• Confirmed scam 21-09-2017
  • Lifetime 558 days
  • Added 08-04-2017
  • Added since 409 days
  • Not Paying
  • Monthly return 40%
  • Minimum investment 10$
  • Our investment 100$
  • Received
  • Last payment 14-09-2017
  • Withdrawals Within 48 hours
  • User ratings:
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    •   4
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    Bandeira International Corporation LRD is a multi-faceted construction and building services contractor providing construction and investment solutions to public and private sectors.

    Investment Programs

    There are 2 investment plans:

    + Minimum investment: 3190$.
    + Daily earnings: Between 1% and 4%.
    + Mature: 150%
    + Investors can sell purchased properties in market (any time ) and Can receive upto 100% extra profit.

    + Minimum investment: 10$.
    + Daily earnings: Between 1% and 2,5%.
    + Mature: 150%

    – Bandeira Corp also allows us to promote our businesses. Each visit costs 0,02$ and the minimum number of visitors we can purchase is 50.
    – Minium withdrawal amount is 0,1$.

    Referral Program

    There are 3 referral levels.

    Commissions from referral’s deposits are 5%, 3% y 1%.

    Commissions from referral’s daily earnings are 3%, 2% y 1%.



    Moved to “Problems”. I have 2 reports from people who deposited through bitcoin and their accounts haven’t been credited. The problem is that they do NOT respond. I have even send a ticket to try to help them, because they are my referrals, and they don’t respond. They are paying, yes, but this is not the way to treat clients.



    Moved back to Paying status. They support is awful and many times they don’t even respond, but they are paying so far.



    Hello sir,

    what do you think? Should I invest in Bandeira, using payza, or it is too late?
    If it is too late, please let me know what site do you reccomend?



    Hi Marin, so far Bandeiracorp is paying and they are doing a good job since more than one year. Said this, no one knows what are they plans, except the admins, of course. Maybe they plan to close tomorrow or maybe they plan to stay online your more than 1000 days.

    I always try to invest in those programs in which the admin is a known person and he shows his face. For example:


    They are the best program right now IMO. In 27th May 2017 they are going to celebrate a new live event in Poland.

    Also I will be adding new and very interesting programs to Ohyip.com very soon (most likely less than 10 days).



    This one is the best. I know the owner and it’s a real company. High profit, 100% recommended.


    Marin Pavešić  

    Thank you for your response Aitor, I am really excited about the new programs. Personally, I would love to see some new Payza RevShares, so if you could add some of these that would be amazing
    By the way, for the Bandeira Corp. What is the minimum daily withdraw?



    Minium withdrawal amount is 0,1$.


    Ron Thomas  

    How’s Bandeira doing? Should I invest?



    Hi Ron, they are doing well so far. They have been online and paying for almost 500 days. Anyway, if I had to choose one, I would invest on this one:


    I think it’s the most interesting and safest investment right now.



    Hi Aitor, i invested some amount of money on zooo.cc & the plan i chose is to last for 72 days b4 i get paid. I invested on d 28th of Aprl 17 & i am expecting my reward on the 8th of july 17, pls help me check d website if they are paying or not, Thanks.



    @Sammy: I’m sorry to say that zooo.cc is scam. They are not paying anymore. And from now on, I would try to avoid after plans, there are very risky. Take a look at this:




    Moved to “Problem” status. They are not paying since some days and the website has been down, although is online again. It’s not the first time this happens. We will see if it’s just a false alarm or they have stop paying.



    Definitely they stopped paying.


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