Gunbot, bot for earning money by trading cryptocurrencies

Today we are going to analyze Gunbot. Gunbot is a trading bot for Poloniex and other exchangers. As you should know, Poloniex is a cryptocurrency exchanger, that is, a website in which you can deposit Bitcoins and use them to purchase other cryptocurrencies. What is the main purpose of trading with cryptocurrencies? Whether you do manual trading or you do it with a bot, the goal is to earn money.



After executing the bot, you will see a menu with lot of options. Gunbot has 4 precoded trading strategies: BB (Bollinger Bands), 1000trades, Ping Pong and Step Gain. Each strategy has its own default settings, and if you don’t know what you are doing, the best you can do is to not change it.


This is the main menu we see after executing Gunbot in our PC.


The most recommended strategy according to the creator of the bot, is BB, akka “Bollinger Bands”. You don’t need to be an expert trader in order to run the bot with one of the default trading strategies. The only fields you need to change are “API key”, “API key secret” and “Max balance to trade”.

Api Key and Api key secret are alphanumeric codes that can be obtained from your Poloniex account. Just click on “Create new Api Key“, and then check your email inbox and click on the confirmation link, and it’s done, now your Api Key and your Api key secret are ready. “Max balance to trade” is the maximum amount of bitcoins you want to use. For example, suppose you have 0,50 BTC and you want to trade with 5 cryptocurrencies. Well, in this case we would set “Max balance to trade” to 0,10 BTC for each cryptocurrency (also known as pair). For example, in “Current pair”, we would put BTC / ETH, that means that we are going to use our bitcoins to purchase Ethereum(ETH) and then sell our Ethereum for Bitcoins. In this example we would be trading with 5 pairs and the maximum balance to trade for each pair would be 0,10 BTC.



The creator of Gunbot, assures that Bollinguer Bands strategy is able to generate around 1% daily average, that is, 30% monthly, which is really good, especially considering that we don’t depend on a third person in order to withdraw our funds like happens with other online investments. So we know that no one is going to run away with our money. Obviously there isn’t a fixed profit. The bot buys and sells following a trading strategy, so the results depends on what strategy you use, the coins you trade with, market conditions etc… same as happens when trading manually. Same way for experienced traders it’s possible to earn higher profit if you know how to trade and condifure your winning strategy to the bot.



Gunbot costs 0,10 bitcoins for each license, altough I have reached an agreement with the creator of the bot and I’m an official reseller. That means that you can send me an email to [email protected] and I will send you the instructions for getting the bot for just 0,09 bitcoins. Apart from this, I can help you with any doubt or question you have and I can help you to install the bot and leave it running. I offer support via email, Skype, Telegram, TeamViewer etc…


Gunbot running and trading with cryptocurrencies



First of all I did a research, I talked with many people who had purchased the bot. All of them were happy and they told me that it was a very useful tool. Obviously not everyone has time to study how to trade for months or even for years, and not everyone has time to monitorize the market 24 hours / day, but everybody likes to run a bot to generate passive earnings.

I have only been using the bot for 2 weeks but the start was very promising. I started to use Bollinger bands strategy for both buy and sell. I added several cryptocurrencies for trading and after one week I earned 15%. Some days were really good, other days were regular and other days I lost a little, but overall I am very happy with the results.

Seeing my very good results I decided to increase my investment and now I’m using a more aggresive strategy coded by a friend who is trader. The second week was even better than the first one, of course, some days I got profits and some others I lost, but overall the results are really good, so I can’t complain 🙂

As you can see, my experience with this bot is not very extensive, just 2 weeks, but so far I’m very happy with the results, of course I still need to trade with it for more time and I will tell you how things are going.



Today, June, 16th 2017, maybe it’s too soon to give a final verdict because I have only been testing this bot for 2 weeks, but so far the experience has been good and the profit excellent. I love to find ways to earn income online, so this bot is a must have for me, that’s why I purchased it. I know that some days I will lose, but I also know that this bot can help me to get passive income in the long term and that’s why I have decided to start this adventure. As I said, I have talked with people who is getting earnings from this bot, and I also did for these 2 weeks. If you want to get Gunbot with a discounted price, only 0,09 btc instead of 0,10 btc, just send me and email to [email protected] and I will send you the instructions. Of course I will also help you with any question or doubt and I will also help you to install the bot and make it run.



