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  • Monthly return 25%
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    FortAdPays is a revenue share company owned by Pedro Fort which is part of the Fort Marketing Group with companies in USA, Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica.

    Unlike most of the revenue share companies, Fort Ad Pays offers a very good support. Every Tuesday there is talk in which they make a presentation explaining how Fort Ad pays works, and after that, they give some time to ask anything you want in the chat (they answer to the questions talking). Note that both the owner, Pedro Fort and the administrator, Josep Ángel Colomés, are From Spain, so the weekly talks are in Spanish.

    Investment Programs

    Actually there is only one kind of share. The shares costs 1$ and they mature at 200%.

    60% of the earnings goes to your main balance and 40% goes to repurchase balance but recently there are testing other payment structures. Since last week the repurchase balance has been set to 60% from Monday to Friday and to 80% on Saturdays and Sundays.

    Referral Program

    Fort Ad Pays has a 5 level referral program. They pay 8% of your referral’s purchases (or repurchases) and for the following referral levels they pay 4%, 2%, 1% and 5%.



    This company offers the best support I have ever seen in a rev share company although they mostly speak in Spanish, but they also offer support in English, of course.

    What I don’t like is that the daily earnings are much lower than other revenue share companies right now (it’s around 0,5%). They are working to improve the daily earnings, we will see if they get it.

    Here you have a video where you can see the administrator, Josep Colomés, talking about Fort Ad Pays.



    Great site. The most trusted one.



    Which one is better? Fortadpays or Trafficboot? Thanks



    Both are good, but they are different.

    Fort ad pays is the most transparent revshare. We know who the owner is, we know who work with them, they offer the best support in the industry. Every tuesday they do a video conference and they expain how the things are going, the updates etc.. and anyone can ask any question and they answer. Fort ad pays has been around for more than 1 year and tomorrow (20th December) they are going to do a macroevent in Barcelona. So anyone can talk face to face with the company owner and the company administrator. The bad thing is that the daily earnings are quite low. Around 0,5% / day.

    – About TrafficBoot: I like it. The admin seems to be an honest person, he is very responsible and he gives good support in his forum. The earnings are much higher than Fort Ad Pays.



    Have anyone tried the new 220% roi adpacks? How are they performing?



    Yes, those ad packs are being sold since December 2015 and they are performing well, at least better than the old ones. The daily earnings of the new ad packs is rounding 2%.



    Do you recommend this one? What daily earnings should I expect?



    Hi Steve, yes, I recommend it. It’s one of the most trusted in the industry right now. I know that most of its success comes from Spanish speaking countries because the owner and the admin are from Spain and they mostly speak Spanish.

    But we know their real names. We know what companies do they own, we know everything about them and they are constantly going to events and anyone can talk face to face with them. Have you seen something like that in a revshare? I’m sure you haven’t.

    For example this is one of their latest videos:

    The guy in the middle is Josep Ángel Colomés, FAP admin, and the other guys are top promoters. The video was recorded in Barcelona on 24th January 2016. They are talking about the goal of reaching to 100k members. This goal was achieved 10 days ago and now there are 112k members. They say that the new goal is to reach to 1 million members before 2017. The guy of the right says that he was a blacksmith and now he is one of the top FAP promoters and he has changed his life forever.

    About the daily earnings: this was the worst thing but it has changed now. Now there are new ad packs with 220% roi which are generating around 2% daily, which is very good, especially considering that it’s a very trusted company.



    FAP is going to organize a new live event. This event will be celebrated in Madrid on 20th February.



    Today I have received 61 PTC ads and the price of each ads is 0,005$, so it’s 0,30$ which is really good, especially considering that we don’t need to see the ads one by one, we can click at all the ads at the same time. So it doesn’t take much time.



    Do you want to calculate your profits at Fort Ad Pays? Click here to download a FAP earning simulator 😉



    Fort Ad Pays did a new update. They are going to drop Perfect Money and they will be adding 2clicpay and Bitcoin soon.



    I have noticed that many people want to invest on Fort Ad Pays but they can’t mainly because they don’t have a visa credit card and they don’t know how to deposit funds on Payza using Bitcoins.

    That’s why some people have asked me to make an exchange and sincerely, my funds are limited and I can’t make the exchange with all of you, but I can offer help to those who are my referrals at Fort Ad Pays and they can’t add funds to Payza.

    I offer an exchange from Paypal, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer or Advcash to Payza, or even better, to Fort Ad Pays balance.

    Just to make it clear, I don’t want to win money with these exchanges, the only comission involved is the comission of the payment processor we use.

    If you are interesented you can send me an email to [email protected] stating the amount you want to exchange so we can talk about it.

    We can do the exchange via email, Skype or Whatsapp, so when can make it instantly, avoiding any delays.



    There is a new update. They are going to add new payment processors, 2clicpay and Bitcoin. They are moving some funds from Payza to the new payment processors and because of this, they have decided to limit temporaly the total daily wihdrawal amount and the daily maximum withdrawal per account to 100$. These limits will be lifted in 1 or 2 weeks. The daily maximum withdrawal amount will be reset every day at 00:00, Spain time.



    Fort Ad Pays has reached to 200.000 members. Really nice revshare, the best one by far.



    I know that some people is getting nervous because of the recent withdrawal limits. But there is no reason to worry about. They have stated that this is temporary and it’s caused because they are adding new payment processors (2clicpay, 2pay4you and Advcash).

    On monday, Payza global withdrawal limit was 20.000$ and they raised the limit to 30.000$ on tuesday and to 50.000$ on thrusday and now they have raised the limit again to 80.000$. I’m sure everything will be back to normal in a matter of days 🙂

    By the way, in the last update they have said that Bitcoin will take longer than expected to be added, but they will add Advcash next week, which is a very good new.

    Advcash is very versatile, and its credit card is very cheap and the withdrawal fees are really low. Also Advcash allows to withdraw our funds directly to Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Ok pay etc…



    I have noticed that there isn’t information in English forums about the recent changes in FAP but there is a lot of controversy about these changes in Spanish forums, especially in http://www.uvr.es, the Spanish version of ohyip.com. Supposedly, they were going to create a video in English to explain what is happening but they haven’t done it yet.

    So, WTF is happening with FAP? They have decided to implement some measures to improve the sustainability. What kind of measures?

    1- All the old 300% shares have expired.
    2- All the old 200% shares with 150 or more days have expired. The rest of 200% shares will expire when they reach to 150 days.

