10 tips on how to avoid being scammed by HYIPs

In this article we will see some tips on how to invest on HYIPs and revshares and get profits without being scammed. First of all, I’m not a guru, I don’t know everything, I’m just want to share some tips I learned after investing on a lot of HYIPs. Ok, let’s start:

hyip-what they are

1- Know where are you getting in: It could seem to be something obvious but a lot of people think this is an ideal world and sadly no, it isn’t. The HYIP world is full of sharks and scammers. Most of them only want to steal money as fast as possible. Actually revshares are not as infected as HYIPs are, but there are also many scammers in revshare industry. Some people see an ads saying something like “earn 10% daily lifetime” and they really think it’s true and they are disappointed because they are not getting 3000$ every single month after investing 1000$. You need to understand that hundreds of HYIPs and revshares are launched every day but only a few are real and legitimate companies.

2- Have a good mindset: This kind of investments is not for everyone. Many people get stressed when the payments are delayed or when the company has any problem. They also suffer a lot when a company stops paying. You shouldn’t invest on any HYIP or revshare is you can’t naturally assume that all the programs have a cycle and sometimes an investment will be profitable and sometimes it will be a fail. If you are going to be suffering, your best bet is to do other things and avoid investing.

3- Be selective: If you invest on every single program you find, you will lose your money. Every day hundreds of HYIPs and revshares are launched but most of them are totally useless or fast scams. Before choosing a program, I analyze it and I try to answer questions like:

a) Is it a real company? Is there real people behind this company of just fake names / identities?

b) Is it sustainable?

c) Do they have a nice website or a botched website?

d) Did they invested a good amount of money?

e) Have they invested on advertising?

f) Do they use a shared server or a dedicated server?

g) In which country is the server hosted?

h) Where are the website owners from? There are countries where 99% of the admins are scammers and it’s better to avoid them.

i) Do they offer a good support? Is the admin responsive?

j) What payment methods do they allow? Do I have any kind of protection in case there is a problem after investing?

k) Is a new admin or a known admin?


There are many things we need to analyze before taking the decision of investing on a HYIP or revshare.

4- Invest with a processor that protects you: To not invest through a processor that allows to file disputes was the biggest mistake I made when I started investing on HYIP programs. Many processors don’t offer any kind of protection. It’s really frustating to be scammed and not being able of doing something. Well, with Payza that won’t happen because it allows you to file disputes and get your money back if there is some kind of problem.

Of course, the ideal scenario is to get good profits with your investment and to not need to file a dispute, however, sometimes we have no choice. Here you can take a look to this tutorial on how to file a dispute on Payza: http://www.ohyip.com/how-to-file-a-dispute-on-payza/

There are other processors that offer some other advantages but they are only worth to be used in programs in which we really trust. If you want to get more information about other payment processors, take a look to this article: http://www.ohyip.com/which-is-the-best-payment-processor/

5- Timing is everything: Many people think that the older the program is the more trustworthy will be. This isn’t true, the strategy of investing on mature programs is a losing strategy, especially for revshares.  To invest since the beginning gives us many advantages, for example:


a) We take advantage of the entire life cycle.

b) At the beginning, the earnings are very high in revshares.

c) The scammers need time to move the money out of their Payza accounts. If we invest since the beginning, we can take advantage of Payza’s protection, however, if the program is mature, they had enough time to get the money out from their account and it would be useless to file a dispute if they Payza account is empty.

My advice is to be aware of the new investment opportunities that are being added to www.ohyip.com and to invest in those that look interesting for you.

6- Avoid unreal pay plans: Stay away from After plans, that is, those that offer huge profits after 1 month, 2 months etc… It’s always better to be paid daily. I also recommend you to stay away from programs that pay hourly and programs that double your bitcoins “miraculously” in 24 or 48 hours, they are only fast scams that will make you waste your time and your money.

7- Get you seed money back as soon as possible: If possible, try to get profits within 45 days, which is the period in which you can file disputes on Payza. The avarice is dangerous. If you reinvest 100% of your earnings for long time, most likely you will see how the numbers in your screen are just “numbers”, but you won’t be able to withdraw your earnings.

8- Diversify: High yield investments imply high risk. The only way to reduce the risk and secure your money is to diversify. If you invest all your money in just one program and it falls, your situation would be really difficult, however, if you have several active investments, you will have much more solid basis.

9- Use your advertising credits in revshares: Most of the people don’t use the advertising credits of the revshares they invest on. It’s true that the advertising provided by revshares has low quality, especially in those revshares in which the ads are “hidden”, placed in the bottom of the website, but there are also some revshares that offer decent adverting that can be used to generate sales and profits.


10- Use trusted information: When I started investing on HYIPs, several times I wasted my money investing on confirmed scams because the monitors showed the status “Paying” and they didn’t pay since weeks. Note that:

a) Most of the monitors don’t filter the programs, they just list hundreds of programs. Obviously, is not possible to monitorize hundreds of programs at the same time. That’s why many times a listing has “Paying” status while it’s a confirmed scam since days or weeks. Also note that there is no point on listing every single program that is launched without any filter because 99% are fast scams and they don’t even last one month.

b) Many monitors are being paid by scammers and those monitors show what the scammers want. There are many monitors who sell their opinion and they have zero credibility and some other monitors are created by HYIP and revshare admins.

c) Beware of informative posts in forums. Most of the people who post information about programs in forums, are only interested on referral commissions. No matter what happens, they will always defend the program and they will try to get you in, without giving their honest opinon. Beware of those who would sell their mom for a 4$ commission.

Let’s see another advice 🙂

11- Choose a good strategy for each program: Every program is different and you have to adapt your strategy. For example, if you invest on a revshare that pays 7% / day, you should know that this revshare won’t last long and you should get your seed money back as soon as possible. Of course, you should try to get profits before Payza protection period is over (45 days). On the other hand, if you invest on a trusted and legitimate company, maybe your best bet is to think on a long term strategy.


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