• Confirmed scam 02-01-2017
  • Lifetime 118 days
  • Added 02-10-2016
  • Added since 569 days
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  • Monthly return 40%
  • Minimum investment 10$
  • Our investment 100$
  • Received
  • Last payment 02-10-2016
  • Withdrawals Within 24 hours
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    Crypto Capital Alliance Ltd., a UK Registered Company, is a cryptocurrency investment company that utilizes professional traders and mining contracts, to maximize our investors returns in the cryptocurrency markets. Crypto Capital Alliance was launched on 8th September 2016.

    Investment Programs

    2% daily for 100 days: Minimum investment 10$, total return 200%

    3% daily for 60 days: Minimum investment 50$,  total return 180%

    4% daily for 30 days: Minimum investment 100$, total return 120%

    Referral Program

    Crypto Capital Alliance has 3 referral level commissions: 5%, 2% and 1%.



    Mathias Kirkwood, Crypto Capital Alliance admin, paid for an Elite listing but 2 hours later he sent me an email saying that he would suspend my deposit because he didn’t want to be listed which is really weird and it’s the first time I see something like this.

    I think he was scared when he saw this is a real monitor where the people gives their opinion and I say what I really think about the program, about the support, if I recommend to invest or not etc…

    I’m sure what he wanted is a “classic monitor” where you can only see comments like “payment received”, “payment received”, “payment received”, which is totally useless for investors, especially for those who are looking for real information and not bots posting “payment received”.

    As always I will say what I really think. There are 2 ways of being listed in ohyip.com, one of them is to be an interesting investment for me and the other one is to pay for an Elite listing.

    Obviously the only way to be listed for Crypto Capital Alliance is to pay for an Elite listng because I don’t think it’s a good investment and I don’t recommend it, and now, seeing admin’s behavior, I highly recommend NOT to invest in this program. In my experience, those admins who say white today and black tomorrow, is better to avoid them like a plague, if you don’t want to waste you time and your money.

    So, what is it going to happen with Crypto Capital Alliace? Obviosly it’s not going to be listed in “Paying” list, mainly for 2 reasons:

    1- I don’t recommend this program
    2- The admin didn’t let me to withdraw, so he didn’t pay for Elite listing and he showed not to be trustworthy.

    So, I’m not going to monitor this listing. It will be in “Not paying” list and once it stops paying I will say it.


    Talha hashmi  

    Thankyou Aitor for being such honest and dedicated for your followers. God bless you


    Marta Jobnetoffer  

    Dear Admin, I participate #CCA because of invitation of my good friend ready even to loose money. But I’m nice surprised by results, and payments are due, Admin is correct and support members. Program is good, even relatively unknown because of absense of agressive ad campaigns, but I can recommend it because give chance even to small investors. That’s my opinion



    Hi Marta, yes, it’s lasting more than I thought. I’m glad you are doing good so far. I just gave my opinion. The admin did some weird things and that’s why I think he is not trustworthy, but of course, it’s just my opinion 🙂


    Alfredo Gomes  

    I think he didn’t wanted to be listed, because CCA is not a HYIP program. I know you think it is a HYIP program and it looks like a HYIP program but you are wrong, its a real investment program with external income sources, like Bitcoin trading and 4 cryptocurrency mining. I know what i’m saying because i know the owner vey well and he is a very serious and professional person, so ploease don’t say what you don’t know…maybe you should try to register in CCA without saying you belong to a hyip monitor and you will see that i’m right.



    He wanted to be listed because he paid for being listed. The problem is that he wanted to change rules and put “requirements” in order to withdraw. Something like “you need to get 4 paying referrals or I won’t allow you to withdraw”. The thing is that those requirements were easy to fullfil for me, but this doesn’t work like that.

    So, a guy who changes the rules every few hours is not trustworthy IMO. He tought this monitor is like most of them, where you pay and they say want you want. This doesn’t work like that, I say want I really think and he doesn’t seem to understand that.

    On the other hand, every single program that pays high daily earnings is a HYIP (High Yield Investment Program). HYIP doesn’t mean PONZI, but in most of the cases HYIPs are ponzis. I know that song: “Pokeram is not a ponzi….” it was a ponzi, “ForexParadise is no a ponzi…” it was a ponzi etc… Very few HYIPs are real and legitimate programs, for example Recyclix. Regarding CCA, I’m quite sure it’s a ponzi and it will fall sooner or later



    Not paying anymore. SCAM.


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