    Click here to see an image which shows what’s happening with 220% shares. As you can see in the image, the shares purchased on 21th September are expiring at 160%+. The shares puchased before that date expired with higher roi. For example, the shares expired on 15th September, expired at 170%, the shares expired on 8th September expired on 180% etc…

    But what has happened with the 200% shares purchased after 21th September. The more late you purchased the share, the lower the roi is. For example: the shares purchased on 26th September, gave 154%, the shares purchased on 7th October, gave 138% etc…

    And what is the lower roi they are giving? Supposedly the lowest roi will be 117%. I say “supposedly” becuase we are supposing that you have surfed the ads every single day at the correct time. In my case it seems that I missed some days, so my lowest roi is 112%.

    But the worst thing is that I know some people who is a bit “lazy” and they forgot to surf the ads some days and because of that, their shares have expired even before reaching 100%. So they have purchased some shares and they have been surfing ads for many days and now what do thet get? They don’t even get their seed money back.

    Do you understand why this is generating so much controversy? Many people are dissapointed with these retroactive measures, which are quite unfair btw.

    And what happens with the “new” 220″ shares? They told us in the video that those shares would expire in around 150 days and their roi would be variable / unknown. Many people complained about this and because of that they have taken a step back. So the 220% will expire when they reach to 220% as promised.



    Today Josep Ángel Colomés, FAP admin, did a new update. In conclusion, there are more changes:

    – From now on, we can only request withdrawals on Fridays, from 9.00 AM to 11:59 PM, Spanish time.
    – Every account will be able to request up to 300$.
    – Payza and 2clicpay withdrawals will be limited. So if you are late requesting your withdrawal, you will have no choice but to withdraw your money to 2pay4you.
    – As you know, in the last update they stated that the 200% shares will expire after 150 days. Now they have extended that period to 170 days.



    Latest FAP news:

    – From now on, FAP members will be able to earn money by doing surveys and completing offers. Don’t worry if you don’t want to do surveys, you don’t have to. But the good thing is that a part of the money earned with the surveys will be shared for all members, so we have an extra income now 🙂

    – Today a new share type has been launched. The new share will mature after 150 days and the maximum daily earnings are 1,5%, so if everything goes good, the new shares would mature at 225%. Of course, most likely the final earnings will be lower but the most important thing is the sustainability.

    The daily earnings are low lately but we have to be patient now and wait some days until the latest measures take effect.



    More FAP news:

    Fort Ad Pays Update April 16, 2016-

    Great News!! All withdrawal requests submitted via Payza & 2clicpay were fulfilled successfully. There are still a few pending 2pay4you withdrawal requests that are pending and will be paid during this coming week.

    We want to thank everyone who has contributed some great innovative ideas to improve Fort Ad Pays. We are considering them as we speak, and we are always open to new ideas that will benefit our members, and add to the program’s longevity and stability for years to come.

    More Good News…The integration of the very popular payment processor AdvCash should be completed and fully integrated by this coming Monday or Tuesday.

    Our Alexa Ratings keep improving daily and our site FortAdPaysdotcom worth is currently at an estimated $51 million. Thanks to all of our teamwork and to all of our loyal members.
    Big Thank You Everyone!

    We are currently working on the integration for Fort Ad Pays the classifieds section and ptc ads that will generate extra income and keep increasing the value of our company.

    Our current goal is to reach 1 million members by end of 2016, and focus on increasing the value worth of FortAdPaysdotcom to the same rank and radar of NeoBux (worth $355M USD) within the next 12 months.

    We know and are aware of our members frustrations with the current withdrawal limitation especially for our top earners. That’s why our main focus now is on raising the withdrawal limits for our members, and improving the Career levels for our members.

    In the meantime during this we are making sure that all withdrawal requests are satisfied at least once a week for our members.

    We are always looking for new ways to improve, we will continue to improve and be the top program in the years to come.

    Let’s keep making Fort Ad Pays the best and many Thanks to All!



    Earnings updated for april the 18th
    The NEW 225% packs are stable at 1.50%
    OLD 220% packs went up to 0.70% so they keep increasing slightly
    OLDER 200% packs are stable at 0.75%



    I have decided to move Fort Ad Pays to “problem” status. Why? What is the current situation?

    – They are paying 1 time per week, on Fridays.

    – They are doing updates and creating videos very often. The communication is very good.

    – The withdrawals are limited. We can only withdraw 300$ / week per account.

    – The global withdrawal amount is limited for Payza and 2clicpay, so when the maximum amount has been reached, we can only request payments via 2pay4you.

    – We need to be online on Fridays at 9:00, Spanish time, if we want to request a withdrawal via Payza or via 2clicpay. In just a few minutes the global limit is reached for both processors and when this happens we can only withdraw via 2pay4you.

    IMO it’s ridiculous to force us to request the withdrawals at a fixed time and to force us to withdraw our money through 2pay4you, a processor who many people dislike, by the way.

    So, there are some conditions needed before moving back FAP to “paying” status:

    – They need to pay at least 500$ per week or 400$ if they pay 2 times or more per week.

    – They need to give us at least 5 hours to request our withdrawals.

    – They need to allow us to withdraw our money with the processor we want and stop forcing us to withdraw our money through 2pay4you.



    The situation is better now. Since yesterday we can withdraw up to 100$ from Monday to Friday. The withdrawal limits have been increased for Payza and 2pay4you. Now the daily global limit is 600.000$ for Payza. On thursday and Friday everyone was able to withdraw anytime, which is a very good new.



    There is a new update. The update is only written in Spanish so far, so I’m going to summarize the most important news:

    – From now on all the ad packs will expire after reaching to 120%. This change will take effect after 9th May 2016.

    – The new withdrawal timeframe is up to 7 working days or 9 calendar days.

    – Most of the people who requested a withdrawal on 28th April already got paid. Some of them got the payment after 2 or 3 days, some got the payment after 5 o 6 days. Today I have received a payment requested on 28th April through 2clicpay but I’m still waiting for the payment requested through Payza the same day.

    – They have said that some of their Payza funds are frozen, most likely because some people filed disputes lately. They also said that they will continue making payments through Payza but the frozen funds can cause an extra delay on the payments, so they recommend us to cancel the pending Payza payments and request them through 2pay4you if we don’t want to wait. Of course, this is not mandatory.



