Bitpetite and ecurrency anonymous transfers
PROMOTIONAL ARTICLE Having evolved from seashells passed hand-to-hand to digits on electronic screen, money has come a long way. Ten years ago e-currency was a curiosity - today it has become, for many, a necessity. However, anonymity remains the main…View more
GUbot Turbo – Definitive forex bot?
Today we are going to review GUbot Turbo. Let's start with the basics, What is GUbot Turbo? It's a forex bot, that is, it's a program with artificial inteligence that operates in forex markets and its target is to get…View more
Interview with the admin of Btc Clock
This time we are presenting a very interesting interview with the admin of Btc Clock. First of all, I have to say that I didn't make this interview. It was made by a Russian blog and this is just a…View more
Gunbot, bot for earning money by trading cryptocurrencies
Today we are going to analyze Gunbot. Gunbot is a trading bot for Poloniex and other exchangers. As you should know, Poloniex is a cryptocurrency exchanger, that is, a website in which you can deposit Bitcoins and use them to…View more
EcoCoins and its mission on the today’s BTC mining market
PROMOTIONAL ARTICLE Blockchain technology offers a number of alternatives to the global financial system by providing it with new generation of currency. Thus Bitcoin fulfills all basic demands of modern society: privacy, decentralization and low commissions. And that’s why we…View more