• Confirmed scam 02-02-2017
  • Lifetime 74 days
  • Added 06-12-2016
  • Added since 504 days
  • Not Paying
  • Monthly return 24%
  • Minimum investment 10$
  • Our investment 125$
  • Received
  • Last payment 19-01-2017
  • Withdrawals Within 24 hours
  • User ratings:
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    Bitcoin World is a British company engaged in mining cryptocurrency. Officially registered in the UK in August 2016 Bitcoin World, however, has the earliest history of the creation and formation. Since February 2016 the company is professionally and successfully engaged in mining cryptocurrency with the most powerful and modern equipment in the Swedish data center, with an average capacity of more than 32 PH / s.

    Investment Programs

    BitcoinWorld offers 7 types of investment plans:

    S1: Generates between 1,08% and 1,10% daily (24% monthly)
    Rental period: 300 days (240% total profit)

    S2: Generates between 1,12% and 1,14% daily (25% monthly)
    Rental period: 300 days (250% total profit)

    S3: Generates between 1,26% and 1,28% daily (28% monthly)
    Rental period: 270 days (252% total profit)

    S4: Generates between 1,30% and 1,32% daily (29% monthly)
    Rental period: 270 days (261% total profit)

    S5: Generates between 1,49% and 1,51% daily (33% monthly)
    Rental period: 240 days (264% total profit)

    S6: Generates between 1,53% and 1,55% daily (34% monthly)
    Rental period: 240 days (272% total profit)

    S7: Generates between 1,58% and 1,60% daily (35% monthly)
    Rental period: 240 days (280% total profit)

    + Daily earnings are credited from Monday to Friday.

    Referral Program

    Referral program: 9 levels.




    Many people think that this company is legitimate and very serious. IMO the earnings are too high for bitcoin mining, so I think this is a high risk investment. If this is a serious company, the have to prove it. For now, here you can see their presentation video, which is very interesting:



    Move to “problems”. The website is down since more than 48 hours. If they don’t fix it soon I will have no choice but to move it to the scam list.



    I found the problem. Their website doesn’t load with “www”, I have changed the links and removed “www”. Now it works, but anyway they should fix it, any website should load correctly despite you use www or not.



    Do you recommend to invest with this situation? Can we make withdrawal daily?



    Many people trust in BitcoinWorld, but sincerely, I’m have serious doubts, the monthly earnings are too high for Bitcoin mining. I think this is a very high risk investment and there are some other safer investments like TheAdsTeam, Recyclix or MyPayingAds.

    The withdrawals can be requested on Tuesday or Thursday.



    New Year Greetings from Bitcoin World management:



    Not paying. Another “cloud mining” scam company. Moved to the scam list.


    jerod ong  

    What do you all think of Ethtrade?
    pls comment before I decide to join .



    I think there is no real trade going on. On the other hand, the website looks good and it would have been a good investment some months ago, but now it has too high risk IMO because we don’t know when can it colapse. As I said, I don’t think there is real trading going on and the website has been around since almost one year, so maybe it’s mature.


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