    They have translated the update to English. Here you have:

    Dear Fort Ad Pays Friends. We have been studying deeply all revenue share platforms also we found out why most of these projects fail in 6 months or less. We have invited engineers and mathematicians to help us setting up a balanced pattern to reach our desired goal: to have an stable and sustainable business for the users also the company.

    After many studies and projects, we would like to announce you that we have the formula, we mean that we have a viability design for the shares to be sustainable also stable along the time. So, to have one of the best world wide internet business along with our constant improvement philosophy.

    After the tests, mathematicians have decided that packs should have a 120% fixed goal to receive with revenue shares, 50% repurchase and 1% max per day. These numbers are really good and we honestly believe to cut off the indefiniteness and insecurity having them as daily packs. So, we have decided that current pack will not be longer 150 days maturing, will be 120% but same amount of repurchase and 1% max per day. Old expire pending packs will be put at 120% although at their current speed.

    All this changes will take pl ace next thursday 9 May at 09:00 Madrid. We are glad to work looking for a business forever. We apologise for the mistakes, we knew we had to move in order to reach a better situation.

    Pending Payments

    In the other hand, the company is working to add funds to 2pay4you. It is delaying few days but the company strives to get you updated and fulfill with facts. Also in Payza there are pending withdrawals, but is not so easy for the company add funds to Payza besides there are locked funds for 6 months. For that reason, we suggest everyone withdraw funds via 2pay4you, cancel your current withdrawals in Payza and get profit of 2pay4you as payment processor. Even so, we will keep working with Payza because nowadays is a highly demanded and we are here to please our customers.

    Big thanks for your trust. We have get over 240.000 members!!



    Josep Ángel Colomés did a video in English explaining the latest news:



    Latest update:

    1. Today begins a new stage in Fort Ad Pays. After analyzing all of the week how to improve the idea, it has come to this conclusion: the packs old will continue as planned and the packs current that will be passed to the target of 120%, will have all their commissions shared in cash balance and not, as until now, 50% in cash balance and balance of repurchase. To make this idea sustainable, the daily maximum ranging between 0.8% and 1%, all in balance of cash.

    2. Due to transfers fraudulent on fraudulent accounts, it has been decided that the transfer of the balance go to the balance of repurchase. This way we avoid the fraudulent withdrawals that punish the majority. The goal of Fort Ad Pays is to improve and endure in time. For this reason, it is imperative to avoid movements that hurt the most.
    3. Pending withdrawals. There are still withdrawal pending on the 22 of April by 2pay4you and April 28, both of 2pay4you as Payza and the days following. This week or maximum next week you will be able to load 2pay4you and Payza will be also looking for the way to upload as soon as possible to leave putting on the day. It is not easy in a context in which there are 10 times more withdrawals than normal, but we are working to catch up as soon as possible.
    4. Actions Fort Ad Pays. On the 17th of may go up to $ 350. Until today there is no possibility to buy them at $ 300. In a few weeks, who have shares or not, will be able to buy or sell in a domestic market that will be created for this purpose.
    5. The tax identification number of Fort Ad Pays is NIT 1049734
    6. Thank you all for your support, thank you for continuing to provide ideas, giving positive energy and continue to rely on the project. We work in long-term thinking, and we are convinced that all the improvements will give us good fruits in brief.



    Advcash is available for withdrawals now. The only “little” problem is that the global limit is 1000$ / day. So the daily funds won’t last more than half second.

    On the other hand, some people still have pending 2pay4you withdrawals since 22th April and other people (me included) have pending Payza withdrawals since 28th April as you can see here.



    I cancelled some of my Payza pending withdrawals and I requested an Advcash withdrawal. Luckily it arrived in just a few hours.





    Here you have a 2 videos. The first one shows several photos of the FAP event on 14th May 2016 and the second one is a videoreport made by 2 girls who went to the event.



    I also found a very interesting report from a girl who went to the event. Here is it:


    Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I hope you had a nice weekend. My husband and I took the time to travel to Spain to the Fort Ad Pays for all of us to see what is really going on behind the scenes.

    I can imagine and I know the frustrations from all of us in the last months with what has been happening. There are always several ways to deal with that and that’s fine, You can think and be negative which will attract and accomplish more negative things . So our version is to approach it in a positive but realistic way, assessing the real situation , looking at the steps that are being taken to transform and shift this enterprise into the right direction for a bright future for all of us .

    That has also been our belief from the beginning in the personality of Pedro Fort. His intentions , his honor, determination and financial resources to make this success continuously happen .

    Information about the situation, causes and measures being taken:

    Due to exponential worldwide growth, it has been a wild ride to over 250 000 members with a growth at a certain moment of over 20 000 members per month with small but also large purchase amounts. This obviously has drawn the attention of compliance systems between South and North America. Pedro Fort has always stand by and continued to build and improve systems for that.
    As he is doing now with setting up his own bank, creating alliances with new payment processors, with extra options such as advanced cash and continuously improving systems, software and sustainability models. However the real issue today is banking systems blocking FAP temporarily from doing business in a traditional classic way, therefore, he is exploring and setting up new different strategies with his legal teams to get around that with alternative positive legal ways and solutions .
    This often takes time to do it best .

    This and some more information was shares with us publicly as well as in a personal conversation with the Top Leaders and Management. This whole transformation can actually involve several irregular changes to adapt to the new created infrastructure.

    As You logically understand it will also involve months of work in the proper setup, therefore they have to comply with banking and government procedures as they are doing correctly. Meanwhile Pedro and his management and legal financial team are working around the clock to offer a sooner alternative solution for Financial movement i.e Payouts etc…

    The reality is that we have to wait with a positive mindset but it will be solved and it is possible that it is solved promptly at a certain time. The funny thing is that the Fort Group has the money to pay all of us at once but they are temporarily withheld by banking compliance. This is the information that is coming directly from the Top Leaders and Management of Fort Ad Pays, partly publicly and partly personally at the event.

    This was the conclusion and the call to action is that we have to be patient with a positive vision and belief in the future for the Fort Ad Pays family network.

    Information regarding practicalities we heard in the meeting:

    1) The company opened a bank account in a new country

    2) Setting up of their own bank within 6 months with an own debit card

    3) Trying with banking compliance to release and transfer funds within the next 2 months to all of us.

    4) They are working hard to transfer funds next week to Payza and 2pay4you, this way they will be able to catch up with the pending withdrawal requests. Also the company is having 10 times more withdrawal requests at this moment so it takes longer to process the requests.

    5) Next to his own banking and payment processing system, we heard that Pedro Fort is also deeply looking into crypto currencies.

