• Confirmed scam 17-03-2017
  • Lifetime 70 days
  • Added 06-01-2017
  • Added since 473 days
  • Not Paying
  • Monthly return 30%
  • Minimum investment 10$
  • Our investment 353$
  • Received
  • Last payment 25-03-2017
  • Withdrawals Instant
  • User ratings:
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    Bitluna is a multi money making platform program for life. Luna brings you one step close to helping you to make money with different earning methods online. They have many Ssrvices like Luna Wallet for merchants, Instant Payment transfer, Foreign Exchange Market Crypto-Currency, Online shopping, Internet Services, Marketing & Advertising, Donations, High Security tier level etc… Bitluna will be oficially lauched on 29th January 2017.

    Investment Programs

    Bitluna offers ad packs. The minimum investment amount is 5$ and it gives 2,50% daily for lifetime.

    – Accepted payment processors: Skrill, Payza, Qiwi, Lunawallet, Advcash, Payeer, SolidTrustpay, Bitcoin, Perfectmoney.

    – Half of your daily earnings is distributed to you only if you click ads, the other half is passively given no matter if you click your daily required ads or not.

    Referral Program

    You can earn on 5 level deep system as following:
    Affiliates: 5%, 3%, 1%, 1% and 1%
    Representatives: 10%, 3%, 1%, 1% and 1%



    Bitluna is offering many interesing things. Anyway it’s still in prelaunch status and it won’t be launched until 29th January. They offer 10$ for those who register before the official launch date.

    Other interesting feature is that they have earned the McAfee secure certification.


    Marin Pavešić  

    So, what do you think? Will this be something special and unique?



    It’s still too soon to say. I’m still trying to get info about the owners. The launch date will be on 29th January, so we have time to see how it evolves. I will keep an eye on it and I’ll keep you posted.



    They have changed the referral commission program. Now you can earn on 10 level deep system as following:

    Power Network Levels

    LUNA Byte – 4% : 1% : 1% ( 3 levels deep ) – No Requirements

    LUNA Kilobyte – 5% : 2% : 1% : 1% ( 4 levels deep ) – You require to have down all your network at least 10 users and 1,000$ total purchases (including your referrals purchases too )

    LUNA Megabyte – 6% : 3% : 1% : 1% : 1% ( 5 levels deep ) – You require to have down all your network at least 30 users and 10,000$ total purchases (including your referrals purchases too )

    LUNA Gigabyte – 8% : 3% : 2% : 1% : 1% : 1% ( 6 levels deep ) – You require to have down all your network at least 300 users and 100,000$ total purchases (including your referrals purchases too )

    LUNA Terebyte – 10% : 5% : 2% : 2% : 1% : 1% : 1% : 1% ( 8 levels deep ) – You require to have down all your network at least 1000 users and 1,000,000$ total purchases (including your referrals purchases too )

    LUNA petabyte – 15% : 8% : 3% : 2% : 2% : 1% : 1% : 1% : 1% : 1% ( 10 levels deep ) – You require to have down all your network at least 1000 users and 10,000,000$ total purchases (including your referrals purchases too )

    Representatives will receive a bonus top of 4% on 1st tier, 1% on 2nd tier, 1% on 3rd tier on the values shown.



    New update:

    Hello BitLuna Members,

    We love to keep you all updated on whats going on behind the scene!before the official launch.

    Multi Language Added
    We have decided to add page translator plugin which can be seen on the top right side

    Recently coinexchange.io added LUNA coin, Buying coins on coinexchange.io is fast easy and simple

    More info on 24hrs Volume Trade for LUNA be found here on https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/luna-coin/

    We are preparing to add Luna coin to Major Exchangers in the coming week as miner and buyers want to see more trading volume Yobit, Polo Exchange and C-Cex ect.

    We have made some improvements on lunacoin.org adding a forum http://lunacoin.org/forum

    We are building our own bockchain online wallet, We do not have a set date when LUNA block chain will be read http://lunablockchain.info/

    Now lets move on to something more interesting
    Group Pool Mining Shares
    Group pool mining shares is for those who don’t know how to mine or do not have time to setup there own rig to mine LUNA coins, Here is how group shares will work.

