• Lifetime 115 days
  • Added 03-01-2017
  • Added since 55 days
  • Paying
  • Monthly return 50%
  • Minimum investment 10$
  • Our investment 100$
  • Received
  • Last payment 26-02-2017
  • Withdrawals Instant
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    Elizion is a HYIP that was launched on 3rd November 2016. Elizion gets profits thanks to its bots. Those bots are trading with cryptocurrencies.

    Investment Programs

    Elizion only has one investment plan: It pays 3,33% daily for 60 days, that is, at the end of the period you will get 200% of your initial investment.

    Referral Program

    10% for direct referrals and 3% for second level referrals.



    This HYIP has a peculiarity, it works with TelegramLa peculiaridad de esta HYIP es que funciona a travΓ©s de Telegram. The truth is that I hadn’t used this program until now but it quite user friendly and intuitive. The program can be downloaded here:


    If you already have Telegram installed, you can just create your account at Elizion website, if you don’t have Telegram installed, you should first download and install it.

    Once your account is created, you can open Telegram and you will see “Elizion” in the left column. Now you have to click “Elizion” and you will access to Elizion’s control panel. To invest you have to click on “Make investment” a deposit. From now on, you will receive 3,33% of your investment automatically, you don’t need to request it manually.



    If Telegram investigate and shut down this site API access, the scheme instantly collapses. Search for anthor site called larawith.me it, Telegram shut down the bot after couple of months and I think it’s the same admin of that site :’D



    Thanks for sharing your opinion Itsmohsen πŸ™‚


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