    6) The company is also working on a mobile app device for the members as well as the improvement of the surveys on the website so everyone can benefit from it.

    7) Payza is still one of the options when it comes to withdrawal processor , however the company advises us to choose one of the other processors the company works with.

    My personal opinion and feeling:

    1) With the new changes, investments and new setup platforms been made by the Fort Group ,we all know that as Fort Ad Pays Family members , we will have a more prosperous and sustainable future.

    2) I always calculate for myself that they will do 3 times better and it can take 3 times longer as many things are not only in the control of the Fort Group as we mentioned before, but they are also dealing with 3rd parties as banking and government compliance as we all know they can be nasty.

    3) Best thing is to Meanwhile believe and build with positivity, patience, perseverance, determination and leadership.

    4) Every business venture in life is a long term journey staying stable and alert in all ups and downs. Winners never quit, quitters never win. Fort Ad Pays is one of the greatest concept out there that I have seen, with the greatest ownership, good intentions and atmosphere.

    5) And believe me I have seen and been monitoring all concepts out there each day. If I look at the backend of 99.9% of revenue shares launching, they promise everything and they don’t have structure, systems and management in place and with their false promises they are destroying the upcoming industry of revenue share,

    6) There are some upcoming companies out there like Fort Ad Pays which are installing all infrastructure and systems as it should be, but this takes time and people want to have a Get Rich Quick Scheme now…. Wake up and Smell the coffee! It doesn’t exist! And most of these so called new Rev Share owners will either be incapable or run away . People joining all kinds of revenue shares each day not having the knowledge, believing everything, not having the resources to investigate and evaluate properly and in fact they only joined unknowingly just another ordinary badly organized adventurers or amateurs with some ideas.

    7) Payment and financials: As You see from the above and last weekend, Fort Ad Pays has enough money to pay us and they are facing the situation doing all they can. I as a leader, take the responsibility to investigate and continue and inform you as I can. Know that all events in every Marketing or direct selling company that I know, the event is always financed by the sales of event tickets so You see that a lot of comments a few members had are really unnecessary and not welcome.

    8) Everybody chooses his own attitude strategy in facing and dealing with situations. It is that attitude that will determine Your success with something. We are all members with equal rights to make of it for ourselves what we want. But I have the right to only work with people that want to grow and handle all situations in a positive way, because I don’t believe in any kind or form of negativity or disbelief. It is time for people who want to join a revenue share to also develop themselves, business wise and in entrepreneurship combined with personal development.

    We all have to think positive with forward focus. I strongly recommend everyone in all times and especially these times, to consult knowledge and quotes of Jim Rohn , Antony Robbins and a lot more of the fine world personal and business coaches.




    FAP May 17

    To explain the current situation and remove uncertainty for the future, the president of the Fort Group, Mr Pedro Fort, address each point through a video talking about current events and actions implemented by the Group for the business continue.

    This video will be available towards the end of the week. We will follow the link so you can view it.

    Cordial greetings.



    I have decided to move FAP to “No paying” list because the delay in the payments is too big. There are pending payments since 28th April. Anyway we will move back FAP to other status if the situation improves. Remember that you can still access to FAP profile by clicking in “confirmed scams” links, located at the bottom of the website.



    Pedro Fort has created a new video explaining the situation:

    In conclusion:

    – Their bank accounts are temporary blocked because of some new regulations. Their legal team is working with bank’s compliance department and they are doing their best to fix the situation.

    – Unfortunately there is no timeframe of when the bank issue will be fixed, so we can expect that the withdrawals will continue being paid very slowly for weeks, most likely.

    – They want to create a bank which would help to make fast deposits and payments with no 3rd party entities involved.

    – Their bank license has been approved 2 months ago but they still need 3 or 4 months more in order to be 100% operative.

    – Pedro also spoke about his other businesses such as property developments in San Andrés island, new perfume products, dating apps and more.



    Here you have the interview with Pedro Fort translated into English:

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    Here is the translation of the interview MR. Pedro Fort did. It is a lot of translation so please take the time to read everything fully. Thank You .

    (Prensenter) Pedro Fort is going to talk about the current status of the Fort Group

    Pedro Fort:
    -The Fort Group was affected by the new norms that exist in international money transactions.

    -The current worldwide Financial and banking norms have changed . The vigilance is in place because of money laundering, drugs trafficking and collaboration with terrorist organizations. Banks have been forced to make strict controls for companies as well as strict controls to the transactions these companies are making.

    -In our case there are two businesses that are completely affected by this situation, TBS and TFCS (name of the companies within the Fort Group).

    -This forced us to make a series of changes regarding the way we have been operating for the last 2.5 years.

    -Like I explained, banks are doing compliance verifications for every financial transaction which causes a delay or rejection of payments (IN/OUT) that we as a supplier or client are carrying within the group.

    -Our legal and financial departments are working hard to solve these disadvantages and in the coming weeks there will be a series of changes that will one way or another improve the common approaches in moving money In and Out.

    -This is the most complicated part and that’s what the Group has been confronted to these last months.

    (Presenter) One of the current projects you have is the bank, can you tell us more about it?

    Pedro Fort:
    -Our Group saw this financial “inconveniences” we are facing for the last 4 months a long time ago . That is why we have applied for a banking license 11 months ago.

    Today I officially announce that our request was accepted. The Group has a bank for the last 2 months.
    Having a banking license was the first step and within 3 or 4 months the bank will be 100% operational. This will enable our customers or suppliers to have a bank account with a card for withdrawals . it will also offer other financial products that will allow us to move funds in an easy and efficient way.
    The bank will focus 100% on the internet market because we believe that the majority of our clients and future clients are people who love to network online.

    (Presenter) Aside from having an own bank, does the Fort Group have other projects ?

    Pedro Fort:

    Let’s say that we have other companies, some of them are very successful, as in the case of F.A.P , which in less than 2 years had an exponential growth.

    Right now, F.A.P counts 250 000 + members and the projection we have for the coming months, I should say within 1 year could be 1 million members. The value of the asset of F.A.P has increased from almost $25 to a market value of $ 55 million.

    This does not represent the maximum limit of the value of this area since the web has multiple abilities when it comes to growth and there is a forecast about multiplying the current value by 10.

    That is a part of the projects we want to offer to our audience, customers and suppliers who participate in this profitability or growth of the portfolio value (equities/company shares).