    One Group per day, every day will have 200 shares in each group, one shares will cost $20, After all shares have been sold we will close the pool mining group! don’t worry if you missed the chance you will have the chance to enter into the next round. After 30 Days All coins are split to all group members in that group, The more shares you have the more LUNA coins you will receive. This feature will be available after the launch date.

    Online Shop
    Upto 20+ products will be up to buy with LUNA coins, products can only be purchased with LUNA coins.





    you purchased 300$ adpacks means you are receiving 7.5$ daily (2.50%).
    7.5$ × 40 days = 300$
    If anything goes wrong you can file dispute.

    Can i use this Strategy ?



    Hi aitor,
    Very difficult to be loaded captcha. With this issue I am unable to view 10 ads daily. can we request to change to another type of captcha



    @Siddhesh: Yes, you can use that strategy.

    @Sujiniinvest: Why is it difficult to be loaded? Most likely it was a temporal issue. Google captcha is widely used on many online services and it works good.



    New update:

    Hello Members of LUNA Network!

    Current Stats On Bitluna: 899,492 Yesterday Visitors 976 Current Active Visitors $123,035 Current Purchases $2,066 Current Withdrawals

    Hi all thanks again i like to update you all whats going on Luna Network, As many of you know we had a bumpy start on launch and recovered quick but we dealt with the issue and catching up with the email support tickets.

    We had a few bugs that have been fixed regarding ref commissions and adpacks, lucky grid and and donations working all fine, We are now completing luna coin wallet purchases so that services can be purchased with Luna Coins too.

    Many investors are asking for Vacation mode, We are working on this new feature should take another day or two, many of you dont like to click ads just earn without any work involved.

    Please note we have many emails and work load to catchup with and will get back to your little or big concerns that you may have or difficulty understand the program, There is some information that can be found here https://bitluna.org/faq.

    Don’t forget to join the donation plan for only $0.10 you could earn a massive commission back, and you won’t receive from your direct referrals that enter the donation plan if you don’t enter at least once / week.

    We are trying our best to deal with over 100,000 members base on LUNA network and it will take a few days to get back on track.

    Many are asking how to mine on PC and Laptop forget about it, solo mining days are now over for laptops and desktops the GH/z is far too high to mine on small less powered machines, Its best to buy coin from coinexchnage.io or rent a rig at nicehash!. the coin rate has dropped to around $0.29 and is now the time to buy some coins as it will climb back up soon once we activate the coin luna feature within the system and other exchangers add us.




    your payment
    62.63$ on 30/01/2017

    can you explain me how you received 62.63$?



    Sure, referral commissions. Note that I have investments running in many revshares and when you buy adpacks you also get ad credits, which can be used to promote other programs. It was really easy to get many referrals in Bitluna because they had a bonus offer (10$ just for register).


    Rakesh Nakade  

    Luna Team,
    I have purchased 1 adpack and deposited via bitcoin transaction reference number is 8cb73cbb5416829337ff89ba3718d180bad951462a6790624064bdb67e7d374a. But it still not reflected in my account since 20 hrs transaction is completed on bitcoin network. Ticket has been raised with the same but no update received ( 588feeb7c21ba-OsrzC)

    Please look into this and do the needful.



    Hi Rakesh, I think the problem is that you have deposited 5$ and the minimum amount is 10$. Most likely they will respond your ticket soon and they will fix it. Also you can chat with them, sometimes they are online.


    Rakesh Nakade  

    Hi Aitor,
    I have cross checked and found that the minimum adpack is 5$




    Right, the adpacks cost 5$ but the FAQ says that the minimum investment amount is 10$.


    Rakesh Nakade  

    Hi Aitor,
    I am still waiting for response in my ticket, do you know any alternative for this otherwise I lose my 5$




    Be patient, they are slow responding tickets. I would recommend you to try to talk with them via chat although most of the time the chat is offline. Just check the website from time to time and talk with them when they are online.



    Important update:

    Hello Members of LUNA Network!

    We have completed major server upgrade due to a very high volume traffic and clicks being received, Our traffic has a high conversion rate mentioned by many happy advertisers! We are now ranking at 23,387 Global Alexa rank in just a short time.

    You can now purchase adpacks and services with luna coins upto $200 daily you also can buy ad credits separate to advertise, we are also working on video ads and new games too.

