• Confirmed scam 11-11-2016
  • Lifetime 25 days
  • Added 17-10-2016
  • Added since 554 days
  • Not Paying
  • Monthly return 30%
  • Minimum investment 5$
  • Our investment 0$
  • Received
  • Withdrawals Instant
  • User ratings:
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    Dina Pay is a revshare that will be launched on 1st December 2016. Its CEO is Samuel Pacheco from Honduras.

    Investment Programs

    The is only one ad pack type: 1$, matures at 120%.

    – There is no repurchase rule.
    – The minimum withdrawal amount is 1$ and the maximum withdrawal amount is 1000$ / day.
    – Payment through Payza are instant and Bitcoin payments are made within 72 hours.

    Referral Program

    10% referral commission.



    I didn’t know this revshare until the admin sent me an email introducing himself. I like the pay plan but there are some things this revshare needs to improve before the launch:

    1- Admin needs to invest some cash in advertising, there are less than 20 registered members so far.

    2- Admin need to invest in a dedicated server.

    3- It would be nice to add some more payment methods like PM and Payeer.

    I haven’t decided if I will invest in this revshare or not. We will see if the admin does what he has to do. If he does, most likely I will invest here, if not I will monitor this revshare without investing.

    By the way, here you can see a pic of Samuel Pacheco, Dina Pay admin:



    This revshare has been closed even before being launched. The same happened with Ad World Share: A kid trying to manage a business and he doesn’t know how, so it fails even before launched. A waste of time.


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