    -We have another recent activity which is a search engine called GISI which allows to search and look for a life partner (?) , however this has characteristics that distinguish it from all other search engine out there and I invite you to use it.

    -On the other hand there are projects that are not virtual, that are part of the traditional business, such as real estate development, one the most important project that is in development is based in San Andrés (island) which is a natural paradise. We are currently is a phase of execution of projects. Everything is going fine and there will be a very high market value for it. It is an investment in real estate that the Group is doing.

    -We also like diversification within our Group, that’s why we have manufactured a perfume and everything that is related to perfumery. We will present a very exclusive product because we like to differentiate ourselves from other companies.
    This product will be a fragrance for both men and woman and I can already say that one of its characteristics is set to a unique scent. The packaging is made of crystal of “Murano” which will increase the quality of the product and make a difference when it comes to normal crystal that is used in the common market.
    The perfume will come out and will be sold in the coming months and I invite you to test it and I hope you will make use of it.

    -There are also other projects, I obviously cannot speak about some of them for the moment because of confidentiality related to business.

    We are talking about very interesting projects both virtual and non-virtual and I invite you to continue to take part as a customer, supplier of our Group and the companies of our Group and I ask you to be a little more patient because our staff is working very hard, 24 hours a day to finalize all the details required for the operation of these projects which will allow everyone to attain a level of economical gains , thing we have been able to provide so far for the last 2 and half years.

    I thank You very much and like I always say, Only companies that are able to adapt to changes are those who will survive.

    We, we are forever survivors and what we need is people and a community who support our projects.

    Translated by Amel



    I want to share 3 FAP video reviews I have found:




    Inaccurate information is being shared in social networks and media. The company wants to step out of it and communicates the following:

    1) FORT AD PAYS is a Company whose business is the advertising marketing. Users, individuals and legal entities buy advertising space. In addition, FORT AD PAYS offers to the advertising space buyers the possibility to collaborate in business through the intermediary in the sale of advertising space to third parties. This sale generates a commission for that customer. This option is a corporate policy of sustained growth and perfectly valid and sustainable for the affiliates which are paid through timely commission, weaving thus a network of partners-brokers who sell the product of the company and ensures the business growth.

    2) FORT AD PAYS is not an investment fund and do not provide any return to investors. He has never presented that way, and if bad information from a partner has been done and has generated the currently uncertain, it is wrong and contrary to company policy information.

    3) FORT AD PAYS works primarily with US Banks. Iron discipline of the US regulations on banking matters made responsible our firm for some buyers of advertising packages that could be suspicious of non-transparent activities and movements of important capital. Controls done by fraud policy, capital flight and illegal activities made banking operators to suspend the operational management because they are unable to verify the origin of capital movements for some buyers. This has significantly affected the business operations of FORT AD PAYS, which is being resolved as indicated below.

    4) FORT AD PAYS is part of the business group composed by different companies with capital and international projection. The group participates in various business sectors such as real estate, banking, mobile applications, advertising platforms and more. It has economic solvency and equity that ensures business response to all its customers. The group has a corporate policy that guarantees the success of all the companies that are part of it. Opinions are quite uncertain and publications of fraud and insolvency too. All this slanderous campaign reflects hidden interests by some people with vested interests to sink the business group for the power and growth to steal our market. It is an unworthy maneuver, it is being studied by our legal advisors to take appropriate action against those responsible.

    5) In its corporate policy of growth, FORT GROUP almost has finalized all legal permits wo work with their own bank which will operate with greater dynamism in the daily management of the companies that form. Legal authorities are putting the final permits for the bank: BANK INC FORT to be imminently operational in August or September of this year 2016. This solvency and strength of Fort GROUP, which will have its own bank with all international legal permits for its operations is expressed. No group is insolvent or fraud and can give that answer. It has full guarantee of funds and economic capacity to control and permission of the relevant banking authorities. By operating this bank, all legal measures to avoid buying advertising packages by “investors” with money of unverified origin will be adopted with the banking regulations on combating money laundering.

    6) We reiterate our customers that they can trust in FORT AD PAYS and the group which it is part. Against false accusations and negative opinions expressed in forums and media, the company does not answer to such attacks by the same means entering a sterile and absurd dynamic that only hurts the company and benefits those who falsely accuse protected by the anonymity. These slanders actually concern dark personal interests. It has become custom to our legal advisers to study these attacks individually, and in response thereto this general statement is issued to inform all good customers who trust our company. The legal advisors of the company individually and deal with the slanders and libels published irresponsibly without any basis and formulate legal action against those responsible for debugging your responsibility whether natural or legal persons.

    We appreciate your confidence in FORT AD PAYS and the business group that supports it.



    NEWS June 6, 2016

    1) Fort Ad Pays still issuing 23 and 24 May payments by Payza. There are 8500 pending withdrawals. We could not move company funds to load processors. Therefore, we only have money of the current billing which is quite low plus the weekly releases from Payza (which freezes 10% of income for 6 months). This is one of the main reasons about the delays.

    The Company works to have solutions as soon as possible in this fundamental aspect that is to pay commissions. Again, we apologize for the delay but we are still struggling to catch up and move normally.

    2) Fort Ad Pays INC has reached an agreement with Uphold to work with this multiprocessor and create a cryptocurrency with it. It is working to have it as soon as possible and made the integration. Also launch a cryptocurrency with all the technology and legal advice. We are convinced that this partnership will yield great results

    3) We are working to incorporate pop under advertising ExoClick, a major undertaking that would mean a new source of revenue for Fort Ad Pays INC.

    4) We started checking identity papers. It is essential to put the number of Identity profile and upload in JPEG or PDF file. Who does not upload the document, will not be able to make withdrawals.



    New update:

    We’ll talk about the new agreement which was signed between Fort Ad Country and Uphold , a payment processor that will allow you to use cryptocurrency Fort in all group companies.

    This platform allows you to add funds either by bank transfer , credit card or with bitcoins and also to withdraw funds . Uphold works with credit cards that you can use to do these operations.

    This partnership will allow the Fort group to create its own electronic money , the Fort Corner , and facilitate operations . It is interesting to use this platform as it converts foreign currency bitcoin and thus promote the transfer of money between countries.

    I suggest you subscribe to Uphold free through the link that has been created for Fort Ad Country here https://uphold.com/?utm_source=fortadpays&utm_campaign=network&utm_medium=web

    cordial greetings.



    News of June 21st, 2016

    FORT AD PAYS continues to work hard to get the business back to normal.