    LUNA Coin has been officially added to LiveCoin Exchange and can now be traded on LiveCoin.Net . Being in safe and large volume exchange will allow LUNA Coin to have great basis for volume and price rise when we release more projects into circulation of the LUNA Network.

    We have chosen LiveCoin also because it has low fees and no deposit fees, so you are welcome to join LiveCoin.Net and start trading your LUNA’s!

    but don’t forget to leave coins for LUNA future on PoS minting. for more information about PoS please see our guide to Proof Of Stake in LUNA Community Boards : http://lunacoin.org/forum/showthread.php?tid=21

    Stay tuned for more update coming soon
    Our roadmap includes :
    *MiteFx exchange
    *Accepting LUNA Coins on bitluna
    *Adding Games for LUNA Coin
    *Many more projects we are not able to expose yet.

    And dont forget to open you own online secure Luna Wallet.




    New update:

    Hello Members of LUNA Network!

    BitLuna Update : DICE GAME
    We are glad to release our first bitluna game with low house edge. Dice Game live now on BitLuna! so get ready to bet LUNA style:

    *You can place bets from 0.01$ and up to 100$

    *the payout is always 190%

    *the results of the game are published instantly for all bitluna members

    The Dice game is our first game release but we have a lot more prepared for you in the following days, so stay tuned for more LUNA updates.. LUNA.

    Dont forget to open your own online secure Luna Wallet here on http://lunawallet.org




    New update:

    Hello Members of LUNA Network!

    BitLuna Update : Video Advertise

    We added video ads feature! now you can add Youtube link to advertise, each view will cost 2 ad credits, Your video ad will last for at least 30 seconds guaranteed which give a higher conversion rate. We promise to deliver you real human traffic and not bots, Im sure many of you are very happy with our advertising conversion rate on Bitluna.



    somadasa gunasekara  

    dear sir
    I am vary happy about bitluna at launch day i bought 10 pack and after that I invest time to time and today i have 95 adpack. but still familiar with only for buy adpack with draw money view ads view video ads and lucky grid so pl furnish step by step guide for other option like donation plan luna coin mining etc, then it will help for more members thank you.



    Hi Somadasa, yes Bitluna is working very good so far. Donation plan works like a forced matrix, but it doesn’t worth if you don’t have many referrals. Even if you have a lot, you need them to donate after your donation. I have tried it and it doesn’t worth, I would skip it.

    Regarding Lunacoin mining. First of all, the most important thing is to live in a country where the electricity is cheap. If not it doesn’t worth to mine, it doesn’t matter what coin you choose. You also need to know that there are 3 ways to mine:

    1- Asics: Specific mining hardware which get the better results for most coins.

    2- High end GPUs: It works much worse that Asics for most coins, but it can be profitable for mining some coins.

    3- CPU mining: It doesn’t worth. The hashrate you get is 100 times lower than the hashrate you get mining with GPU.

    I don’t have ASICS and I don’t have a high end GPU, so I tried CPU mining and trust me, it doesn’t worth.

    On the other hand, have you tried to use your advertising credits? You can get very good results and get a lot of referrals for other programs you are working at.



    New update:

    Dear investors,

    I am happy to write to all of you once again to celebrate what is going on with SportArb. As you know, this was our third week online; we have just crossed the 10,000 registered investors mark. I am simply amazed by our growth levels.
    A big part of this growth is thank to our affiliates and representatives that have been working hard to promote SportArb. By the way, we still have spots available in our representatives program so if you are interested, do not hesitate to fill out your application and I will personally check it.

    In addition, we are starting offline promotion activities together with some representatives. In a few days, we will publish a list of our representatives and their contact information in our site, so you can all be invited to these events. Most of them will be meetings and presentations about SportArb for prospective investors, but you are all welcome to join and also share your experience with us.
    Our PTP system has also been a success and our traffic levels do not stop increasing, you can see it for yourself in our Alexa ranking Please keep sending traffic our way, and our server is more than prepared to take in huge amounts of traffic, we have done extensive tests and planned ahead to make sure it will never go down. We did not have any downtime until now and it will continue like this.