Hi Aitor, I feel my bot is stopped because there isn’t any trade since last 5 hours. How can I fix it? Should I restart my bot?

Thanks in advance



Hi Next, most likely your bot is not stopped, today many altcoins dropped their value, it means that the bot don’t sell them because it purchases coins when the price is low and sell them when the price is high, so your bot is not stopped, it’s just waiting for the proper price to sell. When this happens, it’s called “bag”, but you don’t have to worry about it. It happens, you only have to leave the bot do its job and wait.



A quick question. How much earnings is considered a good revenue for this bot?



Hi Frank, the results are not fixed, they also depend on the markets, the choice of the cryptocurrencies to trade, your trading strategy etc… same as happens with manual trading.

Since I started running Gunbot, around 20 days ago, I had winnings and loses. In my best day I won +15% and in my worse day I lost -8%, but overall my results are very good, so I can’t complain.



I purchased a license 2 days ago but I need help to configure the bot. Aitor, can you help me?



Sure J-rod, send me an email to [email protected]hyip.com and we will schedule a Team Viewer session to configure your bot 🙂




It’s one month since I started using Gunbot and the experience has been positive overall altough some lessons have been expensive. Despite I was a noob, I got good earnings in the first 30 days, 40% and I learned a lot.

– The most expensive lesson I have learned so far is that the bot gets very good earnings when the market is on the rise but it loses money when there is a bear market. I got 70% in only 15 days when the market was on the rise and after that I lost money during the next 2 weeks when there was a bear market. My earnings went from 70% to 40%. Conclusion: I will only run the bot when the market is on the rise. The point is to maximize the earnings and minimize the losses.

– Another lesson I have learned is that is very important choose the best coins to trade. To those who have purchased the bot I have told you what type of coins are getting the best results so far and which ones are better to avoid.

– Other thing I have learned is that sometimes is better to sell the bags instead of hold them. It depends on the situation.

In conclusion: The bot is an excellent tool but a good strategy helps to improve the results. The truth is that I can’t complain because I got 40% in my first month and I have learned a lot and this will help me to take better decisions in incoming months 🙂



Soon there will be a new version. This new version will have a lot of improvements, for example:

– The bot will be able to run all the pairs in one window, and thanks to this the RAM usage will be much lower than in previous versions. Most likely we will be able to run 50 pairs with just 100 Mb. Even a Raspberry should be able to run Gunbot.

– According to the creator of the bot, the new version will fix 422 errors in Poloniex. This will allow us to lower the delay, so the bot will be more efficient.

– Another interesting thing is that the bot will automatically help us to get rid of bags.

As you can see, the new version looks very good and it has very interesting features. Remember that those who purchased the bot have a life time license and you can get all the updates, fixes and new versions for free.



hi bro can you send me your configuration of the bot please.



Hi Carloscam23, note that I can only send configs to those who purchased the bot from me. You should ask for help with configuration to the reseller you purchased the bot from.



Aitor, please check your email. I’m interested on this bot.



There is a new version. Release Candidate v3.3.3 – Poloniex/Bittrex – All OS – Code name: “Autopilot”

This is a major release introducing new concepts both in core and strategies. Starting by this release, Gunbot devs family is now bigger: @raffaeledonadono is now caring about the “core-engine” while i am focused on the “strategies” part of the code. This new devs structure will allow us to stay focused on the different parts of the code while double checking each other code with doubled security and coding accuracy.
Please: continue to forward all support requests to me, tho, thank you.