    The billing system which will facilitate companies’ enrollement is still to be implemented.

    We are also working very hard at the accounts’ verification process and have strengthened our Team to be more efficient in order to speed up the process.

    We are also implementing a payment processor to pay with Bitcoins.

    4000 withdrawals of May 24 are being processed by Payza. They will be completed soon. As you know, we could not fund processors because of compliance with banking standards. We are about to dispose of funds and will be able to make payments progressively in a few weeks.

    Be assured that this will happen as soon as we possibly can because we are aware of the precarious situation of some families who are in a great need of their funds. We are looking for the best way to pay commission and believe that Bitcoin is one of the best solutions for its versatility and easy use.

    We thank you for your support.



    We have a new update today. So far it’s only available in Spanish. In summary, pending payments from 24th May has been processed and they are going to allow new withdrawal requests:

    – They are going to implement Bitcoin for payments and withdrawals very soon.
    – Those who haven’t received any payment from FAP yet, will be able to request a 90$ withdrawal through 2pay4you this Thursday, 0:00 Spanish time.
    – Those who have a verified account, will be able to request a 10$ withdrawal from Monday to Friday through Bitcoin, 2clicpay, Payza or Advcash. (Depends on availability)



    The original update translated into English:

    FAP News July 13, 2016

    1. Withdrawals:

    Commencing this week onwards, withdrawals for verified members will resume.


    The programmers are testing the CoinPayments gateway so that members can soon buy advertising and receive their commissions in bitcoins .


    On Thursday (from 00:00 pm, Madrid time) members who have been verified and have not yet made any withdrawal requests nor transfers will be allowed to make a withdrawal request of USD 90.


    On Friday (from 00:00 pm Madrid time) the other verified members will be allowed to make a withdrawal request of USD 90 according to availabilities.

    Payza, 2clicpay, bitcoins (by CoinPayments) and / or ADVCASH:

    On Monday 18 July and from Monday to Friday onwards, and according to available balance, the above payment gateways will be alternatively opened. To start with, the maximum allowed amount to withdraw will be USD 10 and we intend to increase it as soon as possible.

    The outstanding payments of May 24th have been settled.

    2. Billing:

    Since last week a new billing system is available to members on their Back Office which will help them to promote Fort Ad Pays to companies


    Fort Ad Pays offers an effective advertising system. According to users’ experience the most effective advertising is the PTC and the LOG IN Ads

    3. Other enhancements:

    The program is implemented so that you can download the banners directly from the system and thereby facilitate advertising in Fort Ad Pays.


    We thank you for your confidence.



    Important update:

    Fort Ad Pays is preparing for relaunching the business around August 2nd, 2016. All details will be announced next week

    As far as Bitcoin is concerned, “Coinpayments” gateway is ready but nothing will happen till we are able to provide the Management with all details or our relaunch for them to be able to give us documented instructions to optimize their deposits.

    Please do not charge funds through any of the available processors until we communicate on the relaunch and all the news to come.

    Withdrawals : we are in a transition period : After the relaunch, we plan to enable members to withdraw funds without any restrictions. We are nearing our goal. Thank you for your confidence!



    There is a new update:

    1 – According to our latest release, cash and repurchase balances have been used to purchase $1 packs. Until tomorrow, 4 pm, Madrid time, the pack purchase and withdrawal request functions are disabled

    2 – Your Back Office is now ready for funding Bitcoins through the CoinPayments processor. Copy Paste your alphanumeric Bitcoin address (from any of those processors : Uphold, Xapo, Coinbase …). No need to open an CoinPayments account.

    3 – Until August 15th you will get a 8% bonus for a $ 500 deposit or more via CoinPayments on your Back-Office, which you will be able to claim by opening a ticket.

    4 – To prepare for your Bitcoins withdrawal requests, it is important to finalise your payment settings in your Back office :.

    Select “coinpayments” and then copy paste your alphanumeric Bitcoin address (from either of those processors : Uphold, Xapo, Coinbase, Cryptopay.me ) in the field « Processor ID ». There is no need to create an account CoinPayments.

    5 – Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, August 2nd as from 4 pm, Madrid time, you will be able to purchase the $10 pack containing 50 advertising credits.

    Please click on the link below and review our latest news for a better understanding.

    Best regards.



    As you all know, they used our cash balance to buy 1$ Ad Packs on 2nd August. Because of this, many people is angry, and they are right. but we can’t skip the fact that they are paying within 48 hours now. How long is this situation going to last? We don’t know, but what we do is that FAP needs to be monitored and that’s why I decided to move it back to “Problems” instead of “Not paying”.

    Of course, if they would stop paying again, FAP would be moved back to “Not paying” status and they will need to prove that they really want to pay the pending amounts in order to be moved back to “Paying” status. Obviously they are very far from this at the momment.



    There is some news in our back office.

    1) The glitch in the system has been fixed, everything should work properly now. We are now able to purchase ad packs.

    2) They started processing withdrawals again.



    There is a new update:

    On August 23rd, we informed our members that payment requests will resume starting from August 11th.

    Due to some technical issues, payments could not be processed.

    We are now relaunching the payment process. You have to take into account a 5 to 10 day time period before your account should be credited. Thank you for NOT loading the support with tickets !

    Best regards.

    Last minute notice : Payments have resumed and technical issues are solved, thus concerned tickets will be canceled.




    1) As from now on, payments will take place on Mondays every other week. The next payment will be processed on Monday September 5th 2016. Minimum withdrawal $50 up to $2000.

    2) 5% fee will be applied on each withdrawal

    3) Each member should pay a monthly membership of 20$ + 1% of each new active pack (ex : 1000 packs @ $10 = $ 10 000 – membership $20+$)

    4) A unsubscription button will be implemented very soon

    5) In a very near future, a transfer of funds from FAP account to the World Wide Casino website (online gambling and sports betting website belonging to Fort Group) will be available for interested members.



    This last update is a joke. Moved again to the scam list.



    I think it’s about time members started filing complaints with their payment processor , this is a joke, 2 weeks ago they re-launched and now this, $20 a month membership , they are asking us to pay to get our own money !





    You are requested to click on : http://fortadpays.com/soporte/ to access the new FAP support.

    There are 5 categories of topics in Spanish, French and English.

    Those topics are :

    – General questions

    – ID verifications

    – Technical problems

    – Opinions / suggestions

    – Complaints

    We hope this new tool will be of great help to our clients.