    Since we’re talking about marketing, I would like to mention that we are now publishing a series of promotional videos to help you spread the word about SportArb and we have already published 3 videos inside our members area. They were all professionally built and you are welcome to share them via social media, email, WhatsApp, Telegram, Line or any means you judge relevant.

    To update you about our projects, we have just completed our translations into over 10 languages, and they are now being implemented in our website, so you should start seeing them soon. If you would like to see our website in any other language that is not currently listed, please let us know and we will do our best to In terms of business, our results have been again very positive this week. The competition between bookmakers has been increased drastically in the past couple of months, and that generates raises in odds very often, making our job so much easier, especially during live games, where we can catch a lot of opportunities. include it.
    Another window of opportunity for us is when bookmakers get way too competitive like what happened a couple of days ago with Sun Bets and we manage to take huge advantage of such competition since they create very different odds between different bookmakers, giving us a very high profit rate in these bets.

    As usual, we are always here to discuss new ideas and areas of improvement for our website, and our marketing and support team will be happy to discuss these ideas with you.

    This journey is long and we have been working really hard to make SportArb happen. I understand many of you still feel skeptical due to harmful previous experiences with online investments but I am right when I tell you we are nothing like you have ever seen before. This is a once in a lifetime project for me and I am building this company with my own blood and sweat and will not let any external factor interfere.
    I hope you will have an amazing weekend with your loved ones!

    Kind regards,
    Ronald Wald



    Daily earnings are not credited to my account today. Is Bitluna going to scam or any other issue?



    No one has received the daily earnings today. It seems that the website has been down for a while and supposedly they will credit our accounts soon. On the other hand, withdrawals are working fine, so it looks like a temporal issue. I hope it will be fixed soon.



    It’s back after a downtime of around 2 days and now payments are pending, hopefully a temporary thing…



    For me the downtime only lasted for a few hours. I have requested a bitcoin withdrawal around 5 hours ago and it wasn’t instant as always, and now I see that it has been sent back to my account. The support doesn’t help:



    I saw the “server upgrades” every time i tried to access the site for like an entire day and before that cloudflare notification on login,, also support doesn’t answer me and my withdrawal was sent back :S



    Supposedly withdrawals are working again for other processors. It seems that they are still working to fix bitcoin withdrawals. I have also heard that they are banning cheaters, that is, accounts sharing the same IP.



    Bitcoin and Payeer withdrawal are pending although Payza and Advcash withdrawals are still instant. Anyway considering the situation and that they have removed the chat, I have no choice but to move it to “problem” status. Let’s see what happens now.



    Moved to the scam list. All withdawals are pending except for Payza. Chat is gone, support is gone, facebook admins are gone… Bitluna is done. SCAM.



    New update from a members of Bitluna staff. It’s nothing but bullshit IMO, but here is it:

    Guys, I am one of the support team admin from Bitluna, and I guess it’s your right to read this news, which i posted in FB group. It’ sad one.
    “Well, what we all feared has happened. Now there is almost no chance of Luna Griffiths coming back. So I am revealing all the details. I hope he comes back, but seems there is no chance now

    First of all, I would like to clear that some of you think I know Admin personally, but there is no truth in it. I am a small investor like most of you. I am actually the last one to join Luna Griffiths’s team. In fact, I joined Bitluna around 17th Jan. Since from the very first, there was a communication gap between members and Admin, I tried to help members with whatever info I had, hoping that other members will help me. And then after some days, Luna made me a mod in this group, along with 3 other mods and Chris Cross as the co-admin. After that I got involved with Bitluna even more, and starting helping all members, personally giving replies to all comments and chatting with so many members. Then I also started to chat more with Admin and he really seemed to have good plans for Bitluna. That’s why he was launching 1 product after another. He was also going to launch a mini-job feature soon. He was the one who explained me adpack structure fully, of which Iater I made that diagram and reconfigured calculator also. In the last few days, I was even more in contact with him, and he really seemed to be working hard on all issues. But sadly it didn’t turn well. Either he intentionally scammed us or just died. As for what I got by working for him, then I can tell you he did not give us any share or anything, but yes, he gave us some bonus, like once he gave me $120 worth of adpacks, and on second occasion he gave me $150 directly, which I just gave to my referrals for supporting me in Bitluna. Other than nothing else. This is what he probably gave to other support members also.
    I am telling you guys what all happened in last few days. Probably no one out of you knows that.

