How to file a dispute on Payza?

IMPORTANT UPDATE (15th June 2018): Payza has faced some legal issues and the website is down since several months. I doesn’t look good. Anyway we when let you know is there is something new.

In this tutorial, we are going to see how to file a dispute on Payza and win it. First of all, I want to make it clear that this tutorial is focused on filing disputes against HYIP programs and revshares, although this method also works for any kind of dispute on Payza.


Before seeing the steps to file a dispute on Payza, let’s take a look to some important things we have to take into account:

– We have 45 days to file a dispute: Payza gives us a period of 45 days since the momment we made the payment.

– We should only file a dispute when we have a legit reason: The disputes are a tool that should only be used when someone has scammed us or when a company has broken the terms and conditions. Some people file disputes just because the daily earnings are lower than expected or because they don’t like some changes made by the program admin, and this is a mistake because we could lose if we don’t have a legit reason to file the dispute.

– We should only file a dispute if we didn’t get our seed money back: If we got our seed money back, we shouldn’t file a dispute because Payza could consider that we are trying to scam and we could be penalized and if we do it several times, we could even lose our account if Payza considers that we are a conflictive client.

– Payza doesn’t pay with its own money: Payza acts as judge and gives us our money back, but they don’t pay from their pocket. What does it mean? It means that Payza only shares the funds remaining in the reported account. If a company has committed a blatant scam but they have withdrawn all the money from the account, you won’t get a single cent. Luckily, when an account receives lot of funds, they can only withdraw the money very slowly, so we have the guarantee that we will get our money back if we act quickly. Depending if Payza thinks what we are asking is legit or not and depending of the amount of funds remaining in the reported account, Payza will give us a percentage of our investment. This percentage usually goes from 30% to 100%.


Well, let’s see the steps to file a dispute:

1- Firstly we have to login to our Payza account and then go to “Account” and after that go to “Resolution center”.


disputa Payza


2- Now we have to click on the blue button called “File a dispute”

3- Now you will see the transaction list. If you pay attention, you will see that the transactions with less than 45 days have a text at their right “File a dispute”. What we have to do is to search the transaction we want to dispute and click on “File a dispute”.


disputa Payza 2


4- Now we have to fill in a form. The fields we have to fill in are the following:

a) What was the type of the service? Here we have to select “Service”.

b) What is the purchase? Type “Online services”.

c) What is the seller’s website address? Here we can especify the website address in which we purchased the service.

d) What best describes your case? Now we have to select “Delivery issue” and then “Description did not match”. After that, pick “Other”, so we can especify the reason why we are filing the dispute. We can type something like “Breach of terms and conditions” or “I haven’t received the service I purchased”

e) Provide to the seller the reason for filling this dispute: Now we can put something like “I haven’t received the services I paid for. I haven’t received the advertising I purchased and also he is not paying since long time. I have pending withdrawals and he is not willing to pay. He is not reponding tickets and he is not either responding emails since many days. This site is a complete scam. I want a full refund. My username is xxx.” Of course, in the text above he have to replace “xxx” for your username in the website.

e) Supporting document: This is optional. We can add an image that helps us to prove our point. For example, we can add an image showing our pending withdrawals or showing that they don’t respond tickets for long time etc…

f) Select the desired outcome for the described case: Now we have to especify what we are asking. We can choose between 3 options:

I would like the selled to provide the purchased item: I don’t recommend to choose this one because most of the times, when a company stops paying, they are about to disappear . So the only thing we want is our money back and say good bye.

– I would like a full refund: this is the most recommended option in most of the cases.

– I would like a compensation: pick this one if you want a partial compensation. I recommend to pick this one if we have recovered most of our funds. For example, suppose you have invested 100$ and you have withdrawn 80$. If we ask for a full refund, Payza could think we are trying to scam. In this case, IMO, the best we can do is to ask for a partial refund, something like 30%.

5- Now click on “Next”. Now we have to confirm the info we have introduced is correct. Once we have confirmed that everything is ok, we have to click again on “Next”. After that, we have to check a checkbox to accept the and conditions of Payza. Now click on “Finish” and we have finished filing the dispute.


Disputa con Payza



The dispute is being processed, however, there are some important things you should be aware of:

Any new or change in the dispute status will be notified to your email address. You have to check your email often.

– In the first phase, the seller can respond to your dispute. He has up to 7 days to respond. He can accept what you are asking or he can make you an offer. The best scenario is that he accepts what you are asking and gives your money back. This way you will get your money back very soon. In the case the seller doesn’t respond in 7 days, Payza will judge. The good thing is that if the seller doesn’t respond, most likely Payza will give us the reason.

– In the case Payza has to evaluate the dispute, you must be patient. Note that Payza has to evaluate thousands of disputes and it takes time, it can take upto 5 months although usually it doesn’t take so long.

– If you want to have higher success probability, I always recommend to invest in revshares since the beginning. Why? Because when a revshare is launched, it receives a large amoun of funds and Payza doesn’t allow to withdraw quickly large amounts, so they have to withdraw the money slowly. The point is that if we invest since the beginning, we have the guarantee that the seller’s account will have funds when we file the dispute. The good thing is that we have up to 45 days to file the dispute and if we choose well, those 45 days are more than enough to get our investment back and get some profits.


Marin Pavešić  

Hello dear sir,
is it true that Payza charges a fee of 25 $ to the buyer when he gets the refund?
I read taht somewhere and it was quite shocking. Please, let me know



It’s not true.


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