    Following to many constructive contributions, the company is considering applying a membership that will be calculated as a percentage on the new packs, which will be more fair and square.Our affiliates’ interests is of great importantce to Fort Ad Pays management and rest assured that we do our utmost to meet with everyone’s needs. We are greatful to all those who contributes positively to our improvements with constructive remarks ; intolerance and insults lead up nowhere. Therefore, you are most welcome to post your suggestions using the support’s tool and choose « Suggestions » as a topic. You will be requested to enter your username.


    We will provide the opportunity for our affiliates to continue with FAP’s project or quit.


    The new programming Teamwork is working to make our website more secure. A security code system will be implemented for our members to enter their Back Office with a view to reinforce our accounts’ security.


    FAP has enlisted two new committed Team Members who are experts in their field, and will be part of the Management Team in order to help improve the project: Annie Gallecier and Sébastien Dumarais.


    We process payments as quickly as possible.


    FORT AD PAYS is approaching its second anniversary. It is a young and dynamic project, and it needs to be invigorate to be performing and give everyone the opportunity to generate steady online income.




    Membership: Tomorrow, Sunday, Sept. 4, the FAP membership will be activated, based on a 2% percent on the new active packs of $10, as indicated in the latest release. For example, if a member has 10 active packs of $10 i.e $100 value of revshare commission, he will pay $2 membership for 30 days, date from which the same process will be applied every single month. Membership is applicable for accounts from $100 worth of new packs.

    The FAP membership must be paid with an external fundings : CoinPayments, ADVCASH or PAYZA.

    The client who has not paid his membership before September the 5th, will not be able to make any withdrawals but he gets a 15 days grace to set up his membership and he will still be entitled to receive his revshare commissions during that period of grace.

    After this date, and if he is not up to date with his membership, he will neither be able to make withdrawals nor receive shared commissions.

    Pending payments: we continue to process payments as quickly as allowed by the international financial system.

    Improvements: we continue our improvements and we are working on new revenue sources to make of FORT AD PAYS one of the best advertising platforms in the world. Your concerns are our priority and we care about members’ ideas that contribute to the constant and rapid improvement of our business



    IMPORTANT NOTICE: membership payment has been activated. in order for you to make withdrawals you need to cover the fee. The system will provide the total based on the amount of new packs you possess. For more information please consult the September the 3rd announcement.

    Thank You




    1) The buton “I quit” is now enabled and each member who wishes to quit the Company is now free to do. No one is obliged to stay in the Company and Fort Ad Pays is « opening the doors » for those who want to leave.

    2) Soon, members will be able to pay their membership with their cash balance.

    3) We are currently processing withdrawal requests by order of arrival. Therefore, new withdrawal requests will only be enabled when all pending payments are made. These operations have to be compliant with the international financial rules and regulations

    The next date for withdrawal will be communicated in due course.

    4) In short, the current $10 pack will no longer be available for purchase. A new pack , meeting the latest trend of the market, with the same characteristics and commissions will be set up. Once this new pack is programmed and launched, members will be notified by press release. They will be able to purchase this new pack only with external funds. On the other hand, they will have to withdraw funds to purchase additional packs, if this is their wish

    5) Two Wallets will be activated:

    – Wallet 1: the current cash and the re-purchase balance will be merged. With this new balance, the member will be able to buy any kind of advertising packs except the new packs with share earnings and he will be able to make withdrawals. Dates of withdrawal from wallet 1: whenever the pending withdrawal requests from wallet 1 have been processed, a new withdrawal date will be communicated in order to enable a new request for $ 10 to $ 2,000 per account. As it depends from the processing of the pending payments, we consider either less or more than 14 days between the dates of payment process.

    – Wallet 2: set up for the new pack’s commissions (either from network or shared revenues). The balance of this wallet can only be used for withdrawals (one withdrawal request per 24 hours). Date of withdrawals from wallet 2 : Mondays to Sundays from $ 10 to $ 2,000. Payments will be processed between 24 and 72 « working » hours by CoinPayments (thus the member can transfer funds to any bitcoin processors: Uphold, Blockchain, Xapo, CoinBase etc .. and then fund his different accounts as Payza, Advcach, etc.)

    Withdrawals fees are reduced from 5% to 2%

    6) The new pack may be purchased by Advcash or CoinPayments with any bitcoin money (Uphold, Xapo, Coinbase, etc.), because these two processors do not retain the company’s funds for six months and they have low operational costs, which benefits the users.

    This new pack will not be linked to a membership. Its cost will be the same price and generate the same commissions (network or shared commissions) than the current $10 pack. The member should only purchase this new pack by means of external fundings and withdrawals will be processed between 24 to 72 « working 2hours as requested by our clients

    The launch date of the new pack will be communicated shortly.

    The Management




    Our IT department is fixing the membersip payment issues that have occured when using cash balance or Coinpayment.
    It is also working on the implementation of the new pack (next week) and other novelties that will be announced in the coming weeks. We apologize for the inconveniences this may have caused.



    New Update:

    Dear partners,

    Fort Ad Pays’ Support is a customer service and is mainly dedicated to solving technical problems. This is not a place for “public demonstration”.

    The company is aware of the inconveniences caused during this period of restructuring and is requesting everyone to be respectfull and let Fort Ad Pays’ support focus on the main issues.

    The company is working very hard at implementing solutions and we thank the members who support us in this respect

    In order for Support to be more efficient and dedicated to solving legitimate issues, these are the new rules :

    – From Tuesday, September 27, 2016, the support will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (Madrid time) Monday through Friday.

    – Any ticket from which the answer can be found in the Company´s releases (withdrawals, the daily rate, etc …) will be automatically closed with a message linked to the release).

    – The support is available in English, French and Spanish. Members who do not open a ticket choosing the right language or the right topic, will be invited to open a new ticket

    – In case of offensive behaviour, insults, etc…the member will be warned once and in case of recurrence, his account will be disabled without any further notice.

    – The Support Agents are human beings like you and must be respected. Non compliant tickets will be closed and members may be requested to send a new ticket.

    – Members are requested to get assistance from their sponsor before opening a ticket.

    Thank you for following these rules which will enable a more efficient Customer Service.

    Fort Ad Pays would like to thank you for your understanding and wishes you an excellent day.




    Dear Partners,

    As mentioned in our latest release, we are pleased to announce the launch of the new $ 10 pack . It can only be purchased using external funds.

