EcoCoins and its mission on the today’s BTC mining market


Blockchain technology offers a number of alternatives to the global financial system by providing it with new generation of currency. Thus Bitcoin fulfills all basic demands of modern society: privacy, decentralization and low commissions.

And that’s why we are here. We’re EcoCoins.

Our program combines green power and Blockchain technology providing our clients with new generation of investment opportunities. Our mission is to make every person able to easily join the community of free people who are not restricted by any boundaries, financial regulators or governments.

Our simple and profitable investment plans allow everyone to select his own investment strategy and earn up to 4% per day.


Adding new opportunities

We’re trying to constantly add new and cool features for our users just to give them more and more advantageous opportunities. For example, the Credit service is a new unique offer that has recently become available for the investors of EcoCoins platform.

An investor can take advantage of the loan when he makes an investment deposit.

The Credit is issued by investor’s demand, immediately and for full amount of the deposit selected. In other words, the Credit service is available for every registered investor without any limitations and may be issued for a 5-day period and with loyal interest rate – 0.5% per day.

As you can see, Credit program offers the real flexibility to realise any custom investment strategy for our investment partners – https://ecocoins.io/credit_for_deposit.html


Community life: Contests and promotions

We see our goal in creating services that develop the society, brake boundaries and unite people. With respect of cross-cultural peculiarities, the mindset of different people and nations, we want to support and develop the creativity and potential of everybody. That is why we have an intention to make cooperation with EcoCoins as profitable as interesting.

We organize special promotions dedicated to significant events and holidays. We place special offers and reward most active members of the EcoCoins community to keep people proactive. We set quizzes and contests to make people smarter. So we do all our best trying to involve as many people as possible to make the Bitcoin investors’ life brighter and more saturated.

Currently we have a video contest. We’ve made it for those who want to create their first video as a start point on the way to the next opportunities for self-realization.

Take part in our Video Contest at https://ecocoins.io/land/cinema right now, start with yourself and let’s make the world brighter together!

Start your Bitcoin investments with EcoCoins.io!

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