Interview with Stefan Hendriks, CEO of Forex Paradise

Well, finally here we have one of the most expected interviews in the HYIP industry. The interviewee is Stefan Hendriks, CEO of Forex Paradise. Note that the original interview was made in Spanish, this is a translation and you can check the original interview here. Ok, let’s start.

1- Hi Stefan, first of all, thank you very much for doing this interview. I’m pretty sure it will be very interesting for our readers. Ok, let’s start. First of all, I have a curiosity and I’m sure the readers will also. Why are we doing this interview in Spanish? “Stefan Hendriks” doesn’t look like a name from a Spanish speaking country.

Hi, thanks for the invitation. The fact we are doing the interview in Spanish is because I speak Spanish since many years. For a business man it’s very important to have a good education and to know foreign languages.

2- This question is related with the previous one. The truth is that there are many rumors and very little information about Stefan Hendriks. Who is Stefan Hendriks? Where are you from? Please, write a short biography about yourself. I’m sure many people wish to know more about you.

Well, I’m from Sweden. I have finished the career in economics. I work in the domain since the nineties, I have worked in areas like trading, investments, mutual funds and startups. I have started working in Sweden, now I work in the Asian market: is a market that is growing very fast. Other advantage is that there are many partners to reach and it’s a very desirable market for our company strategy. Personally I prefer to do sports in my free time, I’m practicing jogging, fencing and diving.

3- Well, let’s talk about Forex Paradise. What would you tell to a noob in high yield investments to convince him to invest in Forex Paradise? In other words, what is the difference between Forex Paradise and the rest of HYIPs out there?

The first thing a noob has to consider is the period of activity we have been working and the way we usually treat to our clients. Now Forex Paradise is the most popular program in all the websites, blogs and monitors. Acording to our stats, we have more than 280.000 investors. We offer a 100% deposit guarantee, which is something that can’t even be offered by the commercial banks. Another advantage is that we offer a very flexible investment options. We add and remove investment plans according on demand and the wishes of our users. We also organize several special promotions. Our affiliate program offers up to 22% and we accept a wide range of payment methods..

4- What investment plans is Forex Paradise offering nowadays?

 We are offering 2 regular options: Classic 430 and Superior 1777. In addition, as I mentioned earlier, we organize several special promotions when we have ample profits, so we let our clients to earn more.

Going into details, Classic 430 plan last 158 days and the total yield is 430%

Superior 1777 plan last 12 months and the total yield is 1777%

5- How many people work for Forex Paradise? This includes support, traders, directive etc…

Some years ago we started working with a group of 10 persons. Now our team has more than 100 members. But we don’t have to forget about the local representatives: we already have more than 200 agents in 55 countries.

6- What experience do you have in online business? Is Forex Paradise your first website or do you have more projects?

Forex Paradise is the biggest project we have worked on. Before Forex Paradise we have developed other projects, but more limited. Our team members are professionals with wide experience in both online and offline investments and reinvestments. Thanks to offline investments we were able to create a project like Forex Paradise.

7- This question is a personal curiosity. We all know that Russians are a very high percentage in the HYIP industry. I would like to know, aprox, the percentage of Russian investors and the percentage of investors from Spanish speaking countries and English speaking countries in Forex Paradise.

Yes, in fact Russians are a very important part of the investors. Even some of our workers are from Russia. But, mainly, the percentage of European investors is higher than the Russian investors in our program. The Russians are less than 17%. Most of the big investors, also called VIP investors, are from the most advanced countries of Europe: Germany, UK, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain; and from Asia are Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, India and Thailand.

8- Let’s talk about a touchy subject. As you know, there are some rumors and leyends about Forex Paradise on the Net, and I’m sure you will like to respond and make it clear. Ok, let’s start with the first one. Some people say that you are not the person who appears in Forex Paradise’s website. They also say that the guy who appears in the website is a model who appears in more websites.

I’m very happy to have the opportunity to clarify this publicly. I have answered to this question in our support chat. The photos of our website are part of the initial design, which was made by a design studio for us. The persons shown in our index page are not our employees. It’s quite logic and I understand that some people thought that way. I recognize that it was a questionable decision to place a photo of other person near my welcome text. In a near future I will try to search a photo of myself to place in the index page.

9- Another rumor: some people say that the video testimonials are fakes and they are made by actors.

All the video testimonials are made by our users. Some of them have visited our office. The thing is, our operators don’t require identity verification, so we don’t know where the videos come from. I’m glad the people is not indifferent with this matter. Very soon we will launch a video testimonial contest with cash prizes. Stay tuned!

10- More rumors: a guy visited your offices at UK and Hong kong and his conclusion was that they are virtual offices and there are no real traders working there.

It’s not a secret that this is a very competitive industry and there is always many rivals and detractors. I’m sure these rumors are the result of their activity. On the other hand, it’s fair to point that there isn’t any trader working on our offices, because they work remotely. However, in our office there is always 15-20 employeers, even me. In a near future, we are going to move to a new office and it will be even easier to find. I have to say that some of our clients have already visited our offices.

11- Let’s finish with detractor’s questions. What would you say to those who assert that the profits offered by Forex Paradise are to high to be real?

To be convinced of the validity of our offers, you can just access to any trading site. For example, at the cryptocurrencies marketplaces, the oscillation of the exchange rate can reach up to 50% in just one week. Taking this into account and considering the experience of our traders, is quite real to offer this yield. Trust me, this is not the maximum you can get in this market. Thanks to the successful trading, we use our ample profits to do more investments. This way we can make the most profitable deals with the shortest investment period, which will appear in the upcoming months.

