seems that many people is losing the disputes against HQ.

    Some of them lost because they put “transaction not authorized” and we can only put it in the case that someone has accesed to our Paypal account. Obviously those who put “transaction not authorized” lost the dispute.

    But the worst thing is that even those who have filed the dispute correctly are losing. Paypal response is that they do not offer protection to this kind of products.

    Han is a scammer and he has changed the TOS recently.

    It’s unbelievable how Paypal allows this blatant scam. Who is going to protect us if even Paypal, which was supposed to be the safest payment processors, doesn’t protect us?



    Most of people is getting this message from Paypal:

    After further review of the claim you filed against HQ Advertising, we have determined the issue you have described or the merchandise or service associated with this transaction is not covered by PayPal Buyer Protection. As a result, this case has been closed and we’re unable to take any further action.

    It seems that Paypal is now protecting scammers now. Very sad 🙁



    There are rumors linking HqRevShare with other revshares:

    – EarningsTraffic.com : this one is confirmed. They share the same Payza and Paypal account.
    – Passive-earner.com: One friend filed a dispute against HQ and she lost both passive-earner.com and HQ accounts at the same time because she “broke the TOS”. Also HQ Payza email was [email protected]. Very suspiciois.
    – Trafficmsoon.com: When my friend filed a dispute against HQ, her Trafficmsoon account was instantly suspended. Same as passive-earner.com. Very suspicious.
    – RevShareMax.com: It’s “TOS” page is an exact copy of HQ’s TOS. There also use the same script. Suspicious.
    – Adbulks.com: Another revshare linked to HQ by some people. I haven’t seen any proof so far.
    – Triplethr3at: Another revshare linked to HQ by some people. I haven’t seen any proof so far.

    What I hate is that HqRevShare wasted our time. There are other HYIPs, for example EcoinInvest, which worked fine for 3 months and when they decided to stop paying, they just closed the website. This is not HQ’s case, they wasted our time because they had a lot of problems. We had to waste lot of time constantly reading updates and waiting for “fixes”. Now they do not pay but they are so bastards that they still keep the website online, so they can attrack more victims and steal more money.

    The worst thing is that the scammers are winning the disputes and people is losing their money. Paypal is protecting scammers now. It’s so frustating.

    I hope the end of this story will be something like this:



    It seems that only those who filed the dispute before 10th December won. That’s why always the scammers try to buy time by telling stories and giving us hope, so we decide to wait instead of opening disputes.

    On the other hand, even UK and USA investors are losing the disputes despite Paypal protects them when purchasing services and intangible goods.

    A very negative precedent has been set for future. It seems that Paypal is not going to cover this kind of investments anymore. Personally I’m going to use Payza from now on. Considering the situation I think that Payza is the only processor that offers an acceptable protection.



    We have a new message from Han:

    To All Members,
    No amount of explanation will satisfy anybody now and its no longer important why it happen or where i had been.
    What concern is those funds in your HQ account. If you look now all AdPack had been reset to 0 not my doing anyway and the balance had been split into Main Balance and Re-purchase balance.
    Now come the withdrawal well nothing i can do no withdrawal had been done since 16 december 2015. Basically Paypal and Payza is over.
    Payza – totally shut us down those have disputed have get back 40% not my arrangements it their decision even to those who have earn they are still getting back the 40% amount that they dispute.
    Paypal – Froze well its clear tons of dispute/chargeback and activity going around with Paypal its a 50/50 thing some win some lose, some even win more then what they should what can i say since that all decision was out of my control.
    Iam just back to work things out to those who have not earn their seeds back like totally nothing even with no promises that i guarantee any earning and i repeat iam back to work things out to those who have not gotten their seed back totally like lose their dispute with Paypal or whatever is it.
    The details i need, to be sent at [email protected] com(there space between the .com)
    Amount deposit – $
    Processor ID – All Processor Screenshot of the receipt
    Withdrawal amount – If any
    ( We have all the track to match and make it easier for both party please be as detail as possible)
    Iam not back to deal with any business.
    Like how it started to help people earn, that some have achieve it and now iam back still to help to those who have lost $ with my own program. Period. I have gone thru and it seems list of numbers of need to be handle are not much comparing the bashing iam getting. So yes getting this GENUINE members who have lost is the focus now.
    No comments or msg will be entertain(you do not want to waste your time well unless if i miss you) be true to yourself get the details to the mail above and we continue from there.



    I don’t trust this scumbag but I have sent them the email although I’m quite sure they are not going to pay. Most likely it will be a waste of time but I had to try. HqRevshare is the most pathetic bunch of useless idiots trying to handle a website I have ever seen in my life.



    they might have comeback from their hideout as they have already surpassed 3 months from the account when it was frozen, they need to clean all disputes to get funds back from paypal in periods of 3 months each or after 6 months



    Supposedly he won’t be able to access again to his Paypal account because of all the disputes and chargebacks. What I understand is that he “wants” to pay his debts via other processors (STP, Perfect Money etc…)

    Anyway I’m quite sure he is not going to pay. If he would want to pay he would had done it many months ago. Note that Perfect Money users had 2 months payment delays even before he dissapeared, and they also told us to send an email with some info so the could pay our money, and of course, they didn’t.



    Surprisingly today I have received an email from Paypal telling that they have sent me a 57,20$ refund from HQ. The purchase was made 8 months ago and I think Han didn’t send the refund, obviously Paypal did.


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