    This pack has the same features as the previous pack

    It can be purchased with external funds and the member will be able to make withdrawals to buy more packs according to his wish!

    Good News! : during the launching period, the membership will be TEMPORARILY deactivated!!

    Thursday night October 6th thru October 7th will be the transitional period for FAP to consolidate the implementation of the 2 wallets and the $10 new pack.

    You are kindly requested to wait until tomorrow Friday October 7th for this new pack to be available for purchase.

    Any delay will be announced but we are almost ready to start this new journey with FAP.

    Thank you for your support.

    You have a terrific week!

    The Management




    As from now on you can purchase the new $10 pack, with external funds, but only with the Advcash.com payment processor (advcash balance or with bitcoins because Advcash also offers this possibility, in this case, it will take 6 bitcoins confirmations for your payment to be active. Coinpayments is momentaneously available only for withdrawals from the wallet 2, which is already activated.




    Welcome to this video from the Communications and Marketing Dpt of FAP.com

    We would like to inform you that FAP is in the process of updating payments from the WALLET1. Remember, on 5 September we enable requests for payment from wallet1. There are still pending payments. We will enable further payment requests from wallet1, as soon as payments requests from Sept 5th are made.

    On the Wallet2, payments are up to date as you can see (visual on payments of 15 October, the day of the video and visual on payments of 14 October)

    There were a couple of payment requests processed via AdvCash (2 exactly). The financial department was able to do so technically.

    What motivates the company is paying pending payments! No doubt that the company is doing anything possible to make payments each day!

    The company is also working on new funding means like our new advertising platform called Premios de Publicidad which will be a boosting funding source!

    A big thank you to all those who buy the usual advertising and new packs, it is going very well

    We will be able to buy new packs with Coinpayments very soon

    That is all for this video

    Thank you for your attention



    New update:

    Dear Partners,

    We are pleased to inform you that Coinpayments is back and running. This paiement system will be used as the single paiement system as from now on, to buy new packs and withdraw commissions.

    Each member will have to open an account in bitcoins (Uphold Xapo ,, etc …) until November 15 (if not done yet) because beyond that date all payment transactions will be promesses in bitcoins. Meanwhile deposits can still be made by Advcash.

    You may have noticed that we’ve added on the home page, some videos on financial education and we hope it will help you better understand how to manage finances and learn some strategies for making money and above all to make it grow. (The French translations are in progress).

    We would also draw your attention to your creating passwords: it is important to avoid any special characters because it is the main reason why the system is not able to return it to your email address.

    Use only alphanumeric characters and as many as 8 to 15 characters: Example Abc7xu0nmi9

    Have a great week.



    It seems that Fort bank is almost ready:





    We would like to inform you that the company is still working on finding solutions to pay the wallet1 payment requests. Unfortunately, we have no visibility as to when we will be able to proceed those payments as we are still trying to solve the blocking of funds by the banks, which is not an easy task. However we have worked on alternatives, one of them is a new advertising platform, which we trust will be successful and will help the group release payments from wallet 1.

    It has already been announced some time ago and this new platform will soon be operational. We are in the process of finalizing certain functions to offer the best of it before launch.

    In addition the “surf free plans” will have to be paid with external funds in order to be able to give fluidity to the business and to continue fighting to let everyone go forward.

    We appreciate your understanding and support.



    Press Release Fort Ad Pays – Option for Wallet1

    A new option is now available on your Back-Office which allows you to use your funds from your wallet1 to transform them into new packs.

    For example, a member buys 19 new packs of $ 10 (i.e. $ 190 in value). The 10% i.e. $ 19 is transformed into a pack of $ 10 which will be counted (the member receives 19 packs + 1 pack) and the $ 9 will complete the next pack.

    Then the same member buys a new pack of $ 10. The 10% i.e. $ 1 will add up to $ 9 to make a new pack. And so on. Thus, the funds of the wallet1 will be re-used progressively. This is the first choice.

    For the moment the recovery percentage of the Wallet1 is 10%, but it may vary in the future. This is the first step to help recover the funds from the Wallet1. It is entirely voluntary, no one is obliged to take this option. If you wish, you can wait until the Fort Bank is operational

    This option was requested by our users, and we respect our members’ wishes.

    Thank you for your confidence.



    Press Release Fort Ad Pays – Clarifications about Wallet1

    FAP has implemented a new automatic rule in your Back-Office which allows the system to automatically use 10% of the funds from your wallet1 to transform them into new packs when you buy new packs via your wallet2, giving you more packs.

    For example, a member buys 19 new packs of $ 10 (i.e. $ 190 in value). The 10% i.e. $ 19 is transformed into a pack of $ 10 which will be counted (the member receives 19 packs + 1 pack) and the $ 9 will complete the next pack.

    Then the same member buys a new pack of $ 10. The 10% i.e. $ 1 will add up to $ 9 to make a new pack. And so on. Thus, the funds of the wallet1 will be re-used progressively. This is the first choice.

    For the moment the recovery percentage of the Wallet1 is 10%, but it may vary in the future. This is the first step to help recover the funds from the Wallet1. It is entirely voluntary, no one is obliged to take this option. If you wish, you can wait until the Fort Bank is operational

    This option was requested by our users, and we respect our members’ wishes.

    Thank you for your confidence.



    New update:

    Dear Members,

    Management is actively working on new solutions to pay the commissions of Wallet 1. We are aware of the urgency of finding a solution for many of you, you but for safety reasons and as a precaution, we should not announce any solutions until they are definitive.

    With respect to the distribution of the new pack commissions to Wallet 2, when the reserve funds reaches a certain level, the highest possible allocation is made to ensure continuity and stability of the system.

    The goal is always to maintain sustainability and avoid situations experienced the past.

    Last but not least, remember that advertising at Fort Ad Pays has given very good results for many entrepreneurs and companies to their entire satisfaction.

    So you may take advantage of the advertising offered by FAP, with the free ads options or the ads payment options like Login Ads, Banner Ads …

    Thank you for your continued patience!




    Dear Admins of FAP.

    You are scammers and aren’t paying anymore I waited almost 2 years still haven’t got my money back. It’s really sad to scam people because people like me hoped to gain money because we are in need. My mother was sick and while I was working my money wasn’t enough I was hoping to make some extra money with this site so I can help her more. Thank you for making my daily struggles even harder. I think I speak for 99 precent of the users besides the investors who post lie messages on forums and other sites that you are just a big scam nothing more.

    Thank you for taking my money I hope you feel good!


    Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *

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