The final release will aim to:
Make Gunbot able to run as many pairs and as many exchanges as you want in one single process using a very low amount of RAM and CPU
Solve all past reported bugs
Give new Technical Analysis instruments for an advanced trading experience
Give a real cross-platform package including GUI for *nix/OSX/arm
Give Gunbot real-data from exchanges with no limit to “bot timing”
Give 3rd parties devs a Websocket API to build plugins
Give Gunbot capability to work as a live data-hub for 3rd parties software
Give end-users capability to build their own strategies based on TA indicators

This Release Candidate aims to:
Give existing customers a tool to liquidate their altcoin holdings with profit and give new liquidity to their Gunbot to continue trading at new price levels (healing from recent cripto-crashes)
Give a preview and receive feedbacks for a community-driven final release

This Release Candidate is able to:
Run all your pairs in one single console for Poloniex and Bittrex exchanges
Average down your “bought price” from existing “bags” and sell them at profit in 24/48 hours
Continue to trade all your pairs without creating “bags” or liquidating them at lower levels (with profit) if the value of the altcoin dropped below the bought price.
Fetching real data from Poloniex and Bittrex exchanges: you can now see the same values than exchanges for indicators (BB, EMA, etc). If Gunbot restarts, the indicators data will NOT be lost.
Trade all your pairs with a real and effective BB and GAIN strategy (SG and other strategies to be completed in a patch)
Deprecate bot timing: we are now “live” on the exchange and we run following microseconds tickers updates from exchanges
Fix all bugs reported in v3.3.2: double buys, wrong indicators, wrong priceToBuy/priceToSell calculations
included all 422 errors, stuck instances etc
Added TA indicators capability
Added “watch mode only” and “panic sell” mode: first mode would run gunbot without trading, second one would sell all altcoin at actual market price (WARNING: it might be at loss).

How to run v3.3.3 from existing v3.x
Disclaimer: v3.3.3 is backward compatible with any existing trades/balances. – v3.3.3 config files are NOT backward compatible
Step-by-Step instructions:

The concept: one of the main issues of Gunbot old versions, was to be unable to follow the price flow during up and down levels swings. If BB and EMA moved to new low levels and you bought during the previous price level timeframe, you would end with the unfamous “bags” in your portfolio. Despite we all “luv” bags because they represent cheap coins we were able to buy, if market conditions keep being bearish, “bags” would engulf our portfolio with unsold coins, hence missed trades because of low primary coin liquidity. The v3.3.3 “Autopilot” version, solves this issue with a simple wise move: averaging down your bought price and selling all “bags” at a profit in a short-term time frame, giving so new liquidity to your Gunbot and making it able to continue its profitable strategy on the new market level.
How it works: the leading indicators are still BB. Now we use live data from exchange so we can trick BB at a reliable value, same than exchanges. I tested this strategy with SMA: it triggers the average-buy order TOO EARLY, do not use SMA for this strategy!!
See the following scenario:
Your last buy order for coin X was at 0.001;
HighBB was at 0.0014;
Bear come in the scene and price drops to 0.00083 and now HighBB is at 0.00094;
Because HighBB value (0.00094) dropped below your last bought price (0.001), Gunbot buys again SAME AMOUNT OF COIN X
We have now a new “bought price” at (0.001+0.00083)/2=0.00091 with an HighBB at 0.00094: WE CAN SELL AT PROFIT VERY SOON!!!
What you need to do to autostart this on your existing bags?
The Release Candidate is already configured to start this automatically on your existing bags. The only thing you need to configure are pairs you want to run on this. Let’s see some config file format:
We are still without GUI so you will need to understand how the config file is structured: it is a json file
Sections in the config.js file need their synthax:
Exchanges/Pair section

“pairs”: {
“poloniex”: {
“BTC_XMR”: {
“strategy”: “bb”,
“override”: {}
“BTC_ETH”: {
“strategy”: “bb”,
“override”: {}
“BTC_ETC”: {
“strategy”: “bb”,
“override”: {}

“bittrex”: {
“BTC-LTC”: {
“strategy”: “bb”,
“override”: {}
“strategy”: “bb”,
“override”: {}


As you can see it is a simple json file but we need to respect commas, quotes and parenthesis format inside it. The tree is like this:


If you have any doubt you can contact me for assistance about the right synthax to use or you can open config.js file with Notepad++ using its embedded code highlight feature.

