Interview with the admin of Btc Clock

This time we are presenting a very interesting interview with the admin of Btc Clock. First of all, I have to say that I didn’t make this interview. It was made by a Russian blog and this is just a translation of the original interview. Enjoy!

1- Did you have previous experience creating similar projects?
BtcClock is our first and successful experience creating an investment platform. We are traders and cryptotrading is our main income source. However, we have a team of technical specialists, who have previously took part in the implementation of trading bots for the Forex market and cryptocurrency online storage. So we can say that online investments are not a new area for us.

2- Tell us, what does the project mean to you?
The project has helped us to raise awareness ourselves. The first and most important thing, of course, is the opportunity to create a professional and competent team.

3- What ideas do you have in order to continue the development of the project?
We have many ideas. However, firstly we are focusing on the ideas shared by our users. We want to focus on what our users want. They know what they want and they let us know. Based on user requests, we have recently made re-investments, and now we are collecting feedback related to its development and improvement.

4- What are you willing to do in order to keep your business running in the long term?
Many things. We have created a reserve fund to backup our project. This will help us in case there is any problem caused by adverse conditions in the market. We are also preparing to provide regular information to users regarding our trading activities. This kind of information was only available to our VIP customers, but since there are a lot of users interested, we have decided to take the necessary steps to provide this information to everyone. The customer is the most important thing for us.

5- Are you planning to make any major change in a near future?
For now, our developers are busy optimizing the code. As you can see, our traffic will soon reach to 3 million, so, apart from improving performance, our priority is the security and to make the website to run smoothly. There are people out there who wouldn’t mind to do a DDoS attack against our website. The changes we have made are permanent and important, although they are invisible to users. I think we will focus on finalizing the project in a near future, taking special attention to the feedback received from users, and then we are planning to add new currencies, including new cryptocurrencies (many people have requested Ethereum) and an interface for mobile platforms. Talking about the long term, most likely we will create our application, regardless of the risk of confusing it with existing fake applications. At the moment we have decided not to do anything for now, since the most important thing is to protect users from fraud.

6- How did you get the idea of creating a project like this?
Easy. In order to get profits from trading, volume is necessary and the volume requires investment. We used to do the same as PAMM account owners and we were looking for funds offline. It was taking too long, so we created this investment project.

7- How long did it take to develop and implement the idea of your project?
As you may have noticed, the project has a unique feature: withdrawals are made every minute. There is no PHP script on the Internet that can do this. If there are developers among our investors, they will understand =) This is why we ordered the code in advance, six months before the launch. Regarding design and content, we have decided not to put too much emphasis on it as it’s not the most important point.
You can spend a few thousand dollars on a web design and it may be crap. Ours was completed smoothly in a couple of weeks. However, this is the tip of the iceberg. We should keep in mind that every project has a team of highly qualified and professional analysts and traders who use bots developed by us. The implementation and development of this part of the project is a never ending process.
Analysts work together with our computer specialists in order to improve bot algorithms, but unfortunately, we can’t say that bots are 100% intelligent so far, although we have seen a lot of progress. The operations are running 24/7 in order to provide a high level of supervision of our assets.

8- What is the key of your success?
First of all, the quality of customer service. A lot of users don’t know cryptocurrency market in deep, but they still want to invest in this relatively new and profitable industry, and this means that we have to help them, teach them and explain some things to them.

9- What criteria did you use when making marketing decisions?
Why 3.84%? When we created the business plan, we calculated the pessimistic, optimistic and realistic scenarios; This made us understand that % is the amount we would be able to reach. Honestly, during the first week, things got so complicated that we had to inject our own funds to keep the project running. Then two new traders joined to our team and working together and thanks to the increase of BTC price, we were able to save ourselves. Then we recovered quickly and since then we are doing good.

10- What advice would you give to our readers?
I will tell you something that you probably wouldn’t’ expect from me: Lot of our investors tell us that they have invested all in our project. We, the traders, would never do something like that. Diversify your portfolio, minimize risks. Invests in crypto trading, PAMM accounts, deposits some funds into bank accounts in different currencies. The second tip is to keep your passwords safe and use 2-factor authentication whenever possible. Remember, it’s your money and money hates risk. From now on, please do not keep your cryptocurrencies in a wallet as dead weight, the crypto is real money and the money should work. If you are not sure about how to do trading with large sum, for the moment: trust Btc Clock. Your funds will generate stable profits safely.

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Vergniaud Angrand  

What do you know about BTC Clock being out of business? Where do they go? Is there a chance they can reopen? Please help me. Thanks



BtcClock is not paying anymore. This is their last update

Dear users!
With deep regret we have to inform you that we’re forced to stop our platform’s activity.

The reason is avalanche-like funds withdrawals because of the coming SegWit.

Until the last moment we have been trying to fulfill the commitments. That has been done at the expense of our trading strategy, but we tried to meet our clients’ needs first of all.

But the today’s crash of the BTC-E exchange has become too strong hit for us, because last time the most of funds were traded there.

But we promise that in the nearest time we’ll create a new project and come back to you.



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