    1) 3-4 days back when poker and lottery were disabled, there was a reason for it. There was a massive hacking and the hacker or hackers took away 10 BTC from these games.

    “was issue with poer game, hacker used poker game to steal upto 10 btc, btb; i had doubts on poker game, rushed coding”.

    This caused him a lot of worry. This hacking really happened as he told me not to tell this to anyone, otherwise everyone will get panic. I personally know 1 big affiliate whose account also got hacked and his payment address changed.

    2) After this he decided to upgrade the security and also implement an email withdrawal confirmation feature, that is, after every withdrawal, an email will be sent to the user and only when he confirms the email, he will get the payment. And so that’s why BTC and some other processors were made manual.

    “making btc server node more secure,we had a few hack attempts, so will be adding email verification link for cashout”.

    3) Later as you know he did sent pending payments and and then again he disabled the processors, because the security feature was not implemented properly. Also the deposit Bitcoin feature was not working properly.

    “im in panic mode”

    4) Then that account suspension thing happened because he switched on anti-multi accounting feature, because of which many accounts got suspended. I requested him to revert this feature as many single accounts have also been banned. So he started working on it then and as you know the accounts were restored also.

    “bit coins will start paying again manull,but I will check suspended,I will check”.

    5) After that he started working on BTC payments again.

    “1 problem after another, resolved hacker, all payments system instant accept btc”.

    6) Then I reported him that instascam has marked us as scam, and probably that is where he completely broke down. And then he wrote his last message, which made me almost cry.

    “I give up, no1 is helping, or waiting, to much crap gone around”

    I thought he was just getting emotional and so I tried to support him and tell him that everything will get alright. I didn’t heard anything after that from him.
    I saw a message on instascam, which I think Admin only posted.

    “So you are posting that they paid you today, but you flag the site as scam? What a fail monitor … so sad indeed”

    What do I think?
    I personally thing that admin did not scam us intentionally but due to circumstances.
    1) 10 BTC stolen from poker, it could be later he found even more money was stolen and had no choice. He did try to upgrade the BTC security, which I guess didn’t work well. He made poker and lottery unavailable. If he wanted he could have just let them open and earned even more money. He didn’t even tell the right reason to anyone (expect me), so hacking did happen.

    Who could the hackers be?
    1) Most probably admin’s partner, who helped him develop Lunacoin. Admin told me that Bendani (partner) was asking for $10K to pay for some loan and when admin refused, he starting saying ill about admin. And then admin kicked him. Because of this Bendani suffered big loss, because the site betluna.org, which was launched and admin announced about it in between the news, one time, was infact partially owned by Bendani. Since admin kicked him, betluna.org also failed, causing a big loss to Bendani, as it was a sports betting website using Lunacoin, which could have earned him great profits. And as u can relate, he demanded $10K from admin and then 10 BTC (around $10K) gets stolen from Bitluna.

    2) Secondly, it could be related to Bitearn as well, as it is a clone of Bitluna. Maybe Bitearn was made by one of the previous developer of Biluna. At first, Admin told us not to join Bitearn, but later he compromised with Bitearn admin, for undisclosed reasons.

    2) Payza and some processors were always paying and still now paying. If he really had bad intention, he could have just said that
    he is upgrading full security and all payments are manual till then. We would have still supported him. And right now also Payza is still paying. If he was a real scammer, he would have tried to take all the money possible. He already knows that Bitluna has been marked scam, so there seems no reason for him to keep Payza payments instant, and probably advcash and Solidtrustpay also. Till yesterday, BTC deposits were also not working. If he wanted he could have let BTC deposits to be made, getting him even more profits. It seems he just abandoned the site, as his last message said, “I give up”. Maybe he really gave up.

    3) He always tried to make things right, be it PIN issue, mail issue or suspension issue. He did work on them and made them right. If he had decided to scam, then he would have just let them so be, and said us that he will fix them later. He wouldn’t have done any hardwork to resolve these issues.