Strategies section
The strategy section is preconfigured to start averaging down when it is needed and sell pretty much immediately with 0.6% of profit: if follows BB in buy (unless TRAILING STOP enters the scene) and then sells at 0.6% with GAIN (notice the highBB setting is at 60 to not override GAIN). Start like this to get rid of your bags and let it run for 1 or 2 days. You will see your bot coming back to life on your poloniex/bittrex trading history (and balance). When you are satisfied of your bags recovering, switch highBB setting at 40 or below at desired levels: you will meet a new GUNBOT: emotionless, continuosly profitable, despite the coins swings.
Example of strategy to get rid of bags

“strategies”: {
“bb”: {
“PERIOD”: 15,
“BUY_LEVEL”: 0.1,
“GAIN”: 0.6,
“HIGH_BB”: 60,
“LOW_BB”: 40,
“PANIC_SELL”: false

Change to this configuration once you got rid of your bags

“strategies”: {
“bb”: {
“PERIOD”: 15,
“BUY_LEVEL”: 0.1,
“GAIN”: 0.6,
“HIGH_BB”: 40,
“LOW_BB”: 40,
“PANIC_SELL”: false

Disclaimer: you need capital to average down. Rather you are able to deposit more bitcoin at your exchange account or you need some immediate liquidity from existing bags. How much capital or how much liquidity you need to start using this strategy? Same amount in BTC (or primary coin) of one of your bags: say you have a list of 10 bags > deposit BTC (or primary coin) amount equal to ONE OF YOUR BAGS HOLDING VALUE IN BTC (i.e. if one of your bags is ETH and its value in BTC is 0.02BTC: deposit 0.02BTC), or sell one of your bags (any of your choice) at market price so to give your account an immediate liquidity, if you are unable to deposit more BTC (or primary coin). You dont need to deposit a lot of BTC (or primary coin) to average down your bags: it is enough to cover just one bag only and your GUNBOT will start a chain of bags-recovering, getting liquidity as it sells your bags. Keep this in mind by now on when you use GUNBOT: dont use all your capital, GUNBOT will need a reserve in case averaging down is needed because market conditions.

How to start GUNBOT

Windows: compile the config.js file and double click on gunthy.exe
Linux/MacOs: compile config.js file and run ./gunthy



Bought the bot from Aitor with discount.
The bot work, all the open and close trade have been positive. About the bag/loss trade, I think it can be more optimize with more setting of the trading configuration but has to be done by yourself.
Otherwise Aitor is very helpful and available, by Whatsapp, Telegram and teamviewer if needed.
The creator of the bot probably less available because flooded by PM, if you want quick reply and setting advice I recommand Aitor 200% !



Thanks for your post Ck 🙂



I need a license for Bittrex. Aitor please check your email.



@Silverduck: Response sent 🙂 I have also added you to Whatsapp, so we can talk when you are online.



i bought directly from gunthar. how much would you charge to work on my config files?



@Eduardo: Send me an email to [email protected]



Market is on the raise again and last days I’m getting very good results 🙂



Release Candidate v.4.0.1_core – All oS – Poloniex/Bittrex/Kraken/Cryptopia – Code name “2nite”


Fix all reported bugs of v3.3.5
Bump Kraken to 4.0.1
Implement Cryptopia exchange
Implement all v3.x strategies: BB,Gain,StepGain (v2.0.4 style), PingPong
Implement Stop-loss
Allowing users to disable BUY orders
Implementing MIN_VOLUME_TO_BUY and MIN_VOLUME_TO_SELL to handle dust (if ever happens)
If we have altcoin balance lower than minimum allowed amount: we buy
Implementing a new trend watcher using TA lib
Implementing new averaged buy price based on @BeerK0in formula. Thanks Beer K0in!
Config.js explanations and instructions:

Pairs format per exchange:

Possible strategies (format is buysell for mixed strategies and strategyname for pure strategies):

bb (for Bollinger Band in both buy and sell)
gain (for GAIN strategy in both buy and sell)
stepgain (for SG strategy in both buy and sell)
pp (for PingPong strategy in both buy and sell)
bbgain (buy with BB and sell with gain)
gainbb (buy with gain and sell with BB)
bbstepgain (buy with bb and sell with stepgain)
stepgainbb (buy with stepgain and sell with bb)
bbpp (buy with BB and sell with PingPong)
ppbb (buy with PingPong and sell with BB)
gainstepgain (buy with gain and sell with stepgain)
stepgaingain (buy with stepgain and sell with gain)
gainpp (buy with gain and sell with PingPong)
ppgain (buy with PingPong and sell with gain)
stepgainpp (buy with stepgain and sell with PingPong)
ppstepgain (buy with PingPong and sell with stepgain)
New Trend watcher (former supergun trend):

it is active only in StepGain
it is in a very short timeframe: looks at very latest 5 to 8 x 15 minutes candles
It uses -DM and +DM from TA
It is very useful to spot pumps (limited to the StepGain levels)
It will be configurable after a short period of test from GBU clerks

Some example of configuration settings and their meaning:
“bb”: {
“PERIOD”: 15,
“BUY_LEVEL”: 0.1,
“GAIN”: 0.1,
“HIGH_BB”: 40,
“LOW_BB”: 40,
“PANIC_SELL”: false, //set this to true to sell all your altcoin at market price (set BUY_ENABLED: false)
“DOUBLE_UP”: true, //set this to false if you dont want to use the average down feature
“STOP_LIMIT”: 60, //In this case it will sell all your altcoins if the price reaches -60% from bought price
“BUY_ENABLED”: true, //set this to false to disable buy orders
“MIN_VOLUME_TO_BUY”: 0.001, //if you have dust, set this higher than your dust
“MIN_VOLUME_TO_SELL”: 0.001 //if you have dust, set this higher than your dust

Provided config.js file must stay untouched: do not delete variables (even if you think they are not useful), do not change names of variable. Just add yoru pairs and change your values. Everything in “Strategies” section can go in “Override” of the single pair.
To verify the validity of your config.js use this tool https://jsonlint.com/

SUGGESTED STRATEGY AND SETTINGS: once again the best performances (unless you are in GBU) come with pure BB at 40/40 or even better at 45/45 with or without DOUBLE_UP.

Please report any bug immediately!!!




Aitor, I have sent you an email.



Hi mate, I sent you an email. Wanting to know how to purchase from you.



Hi Simmo, email responded 🙂 I you have any question regarding the bot, you can also contact me via:

Skype: aleatorio_web
Telegram: @AitorRuiz
Whatsapp: 0034615780436



Hello mate, I have sent you an email, please respond when you find the time.



Gunbot Monthly Report:

Well, as I said before, I got +40% profit in June, which is a very good result. Then I decided to sell my coins and stop the bot during July. Why? Because there was a bear market caused by the panic created by the bitcoin fork that, as you know, happened on 1st August 2017.

So my bot was stopped during July and I re-started the operations again on 10th August. The good news is that since then I’m doing very good and I will get around 40% this month again. I could have been ever better, but I made some mistakes. The good news is that thanks to those mistakes I’m learning a lot and I’m sure this experience will help me to maximize earnings and get even better results in the months to come.

Some of the things I have learned during the last month:

1- The configuration of the bot is very important, and the coin selection is also very important, but there are more important things. For example, to know when you have to stop and re-start the bot. It’s good to maximize your earnings, but learn how to “dodge bullets” and minimize loses can improve dramatically your results.

2- I have started today a new account to do some tests. Now I’m also trading with dollars as base coin. I’ll keep you posted with the results.

3- We have created a Telegram support group. The point is to help one each other, share strategies, results etc…



Purchased my bot 15 days ago from Aitor and I got 25% profit so far. Very happy thanks Aitor for your help.



Aitor is very recommended has been very helpful for the past 3 days and consistent with communication. Purchase the bot thru him. See you in telegram brother



Thanks for your post mate! See you in our telegram group 😉



Take a look at this:



Indego Scott  

I’m interested in buying a license for the Gunbot Gold package but i will need someone to install it in my VPS. I have signed up for Contabo for my VPS, they said it will take 3 days to set up. I set up a new account for Telegram today as well.
I was looking for a referral code for the Gunbot.shop?
I will be setting up on Bittrex, only one exchange.
looking forward to getting started.



