Frequently asked questions

1- What is Ohyip?

Ohyip is a high yield investment monitor. Our goal is to collect all the relevant information regarding the most interesting investment programs on the net, and at the same time monitor them to check if they are trustworthy a they are fulfilling their payments and obligations.

2- What kind of investments are monitored here?

We are open to analyze any kind of high yield investment program, as long as they are legal and they maintain a minimum reliability requirements.

3- What is the difference between Ohyip and other similar websites?

Our peculiarity is that we analyze hundreds of HYIPs and we filter them carefully, so we only add those ones which have the highest probability of being profitable.

4- What kind of listings can I find at

There are 3 types of listings. Standard listings, Vip listings and Elite listings. Vip listings are the ones which are considered the best investment at this moment. Elite listings are those which his admin has paid for advertising at this website. Note that the fact of being Elite doesn’t imply that the program is recommended by Ohyip. If you want to know our opinion, just ask.

5- How is it possible to offer such high yield?

Usually these kind of websites work at high value added industries or forex markets, but note that most of them turn into scam or pyramid schemes sooner or later. That’s why we need to filter and monitor them in order to get the maximum success probability.

6- Are high yield investments safe?

High yield investments imply high risk. Actually (November 2015) a deposit in an European bank can give around 1% yearly. Considering the high returns we get, it’s easy to conclude that they imply high risk. Please don’t risk money you can’t afford to lose

7- How are the programs evaluated?

We have 4 different statuses to define a program:
– Paying: The program is paying to its members on regular basics and it’s fulfilling its obligations.
– Waiting: The program has been added to Ohyip but we haven’t invested yet, we are still evaluating it or the program is in pre-launch stage..
– Problem: There is some kind of issue and if it’s not fixed soon, the program would be declared as scam. For example, a HYIP can get “Problem” status if the payments are delayed or the website is down during long time.
– Not paying: This status is reserved for those websites which have been declared as scam or they just don’t pay.

8- How should I interpret the stars that appear next to the name of the investment programs?

Those stars are user ratings. Zero starts means that the program is considered very bad by the users and five start is the maximum rating.

9- What payment methods do you recommend to use?

At you will be able to check which payments methods are accepted by each program. The most common payment method is Perfect Money. You can create an account by clicking here. Another very used payment method is Bitcoin. If you want to buy Bitcoins in order to use them invest, we recommend you this this website, which is one of the most famous and reliable sites to buy and sell Bitcoins.

10- ¿Does Ohyip have any relationship with any investment program?

No, Ohyip doesn’t have any kind of relationship with any investment program. Ohyip is just a monitor and what we do is to analyze the investment programs and collect information, comments and opinions.

11- I’m not sure where to invest, I would need some advice

If you want some help and advice you can send us an email to [email protected] and we gladly will recommend you the most interesting programs of the moment in our opinion. We can also offer support via Skype if you want.

12- How can I advertise my program at Ohyip?

If you want to advertise your investment program at Ohyip, please visit this link: . You will find there any information you need.

13- How can I contact you?

If you have any question or suggestion, or you want to tell us anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our contact form or sending us and email to [email protected]