    4) The site as you all know was growing tremendously, Alexa rank climbing higher and higher every day. The Lunacoin was also in good state and was already listed on 3 exchangers, including yobit. Most people I know, were just reinvesting more and withdrawing less. In these conditions, one would be just the dumbest man on Earth to close the site so early. He could have just sit and eat for many months or years to come. You know how much one can potentially earn with this kind of Alexa ranking. Moreover, he told me that a group of Japanese investors is waiting for the first round to finish (130%). And then those people will invest a big amount. And he was also going to advertise on other platforms with the support team’s usernames, in order to reward us more and bring more investors to site.So he would have at least waited for these investors to invest huge amount and then scam.

    “i have a big group in Japan ready ti start investing big amounts
    they started to come,after we complete first cycle”
    “I will be taking “profit-hunters” and other blogs from today, will start some heavy marketing from tomorrow.”

    He was also going to launch the mitefx exchanger, which would have brought him a lot of transaction fees, without doing anything. And he was also the co-admin for betluna.org, which was a sports betting site. Again free profits for doing nothing much. The site was launched also and getting good traffic without any promotion. So all in all this business was going very good and even if he wanted to scam, he would have waited for some months and then got away with a big sack of money. Plus, everything was built in custom script, from site to official forums to Lunacoin wallets. The coin was also real and had real value. He told me it took him $7k just to develop the coin. Could have costed less, but still significant amount. Everything he built was operational and had significant value. It would have taken him good amount of time and money to create this Luna network, which included so many projects. Plus he didn’t took even a single cent from us in prelaunch phase, whereas most sites do allow deposits during pre-launch. It must have taken him 1 month to cover all his costs, because the payments were also being made, without any delay. So closing the site in some 17 days doesn’t make any sense to me.

    5) He did share his plans with me. If he was scammer, he had no need to so. He could have said he is busy and just shrugged me off. Maybe, he thought that he can share his plans with me and so trusted me with so many details, which probably none of you know. I never asked him about his identity, so I got no info about it.

    In the last I can just say, that maybe something bad happened to him, he quit or died or maybe suicide, but he scammed us intentionally, is the last thing I would believe.
    Anyways the reality is that the payments are not being made, so don’t deposit. Payza, STP, Advcash guys are lucky to get instant payments, so withdraw all u can, till these processors also get disabled.
    Personally, I feel that I lost the most. Money I did not lost (although all my BTC payments are pending), I withdrew my seed money to invest in my friends programmes as part of referral exchange programme. But I lost my reputation, respect as this was my first major start in affiliate promotion. Now, obviously I can’t promote any other site, as I lost my battle itself. I was actually just going to launch my own revshare also, with the support of very big investor. It is planned to launch in April, but I don’t know if I will pursue it further, as I don’t have any more strength left to make a promote online earning programmes. What if, it doesn’t work as intended, then more people might lose money.
    I also lost a friend (if he was good).
    And most of all, I lost trust. I believed so much in admin, and yet he left us or maybe scammed us. I worked like a mad supporter answering and commenting 100s of members, for what, to be scammed myself. I spent so may hours building calc, lunacoin mining guide and modding this group. I actually did not gave importance to my original work, which is freelance translation and localization.

    What can you do next?

    1) If anyone has approach in London, then they might get some info from registrar of companies, UK govt, regarding Luna Griffiths. If one has to personally submit the documents in their office, then maybe u can get some info of Luna or at least some of his aides. But if they registered Bitluna online, then we might never get any clue.

    2) You might also get some info from Bitearn, as in the last days, Bitearn Admin and Luna, compromised and stopped accusing each other.

    3) You might also get some info regarding Luna and Bendani from Bitcointalk forums, where they first made news about Lunacoin. This forum is dedicated to miners and maybe someone knows about Luna there.

    That’s it guys. This is a cruel end of a very beautiful story. None of us thought this would happen, but it did happen. As I have already cleared everything, please don’t send me any messages. I am myself broken right now, and I have posted everything I knew.

    I apologize to all my referrals and to the people with whom I misbehaved.

    This is the end.

    So, I guess you can stop Lunacoin mining now.



    There is a new update:


    We can login now but my withdrawal is pending. My thoughts? He is trying to get an excuse for fighting the disputes. What I mean is, if the website is up, he can say “I sending the advertising your paid for”. Anyway, from now on we will have to keep an eye on it, but sincerely, I don’t think they are going to pay again.


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