Hi Indego, we have been talking before. I will help you to configure the bot in the VPS and leave it running with a good working setup 😉



You say you stopp during bearish markets, will there be updates where the bot will also be able to short, and take profit in a market reversal?
I will buy it from you if I end up with gunbot.



Hi Espen. In my experience the bot works good in a sideward market, it’s amazing when there is a bull market (I earned +70% in just 15 days in June) and it’s quite difficult to get earnings when there is a bear market. It’s possible, specially with microtrading operations. In fact, some people in our Telegram support group got it. Anyway, those who want to make things easier, just sell the coins manually and stop the bot when there is a bear market and start it again we the market gets back to normal.



Hi how do I get the bot?



@Barnabas: Hi how do I get the bot?

You can contact me directly if you want:

Skype: aleatorio_web
Telegram: @AitorRuiz
Whatsapp: 0034615780436

Or just purchase it directly from https://gunbot.shop
Note that if you use the Referral Code: “PREMIUM” you will get Premium support for free.



Thank you @AitorRuiz



Today a new version has been launched v5.0.5.5. I’m already trying some different strategies for this new version 😉



Hi Aitor,

on the gunbot shop, is there an option to choose for which exchange we want the license? I havent bought it yet, but i dont see it (maybe its shown up on a later stage)

Could you mention differences on versions as well?



Hi Alex, it’s easy, when doing the purchase, you can put the api key(s) for your chosen exchange(s) in “Order notes” field. If you don’t add your api(s) there, you will get an email asking for it after the purchase.

Note that 1 license is forever, it means that you will be able to download and run any past, present or future version for free. So you can use the version you like the most.

The latest version has a lot of improvements, new features, new variables, bugs fixed etc… and it also can be used with TradingView Addon.



Hello Aitor
Send you an email so when you having time 🙂



Hi Jan, I have just responded your email and I have sent you a message via Whatsapp 🙂




As you know, the market has been affected by bitcoin fork. Now it has passed and we are back to business 🙂

Another good new: There is a new improved Gunbot version. The new version works like a charm and it very easy to use, and best of all, people are reporting amazing profits since this new version was launched.

Here you can take a look to it:

If you want to purchase the bot and you want good support for installation, configuration etc… just contact me and I will be glad to help you.



The profit has increased a lot since the new version was released. Thanks Aitor for your patience and support.



Hi aitor, i need gunbot lic for bittrex pls. R u able to help? Pls send email thanks



Hi April, sure. Just purchase it from https://gunbot.shop or contact me at:

Telegram: @AitorRuiz
Whatsapp: 0034615780436
Skype: aleatorio_web
Email: [email protected]



Take a look at this:



Looking for someone to provide some basic lessons on gunbot technical trading – will pay.




hi.. i am completely new to this bot thing and interested in this
dont know about strategies and stuff.Hearing lots of good and bad stuff about bots . Confused as to what should i do , and how important is for me to learn any strategies in order to get better profits faster. Can anyone help ?



Hi Saurabh, what I can tell you is that the profits you can get with Gunbot depends on several factors like the config you use, the coins you add to the bot, the market… Note that you will get very good support at https://gunbot.shop and you will get help to install and configure the bot.

I didn’t write reports lately, to summarize: Lately I got very good results, +50% in just one week, but not only me, most of the people in our group is getting very good profits. The latest version is really good, much better than before 🙂



hi aitor
i m a trader
working with cryptocurrecies since 2015
would like to buy a bot and its best config



Hi Harry, at https://gunbot.shop you can get the 4 config pack, which includes very good configs for Gunbot. Also with “Premium support” pack, you get access to Vip Zone of gunbot.shop, where there are very good configs too.


Anmol Chaudhary  

Hi Aitor
I am New to this Gunbot thing, looking forward for some installation and how to generate profits along with configerations. Can you help? also I haven’t bought any bots yet. Would you help me ?



Hi Anmol, I have sent you an email.



I’m very interested on purchasing Gunbot. Is it still worth to use it?



Hi Robert, yes. Latest version is better than ever and it includes new trading strategies, new features and new advanced trading indicators. I will create soon a new updated article talking about the improvements and changes 🙂


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