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  • Lifetime 116 days
  • Added 16-08-2017
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  • Monthly return 40%
  • Minimum investment 100$
  • Our investment 100$
  • Received
  • Withdrawals Within 24 hours
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    GUbot Turbo is a 100% automatized forex bot created by the Colombian Edimer Maquilon.

    Investment Programs

    GUbot Turbo runs on several brokers like Liteforex, Forextime, Icmarkets and more. Check the following link for more information:

    GUbot Turbo – Definitive forex bot?

    Referral Program

    No referral program.



    First of all, I want to clear one thing GUbot Turbo has nothing to do with Gunbot. Gunbot is a crytocurrency trading bot and GUbot turbo is a forex bot.

    What I can tell you so far is that I’m testing it, and the creator of the bot told me that I can expect around 40% monthly profit with it. So far I got 10% in just 7 days, so things are going good but obviously it’s too soon to get a final conclusion yet, I need to test it for more time.

    For those who are interested on getting the bot, send me an email to [email protected] or contact me via Telegram: @AitorRuiz

    If you want more information about GUbot Turbo, I recommend you to take a look at this article:




    First report after 1 month testing GUbot Turbo:

    – Everyone who copied the trade operations from GUbot master bot during the last month, got profit, no exceptions.
    – GUbot Turbo generated 37,44% profit during last month at Liteforex.
    – GUbot Turbo generated 49,97% profit during last month at Icmarkerts.

    Those results can be verified at the brokers. This monthly report doesn’t include Forextime because the bot has been stopped several weeks there during some tests.

    Forextime is the broker I have chosen and GUbot Turbo generated 9,68% profit in just one week, and now Forextime has been definitely activated again and today’s results is also very good as you can see in the following pic:




    New update:

    My capital continues growing up: USD 118.53



    New update:

    I reached to 120$ (+20%) but yesterday was an awful day my balance went down to 73,50$. In just one day the profit is gone and I lost 26% from my starting balance.

    Now what? Well, the creator of the bot told me that from Monday onwards there will be a new version of the bot. The new version will be safer but, of course, the expected monthly profit will be lower.

    Whatever it happens and whatever the results will be, I will keep you posted, as always.



    New update:

    As you read in the latest update, the creator of the bot has been doing a lot of tests during September. I contacted him yesterday and asked him for an update. The situation is the following:

    They did a lot of tests but they didn’t get the results the wanted, so the project is finished.

    My thoughts: Forex market is infested by big corporation which rule the market and it’s really hard for normal people to get profit in the long term.

    Sincerely, I recommend you to try this crypto trading bot which is getting very good results for me and for lot of people:



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