12- It’s more than 850 days since Forex Paradise was launched and many people consider it the king of HYIPs. How do you see its future?

First of all, we want to be close to our clients and stimulate them to participate in our promotions and other activities for active investors. It’s quite logical to reward the ones with initiative, so you can expect more contests and promotions coming soon.

Talking about the program development, we are going to implement a mechanism which will allow to move active deposits to other investment plans automatically, without the need of talking with our chat operators. Also we are going to implement a mechanism to add funds to existing active deposits automatically.

On the other hand, we plan to open a new office at the end of the year.

13- Do you plan to create another HYIP or another online business in the near future? Is there something you can tell us?

Currently my work is 100% focused on Forex Paradise . I think that in order to be the best, we need to work with absolute dedication. That’s why my plan is to develop and improve my team and give support to our partners and investors. 280.000 users and this is only the beginning. We expect to exceed 1 million of investors by the first quarter of 2017.

14- Thank you very much Stefan. It’s a pleasure to have you here. Is there something more you would like to tell to our readers?

I want to thank to all the Hispanic community and especially to your blog for your attention and professional approach. As I speak Spanish, I am a regular visitor to your blog, I think it’s very objective, I’m glad to see so many active users. [Talking about www.uvr.es the Spanish version of Ohyip.com] Thank you very much for the invitation and your support. Thanks to the activity of blogs like yours, we can operate businesses like ours. I hope to continue working with your blog. Regards!



First of all, I want to thank Stefan Hendriks for his interest on doing this interview and for being so collaborative since the beginning.

On the other hand, I apologize because English is not my first language but I did my best to translate the original interview, which was made in Spanish. I hope you will enjoy the interview.


Jim Cashatt  

Thank you for this very informative interview!! I am a R5 agent for Forex Paradise and I hear people say all the time that it is a ponzi scheme. I have a very difficult time trying to show them that it is not a ponzi. I did place a link to this video in my review of Forex Paradise on my blog.



I have invested with FP for more than 2 months and to date, I only have praise for them (I have been getting daily payouts without any problems. It’s good for passive income (classic 430 plan) as well as medium term lump sum return. The fact that my deposit is insured is a great “Linus blanket”. Thanks ofr a great reliable on-line investment vehicle Stefan and team.



It is really great that I found this interview. It has cleared some doubts claimed by other people about CEO image, video testimonials, and the dedication of CEO of Forex Paradise.



I really hope this is a legitimate interview. With the length Forex Paradise has been around, it gives it some credence. I was just scammed by Shareholder IC, so being cautious here. Still not sold on it but considering investing to see what happens.



In my quest to find a good program to invest online, I have faced several challenges. I have always been scammed by scrupulous program administrators so when I saw forex paradise, though I registered in 12th December 2015, but I didn’t invest because I was afraid. A friend urged me to try it and I invested in April 2016. Although my investment is not matured yet, but I have confidence in the company that with the seriousness of the CEO and his staff, they will handle the company well for many years to come. We the investors are strongly believe in them that they will surely deliver. We thank them so much and God richly bless them all.



why that after due for one to claim, money goes to banking plan for up to 20 days? what is the guarantee?



@Foster: There is no guarantee. Some people say that they have visited FP’s offices and they have meet Stefan Hendriks etc… but they are only rumors. There isn’t any single photo of their offices or Stefan Hendriks. So, they is no guarantee, the only thing you can do is to trust them. It’s your choice.



I’m sorry I do not have a good experience … with the first deposit was OK … but now I can not do more to withdraw (the deposit expired in mid-October) nor receive any response what is happening.



@ Aitor i thought you had an interview with Stefan Hendriks in July during the interview you did not see him physically or the interview was done on phone?



I didn’t see him physically.



@Aitor please what’s your candid opinion about forex paradise? have they scammed?



Yes, as you can see here, they are in the scam list since 14th October:



M. Houston  

I invested huge money in Forex Paradise last Sept 2016 that I thought will be available for withdrawal the moment the plan matured unfortunately it goes to banking plan. The support team told me that it will takes 20 working days before it will be available for withdrawal. It’s been 20 working days and still nothing happen. Again, support said all accruals of earnings and withdrawal will resume 8th of November but what happened is that 8th of November will be the end of everything. The website now is can not be access, their phone number is not working anymore. In short, I lost my hard earned money $16,000 and Forex Paradise is SCAM….I feel like everything was planned.



M. Houston: Of course it was planned. We warned on September that all the plans ended on October and it was a red flag. When they started to give excuses, everything was clear.

Only some fanboys from a facebook group kept trusting them, and the worst thing is that they have been removing negative comments from people and banning them, so the other people thought everything was ok.


Danie Lubbe  


I’ve decided not to invest anymore money in a HYIP. You can’t open the website and the support team is not available.They suppose to have a convention this week but all emails come back..


billy motilewa  

forex paradize finally showed itself as a scam, decieving us with a convention how about the convention please. Stefan Hendriks is fake, dupe



Forget about forexparadise; it is dead. try to invest this website with an amount that you can affort. It paid regularly




Forex Paradise is GOV.UK #09739675!Not suspended!
See website;https//beta.companieshouse.gov.uk
Stefan Hendriks is a british citizen!


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